Lost and Regained

by Henrika

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Aragorn and Aragorn/Arwen

Summary: Sequel to "Dream of Loss". Aragorn has been crowned king of Gondor and waits to marry Arwen Evenstar. Where does Gandalf fit into all of this? Some angst, some humour.

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story belong to J.R.R. Tolkien, not me. I make no money of this.

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Notes and warnings: This story includes GRAPHIC HET content. I thought I might include this warning as I will post this story on a slash list. There is an equal amount of slash too, of course. I don't want any flames regarding this. If het squicks you, just skip this story.

Big thanks to Nefertiti for beta and title suggestion!

"Honestly, I am a little... scared," Aragorn confessed to his lover, Gandalf the White, late at night in bed, when he was certain that no one else would hear. He was referring to his planned union with the lady Arwen, who had arrived in Gondor earlier that day with her father and many other powerful and important Elves.

"Scared?" the kind old wizard asked concernedly and reached out to brush the king's dark hair from his face. "What are you scared of, love?"

Aragorn was at first hesitant to confess what really troubled him, but he concluded that Gandalf if anyone could offer him advice. He swallowed, then continued,

"Erm, in fact, I am a bit scared of what to do on Arwen and my...wedding night."

The newly crowned king gave his lover a hurt look when Gandalf, seconds later, started to snicker, although he did his best to stifle the noises with his hand.

"It is not funny!" he exclaimed and began to regret even mentioning his predicament to Gandalf. The wizard really should be more understanding.

Gandalf choked the laughter bubbling from his throat and made an effort to make his countenance serious again. No, of course it wasn't funny, he realized. He should never have laughed, although it all sounded like a bad joke.

"I am very sorry, King Elessar," he said. "I shouldn't have laughed. So, tell me what's troubling you."

"I told you," Aragorn said, embarrassed. "My wedding night with Arwen... I am... well... As you may know, I have never lain with a female before."

Gandalf nodded seriously. "No, I assumed as much, my dear. Your agreement with Lord Elrond... While being betrothed to Arwen, you could bed me but not other women."

Aragorn nodded in agreement. "Exactly. It has been long since we made that agreement, and now... I almost started to believe that there would never be a wedding between Arwen and me, so I sort of gave up thinking... And then I had you. I always knew I would have you in my arms again, no matter how long a while passed, so I was never really interested in taking another lover, let alone a female one."

Gandalf laughed again, but this time his laughter was warm and heartfelt. He could clearly remember his first time with Aragorn, when the now so manly and mature king had been a shy and inexperienced youngster. Clumsy, yes, but very eager to learn about the ways of the flesh, and it had been a true pleasure for the wizard to teach him. Many years had passed since then, though, and it had never occurred to the Istar that Aragorn might feel insecure between the sheets.

The wizard crawled closer to the Man, and pressed a loving kiss to his cheek, then another to his lips. Aragorn wanted to push him away and tell him that counsel, not physical intimacy was what he needed at this point. Yet Gandalf's slender body rubbing against his and the wizard's incredible kisses had him converted in a few seconds, and instead of pushing Gandalf away, he closed his arms around him and pressed them together.

"Oh, Gandalf, yes..." he moaned when the white wizard straddled him, rubbing his cock against Aragorn's own heated, hardening member.

Pulling his face away from Aragorn's, Gandalf asked, "So, what are you so anxious about, my king? Be more specific, and maybe I can offer you advice."

"Well... I..." Aragorn began hesitantly and could feel his cheeks getting red. "For one thing, I am afraid I might not be able to... perform."

Gandalf chuckled briefly. "Perform? You seem to have no trouble doing that, judging from this." The wizard shifted his position, so that Aragorn's hard cock slid in between his buttocks. He could hear the king moan.

"But... It feels so...natural with you, Gandalf," the Man tried to explain. "It is different with Arwen. I have never... I have embraced her and kissed her a few times, but nothing beyond that. And I am sure Elrond would have killed me if I had tried!"

"And you are not sure it will work out between you...sexually?" Gandalf asked.

"Exactly. Arwen is a virgin, and... Honestly, Gandalf, what if I hurt her?"

Gandalf snorted softly. "My king, all pure brides bleed on their wedding night," he said. "And I don't think we shall discuss lady Arwen's honour. Yes, probably it will cause her some pain, but nothing more than a minor twinge, I'd say. And I know you will be careful, Aragorn."

"Will she enjoy it?" Aragorn asked dubiously. His wedding night with his future bride began to sound more and more like some grim duty instead of an act of love.

"Well, no. Probably not in the beginning, anyway," Gandalf admitted. "But don't be afraid of hurting her, my dear. She will undoubtedly bleed when you breach her maidenhead, but don't let that frighten you. It is only normal."

Aragorn thought back to one special occasion in his life, and then asked his lover the question, "Will it feel like when you went inside me for the first time?"

Gandalf pondered his answer for a short moment; then he nodded. "Yes, something like that, maybe."

A frown formed on the king's face. "It really hurt, Gandalf."

The old wizard laughed at his lover's apprehensive expression. "Yes, but at the end I had you screaming for more, didn't I?" he asked with a wink. "And you felt pain because you weren't relaxed enough. You had no maidenhead to breach, after all!"

