In the Darkness Bind Them

by Henrika

Rating: NC-17

Pairing:Gandalf/Sauron, Gandalf/various uruk-hai (for now).

Summary: AU; Sauron has regained the One Ring and won the war. Gandalf is trapped. Will the Istar be able to resist the Dark Lord's attempts to break him?

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. They belong to J. R. R. Tolkien. I make no money of this.

A/N and warnings: This story is very dark and deals with disturbing matters like graphic violence, graphic rape, torture, humiliation and much more. If this is not your cup of tea, now is probably the time to turn back. You have been warned!

Dedicated to: Nefertiti, for so kindly helping me with beta and suggestions. Without you this story would probably still be in a file somewhere in my PC. Many hugs to you, my dear!

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Chapter Five

Collared like a dog, Gandalf spent the following night on the floor of Sauron's bedchamber. He managed to sleep for a few short periods at a time, until the uncomfortable position and the pain in his abused body woke him up again. Not once did he glance in Sauron's direction. He could hear the Dark Lord breathing, but whether or not he was actually asleep, Gandalf did not know.

The hard steel collar was too tight, and its sharp metal edges dug into his skin whenever he tried to shift to find a more comfortable position. He was also cold, as the blanket he'd been given didn't provide him with much warmth.

Gandalf managed to slumber for a while when the morning came and was awakened by the unmistakable sound of the heavy door opening. His first thought was that Sauron was leaving, but when he opened his eyes to check, he discovered that that was not the case.

A figure had entered the chamber. It was a female that Gandalf at first mistook for a human, although a second look clearly revealed that he was wrong. The woman's hair was long and black, not very different from a human's, but instead of a woman's face she had the hideous snout of an orc. But unlike an orc, she was tall and slender, not squat and bow-legged like traditional goblins. Her skin was swarthy and scarred, though surprisingly smooth for an orcish creature.

Gandalf gasped when he saw her. Shocked, he realized he was regarding a female uruk-hai.

She was carrying a tray of food and when Sauron - now sitting up in his bed - saw her, he summoned her to him and told her to put the tray down on his lap. The Dark Lord smiled appreciatively at his servant and picked up a bunch of fresh grapes from the tray she had brought him. He skewered one on his long sharp fingernail and sucked it into his mouth with an audible slurp.

The female uruk stood by the bed, patiently waiting for her master's next command.

Sauron spoke to her in the Black Speech - a language of which Gandalf knew little - and she nodded passively, slowly pulled down the sheet that covered his lower body, and took his already hardening member into her saw-toothed mouth.

Gandalf almost couldn't believe his own eyes. Sauron, having sex with an uruk? A female one, but still?

The Dark Lord seemed quite casual about it, and thrust into her mouth as he'd done with Gandalf the evening before. He was not as rough with her though, because his goal now was to get physical pleasure, not to humiliate his bed partner.

Sauron finished only a few minutes later and emptied himself in the female uruk's mouth. She swallowed it all quickly and without hesitation, which indicated that it probably wasn't her first time servicing him that way.

Sauron smiled, patted her head appreciatively, and ordered her to leave. She bowed to her master and got to her feet in order to obey his command. She obviously hadn't noticed Gandalf's huddled shape in the corner on her way in, but she did now, as she passed him on her way out.

She did not stop, but her face clearly revealed her astonishment. Gandalf wondered if she recognized him but then assumed that she didn't. Even if she'd known who he was, he was very difficult to recognize in his current condition. But his mere presence, his nudity, and the collar around his neck were reasons enough to be curious.

Gandalf almost expected her to approach him to have a better look, but she simply left Sauron's bedchamber, obviously thinking that whoever he was, it was none of her business.

When she had gone, the Dark Lord turned to look at his collared prisoner in the corner. He'd picked up the bunch of grapes again and started eating them, one by one.

"Surprised, Olórin?" he asked. "I told you how much I enjoy carnal pleasures, now when I'm finally embodied. You shouldn't look so surprised. That uruk considers it an honour to pleasure me in the ways of the flesh."

