In the Darkness Bind Them

by Henrika

Pairing: Gandalf/Sauron, Gandalf/various uruk-hai, Gandalf/Saruman

Rating: NC-17

Summary: AU; Sauron has regained the One Ring and won the war. Gandalf is trapped. Will the Istar be able to resist the Dark Lord's attempts to break him?

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. They belong to J. R. R. Tolkien. I make no money of this.

A/N and warnings: This story is very dark and deals with disturbing matters like graphic violence, graphic rape, torture, humiliation and much more. If this is not your cup of tea, now is probably the time to turn back. You have been warned!

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Dedicated to: Nefertiti, for so kindly helping me with beta and suggestions. Without you this story would probably still be in a file somewhere in my PC. Many hugs to you, my dear!

Chapter 16

Gandalf hid the dagger underneath his mattress, waiting for Sauron to make an appearance. He tried to think out strategies that would increase his chances of succeeding. Cutting the Ring from Sauron's finger would be extremely difficult. He would only get one chance, and if that failed, death would come swiftly.

Gandalf knew he had to catch Sauron off guard if he wanted to succeed, and to do that, he needed to distract the Dark Lord in some way. After some thinking, the Istar came to the conclusion that there was only one way. He had to pretend he was submitting to Sauron. The mere thought made him cringe, but he decided it was worth a try. If he could make Sauron's adamant self-control slip but a little... he would have a chance.

But he had to crawl. Gandalf started pondering whether or not he could make it seem believable. He knew he was not a very good actor - or liar - and Sauron was not stupid. Still, he estimated that acting submissively was his best chance to succeed. Gandalf knew that Sauron, with his sadistic and twisted nature, would love dominating him and hopefully become so self-absorbed that he would lower his guard, if only for a second.

Gandalf did not mention anything about his planned method to Saruman. He was not sure his fellow wizard would think it was wise. Saruman probably would have preferred the more direct approach, but Gandalf knew that neither of them had the slightest chance to defeat Sauron in a physical fight. The Dark Lord could easily crush him if he tried to attack him with a dagger or wrench the Ring off his finger. He needed to be so quick that Sauron had already lost the Ring before he even noticed what was going on.

The wizard waited. Occasionally, he would stick his hand under the mattress where he kept the dagger simply to touch it with his fingers. Saruman had not told him where he got it, but Gandalf suspected that he had stolen it from one of the uruks.

Five days passed, and there was no trace of the Dark Lord. Gandalf wondered whether Sauron had really forgotten about him or if he was just planning some really heinous way to get back at him for last time. The wizard shuddered at the thought.

As long as he doesn't give me to those uruks, he thought. Anything but that.

When the Dark Lord finally came for him, five days after he got the dagger from Saruman, Gandalf did not expect him. Saruman had not yet been by with any food that day, so instead of the Dark Lord, he expected to see his fellow Istar. His heart almost took a leap when he saw who his visitor was, and the hand he'd been holding under the mattress jerked up reflexively.

Sauron cocked his head and smiled at his captive. As always, he was wearing imposing black robes, and now his hair was pulled back in a stiff ponytail that was currently flowing down his left shoulder.

"Surprised to see me, Olórin?" he asked.

"No," Gandalf replied, although he was not being completely honest.

"Good. Then you should know what is awaiting you now, my dear wizard."

Gandalf decided to go through with his plan and fake submission. He threw back the covers from his naked body and tried to give Sauron a seductive look. Since he could not see himself, he wasn't sure how convincing it looked, but he had given it a lot of practice by himself and hoped Sauron would fall for it.

Sauron was clearly taken aback by the gesture, and Gandalf saw his eyes widening in genuine surprise. The wizard, despite the turmoil going on inside him, forced himself to smile and reach down to fondle his still-soft member to hardness.

Gandalf hated every second of it but fought to keep a straight face and not let his countenance betray his true feelings. So much depended on his acting skills now.

"My Lord," he said, "I have come to a decision. I want to submit to you and serve you in every way I can. I hope that you will forgive me for my defiant behaviour and take me as your humble servant."

Gandalf realized he mustn't sound too confident, either. Sauron wanted complete submission from him and probably expected him to be afraid. At least that was something Gandalf did not have to fake. His fear of the Dark Lord was genuine.

At first Sauron's eyes narrowed with suspicion, but then he suddenly arched his eyebrows in triumph and his lips curved in a smug, self-confident smile.

"Really, Olórin?" he said, crossing his arms over his chest. "And how do I know you are being honest with me? Are you tired of being locked up in this room? Do you want to see more of the outside world? If you think a few ingratiating words will bring you that, you are gravely mistaken."

"Then what would you have me do, my Lord?" Gandalf asked, careful to keep his voice meek and inoffensive. Of course he hadn't expected Sauron to believe him right away, so he was prepared to do more.