This caused Aragorn to burst out laughing as well, and soon the wizard and the king were sitting with their foreheads together while they both roared with laughter. Gandalf didn't stop until tears of laughter were pouring down his cheeks and his chest felt ready to burst. Still chuckling, he leaned heavily against Aragorn, who wrapped his muscular but weary arms around him.

"Oh, Gandalf... You really know how to cheer a forlorn king up!"

"Forlorn king?" Gandalf asked with mock surprise. "I thought that your majesty had everything he ever wanted... A palace, a people that worships him, soon a lovely queen, long life... And the sexiest body in all of Middle-earth!"

Gandalf looked down to admire the king's strong, broad chest, covered in crisp, black hair that continued down his stomach in a narrow string, to thicken again around his proud sex. The mere sight made the old wizard's mouth water, and he felt his own cock beginning to engorge. Definitely one of, if not the sexiest body in Middle-earth!

"I want you, Aragorn..." he whispered, the hungry look in his eyes evident by now.

"I want you too, Gandalf," Aragorn replied solemnly, placing his hands on the wizard's slim hips.

"Will you let me ride that hard cock of yours?" the Istar asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"So I'm your horse now?" Aragorn replied with a dry chuckle, though the image of the wizard impaled on his shaft was highly arousing.

"No, but a very good substitute!"

"I can live with that. No one can compete with Shadowfax, after all."

"Just right," Gandalf grinned lewdly. "Do you have the oil?"

"It's in my top drawer," Aragorn replied, gesturing at his bedside table.

Gandalf leaned forward over Aragorn's shoulder to pick out the small vial. The Man laughed loudly when the wizard's long hair and beard tickled his face, and had to push it aside not to sneeze. When Gandalf had managed to find the vial in the mess of other small things collected in the drawer, Aragorn took it from him and used it to slick the fingers of his right hand.

Gandalf gasped sharply when the king's left hand entangled in his soft, white hair and the right passed lightly down his back to stop at the cleft between his buttocks. Only seconds later Aragorn's sleek fingers gently slid inside him, and the wizard instinctively flexed his internal muscles to pull in the invading digits deeper and harder.

Aragorn paid no heed to his lover's needy cries and whimpers, but continued in his own, chosen rate. Gradually he slid his fingers in deeper, knowing he'd soon reach Gandalf's sweet spot. The wizard's reaction, if nothing else, would certainly tell him when he'd succeeded.

The wizard soon moaned against his neck, and a violent shiver racked his slender frame. Aragorn grinned smugly and knew he had found Gandalf's special spot.

"Aragorn..." the wizard panted, "...what you're doing now feels exquisite, but I would still prefer... something...ah! ...bigger..."

Aragorn laughed, but withdrew his digits, assuming Gandalf had received enough preparation. His lover wasn't fragile, after all, despite the fact that he had the appearance of a frail old man. The king coated his erection with some oil, and put the tip at Gandalf's entrance, knowing that his lover would have to lower himself onto it.

Straddling Aragorn's waist, Gandalf raised his hips and started sitting down on the Man's huge, hard cock. King Elessar was very well-endowed, and although Gandalf was experienced, he mustn't hasten the process. As the wizard's body slowly adjusted to the girth, Aragorn could watch more and more of himself disappearing into Gandalf. He put his hands on his lover's hips, not to rush him but to keep him steady.

Not until Gandalf was down all the way did Aragorn begin to thrust. The wizard's thin arms encircled his neck and it wasn't long before their mouths met in a passionate kiss. Aragorn passed his hand over Gandalf's body, from his shoulders down to his still-firm buttocks. The Istar rode him expertly, but some leverage was never wrong.

Gandalf's tight passage and sleek, inner muscles were gripping the Man's engorged shaft firmly and sending flares of white-hot pleasure along his nerves. Silently Aragorn wondered if sex with Arwen would ever be this pleasurable. Gandalf fit around him like a glove and knew how to give both him and himself maximum pleasure. Arwen would be different. She was his senior by more than 2000 years, but until now her life in Lorien and Imladris had been as sheltered as it could get, so quite possibly she was completely ignorant of the ways of intercourse. Even Aragorn didn't believe it was quite as bad, but in case it was, their wedding night could turn out even more disastrous than he feared.

They rocked together for yet another while, the sound of their sweat-slick bodies and cries of pleasure reverberating in the king's large chamber. It was almost unimaginable to Aragorn that in a few nights the bed where he now fucked Gandalf would be occupied by him and Arwen. He also knew, deep down inside, that he could not continue his relationship with Gandalf after marrying Arwen. That would be unethical, and he could not do that to his queen, despite the fact that his heart really belonged to the wizard. After the wedding night, he would see Gandalf as a friend, but nothing more.

The king could feel his orgasm building, and his hold of Gandalf tightened even more as the pleasure built up in his groin-area. He would soon plunge to his release, and he knew it would be intense. Perhaps he even needed to warn Gandalf and try not to crush him in the throes of passion.

