Late One Night at Rivendell

by Henrika

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Frodo

Summary: One night in Rivendell Frodo feels scared and alone, and who can comfort him, if not Gandalf?

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to J.R.R Tolkien. I make no money of this.

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Author's note: Obviously, this is an interspecies pairing. Meaning: Frodo getting it on with a Big Person. If you don't like, don't read. Many thanks to Nefertiti for a great beta job!

Gandalf woke up to the sound of someone knocking on his door. Slightly groggy from being pulled so abruptly from his sleep, the wizard raised his head from his pillow.

His first emotion was anxiety. The only reason why someone would come to wake him in the middle of the night was if something had happened to Frodo. Gandalf's stomach clenched at the thought, and his heart took an extra leap. Had something happened to the Ringbearer? It wasn't that long since Frodo was stabbed by a Wraith at Weathertop, after all, and he was still recovering strength.

"Yes...?" Gandalf called, not really sure of what he was expecting.

"Gandalf?" a small, miserable voice replied shakily.

It was Frodo! Gandalf tensed even more, struggling into an upright position, ready to dash out in case Frodo needed his help. "Yes, Frodo, what is it?" Gandalf asked, failing to keep the fear and concern from his voice.

A few seconds passed, and then the Hobbit's trembling voice said, "Gandalf, can I please come in? I... I had a bad dream, and I want to ask if I can sleep with you? I'm scared..."

"Oh, Frodo, my dearest... Of course! Come on in, dear," the wizard called, relieved that nothing more serious was going on. He also felt something else, a small tingle of excitement - or was it fear - that came from soon having the Hobbit in his bed, the small body pressed to his own... with only the thin fabric of their nightshirts to keep them apart.

Gandalf scolded himself for thinking such thoughts. Frodo looks to you as a dear friend and protector, he reminded himself. He would be horrified if he knew of your impure thoughts!

Slowly he could see the door handle being pressed down, and the Hobbit entered, wearing a long, white nightshirt much like Gandalf's own. While Gandalf's shirt suited him perfectly, Frodo's did not, as it had been made the suit the body of an Elf, not a Halfling.

Frodo's large, blue eyes were wide open with fear and seemed to shine with a brilliant radiance in the moon- and starlight coming through the window from outside. A small hand crept up to touch the stab wound in his left shoulder, still not fully healed. It would never fully heal, Gandalf realized. Frodo would have to live with all his life.

The Hobbit came to stand in the middle of the large chamber, shyly glancing in Gandalf's direction. Gandalf was the person he trusted most, but he was still hesitant about climbing into the wizard's bed. Now Frodo began to have second thoughts about coming here, but it had felt so right the moment he woke up, sweating and aching all over. Being in Gandalf's arms could always make him calm down, no matter what happened.

Noticing Frodo's hesitation, Gandalf opened his arms and beckoned to Frodo to come. "It's alright, my dear Hobbit," he said in his kindest voice. "Come here, now."

Frodo came, padding across the room and letting Gandalf lift him into the bed, which really was too high for someone his size. The feeling of the wizard's proportionately large, warm body against his made him feel better in an instant, and he snuggled closer, shivering against Gandalf's chest.

"Everything is alright now..." Gandalf murmured, his arms around the small Hobbit. Frodo felt no bigger than a human - or Elven - child to him, which made him feel even worse about his earlier thoughts of touching Frodo as a lover. It was completely unacceptable. Even though Frodo was an adult and mature enough for making love, the size-difference was an insuperable impediment. A Hobbit-body, male or female, was not built to accept the cock of a Man or anyone man-sized.

Gandalf sighed. I have to keep my love for Frodo entirely platonic, he realized. I must try to see him as a son.

"Now tell me," he said after a while, stroking Frodo's dark curls. "What scared you so?"

"I had a nightmare..." Frodo whispered. "I woke up, and I was scared... And I thought you were the only one to comfort me."

Gandalf smiled at the Hobbit's trust in him. "Were you now... Well, you should know that you are always welcome here, anytime. I am happy that you came to me instead of staying in your chamber, frightened and alone with no one to comfort you."