"You must prove your honesty to me, Olórin. You can start by coming here...on all fours," he added when Gandalf started to rise from the bed. The wizard complied without protests and sank to his hands and knees on the floor. He then slowly started crawling toward the Dark Lord and stopped when he was crouching by his feet, only inches away. Gandalf awaited further instructions.

He could feel Sauron's cold, merciless eyes on him, but he made sure to keep his head submissively bent and was not going to lift it before he was told to do so. Sauron's hand finally landed on his head like a talon.

"Very good, Olórin," he said. "But not quite enough... I want to see how far you are prepared to go to please me. First, I would like you to pleasure me with your mouth."

Gandalf nodded and tried not to show his disgust. "Yes, my Lord," he said.

Sauron began to open his robes, and when he was finished, he let them fall into a heap on the floor next to him. "Open my leggings," he ordered Gandalf, and the wizard lifted his trembling hands to the laces of the Dark Lord's trousers and shakily began to unlace them.

Gandalf worked very slowly, as he had to mentally prepare himself for the task that lay ahead of him. He had to pretend he was willingly pleasuring Sauron, and although he had managed many difficult tasks in his life, he knew that this was going to be the hardest one so far.

To his surprise, he discovered that Sauron was not yet aroused when he had freed the Dark Lord's member from his leggings.

"This situation does not particularly arouse me," Sauron said when he noticed Gandalf's hesitant expression. "You are going to have to draw that from me."

Gandalf's heart rate increased dramatically, but he hoped Sauron did not notice it. Hesitantly he gripped the Dark Lord's flaccid, though large member and closed his lips around the head. He began to suck it with a fervour he usually reserved for people that he cared for deeply, but which he knew was necessary to erase Sauron's suspicions.

It did not take long for the Dark Lord's cock to harden and fill the wizard's mouth, almost down to his throat. Gandalf didn't allow his face to show his discomfort but kept performing as if it was something he loved and did every day.

He made Sauron groan twice and soon felt the Dark Lord's large hand wrapping around the back of his head. Gandalf had to fight not to gag. Sauron was too big, and Gandalf didn't have time to adjust to the rough pace that was forced upon him.

Despite his attempts to hide it, Sauron noticed his distress, and cruel laughter escaped his mouth.

"What's wrong, little wizard? Is this too much for you? Your face is getting slightly red. What is the cause, you think? Lack of air? Fine. I'll have you do something else, instead."

Sauron pushed Gandalf away from his cock, and the wizard fell backwards onto his rear. The Dark Lord quickly jerked him up by taking a firm hold of his arm and started pushing him toward the bed. Sauron's hand moved from his arm up to his neck, and to Gandalf it felt like being stuck in a vice.

He really is horribly strong, he thought in dismay. How can I get the Ring from him? If I'm not fast enough, he will probably kill me on the spot.

As always, Sauron was wearing the Ring, and Gandalf could feel the cool metal against the flushed skin of his neck. Sauron proceeded by pushing him down onto the bed, and this time Gandalf made no resistance. He had to make Sauron believe he had subdued him. That was his only chance.

The wizard's instincts told him to attempt an escape when Sauron's heavy weight settled on top of him, but he managed to suppress the urge to struggle. The Dark Lord's hands that roamed his body were hard and relentless, and when one of those hands seized his sensitive scrotum and squeezed it, he failed to hold back a cry.

"Did that hurt?" Sauron asked with a grin. "Too bad. I didn't know you were so fragile, little wizard!"

Sauron passed his hand downward and applied light pressure to Gandalf's anus. A shiver passed through the Istar's body. Sauron's nails were claw-like.

"My Lord, please... Let me turn around," pleaded Gandalf, who was now lying on his belly. "I would like to see you..."

"So you want me to take you face to face? Is that so? Well, alright. I don't see why not. But remember that you aren't allowed to pinch your eyes shut!"

The weight atop the wizard temporarily eased, and the Dark Lord flipped him onto his back. Gandalf's blue eyes were open wide with both fear and anticipation. This position offered him a much better chance to get the dagger from under the mattress when the time came.

Settling in between Gandalf's splayed thighs, Sauron placed the head of his cock at the wizard's opening. This was going to hurt, and Gandalf knew that. He had been through it before, and it had been hellish, and the only difference now was that he also had to pretend he liked it.

It didn't seem like Sauron was going to use any lubricant to ease the way, and Gandalf did not want to jeopardize his chances by asking for some. It was just pain, and he had to endure it. Sauron was much heavier than Gandalf, and the wizard knew he risked being crushed, but at least Sauron was considerate enough to take most of his weight onto his own arms.

Gandalf had to bite down on the insides of his cheeks to choke the cries of pain that threatened to escape him when he was penetrated. His insides were stretched wide to accommodate to the huge length that forced its way into his body, and the entry was painful.