Gandalf tried to rub his achingly hard cock, trapped between them, against Aragorn's firm belly to create the stimulation needed for him to climax. He would prefer to feel the Man's strong fist around it, pumping it roughly, but Gandalf did not want to distract Aragorn from his own world of ecstasy. The Istar reached down to wrap his hand around himself, pulling back the loose skin from the swollen, purplish head and squeezing tightly. His cock burst the next instant, sending out his release in spurts that stained his fist and both their chests.

Aragorn's whole body trembled when he reached his peak, and the wizard could feel hot jets of semen filling his rectum. The Man's right arm was wrapped around Gandalf's torso and stayed that way, but his left hand tangled in the wizard's long hair and pulled it so firmly that pained surged through Gandalf's scalp, and he opened his mouth to protest. The king, however, released his spasmodic hold when he regained control of his actions and murmured an apology in his lover's ear.

Gandalf leaned against Aragorn's brawny chest, still impaled on his softening member. Once shrunken, it slid out of him with a wet sound, leaving a moist trail of juices on the Man's own thigh. They stayed still for several minutes while waiting for their spent bodies to recover some strength.

"Am I too heavy?" Gandalf finally asked, his breathing still ragged.

"No, no, not at all..." Aragorn murmured in reply. "I like having you there, don't move..."

Gandalf chuckled softly and slid off Aragorn despite the Man's objections and curled up to his side instead, draping a lazy, languid arm over his chest. Aragorn's arm quickly came to rest around the wizard's slim shoulders, and Gandalf welcomed it, cuddling even closer to his weary lover.

They slid under the covers and prepared to go to sleep, still in the same position, when Gandalf suddenly heard Aragorn's voice asking, "Gandalf? Are you tired?"

The wizard's eyes snapped open, and he managed to murmur, "No, not particularly... Why?" In fact, he was tired, but the urgent tone in Aragorn's voice alerted him.

"Can we talk about one thing?"

"Can it wait until tomorrow?" Gandalf asked, fighting to keep his drooping eyes open.

Silence. Then: "Gandalf..."

"Yes...?" the wizard yawned.

"I am still a little anxious concerning lady Arwen."

Gandalf felt like moaning, but lifted his head and managed to keep a straight face. "Yes?"

"I just wonder if you could tell me something about... the female anatomy?"

"What?" Gandalf asked, genuinely puzzled.

"Well, you know... down there. I know in general terms, but..."

"My dear..." the wizard chuckled against the Man's shoulder. "Very well... A female has three holes between her legs. One for urine, one for..."

"I know that!" Aragorn interrupted slightly annoyed.

"You are to use the one in the middle," Gandalf stated. "Don't snap at me, Aragorn. You specifically asked me."

"I apologize," Aragorn said, genuinely sorry. "I just... Is that all?"

"What do you mean 'is that all'?"

"Is there anything else important that I need to know before..."

"Well, I am sure you know that certain... wetness is required for it to go smoothly. Females normally produce this wetness automatically, but since it is lady Arwen's first time, and she might be apprehensive, she might remain dry. You should check that with your fingers before going inside her. If she is not wet enough, use the oil. It will make it a lot easier for both of you."

"Oh..." Aragorn seriously hadn't thought about that. How fortunate that he had Gandalf to ask! "Anything else, Gandalf?"

"Not that I can think of. Now save your concerns and go to sleep. I will, as soon as possible. Goodnight!"

The king kissed the wizard's white crown once more. "Goodnight, my dear Mithrandir."

Gandalf was sitting in the library of Minas Tirith, with many dusty volumes piled up on the table before him. The library was a place that had been sadly neglected during Denethor's rule. The steward had clearly not enjoyed spending time there, and Gandalf could remember his nearly hostile attitude when he had come there to research the One Ring, many years ago.

The wizard sighed. Denethor was dead now, and Gandalf did not want to think ill thoughts about him. He had been a noble man once, after all, and worthy of the respect of any Man, elf or wizard.


The voice startled Gandalf, who had not heard the approach of its owner. Recovering his composure, he looked up and was surprised to see Arwen standing a few feet from him, regarding him intently.

"My lady Arwen," he said with a quick bow.

"I am sorry to disturb you, but I was hoping to get a few minutes of your time," Arwen said timidly, red spots appearing on her cheeks.

"Of course, my lady. Sit down." Gandalf gestured at the chair opposite him and Arwen sat down slowly, careful not to crumple her precious, velvet gown. "So, what can I do for you, Arwen?" he then asked the daughter of Elrond.

Gandalf was puzzled. It seemed like the elf lady had something important on her mind, but why choose him of all people? To be sure, they had always treated each other with respect and consideration, but Arwen had never made an effort to really make friends with the Istar. Arwen knew of his relationship with Aragorn, of course, and although Gandalf believed it was just imagination, Arwen sometimes seemed deliberately to act coldly toward him.

"There is one thing..." Arwen began, but her voice trailed off and she had to start from the beginning. "This is about Aragorn," she said.

"Well?" Gandalf asked, worried by Arwen's apprehensive countenance. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no..." the she-elf replied with a quick smile. "Maybe it was stupid of me to come here, but... The wedding is only a couple of days away now, and since you know him so well... I mean... Since you are very close..."