Frodo turned his head up to look at the wizard. "Really?" he asked dubiously. "You don't mind... my disturbing you like this?"

"No... my dear Frodo. Of course not. I must admit that I was worried when I heard knocking on my door at this hour, but when I heard that it was you, I was in fact relieved. You... I was afraid that something bad might have happened to you."

"What?" Frodo asked.

"I don't know, and I prefer not to think of it," Gandalf replied.

"But we are in Rivendell now, and we are safe here, are we not?" Frodo pointed out, his voice containing some of the fear Gandalf had felt when the knocking woke him up. "Aren't we, Gandalf?"

"Yes, we are safe," Gandalf assured him, cradling Frodo to his chest when he felt a shiver pass through the small frame. "At least for now."

Frodo squirmed in the wizard's arms, probably to find a more comfortable position, but to Gandalf the wriggling little body felt highly arousing, especially as Frodo's bottom had ended up pressed to his sensitive and now also hardening cock. Shocked, Gandalf tried to back away from the Hobbit, but Frodo followed his movements, probably not even deliberately. Frodo seemed to crave warmth and close contact, and Gandalf did not want to push him away, but if he had to do it to hide his arousal from the Halfling, he would have no choice.

Suddenly one of the Hobbit's large, hairy feet brushed the wizard's bare calf, and the touch felt ice-cold to Gandalf. Grateful for the source of distraction, Gandalf swept the covers away to take Frodo's cold feet in his hands. "But you're as cold as ice!" he exclaimed, rubbing the Hobbit's surprisingly large, furry left foot in his hands, trying to get some warmth into it. Frodo's toughened leathery soles were somewhat dirty, which was inevitable as Hobbits never wore shoes.

"Well..." Frodo said, not knowing how to explain it to Gandalf. The truth was that his feet, plus the rest of him, had gotten cold from standing several minutes outside Gandalf's chamber before he finally gained the courage to knock.

Gandalf released Frodo's left foot to give his right one the same treatment. The Hobbit sighed in pleasure when the wizard's large, warm, gentle hands massaged his poor, frozen feet, which suddenly didn't feel quite as frozen anymore. Gandalf even lifted Frodo's foot to his lips to blow at his toes, and the Hobbit's too-long nightshirt accidentally slid up to reveal more of his body. Frodo was bare underneath, and Gandalf knew this, of course. Still, he wasn't prepared for the sight of Frodo's rosy little penis, nestled in a tuft of soft, dark hair.

Blushing deeply, the wizard released his hold on the Hobbit's foot and let it drop to the bed. There was a warm, throbbing sensation in his groin, and when he looked down, he could see that his arousal was very evident through the thin fabric of his knee-length nightshirt, distorted by the bulge jutting forth from his crotch.

Oh, dear! he thought, desperately trying to think of a way to hide it. What will I do? Frodo will never come near me again!

Frodo quietly regarded his highly embarrassed wizard-friend for a while, and a flush crept over his face as well. He really wanted to tell Gandalf that he needn't feel embarrassed, that it was perfectly alright, but his tongue failed to obey him when he tried to speak. Frodo then noticed that his nightshirt was still up by his waist, giving Gandalf a very good view of his exposed crotch, but he made no attempt to pull it back down.

Gandalf tried desperately to avoid Frodo's gaze. He could simply not face the little Hobbit with his proof of arousal so evident before him. In that moment the wizard gladly would have let the bed swallow him, if only that were possible. Why had he even let Frodo come to his bed? Shouldn't he have known that something like this might happen? Gandalf was angry with himself for daring to jeopardize his friendship with Frodo. It was something that they both valued highly, and now everything might be destroyed between them, only because...

Frodo finally realized that Gandalf would not take the first step and that he had to be the one. To attract the wizard's eye again, he grabbed the bottom of his nightshirt and pulled the garment over his head, baring his body completely.

"I never liked that thing, anyway, Gandalf," he said with a frown. "I only wore it because Lord Elrond insisted that I do it."

