The Greatest Wonder

by Enide

Rating: R

Pairing: Gandalf/Legolas

Summary:Gandalf helps Legolas to discover a new wonder.

Disclaimer: No rights, no income.

Beta: Nefertiti

When night came upon the fellowship, it found most of them deep asleep, somewhere in the wilderness that had once been Hollin. Huddled together for warmth since it was too dangerous to light a fire, the only sound came from soft snores and sleepy mumbles. The only sign that anyone was awake was the faint glow of embers, almost impossible to detect, and the smell of pipeweed carried by the wind. As Gandalf watched the slow hours of night approaching midnight, he didn't think of anything in particular. Or at least, he tried not to think of his worries about Frodo, the Ring Quest, Aragorn's future claim to the throne of Gondor or his suspicions about Boromir. That didn't leave much left to think about at all, so he tried to keep it that way. When he saw a shadow suddenly appear in the corner of his eye he was half on his feet with Glamdring drawn before his mind had time to protest.

"It is only I, Mithrandir," Legolas took a step back and raised his hands to fend off the staff and sword, but he kept his voice low not to awaken the others.

"Oh. I am sorry." Gandalf sat down again on the rock he had found. "You really should get some sleep."

"I don't need much sleep." Legolas sat down by the wizard's feet with a sigh. Since he had just rolled out of his blankets, he was only dressed in leggings and a soft tunic. His feet were bare on the cold ground, but he didn't seem bothered, and his fair hair was unbraided and ruffled with sleep. With his arms wrapped around his knees and his chin resting on the arms, he stared out into the dark. A dark shadow seemed to be hanging over his brow, and he didn't say anything else.

With the elf so close that he could feel the heat radiating from his body, it was all Gandalf could do not to reach out and put an arm around him. It was inevitable, of course, that everyone in the fellowship had started to feel the same way about Legolas after the first few weeks. In their own ways they were all reaching out for him, wanting to touch him, to be near him. Gandalf wasn't certain if the hobbits - at least not the younger hobbits - really understood what they wanted, but Valar knew the rest of the fellowship understood it. Gimli was practically steaming with it.

And he wasn't immune to this contagious disease himself. So far, however, Legolas had never responded to any of them by anything but friendship. Most of the time, he seemed completely unaware about what the others was insinuating. But that must be impossible.

"Do you ever get tired of it, Mithrandir?" Gandalf suddenly realised that both of them had been sitting in silence for sometime, which was as unusual behaviour for Legolas as the question was.

"What do you mean?"

"This." Legolas freed a hand and swept over the night. "This world. This life. Do the years never lie heavy on your shoulders?"

Sincerely shocked at the question, Gandalf stared down at the elf, who met his eyes with a tired look. "Sometimes," Gandalf answered carefully, true concern for the elf making him choose his words with care. "But there is so much left to see in Middle-earth. So much left to do, and experience."

"I have tried to think so. That was one of the reasons for me to join the Fellowship - to experience new things, new wonders. The hobbits alone were enough to keep the tiredness from my heart for awhile. But the weeks have passed, and it is all the same, is it not? Men, or Dwarves, or Hobbits.

Even Elves. Is there nothing new left?"

"The world is full of wonders." Gandalf was by now truly frightened for the elf, and without thinking he reached out a put an arm around Legolas' broad shoulders. With a new sigh, Legolas leaned his head against the wizard's thigh. The golden, unbraided hair spilled out like sunshine on Gandalf's robe. "The sun, the stars. The very grass underneath us is a wonder."

"Little wonders." Legolas stroke the grass with a soft but thoughtless caress. "I mean the great wonders. The wonders of learning something new about oneself. When I was young there was so many new things left to experience. But maybe I have learned everything there is to know about myself. Maybe there are no wonders left."

When he looked up at the wizard, Gandalf could feel his feelings radiating against him, begging the wizard to prove him wrong. Begging him to show the elf something new about himself.

"There is the greatest wonder." Gandalf breathed as he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Legolas' lips. His heart beat fast with excitement and the small fear of rejection, and he didn't close his eyes, watching for the elf's reaction.

Legolas' blue eyes got large at the wizard's kiss, but he didn't pull back. Slowly a soft smile spread on his mouth, as he parted his lips to let Gandalf's tongue enter.

When Gandalf pulled back, the light was back in Legolas' eyes. Gandalf was very aware of the touch of a warm hand on his thigh were Legolas had placed it to steady himself, of the taste on his lips, of the blood rushing through his veins. But he didn't continue until Legolas leaned forward, seeking the kiss again, and this time answering it with a careful fire of his own, an almost undetectable hesitation. Not until then did Gandalf understand that this was indeed Legolas' first kiss. His former aloofness was based simply on inexperience and lack of understanding, not on a lack of interest in the advances of the others in the group.