Gandalf smiled ruefully. "Yes, we are close, but you needn't worry about that, my lady. King Elessar and I will be nothing more than friends after your wedding. I can assure you of that."

"No, it's not that," Arwen said quickly, her flush deepening. "I am completely comfortable with your... affair. No, the reason I came here was that I was hoping for some advice."

"Advice?" Gandalf asked, frowning lightly. "Concerning Aragorn?"

Arwen nodded, twisting her beautiful, pale hands in her lap. "Yes, Mithrandir... In fact, I am more than a little apprehensive about our wedding night..."

Again, the old wizard had to fight back laughter. While Aragorn had forgiven him for laughing at such a delicate matter, he was not sure Arwen would be as forgiving. With an effort of will he managed to keep his face neutral.

"How so, Arwen?"

"Well... I have never... And since you have been with him before, I thought..." She leaned forward across the table and lowered her voice to a whisper. "I know this discussion is inappropriate, but Mithrandir, please! I am truly scared. What if I cannot satisfy him?"

Gandalf gave his lover's future queen a warm smile. He would not tell Arwen that he'd had a similar discussion with Aragorn just a few nights ago, but at least she wasn't the only one who was apprehensive.

"I don't think you need to worry about that, my lady," he said reassuringly and placed his hand atop Arwen's, which rested before him on the table beside a pile of dusty books. "King Elessar loves you and will be very gentle, I can assure you of that. There is nothing to fear. As for satisfying him... Don't feel that pressure, Arwen. That will come in due time. All you have to do on your wedding night is to consummate your marriage. Probably you will both be weary in the evening, and you won't want him fawning over you longer than necessary!"

Arwen even managed to smile at the comment, but it was a sad smile. "He loves you, Mithrandir," she said quietly. "I know that he does."

"Yes, but only as a friend," Gandalf assured quickly. "I was just a poor substitute until he could have you." He knew this was not true at all, of course, but the sooner he accepted it the better. Aragorn belonged with Arwen now, not him.

Arwen didn't answer, but the wizard had a feeling that she didn't really believe him. Why should she? He didn't even believe himself.

"Worry not, my lady," Gandalf said. "The king and you will achieve a happy life together."

Arwen rose, walked over to him and pressed a quick, chaste kiss to his forehead. Then the beautiful, dark-haired elf lady smiled once more. "Thank you for your time, Mithrandir. You did manage to reassure me."

"The pleasure was mine, my lady," Gandalf replied. "If there is anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask."

"I will remember that," Arwen said courteously. "Now I will let you go back to your work."

The Evenstar turned on her heel and left the library as swiftly and soundlessly as she had come. That was one thing Gandalf did not like about elfkind; he could never hear them moving.

Aragorn was pacing restlessly in his bedchamber, waiting for lady Arwen's maids to finish preparing her and leaving his wife's new chamber, adjacent to his. The wedding ceremony itself was over, and only one thing remained before the marriage between King Elessar and his queen was consummated. He had decided that it was safest to give Arwen her own chamber, at least in the beginning, as the she-elf was not accustomed to sleeping with anybody.

The king of Gondor wore a simple, blue robe, tied loosely around his waist. He could still hear the sound of footsteps and movement from Arwen's chamber and figured it was not time yet. He had almost ceased worrying in the past few days after being reassured by Gandalf many times, but now all worries came back and Aragorn could feel his stomach clenching.

I want Gandalf here, he suddenly realized. I want my lover!

Don't be silly, another more rational part of him said. Everything will be fine. This is the woman you will spend the rest of your life with. You love her. Get a grip on yourself, king Elessar!

He still wanted Gandalf, though, and no part of him could deny that. Aragorn sighed. Asking Gandalf to witness the act between him and his queen was impossible, of course, and he scolded himself for even thinking it.

Listening attentively, he realized there were no more sounds coming from Arwen's chamber. Presumably that meant she was alone and ready.

Courage, Aragorn, he reminded himself. You have waited for this moment half your life, right?

Slowly he approached the door which led to his wife's chamber and opened it. The room was dark save for a few candles and some glowing firewood in the great fireplace: the remnants of a dying fire.

Arwen was sitting in the large bed, propped up against some pillows. She was dressed in a loose, white gown, and her dark, glossy hair hung free, flowing down her shoulders like a black waterfall. Very beautiful, Aragorn reflected. She is said to be the fairest of them all, and yet I feel no true attraction to her. Why?

Your heart belongs to another, came the answer, but he decided to ignore it. He had to make this work, and to succeed, he needed to desire his queen.

She is beautiful, kind, noble, sweet and loving, he reminded himself. You couldn't possibly get anyone better.

With a small smile on his lips, Aragorn came to sit on the edge of Arwen's bed. His new wife's eyes were huge, blue and apprehensive when they met his, and he instantly saw that she did not feel any better about this than he did.

"Arwen, my dearest," he said, taking her hand, "...you know what we are to do now, right?"

Arwen nodded solemnly. "Yes, my lord. My mother told me, long ago."

"I see. And you... are you apprehensive, dear wife?"