The Dark Lord began to move immediately, obviously paying no heed to the wizard's need to adjust to the feeling. Gandalf tried to make his muscles relax, and though the immediate pain faded after a few minutes, the general discomfort did not. There was little the Istar could do except for try to make his body get used to it.

Sauron's face was cold and impassive while he thrust into the smaller body underneath his own. He could clearly see that Gandalf was in pain, but his attempts to hide it could indicate that he really was sincere about submitting to the Dark Lord. The wizard also lay completely still. Sauron didn't like that. Even he didn't like "cold, dead fish" in bed, and Gandalf's passiveness, mock or sincere, began to annoy him.

"I didn't tell you to play dead, little wizard," he said after some time. "I can see you are in pain, but if you want to serve me, at least try to be a bit more passionate about it!"

"Passionate" was really not the word to describe how Gandalf felt at the moment, but he figured that any attempt to distract Sauron was worth it, so he tried to squirm enticingly under the Dark Lord, wrapping his legs around his waist and arms around his neck.

Sauron gave him a smug yet sharp smile in reply. "Oh, yes, Olórin..." he said, trailing his finger along Gandalf's jaw-line. "Is this the real you? Did you like it when my uruks had their way with you? And that snake Curumo? You would lie with anyone, if only you benefit from it!"

Sauron's thrusts became harder and rougher, and Gandalf could no longer suppress his pain, and choked cries and whimpers broke through his lips, despite his attempts to hold them back. He now realized that Sauron's sadistic nature did not only crave complete submission but pain and agony as well. He was hurting Gandalf now, and that was his purpose.

When Sauron lowered his head to Gandalf's throat to nibble and bite on his skin, the wizard saw his chance. He reached out his hand and stuck it in under the mattress, where he kept his dagger. Sauron was fortunately too deep in his twisted ecstasy to notice what the wizard's left hand was doing. Gandalf's heart rate and breathing quickened when his hand gripped the weapon he'd use against the Dark Lord, and he waited for the opportunity to use it. As always, Sauron kept the One Ring on his right ring finger. Right now, that hand lay flat against the mattress, close to Gandalf's shoulder. Soon...

The dagger was not powerful enough to cut off Sauron's entire hand with one stab, and Gandalf knew this. He also knew that he did not have the strength to try it, which meant he had to aim for his finger.

Please let me succeed... Gandalf prayed to no one in particular. Please...

The wizard saw his chance when Sauron lifted his hand to grab his throat. In a flash he drew out the dagger and struck. Gandalf had no memory of what really happened in the next two or three seconds. He only heard the Dark Lord cry out in a mixture of surprise, anger, and pain. Then Gandalf realized that he had missed. The dagger had failed to cut off Sauron's ring finger, but instead it had gone right through his palm.

Sauron looked completely flabbergasted for a few seconds, almost as if he didn't realize what was going on. He stared at his perforated, bleeding right hand for a while before he slowly drew the dagger out with his left one. The stab left a large, bleeding hole in his palm, but the power of the One Ring enabled the Dark Lord's physical form to heal from injuries in a matter of seconds, minutes at the most, and the Ring never left his finger. Sauron eyed the dagger, smeared in his own blood. His lips began to curl in a feral grimace and the familiar red light that always appeared when the Dark Lord was angry - or rather furious - began to flicker in his eyes.

Gandalf was already sure that his fatal mistake would cost him his life, so he simply waited for Sauron to bury the dagger - now in the Dark Lord's hand - in his chest. That moment never came. After some conferring with himself, Sauron put the edge of the dagger under Gandalf's chin, forcing his head up. The wizard's skin was punctured, and a tiny droplet of blood trickled down his throat.

"Kill me..." Gandalf rasped. "Just get it over with, Sauron. I know that is what you want!"

Sauron's face remained impassive, but Gandalf could see his jaw muscles flexing when he clenched his teeth.

"So you were going to take my Ring?" he finally said, tilting his head as his eyes pierced Gandalf's. "I should have known you would never submit to me willingly, Olórin. Frankly, I am not even surprised. You are and you remain the same."

Sauron suddenly threw the dagger away and instead grabbed Gandalf's throat, throwing him off the bed. Gandalf saw a small chance and tried to make a run for the door, but Sauron caught him before he could get anywhere and slammed him into the nearest wall.

"Running from me, are you, you little bitch?" the Dark Lord snarled in the wizard's face. "If you are foolish enough to attack me, you should be courageous enough to take the consequences!"

Gandalf's head was spinning from the violent collision with the wall, but he was still lucid enough to think and speak. "And I would do it again, you foul devil!" he hissed and finished by spitting in Sauron's face.