Gandalf's face expressed pure shock at seeing the now nude Hobbit only inches before him. Frodo's expressive, blue eyes were watching him intently, or at least a part of him. With a mixture of dismay and excitement, Gandalf realized that Frodo was staring at his obvious erection.

Suddenly Frodo reached out one small hand and gripped the wizard's cock through the nightshirt. Gandalf gasped audibly, and the Hobbit hoped that it was due to pleasure, not shock or disgust. Gandalf wanted him, after all; no matter what his conscious mind was trying to say, this part of him could not deny it.

"Kiss me, Gandalf," Frodo said, tilting his head and offering Gandalf a good view of his large, seemingly innocent eyes, which he knew had an effect on most people. The wizard's large erection in his hand twitched, and soon the Hobbit felt Gandalf's hands roaming over his naked little body and the wizard's hungry mouth pressing against his.

Frodo tried to laugh with joy, but Gandalf's ardent kisses did not allow him to. Instead he wrapped his arms around the wizard's neck and tried to rub himself against the larger frame. Although Frodo was naked, there was still a disturbing layer of clothing between them. Gandalf's nightshirt. They had to get it off. As soon as possible.

Frodo pushed slightly at Gandalf's shoulders, and the wizard released him immediately, pulling away. He had a guilty look on his face, as if he was sorry for taking advantage of a much weaker being.

"Gandalf," Frodo whispered, smiling to assure Gandalf that everything was alright. "I just want you to take this off." He tugged at the bottom of the offending garment and got frustrated when he discovered how hard it was to undress someone larger then oneself. "Gandalf, help me with this!" he finally demanded. "You have seen my body. It is only fair that I see yours."

Gandalf hesitated, then grabbed his nightshirt and yanked it over his head. His mind was in a whirl. Could this really be happening? Did Frodo want to... bed him? It all seemed like a dream come true, but did Frodo know what he was getting himself into? The little Hobbit currently aroused Gandalf more than any other being, but if he allowed this to happen, wouldn't he be using Frodo?

The Hobbit's eyes moved appreciatively over Gandalf's naked body, and the wizard felt a little self-conscious. His body was alright, but far from the most beautiful in Middle-earth. He was slim, well-toned and generously endowed, at least according to some of his previous bed-mates. He had never bedded a Hobbit, though, and was not sure what to expect.

Frodo reached out to touch Gandalf's flat, washboard stomach, marvelling at the firm muscles. The wizard's body didn't look old at all. It suddenly made him wonder why Gandalf always hid behind those heavy, saggy robes.

When Frodo's hand slid down to Gandalf's erection, the wizard seized it with a firm hold. Frodo looked questioningly at him.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this, Frodo?" Gandalf asked gravely. "If you are not, I want us to stop now. I could not live with myself if I hurt you in any way, or if you think you will regret this in the future."

Frodo nodded solemnly. "I am, Gandalf. I can promise you that. I... I won't regret it. Please... just touch me..."

Gandalf smiled down at him, stroking the Hobbit's dark curls back from his forehead. "If you say so, my little friend. Now lie down on the bed."

"Can't I touch you?" Frodo asked defiantly.

"You shall, later," Gandalf promised him. "Lie back, now."

Frodo complied, settling down against the soft feather pillows with his eyes closed. He wasn't exactly sure what Gandalf would do now, but he had a vague idea. When he felt Gandalf's long hair - or perhaps it was his beard - tickling his thighs and stomach, he opened his eyes to see the wizard's head just above his groin. A thrill of excitement passed through him when he realized what Gandalf was probably about to do.

"Have you ever done this before?" Gandalf asked, blowing softly at the small, hard cock of his new Hobbit-lover.

Frodo blushed. "N-no, not really... But I'm not a child, Gandalf! I know what I am doing. And I want you to be my first. Now please..."

"Please, what?" the wizard asked teasingly, a sly grin spreading over his face.

"Please, just... suck me! That is what you had in mind, wasn't it?"