Gandalf said nothing. He just glanced at Sauron and the food tray on his lap, feeling his own stomach protesting to the recent lack of food. His mouth began to water, but he was strongly determined not to let Sauron know just how hungry he was. The Dark Lord would only use it against him.

"And I am not only talking about sex," Sauron added, still eating grapes. "Eating is almost as good. Don't you agree, Gandalf? I am sure there are other pleasures I have yet to explore. Maybe you could teach me some? As I understand, you have been embodied for quite some time and gone through many interesting experiences."

Gandalf shrugged. He knew Sauron was just mocking him and saw no reason to answer. Smoking pipe weed was certainly something he had adopted from the hobbit culture, but he saw no reason to share that information with Sauron.

"Did you create that female uruk just so you could lie with her?" he asked instead.

"Oh, her," Sauron chuckled. "No, I did not. Mostly it was just an experiment, and it turned out quite successfully. She is not as strong as her male counterparts, but then I thought I could have other uses for her."

Gandalf grimaced in disgust. He'd had enough of uruks and couldn't even think about their race without associating them with the rapes they had subjected him to.

"Are you hungry, Olórin?" Sauron suddenly asked. "As I understand, you did not like the bread you were given? Perhaps this suits your tastes better?"

Sauron chose a piece of white bread from his plate and threw it in Gandalf's direction. It landed within the wizard's reach, and despite the hunger he felt, Gandalf just gave it a sullen glance. He was not a dog and would not eat from the floor like one!

"Are you not hungry anymore, wizard?" Sauron asked casually.

Gandalf shook his head.

"Eat that, and you might get it on a plate next time."

"I don't want that," Gandalf said straight out.

Sauron sighed melodramatically. "Olórin," he began slowly, "either you will eat what you get, or I will shove it down your throat by force. I will not have you die of starvation. Now eat!"

Gandalf couldn't be sure whether Sauron was serious or not, but he decided not to risk it and picked up the bread that had been thrown to him. Dust and grit from the floor had already stuck to it, and he brushed it off carefully, not wanting to lose more crumbs than necessary.

Well, at least it wasn't maggoty. He took a bite out of it, and to his surprise, it actually tasted good. He couldn't have thought there were any good cooks in Mordor, but Sauron was the Lord, after all, and could choose any cook he wanted.

Before he even realized, he'd gobbled down the piece of bread, and his stomach was screaming for more. Gandalf had always had a large appetite, and one small piece of bread was not enough to satisfy it. There were some crumbs left on the floor, but he wasn't desperate enough to pick them up. Gandalf just turned his face away, so as not to show his distress to the Dark Lord.

"Aww, Mithrandir... Still hungry?" Sauron said with fake sympathy in his voice. "Would you like something more to still your hunger?"

"I will not beg for it."

"Of course you won't. Still too proud, I suppose? Ah, well... I suppose even a dog like you deserves a treat once in a while!"

Sauron put the tray with the rest of the food away and rose from the bed. He began to approach the wizard, still curled up in the corner, and poked him casually with his foot. Gandalf shivered. He didn't like Sauron touching him and really hoped that the Dark Lord would leave him alone.

"Look at me, wizard!" Sauron ordered, and Gandalf obeyed, hoping he had not angered Sauron and earned a punishment.

Sauron crouched beside him, and to Gandalf's surprise, he actually loosened the collar around his neck and took it off him. Grasping the wizard's slender throat in his large hand, he traced his fingers over the angry red marks the that collar had left behind. The Dark Lord scowled, obviously displeased with what he saw.

"This was not good," he said, clicking his tongue. "I think I might have fastened the collar too tightly. You might even have choked during the night, which definitely wasn't my intention."

No, of course not, Gandalf thought miserably. You wouldn't want me to die away before you have grown tired of tormenting me and reduced me to a bloody carcass.

Sauron stood up and pulled Gandalf with him, keeping his relentless hand firmly around his neck. Sauron's chosen body was almost a head taller than Gandalf, and the wizard felt very small and insignificant compared to him. The Dark Lord was dragging him back toward the bed, and with growing horror Gandalf began to fear he was to be raped again.

