Hollin Light

by Baranduin

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters and make no money from them.

Author's note:: Drabble completed 2/5/03 in honor of Lilith's birthday.

When Gandalf beckoned, Frodo padded to his side. The wizard did not really need to rest his weary old bones, yet when the hobbit slipped close to him, Gandalf sighed and leaned on the slender shoulders offered up so trustingly.

How can he do this? Day after day, and so many more rocky miles to walk.

Even such a thin light as shone in Hollin's winter was able to skim beneath Frodo's skin, and his cheek glowed with that faint transparency Gandalf had seen strong and true in Rivendell.

I cannot ask this of him.

"I've got you," Frodo said.