Arwen lowered her eyes and felt herself flushing. "Yes, I must confess that I am... I have never... As you may know, I have never been with anyone... like that."

The king rubbed his queen's hand encouragingly. "It is nothing to be ashamed of, dear Arwen. I am a bit apprehensive myself."

"You?" Arwen asked incredulously. It had not even occurred to her that her husband might be apprehensive about anything!

"Yes, me," Aragorn said. "I have only been with Mithrandir, after all, and he is male."

"Yes, well... I hope I can satisfy you as well as he can, although I don't have his skill. I don't know how to please a man, so..."

"Shhh..." Aragorn cupped Arwen's face in his hand and turned her head up so that their eyes met. "Enough talking. Shall we proceed?"

Arwen nodded stiffly and tried not to tremble. "Yes, my lord."

Aragorn stood up and untied the sash of his robe, letting the garment fall to the floor. He was naked underneath, and when Arwen saw his naked body for the first time, she failed to hold back a gasp. Oh, she had seen her father, her brothers and some other male elves naked a few times, so she knew the male anatomy, but none of them were nearly the size of her new husband. His penis was only half-hard, and it grew even bigger when he reached down to stroke himself to full hardness.

How could his member, so large and swollen, fit inside her? The thought of the coming union made Arwen's mouth go dry and her vaginal muscles constricted reflexively. Was it really possible? she wondered. Or would he tear her?

Aragorn noticed his wife's terrified look and wasn't sure how to calm her. "Arwen..." he said, reaching for her. "Don't be afraid... It will be just fine... Now, let me remove your clothing."

The king crawled back into the bed and began to unbutton Arwen's nightgown. She made some clumsy attempts to assist him, but her hands were shaking too much to be of any use. Aragorn exposed more and more of her pale flesh, and when the garment was fully open, he slid it down her shoulders until she was fully naked.

Arwen was slender and lean, like all elves, and her skin was flawless and white, almost ethereal. Her breasts were small - even smaller than they looked when she was dressed - with large, pink nipples that had already stiffened from being exposed.

"You are beautiful," Aragorn said truthfully and hoped that the compliment would make Arwen feel better.

"Thank you..." she whispered in a small voice, still uncomfortable with being naked in front of him. "You are very handsome too, my husband..."

Aragorn just smiled in reply and leaned out to touch her naked body for the first time. Her skin was as soft as it looked, and her breasts, although small, were soft too. The feel of the soft mounds against his palm was new to Aragorn as Gandalf did not have any, just flat planes.

Arwen moaned when he touched her breasts, gasping at the new but exciting feeling. It did not feel bad at all. His hands, although large, rough and callused, were gentle and careful. Now he was not a warrior wielding a sword, but a husband and lover. Slowly Aragorn's hand drifted lower, until she could feel it on her sex. Arwen drew a sharp breath when his fingers began to caress her slit, not penetrating, but merely exploring - so far.

The elf lady did not have any pubic hair, which made the lips of her sex look oddly naked. Aragorn had seen naked male elves before, though, and knew that their race lacked all kind of body hair. Men did not share this trait, however, and he himself was a very good example.

"Arwen, I think you are too dry..." he concluded after some exploring with his fingers. Gandalf's advice was still fresh in his mind. "You need to be wet for this union to be as painless as possible, Arwen."

Arwen bit her lip, squirming when the king's index- and middle finger delved into her previously untouched channel. "I am sorry, my lord..."

"Don't be sorry..." Aragorn murmured. "I know that it is not easy, but try to relax."

Arwen really tried her best but she did not produce any wetness, despite her husband's attempts to loosen her up and draw it from her. Sighing, Aragorn gave up after a while and reached for the vial of oil he'd brought in the pocket of his robe.

It looks like we'll need this, after all, he thought grimly, opening it and pouring some of the clear liquid onto his palm.

Arwen looked questioningly at him. "What is that for?" she asked.

"To ease the way," he replied and began to smear the oil over his flagging erection. Arwen's obvious lack of interest in the act had a negative effect on him as well. He understood her fear and could hardly blame her, but if every time they coupled would be like this, their future did not look bright.

Oh, how I want Gandalf! Aragorn thought, and an image of his old lover filled his mind. Gandalf was never unwilling, and though he was not as beautiful as Arwen, he was always full of life and warmth and passion. He could hardly say the same about his new queen.

The thought of Gandalf, however, made his manhood come to life again, and he quickly smeared some oil over Arwen's tiny slit. He had to do this quickly, before his cock lost interest and flagged completely.

"Lie on your back," he told Arwen and she obeyed, although hesitantly. "I won't crush you," he said reassuringly when he saw her anxious face. He was used to this position with Gandalf, and knew that he could not put all his weight on a smaller partner.

"Are you ready, my lady?" he asked gravely, placing the head of his cock at her narrow entrance.

"Yes, just do it," Arwen replied, though she did not feel more ready now than she did a few minutes ago.

Aragorn nodded, with most of his weight on his own arms, and began to push inside her. He went slowly to spare his wife from unnecessary pain, but managed to breach her maidenhead with his first stroke. Arwen wailed, despite her attempts to stifle it. Yes, some pain was inevitable, so Aragorn ignored it and started thrusting, slowly at first, then more firmly.