"No..." he began, dragging his stiff feet after him and trying to break free from Sauron's hold.

When they reached the bed, Sauron pressed him down onto his knees beside it. The Lord himself sat down in front of him and seized his chin, tilting his head upwards.

"Mithrandir," he said, "I will let you eat, but first you have to prove yourself worthy of my food. Make me hard and suck me."

Sauron opened his knees, thus giving Gandalf access to his still-limp cock, soft yet impressive. Gandalf thought about the female uruk that had pleased her master this way only a short while ago, and realized that the residue of her mouth remained on Sauron.

"What are you waiting for?" Sauron snapped when he noticed Gandalf's hesitation. "I gave you a simple task!"

Gandalf swallowed, wrapped his long-fingered hand around the long, thick shaft, and slowly started kneading it to arousal. He didn't get very far, before Sauron threw his hands away.

"You are to use your mouth!" he said harshly. "You are on your own this time. I won't assist you."

Realizing that it was no use protesting, Gandalf opened his mouth and took in the head of Sauron's half-erect cock. The thought of the uruk's spit on it made the task even more repulsive, but Gandalf fought it down. As he adjusted to the size, he worked more and more of the shaft into his mouth.

Sauron's face was cold and stern at first, but gradually relaxed as the wizard got him aroused. He was moaning after a while, and his hands that lay on the bedspread balled into fists. Gandalf began to fear he would grab his head again and force down more than was anatomically possible for Gandalf to take. That didn't happen, however, and Gandalf was left to work on it himself until the Dark Lord climaxed and spilled his come in the wizard's mouth with an audible gasp.

This time Gandalf was prepared for it and at least didn't choke, but it was still highly uncomfortable. His instincts told him to spit it out, but he forced himself to swallow it all, assuming that that was what Sauron wanted.

Sauron laughed patronizingly and patted Gandalf's head. "That was good, wizard. You are becoming a good little pet. Now, fair as I am, I will give you your treat."

He picked up a piece of fried meat from the food tray and held it in his open palm, inviting Gandalf to take it. The wizard's inner spirit strongly objected to being treated like a dog, but he was hungry, and everything eatable that was not vermin-ridden or maggoty woke his hunger.

Quickly, before Sauron could change his mind, Gandalf seized the piece of meat and gobbled it down, seeming just as desperate as he was. The response was more patronizing laughter from Sauron, who clearly took great joy in watching the wizard's distress. He gave him another piece of meat, and Gandalf accepted it without hesitation, not knowing when he'd get another chance to feed.

"That is enough," Sauron then said. "Now come up here, and service your Lord like a proper slave!"

Gandalf was again overcome with dismay, realizing the Dark Lord probably wanted to sodomize him. It had hurt like hell last night, and it would do so again, even if Sauron was considerate enough to use oil or something else to ease the way.

He has to give me time to recover, Gandalf thought. I won't cope otherwise.

Under the best of circumstances it would have been difficult to take a member as big as Sauron's. Under the best of circumstances I wouldn't have to do it at all, he then thought, not without a touch of irony. Now he was famished, sore and bruised from the previous violations, and really dreaded another one.

"Sauron, please, I hurt..." he tried, to at least win himself some time.

"I know you do, little wizard," Sauron replied with a sardonic smile. "Now do as I say. Come here."

Gandalf reluctantly climbed onto the bed without looking into Sauron's eyes. He was fairly certain the Dark Lord would order him to lie on his belly and spread his legs, just like last time, but he wouldn't do anything before he was given specific orders.

Sauron's talon hand reached out and grasped his chin again. Gandalf's beard had begun to grow back, and his face was no longer as smooth as it had been a couple of days ago. He could tell Sauron didn't like feeling the white stubble against his skin and feared that he might have to shave his face again. For now, though, he seemed to ignore it.

The Dark Lord passed his hands over Gandalf's shoulders, and from there to his back and sides. His touch was almost like a caress, and Gandalf began to feel stronger unease. What was this? Sauron wasn't trying to get him aroused again, was he?