"Will you come with me?" Gandalf barely dared to ask when they broke the kiss again, but Legolas only nodded, smiling softly. He never hesitated, and there were no shadows of doubt in his eyes when they rose up and moved in to the woods, away from the fellowship. Of course not, Gandalf reflected. Elves didn't bother with pointless coyness or hiding their feelings from either themselves or anyone else. Now that Legolas had got a taste of what he wanted, he was eager for more. A few hundred meters from the sleeping group, they stopped again, too far away to be disturbed but close enough to come to aid should anything happen to their sleeping friends.

Wrapping his arms against the slim elven waist, Gandalf pulled Legolas close, nibbling at his ear and neck to hear him laugh breathlessly, and felt long, strong hands move up his own back as Legolas discovered the wonder of the embrace. He was a very talented student too, Gandalf discovered as the wizard's hands started moving up under the elf's tunic, his fingers almost shivering at the soft touch of skin and the power of the body. Legolas turned around, leaning his back against Gandalf, letting the wizard's hands roam all over his chest. When he started to gently rub the nipples, Legolas exhaled sharply, and his hands moved up over Gandalf's hips behind him, pressing himself against the wizard's strong body. With fingers that were shaking with excitement now, Gandalf opened Legolas' tunic and pulled it over his head. In the soft moonlight, the young-looking, strong body was a wonder in itself, but it would have been as flawless in sharp sunlight.

Unable to resist any longer, Legolas turned around again, nimble fingers making the wizard's grey robe fall to the ground revealing broad shoulders and a chest covered with grey and white hair. Gandalf again caught him in an embrace and carefully laid them both down on the wet grass. Clever, strong hands were caressing all over his body, their lips met again in a kiss that had them both panting for breath. Legolas stretched out his arms over his head, and small moans of pleasure escaped his lips as Gandalf's mouth found its way down his chest, sucking his nipples and kissing his flat stomach. At the lining of the leggings, Gandalf hesitated for at short while, but when Legolas' hand buried it self in his long hair to urge him on, he abandoned the last thoughts of right or wrong. Legolas knew what he was doing, and the bulging of his leggings left no doubt that he was enjoying it. Opening the leggings carefully and pulling them off, Gandalf got the first sight of the elf all naked, long legs and strong body, beautiful face and soft skin, waiting for him, needing him. As skilfully as he could, he leaned down over the elf, taking him in his mouth. Legolas almost cried out in delight before he could stop himself, his hips rising up from the ground. Slowly licking and kissing and sucking, he was about to bring Legolas to closure when he felt a hand on his shoulder, pulling him back. Terrified that he had somehow offended the elf or done something wrong, perhaps against Legolas' will after all, Gandalf looked up. But there was no resentment in Legolas' eyes, only a small concern behind the fire of arousal.

"Did I do anything wrong?" Gandalf asked worried. "Did you not want me to . .. ?"

"No," Legolas smiled. "No, I have never wanted anything so much in my life. But what about you? Surely, there must be something I can do, something we can do together."

Gandalf's head felt dizzy with wonder. "There is." He said with a voice that was thick with desire. "If you will let me."

When Legolas only smiled for answer, the wizard softly asked him to turn over. Seeing the elf lying on his belly in the wet grass, with pearls of dew on his back and golden hair, was almost enough to make Gandalf's heart skip a beat. Slowly and carefully so as not to crush the elf, Gandalf laid down on top of him, caressing his hair and kissing his neck. Legolas was murmuring softly like a cuddly cat, but he still did apparently not understand what Gandalf meant to do. Not until Gandalf softly nudged against him did he inhale sharply, and his eyes got large again.

"We do not have to," Gandalf tried to explain, though his body was shaking with need. "If you do not want to."

"No, I want to. I just never knew." The words died out as Gandalf, unable to control himself any longer, softly, carefully, pushed into him, replacing the words with a long moan of pleasure. Leaning upwards from the ground on his elbows and leaning his head to the side to kiss the wizard,

Legolas soon joined the rhythm. Gandalf's hand caressed Legolas chest, the nipples now hard as stone, and brushed over his soft, parted lips, where the tongue darted out to lick his fingertips, and finally moved down, into the soft grass were he could stroke the elf in the slow rhythm of their movements. When they finally came, the stars above had turned on the skies and the moon had climbed above the treetops. Falling down next to each other in the grass, panting with relief, Gandalf could see that not only had the light returned to Legolas eyes, but he was also caressing the long grass next to him with new pleasure, and his glance seemed to be resting on the play of leaves in the trees around them. When he finally looked at Gandalf, life and wonder had returned to his eyes.

"Thank you." He didn't say any more, but nothing more was really needed.

"Nothing to thank me for." Gandalf leaned over and kissed him again.

"What would become of us all - of the entire Ring Quest - if you were not with us?" It was a rhetorical question, but even so, Gandalf felt a sudden chill spread through his body at the words.

In an attempt to shake them off, he said: "Oh, there are many others in the fellowship - and elsewhere, I would think - that would share this wonder with you."

"There are?" Again, Legolas eyes got large with innocent surprise.

"Maybe you will find comfort with the most unlikely one, should I not be there."

This time it was Legolas who looked at the other with worry, but neither of them said anything more. They just laid down to enjoy the last peaceful moments of the night. At the break of day, the Gates of Moria would be within sight.