"Quite right," Gandalf replied and closed his lips around Frodo's member. An exquisitely beautiful sigh from the Hobbit soon followed. Gandalf had never sucked a cock as small as Frodo's, and he was a bit surprised to find out that he could take not only Frodo's penis, but also his sac into his mouth.

"Oh, yes, Gandalf..." Frodo moaned in absolute ecstasy. His hands were clutching at the sheets, covers, and anything else they could find. Not even his Hobbit-friends' vivid tales about lovemaking had been enough to depict the pleasure involved. Grinning, he thought that having a lover considerably bigger than oneself was even better, at least for certain things.

Gandalf sucked passionately on the Hobbit's lively little cock and realized that Frodo was close to release, judging from his groans and movements. The wizard slicked his index finger with saliva and very gently brought it to the Halfling's puckered entrance. Applying a little pressure, he slid his digit inside Frodo's body easily, and the Hobbit made a sound similar to a hiccup.

"Gandalf, oh, yes..." Frodo gave a small cry when the digit inside him brushed a spot that almost made him see stars. He thrashed wildly, and Gandalf had to place a hand on his belly to steady him.

The wizard felt tempted to add another finger but didn't, since he wasn't sure how much a Hobbit could take. His human and Elven lovers could take two and even three fingers easily, but Frodo was much smaller, after all, and he didn't want to cause his little lover pain or discomfort.

Despite Gandalf's attempts to keep Frodo down, the Hobbit bucked up from the bed, squirming and squealing. Frodo's shaft was too small to actually gag the wizard, although Gandalf's throat started feeling a bit sore.

He's a rampant little Hobbit, the wizard thought amusedly. Luckily none of my bigger bed-partners have been this uncontrollable!

Frodo's climax was intense and powerful. He spurted something that felt like litres down the wizard's throat, and Gandalf caught it all expertly, not spilling a single drop. The Hobbit's seed tasted like that of a Man or Elf, Gandalf noted. No difference there.

Frodo lay in the bed, sweating, with a rapid heart rate and heaving chest. His eyes were closed, protected by his long, dark, feathery lashes. Gandalf crawled up, swallowing the last of the Halfling's seed, and placed his large hand on Frodo's smooth, damp belly.

"Are you alright, my dear?" he asked softly.

Frodo opened his eyes, gazing at his new lover, and his rosebud mouth formed into a happy, sated grin.

"Alright?" he said. "Gandalf, that was marvellous! I take it that you have done it before?"

The wizard tried to suppress a grin and nodded, passing his hand up to rub Frodo's rosy little nipples. The small nubs stiffened instantly, and he was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure from Frodo. Gandalf's own erection had half-flagged due to lack of stimulation while he pleasured Frodo, but at the sight of the naked, young body sprawled beside him, it quickly revived.

"May I touch you now?" Frodo asked, his eyes focused on an interesting and very impressive part of the wizard's anatomy. Frodo had only seen naked Hobbits before this, so there was no way for him to know if the wizard's endowment was considered "big" even among Men, but he suspected so.

Maybe it's his compensation for having so ridiculously small feet! the Hobbit thought with a giggle. Really, it was still a mystery to him how Men, Elves and wizards could even stand upright with such small feet.

"Yes, you may touch me now," Gandalf replied with a smile. "If you still have the strength."

Frodo bounced to his knees and glared down at him. "And you claim to know much about Hobbits!"

"I was merely jesting," Gandalf chuckled. "I thought you'd realize that."

The look in Frodo's eyes suddenly became insecure. "Gandalf, what do you want me to do?" he asked. "I have never..."

"Touch me. With your hands. I will not ask you to return the favour that I did for you, as there are certain... obstacles we cannot overcome."

Frodo grabbed Gandalf's large shaft in both his small hands and discovered that he could barely even get his fingers around it. Now it was suddenly not so good having a considerably bigger lover. He sighed in frustration. He was too small to pleasure Gandalf in the way the wizard had pleasured him, and yet he wanted to give his lover the same joy.