Arwen lay completely still under him the whole time, and the king assumed it was a question of comfort. No arms wrapped around his neck this time, and no hips bucked up to meet his thrusts. Arwen just lay there, completely passive.

He thrust into her with no real passion and was relieved when he felt himself moving toward a climax. Not wanting to prolong the act, he finished with one final, hard thrust, shooting his seed into her obviously unwilling body, indeed relieved that it was over. Their marriage had been consummated. That was all that mattered.

Not wanting to crush the slender female with his weight, the king rolled off his wife as soon as he had finished. Arwen felt a twinge of pain when he pulled free of her clasp, a little too quickly, it seemed, but she too was happy that it was over.

Aragorn's orgasm had been short and not nearly as intense as usual, and he felt no need to rest. He didn't even bother asking if Arwen had climaxed. She probably didn't even know there could be pleasure found in this act.

There were a few bloodstains on the sheet underneath them, and on Arwen's thighs, and Aragorn used a white cloth to wipe first her and then himself clean. Even without the blood there would have been no question that he was her first man, though.

"Arwen," he said softly and put his arm around her shoulders. "I will let you rest now and go back to my own chamber. Would that be good? I think we both need some time by ourselves."

Arwen nodded and even managed giving her husband a small smile, even though she still had tears of pain in her eyes. She was happy that he did not choose to stay with her, or ask her to follow him into his bedchamber. She had never shared a bed with anyone, and did not feel ready to start now.

"Goodnight, my lady," he said solemnly and kissed her pale cheek before taking his robe and leaving her chamber.

Aragorn crawled down in his bed and slid under the covers, weary but not sleepy. He could still detect Gandalf's scent in the bedclothes and pillows, as the wizard had shared this bed with him only two nights ago. The scent of his lover comforted the king a little, but not much. His wedding night with Arwen had not been the disaster he'd feared, but it was still far from the ideal union between husband and wife.

It was the image of Gandalf, not the queen of Gondor, that hovered before Aragorn's eyes before he finally dozed off.

Gandalf unexpectedly ran into Aragorn in the halls of Minas Tirith the morning after the wedding. He had been planning to seek out Aragorn later, when all the other fuss had settled, and ask him about his wedding night with his bride, but he certainly hadn't expected seeing him so soon.

"Gandalf!" Aragorn said and suddenly wasn't sure how to greet the wizard. A mouth-to-mouth kiss was what he usually preferred, but since they were not lovers anymore, it seemed unsuitable. He drew Gandalf into an embrace and finished by pressing a quick, dry kiss to his cheek.

"King Elessar," Gandalf replied with a bow. They were being watched, so they had better act formally.

"I need to talk to you, Gandalf," Aragorn stated gloomily. "Right now, if you may. Please?"

"Of course," Gandalf said, suspecting that something had indeed gone wrong last night. "Come, let's go to the library."

Luckily the library was empty, so they could have some privacy. King and wizard sat down opposite each other by a table, and Gandalf said less formally, "Now, Aragorn. Tell me what is wrong."

Aragorn sighed heavily and shrugged. "Last night, with Arwen... It was no disaster, but neither of us enjoyed it very much. She felt pain, and I confess, I had trouble getting aroused. I know that she is my wife, and I care for her very much, but..."

Gandalf silenced him with a wave of his hand. "My dear, it is only normal. I am sure that many couples that are now happy had an awkward wedding night. Why should Arwen and you..."

"I don't believe I will ever manage to satisfy her, and to be honest, I doubt she'll be able to satisfy me," Aragorn interrupted. "I already miss you, Gandalf. I could not feel relaxed with Arwen."

Gandalf frowned. He missed Aragorn too, but they simply could not continue seeing each other as lovers, neither openly nor secretly. People would start talking, and it was not right towards lady Arwen. Gandalf did not want to fall out with the king's wife, and if he treated Arwen wrongly, he might possibly awake Elrond's fury as well, when the news reached the Elf Lord's ears.

"Did you try to prepare her at all?" he asked. "Caress her, kiss her... open her up? Women tend to like that."

The king just snorted in reply. "I tried," he admitted. "But it was no use. She was too dry, as you said she would be. I had to use the oil."

"She was probably just apprehensive. It will be better next time."

"She didn't seem to look forward to a 'next time', Gandalf."

The wizard realized that what Aragorn said was probably very true, and he could hardly blame the Man for being apprehensive. Unfortunately, there was little he could do about it. Aragorn had to stay with Arwen and have her produce a legitimate hair, or the heirs of Faramir and Éowyn would take over the rule again. There was no question. He, Gandalf the White, despite being one of the most powerful beings in Middle-earth, could not give the king the son he needed. Only Arwen could.

"Try harder next time," Gandalf suggested. It was the only piece of advice he could give. "Touch her, kiss her, fondle her nipples - I always loved that. Perhaps even, if she is not wet enough, lick her sex."

"I... I am not sure that's a good idea..." Aragorn began hesitantly, unsure of Arwen's reaction to such an act.