Sauron finally gripped Gandalf's buttocks, massaging the firm globes in his hands. He pulled the wizard closer, until they were almost pressing against each other, and coldly ignored the groans of protest Gandalf let out. Gandalf was still cold, and Sauron's massive body was a source of heat, so a part of him welcomed the close contact, while another part of him resented himself for it.

Sauron enticingly rubbed his hardening member against Gandalf's soft one, trying to provoke a reaction from him. When he got none but a series of distressed squeaks, the Dark Lord decided to go one step further. He was going to pleasure Gandalf now and take great joy in watching the wizard humble himself.

He gently pushed Gandalf onto his back and slowly eased his legs apart before lowering his head toward the wizard's crotch.

"I said you had not deserved to come last night, but I may have changed my mind now," he said with a taunting grin, placing a few teasing licks on Gandalf's flaccid member. "Be a good little wizard, and I might be indulgent and give you what you want!"

"I do not want this..." Gandalf said.

"Then what do you want?" Sauron placed the tip of his long-nailed forefinger against the wizard's swollen orifice, adding a little pressure. "You want me to get in here? No? Then what do you want? I see you have gotten a little hurt down here. Perhaps my uruks were a bit too rough, hmmm? Do you want my tongue to ease the pain?"

Not waiting for an answer, Sauron moved down to lick Gandalf's anus, as he had done the previous night to get the wizard erect.

Gandalf tried to ignore it for as long as possible, staying perfectly still, since squirming would only add to the stimulation. His breathing was ragged, and all his muscles were taut. His inability to relax saved him from some of the forced pleasure, but enough of it still affected him and tears of humiliation began to burn in his eyes when he felt his member engorge.

Sauron chuckled at his handiwork and withdrew for a moment, only to look into the wizard's humbled face. "Why cry, Mithrandir? It is not over yet. I have much left to give."

This time The Dark Lord bent down to take Gandalf's erect cock into his mouth. Gandalf whimpered and gasped, trying to squirm away and begging Sauron to stop, but Sauron would have none of it. He sucked the wizard fiercely, simultaneously kneading and massaging his balls, and despite Gandalf's efforts to hold back, he came shortly and emptied his seed into the Dark Lord's wicked mouth.

The response he got was unexpected and harsh. "I didn't say you could come!" Sauron snarled furiously and spat Gandalf's softening member out of his mouth. He rose to his knees and seized the wizard's throat, pressing him down into the pillows. Gandalf could see the red light flashing in Sauron's crystalline eyes, and it frightened him. He had not meant to come; it was Sauron who had forced him, and now he was furious because of it? It didn't make sense.

Sauron roughly pinched Gandalf's left nipple, drawing a pained shriek from him.

"Listen, you little whore!" he hissed, spitting out the wizard's seed into his face. "You are not to come before I, your Lord, give you permission to! Understood?!"

Not knowing what else to do, Gandalf nodded. When Sauron released him, he used his hand to wipe the sticky, offending substance from his face, still trembling.

"Good! Now, Olórin, I have some real business to do, so I will leave you. Be wise and spend the time contemplating your lesson!"

Sauron got dressed, being in no hurry. He was the Lord of everything and had no obligations towards anyone. If he felt like it, he could have spent the rest of the day humbling the wizard, but he would save that for some other occasion. Until then Gandalf would have to remain in his bedchamber, safe and secure, waiting for him.

The collar was no good. With some luck, Gandalf might even manage to choke himself with it, and that was not an option. Instead he chose a steel shackle which he fastened around the wizard's right ankle. The chain was relatively short, and he didn't think Gandalf could escape or commit suicide with the help of it. Unless he gnawed his own foot off, of course, but Sauron didn't think he was that desperate.

Gandalf had no choice but to accept the shackle. At least it wasn't as uncomfortable as the dog collar and a bit less confining. Still a shackle, though, and it served its purpose well. He was secured.

Before leaving, the Dark Lord roughly grabbed his head and forced him to kiss the One Ring. It was humiliating, but he gave in without resistance, because that would make Sauron leave sooner, and Gandalf didn't want him lingering longer than necessary.

Sauron left.