Sauron's reply was a blow to the Istar's head that rendered Gandalf almost unconscious. He would have sunk to the floor if Sauron's huge, strong hands had not pinned him to the wall. His feet had left the ground a long time ago, and he was dangling helplessly, pinned between Sauron and the wall, both being as immobile as rocks.

"I suppose you're waiting for me to kill you, wizard," Sauron said. "I am indeed considering capital punishment for you, but don't expect anything as clean and easy as a knife through your chest. Oh, no, Olórin. You will suffer immense pain before you die!"

Saruman had come to bring Gandalf his daily meal, but the sounds he heard when he reached the door made him halt. It sounded like there was a huge fight going on in there, and a pained, terrified cry from Gandalf quickly confirmed that fact.

Against better judgment, Saruman opened the door and looked inside. It wasn't even locked. What he saw made him cry out in shock, and the tray fell to the floor with a crash, spilling Gandalf's food and drink all over the floor.

Sauron and Gandalf were both naked, and the Dark Lord was pinning the Istar's smaller frame to the wall with his huge talon hands. Gandalf's head was drooping, and he no longer seemed to be conscious. A bloody swelling on his right temple was probably the cause of his unconsciousness, Saruman quickly realized.

Sauron turned his head in the direction of their new visitor. For a moment, his blazing eyes met Saruman's.

"Curumo, get out, NOW!" he hissed in a menacing voice, clearly meant to imply that it wasn't a request.

"What is going on?" Saruman exclaimed, momentarily too shocked to grasp the warning in his master's voice. "Gandalf?"

"Get out, Curumo, or you will share Olórin's fate!"

"What happened? What are you talking about?" Saruman cried out, knowing he should show his Lord more respect, but at that moment he just didn't care.

Sauron suddenly dropped Gandalf, but the wizard's legs were not steady enough to support him, and he fell in a heap on the floor. Gandalf's head was throbbing in time with his heartbeats, and he found out that he couldn't quite focus his eyes. Something warm and wet was flowing freely down his right cheek, but right then he did not realize that it was blood.

When Saruman still showed no signs of leaving, Sauron decided to ignore him. Despite his genuine care for his fellow wizard, Sauron knew that the snake would not dare to oppose him, no matter what he decided to do.

"Olórin," he began, crouching beside the slumped for of the Istar, "you probably expect me to kill you right here and now, but I will not. I think I will let my uruks have you first. If you survive that, I will probably have to think out some other way to end your pathetic life."

When Gandalf heard the word "uruks", strong terror immediately welled up inside him. It could only mean that Sauron was going to let the uruks rape him again, and to the wizard that was a fate many times worse than death. He let out a pained, anguished cry that sounded more like a wail or a desperate plea for mercy. But he could hardly expect Sauron to show him any mercy after this. His obvious terror probably just excited the Dark Lord and made him even crueler.

Sauron reached out to pick him up from the floor, and despite his current infirmity, Gandalf tried to fight him. One of his fingers accidentally poked Sauron in the eye, and with a furious growl the Dark Lord backhanded him across the face. This put an end to Gandalf's struggling, as he finally lost consciousness.

Sauron slung the wizard's lax, unconscious body over his shoulder and headed straight to the door, as if Saruman wasn't even there. He obviously didn't even bother getting dressed.

"No, you cannot give him to the Uruk-hai!" the fallen Istar exclaimed, terrified. "They will kill him!"

"So?" Sauron said coldly. "I won't stop them."

Saruman gasped. He began to realize what had happened. Only one thing could have made Sauron so immensely furious, and he knew what. Gandalf must have tried to slice the Ring off his finger, and his attempt had failed. This was the result. Now Gandalf was going to die, and a great part of it was his fault.

"No, my Lord, please don't!" Saruman begged, moving to stand in Sauron's way. "Don't... don't kill Gandalf..."

Sauron just shoved Saruman's slighter frame out of his way with his free hand and didn't even bother answering. He strode out of the chamber, carrying the wizard, and headed for the dungeons. However, Saruman was not going to give up easily. The thought of Gandalf being tortured and raped to death by a pack of brutish uruks was something he could not accept. He followed Sauron, and when he realized pleading would take him nowhere, he tried to use physical force.

"No! You mustn't do it!" he called, pulling Sauron's muscled arm. "Don't give him to them! They will kill him!"

Sauron pushed him away twice without really bothering to do more, but when Saruman returned a third time, Sauron's patience was gone and he turned around, his eyes blazing. He struck Saruman across the face, sending the wizard sprawling to the floor.

"Stay out of my way, Curumo, or I will give them both of you! This is my last warning. One more time..."

Sauron then kicked the lying figure hard in the back, making Saruman hiss in pain. His wounds from the whipping only a weak ago were not yet fully healed, and the pain made him curl up in a ball. Dismayed, the Istar watched the Dark Lord take Gandalf toward a certain death... and there was nothing he could do to stop it.