"It is - trust me," Gandalf said with a confident smile. "She will love it. Especially if you stimulate her pleasure nub with your tongue, you will have her screaming your name in ecstasy."

"You really think so?"

"It is worth a try, right, Aragorn? And she will love it, I promise."

"Alright, I will try it," Aragorn agreed after some hesitation.

The king decided to visit his queen's bed again six days after their wedding night. That should have given Arwen time to recover from her first time, and he hoped she would be more willing this time, or things might get difficult.

Arwen regarded him rather anxiously with her large, blue eyes when he knocked on her door and begged entrance. He respected her too much to just walk into her chamber uninvited, although he was fully entitled to do so.

"Dear wife," he began, "I think it is time for a union of our flesh. Since you have now lost your virginity, I hope it won't be as painful for you as last time."

Arwen nodded mutely. She had expected him to come anytime, of course, but she couldn't say she was looking forward to having his hard flesh inside her again. It didn't matter. He was here, and she had to make the best of it.

"Of course, dear husband," she said finally. "I am ready for you."

This time she actually managed to take off her nightgown by herself, although her hands still trembled a little. Assuming the position she was in on their wedding night, on her back with splayed legs, she waited for him to crawl on top of her and get started.

And I was hoping for some passion! Aragorn thought dryly. If I can't get any life into her, it seems like the oil will be useful again. But alright, I will heed Gandalf's advice and try coaxing her first.

He started by lowering his mouth to her left nipple and taking the pink nub into his mouth. Arwen gasped and a tremor passed through his prone body, but she did not try to stop him.

"Do you like this, Arwen?" he asked, ready to stop if she said no. She didn't, though, and he continued to assault her right nipple the same way. First the she-elf lay completely still, uncertain of how to react to the king's ministrations. It was nothing she had expected, but it moved her that her husband was considerate enough to try pleasuring her before simply taking his own pleasure. And she had to admit that his mouth on her breasts did not feel altogether bad...

A strangled moan escaped Arwen's lips, and she did her best not to squirm under him. Aragorn, despite his inexperience with women, recognized the moan as a sound of pleasure, and grew bolder. He licked past his wife's flat belly and began to lower his head toward her naked sex. The queen gave a startled noise and gasped, "What are you doing?"

"Relax, Arwen," the king said reassuringly and placed a hand on her thigh. "I believe you will like this. Now let me..."

The she-elf squealed when she felt the first touch of her husband's tongue against her sensitive, pink folds, and her hands clutched at the soft sheets spasmodically. "Oh... Elessar... What are you...?"

Aragorn opened her up with his tongue, tasting her salty inner flesh. Her taste was not very different from Gandalf's, really. He suddenly wondered if females excreted any bodily fluids when climaxing. That was something he had forgotten to ask Gandalf. But of course he didn't seriously expect Arwen to climax. Or did he?

The queen of Gondor groaned appreciatively and tangled her hand in Aragorn's hair. It had never occurred to her that a man might pleasure a woman this way, but she admitted that his tongue was far more effective than either his cock or his finger. It took a while, but in due time he had her previously dry slit dripping with juices.

Hmm, Aragorn thought. I wonder if she is now wet enough for this union. It certainly seems so. Well, let's find out.

Very gently he slid two of his fingers into her sleek passage, anxiously awaiting her response. A stifled moan sounded, but it did not seem like the entry caused her too much pain, so he slowly started moving his digits back and forth.

The friction hurt a little in the beginning, but her moderately aroused body quickly accepted the intrusion, and she no longer felt any pain. only discomfort.

"I think we are ready, my lady..." Aragorn said, pulling out and climbing up on his knees between her thighs. He gave his manhood a few strokes for stimulation before putting the tip to her loosened slit and awaiting her consent.

She nodded, slightly wary, and he pushed in. This time it did not cause her as much pain as last time, and Aragorn refrained from going in all the way. He could do that with Gandalf, but Arwen was more delicate. Her juices made the act easier, decreasing the painful friction. Aragorn even bent down to kiss her a few times while thrusting, and to her surprise Arwen felt jolts of pleasure mingling with the discomfort at times. Aragorn finished some ten minutes later, and when Arwen felt the hot rush of liquid inside her, she realized it was over for now. She was relieved, in a way, but at least her insides did not ache.

When Aragorn rolled off her and obviously prepared to leave, Arwen pulled up her blanket to cover her body. As a gentlewoman she was not comfortable with being naked before anybody more than she had to, not even her own husband.

Aragorn groaned inwardly. Sleeping pressed to Arwen's naked body was obviously out of question. Just as well. She probably did not want him to stay anyway.

The king pressed a relatively passionless kiss to his wife's flushed cheek, wished her a good night's sleep, and left her chamber. His own bed looked uninviting and empty when he lit a candle to put on his bedside table. Something was missing, and he knew what. Gandalf.

Arwen was no fool. She could tell there was something missing in her husband's life, and she had a pretty good idea what - or rather who - that was. She had seen the longing looks of love and passion that Aragorn gave the wizard whenever he was close, and how long and hard their embraces were, as if they were reluctant to let each other go.