"Would you like to get... inside me?" he asked carefully, only having the most rudimentary knowledge of how it was done.

Gandalf sighed ruefully in reply. "I'm afraid I cannot do that to you, my dear Frodo. I would hurt you too much."

Frodo pouted. "Why? Because I'm too small? I liked how your finger felt, and I think I'd like... that too."

"Frodo, that was one finger. One," Gandalf explained patiently. "This..." He gripped his erection. " much bigger than that."

"We can try," Frodo persisted. "If it hurts too much, you can just stop."

"My dear, you haven't even done this with anyone your size..."

"Does that matter?"

Gandalf shook his head. "You wouldn't find any pleasure in it, only pain."

"Let's find out."

"If I hurt you, I would never be able to forgive myself."

"You won't hurt me. I know you'll be gentle," Frodo said. "Nothing you have done so far has hurt me, Gandalf."

"This is different."

"Please..." Frodo straddled the wizard's belly and looked down at him with a silent plea in his impossibly large, cerulean eyes. That if anything should be able to turn Gandalf's head!

Gandalf found it very hard to resist the begging little creature, using his well-known charm to persuade him. A more rational part of his mind told him that he should stand his ground and not give in, but did anyone ever think rationally when it came to sex?

"Alright, my dear," he finally said, sliding his hands down Frodo's hips. "But you must promise me to stop me if I hurt you."

"I promise, but it won't come to that," Frodo replied. "I know."

Gandalf tried to think of what position would be best to cause Frodo minimal pain. The best for someone virginal was to be taken from behind, but the size-difference between them was too great for that. He concluded that the only option was to let Frodo lie on his back with splayed legs.

"Are you really sure you want to do this?" he asked one last time before reaching for the clay jar that contained the salve they would have to use as lubricant.

"Stop asking that, Gandalf," Frodo replied with a soft snort. "You know that I am."

"Alright. Now, try to relax."

Gandalf dipped his fingers in the salve and then grasped Frodo's soft bottom with his hand, running his now slick fingers up and down the cleft between. The salve felt cold to the Hobbit's heated skin, and Frodo inhaled sharply.

Noticing Gandalf's worried look, he said, "It's alright, it just felt cold... Please continue."

Gandalf pushed against the opening with one finger, and Frodo did his utmost to relax, trying to recall the pleasure that same finger had caused him only a short while ago. The wizard slowly pressed inside, but he was still worried, judging from his countenance.

"How does that feel, Frodo?" he asked, attempting to locate the Hobbit's sweet spot. He managed, and Frodo cried out.

"It feels... wonderful, Gandalf! More!"

"Alright. I will give you two fingers now."

This time Gandalf encountered some resistance when he very slowly pushed two well-oiled fingers inside, and the Hobbit's face showed clear signs of discomfort. He thought about withdrawing but hesitated as Frodo had not asked him to do so.

He will never be able to take me in, Gandalf suspected. Two of my fingers must already feel like someone his own size.

"Do you wish to continue, Frodo?"

"Of course. Why...?"

Gandalf slowly moved his fingers in and out, trying to loosen the Hobbit's sphincter. He still didn't believe he could fit his erection in there, but for Frodo's sake he kept trying. When he finally added a third finger, Frodo's muscles instantly flexed and clamped down on his digits, as if he was trying to force the intruder out. A film of sweat now covered the Hobbit's skin, and his facial expression betrayed the pain he so desperately tried to hide so as not to discourage the wizard.

Sighing, Gandalf decided to give up and withdrew his fingers. If the Hobbit couldn't take that much, then how would he be able to take a full-sized cock?

Frodo looked nearly devastated. "No, Gandalf... Don't stop," he pleaded. "We can do it..."

Gandalf smiled down at him, reaching down to massage his lover's quickly closing pink hole. "Not this way," he replied. "But there are others ways we can do this."

Frodo shot him a puzzled look. "What do you mean?"

"You could go inside me, if you wish. You wouldn't hurt me."

The image of himself on top of Gandalf was comic to the Hobbit, and he couldn't help giggling. "Do you really want to try that, Gandalf?" he asked.

"Why not? You are small, yes, but I believe it could bring us both much pleasure."

He stroked the Halfling's little cock, which had gone completely limp when the wizard entered him with three fingers. Now it started coming back to life, enjoying Gandalf's ministrations.


"Alright," Frodo agreed.

"Then we had better switch places."

Gandalf lay down on his back with his head resting comfortably on a pillow, and Frodo quickly followed, rising to his knees beside the wizard. Placing one small hand on Gandalf's chest, he asked, "Please, tell me what to do. I have never..."

Chuckling, Gandalf spread his legs as an invitation. "Use the salve over there, and enter me. We hardly need any more preparation."

Frodo glanced down at his own jutting little erection and then started pouting with his lower lip. "So, you think I am that poorly endowed?" he asked indignantly.

"No, not poorly endowed at all, my dear Frodo. But you are a Hobbit, and I am... well, bigger than you, anyway."

Now Frodo was grinning again, giving the wizard's cock an appreciative look. "Yes, Gandalf, you are big... not only to Hobbits, I believe."

It took Gandalf a while to understand what Frodo was referring to, and when he did, a flush crept over his cheeks. "Well..."

"Don't be embarrassed. I am sure that many Men, Elves and well, Hobbits, are curious about what you have under that robe of yours. And those who know... At least I am happy to have my curiosity satisfied!"

Gandalf's flush deepened, and Frodo giggled again, trying to refrain from making more comments now, as he didn't want to embarrass his new lover. He reached for the jar that Gandalf had put his fingers into earlier and smeared the salve over his erection, making sure that it was slick to the root. Hard, his cock was perhaps four inches. Silently he wondered if that was enough to give the wizard any real pleasure.

Despite the wizard's earlier statement that preparation was not necessary in this case, Frodo slid his fingers into Gandalf's back passage, partly because he wanted to know how that area of the body felt. Soon he was to put a very sensitive part of his body there, after all.

The wizard planted his feet flat on the mattress, assuming that Frodo did not have the strength to hold his legs up. The Hobbit's small fingers delving into him felt slightly odd, as he was used to much bigger and rougher digits.

Three of the Hobbit's fingers slid into Gandalf's slick passage without difficulty, and Frodo began to wonder if it were possible for him to slide his entire hand into the wizard. He shuddered at the thought. Possible, maybe, but it was nothing he actually wanted to try.

"Are you ready, Gandalf?" he asked, pulling his fingers out and replacing them with the tip of his erection.

"Yes, Frodo. Go ahead."

Frodo pushed and slid in effortlessly, steadying himself by grabbing Gandalf's thighs. The feeling was marvellous. Hot, tight flesh gripped his cock from all directions, creating a sensation that his own hands, no matter how hard he gripped, had never managed to achieve. He started thrusting carefully, not wanting to hurt Gandalf by being too eager. A soft moan escaped the wizard's lips and his head rolled against the pillow. At least he didn't seem to be hurting.

"Harder, Frodo... Harder!" Gandalf begged after a while, desperately wanting Frodo's thrusts to make contact with his sweet spot. The Hobbit instantly heeded his plea and sped up his pace, eagerly slamming his loins against Gandalf's rear.

"Yes, that's it..." the wizard gasped when the blunt tip of Frodo's cock finally hit his internal gland. His erection twitched slightly, demanding stimulation, and Gandalf reached to close his hand around it. His hand, however, was pushed away by Frodo's smaller one, and the Hobbit said, "Let me, Gandalf."

Frodo took Gandalf's large erection in both his hands and started stroking it in time to his thrusts. What did it matter if he was too small to even get his hands around it properly? He would find other ways to please his lover. Gandalf's cock was leaking, and a small puddle of pre-come had formed in the wizard's navel. Frodo dipped his fingers in it, spreading the slick moisture over his lover's erection, figuring it would make his hands slide easier.

Suddenly the Hobbit came to think of another thing he could try. A lewd grin formed on his beautiful face. Sometimes there were advantages to being short as well. Leaning forward, he discovered that he could reach the tip of Gandalf's cock with his tongue and lick it while simultaneously stroking and riding the wizard.

Gandalf's eyes snapped open when he felt the hot little tongue tracing over the tiny slit in the head, and what he saw surprised him, to say the least.

"Frodo...! You can't mean that...!"

Frodo's eyes met Gandalf's. "Don't you like it?" the Hobbit asked innocently.

"Frodo! You'll hurt your back...!"

Frodo swirled his tongue over Gandalf's cock-head, making the wizard whimper, before answering. "No, Gandalf. I am smaller than you, remember?"

Kneading the wizard's shaft with both hands, Frodo managed to bend down just enough to close his lips around the pink head of Gandalf's cock. The normally eloquent wizard made an incoherent series of sounds, somewhere between grunts and gurgles. Frodo managed to discern his name as one of them, and although he didn't manage to catch the rest, he assumed it meant Gandalf was pleased with what he did.

Gandalf's fingers dug into the mattress when he felt his climax approaching, and before he could control himself or even warn Frodo about it, his essence spurted from his cock, splattering on Frodo's face, his hands, and Gandalf's own belly.

Frodo tried to spit out most of what ended up in his mouth, not liking the bitter, salty taste of it. Warm, pearly liquid was running down his face, and there was some in his hair too, he suspected. Still, he stroked Gandalf until no more was emerging, and shot his own release into the wizard. It was not as intense now as before, only a small squirt. Possibly Gandalf didn't even feel it. His softening little penis slid out when Gandalf moved. The wizard pulled himself into a sitting position so that he could look into Frodo's eyes.

The wizard laughed softly when he saw the milky fluid sliding down the Hobbit's cheeks, nose and chin. "Oh dear, Frodo, I am sorry..." he said apologetically, even though the sight made him laugh. "I should have warned you."

"It's alright," Frodo murmured, trying to wipe his face with his hands that were equally sticky. "I just couldn't swallow it all..."

"Wait, and I'll clean you."

Gandalf reached into one of the drawers in his bedside table and drew out a soft, white cloth, which he used to wipe the Hobbit's face, hands and finally his own belly clean. When he was done, he lifted Frodo onto his lap and kissed the tip of the Halfling's pointy little nose.

"That was wonderful, Frodo," he said affectionately, holding the Hobbit close. "I hope that you feel the same."

"Oh, I do," Frodo assured him with a weary smile. Then he yawned. "I'm tired now, though..."

Gandalf laughed. "I can imagine that you are! You came twice, my dear Frodo, thanks to your youthful vigour!"

"Can we do this again?" Frodo asked.

Gandalf's eyes widened in surprise. "Now? I think that we both need rest after..."

"Not now, you silly wizard! I mean in the future. I would like that very much."

Gandalf regarded the passionate little being seriously before answering. Frodo was lovely indeed, and Gandalf had always found it hard to deny him anything.

"Are you sure you want that?" he asked. "Don't you think that a lover of your own race and age..."

"No, I want to be with you," Frodo said resolutely, cupping Gandalf's face in both his small hands.

Gandalf tried to keep his countenance serious, but as often happened, Frodo managed to make him smile. "Time will tell, my dear Hobbit," he said, hugging Frodo to him. "Now, however, I think we ought to sleep."

"The morrow will come soon," Frodo said.

"Yes, that's right," Gandalf agreed. "We have been busy this night."

The Hobbit giggled in response and buried his face in Gandalf's thick mane of silver hair. They settled down in the bed, and Gandalf pulled the covers over them both before enveloping Frodo in his arms once more. Kissing the curly, dark crown of his lover, he murmured, "Goodnight, my dearest, or good morning... whatever suits you better."

Frodo, cuddling close to Gandalf's bare chest, sleepily said, "I much prefer lying here without those awful nightshirts to keep us apart..."

Gandalf chuckled, caressing the Hobbit's silken skin. "Absolutely."

The End