Outwardly Aragorn was the perfect king that everyone loved and revered, but as someone who spent much time with him in private, she had seen the melancholy look in his eyes. He tried not to show it to her, of course, but it was self-evident what he was lacking. Their sex-life had improved much since their wedding night, two months ago, and it no longer hurt when he came inside her. Arwen had even tried to play a more active part in bed, which was received with great enthusiasm by Aragorn. Still, her husband was craving the touch of the Istar.

Arwen was not sure how long the wizard would remain in Minas Tirith at a stretch. Since Sauron was defeated, he had no real obligations left, and that meant he could leave tomorrow or next year - whatever suited him. Gandalf spent much of his time in the library, researching what he didn't already know about Gondor's history, and sometimes Aragorn joined him and spent many hours with him behind locked doors, which was enough to arouse suspicion, at least in Arwen. Not that she would care so much even if things happened between the king and the wizard, but she wanted to avoid wagging tongues, for everybody's sake. The king's love life should not be the hottest topic of discussion in the city, whether he had one, two or ten lovers.

I have to see Mithrandir and talk to him, the queen realized one day. Hopefully we can find a solution to this problem together.

Arwen went to look for Gandalf in the library first, but the wizard could not be found there. Next she tried his quarters, but there was no answer when she knocked on his door. Puzzled, Arwen tried to think of a place where he could be. He could be out riding Shadowfax, of course, and if that was the case, he would not be back until dusk.

He could not be found in the kitchen either, although she had noticed that he liked spending time there and chatting with the servants. They all bowed or curtseyed when she entered, but when she asked if any of them had seen Mithrandir, they all shook their heads.

Arwen decided to check one more place before giving up and waiting for another occasion. The stables. Mithrandir loved tending to his own horse, so quite possibly he was there, even though he wasn't riding.

When she entered and asked one of the stable lads if he had seen the wizard, the lad nodded and gestured at a small figure dressed all in white, standing by one of the stalls, patting the neck of an equally white horse; Shadowfax. The figure stood with his back toward the queen, but there was no doubt he was Gandalf. She thanked the stable lad and started to approach the wizard. Realizing soon that he did not hear her approaching steps, she called out, not wanting to frighten him.


Gandalf spun around and gazed at her, as if she was the last person he had expected to see in the stables.

"My lady," he then replied slowly.

"Mithrandir, a word?" she asked, hoping he was not setting out for a ride.

"Yes, Arwen?" he asked, still puzzled. The queen was certainly a rare sight in the stables. If she wanted a horse, she would most certainly have someone else ready it for her.

"We need to talk," she said frankly, figuring it was best to be as straightforward as possible. "Can you spare a few minutes?"

"Of course," Gandalf replied, whispering something into Shadowfax' ear and giving his neck one final pat. "Come."

He offered her his arm, and she took it after some hesitation. The wizard and the queen of Gondor started walking slowly, heading for the exit.

"I need to talk to you..." Arwen said seriously, her large blue eyes displaying a hint of sadness. "...about Aragorn."

Gandalf's focus immediately sharpened, but he tried to keep his face neutral. "Oh?"

"Yes, he... He misses you, Mithrandir," Arwen said truthfully. "I can tell that."

Gandalf sighed. Of course he knew that, and it was hardly something new, but he honestly didn't believe it was that obvious to Arwen.

"He does? Why? I see him almost every day."

Arwen stopped outside the stables and seized the wizard's arm. "I meAuthor's note: he misses you in his bed."

Gandalf lowered his eyes in shame. This was really something he did not wish to discuss with the queen, but he didn't know a good way of telling her. Of course he knew, but why did she bother telling him? His time as Aragorn's lover was past, and she had him all to herself. Another thought struck Gandalf. Arwen didn't believe they had continued their affair after she married him, or did she? That was an accusation the wizard was not prepared to deal with.

"My lady, the king and I..."

"I thought it was just a question of time, that he would overcome it, but it has been over two months now, and I can see it in his eyes, as clearly as anything. It is you."

Gandalf tried to think of a way to change the topic, but Arwen would have none of it, apparently. "My lady, I know it is not my business, but how are things working between you in b--"

Arwen gave a short, dry laugh. "Oh, better than before, dear wizard," she assured him. "My husband cares deeply for me, and I do not doubt his love. Only... he needs you too. Therefore I came to tell you that I have nothing against your seeing him again... like that, as long as you stay discreet. I do not want people to start talking. I already heard some calling you nasty things, and that is bad enough."

Gandalf stared at her in genuine surprise. He knew that people were talking - it was inevitable, after all - and he had long ago learned to ignore curious looks and derisive whispers. He was Gandalf the White, and no one dared to harass him directly, even though some people had been less than friendly. What really surprised him was her rather blunt invitation to Aragorn's bed.

"Arwen, I..."

"The choice is yours, of course. All I can tell you is that the king craves your touch. So if you want to join him in his bed, you are free to do so."

"My lady..." Gandalf began, baffled beyond words. "And you would have nothing against it?"

"Not as long as we can avoid inappropriate discussion amongst the people," Arwen replied. "Honestly, Mithrandir... The hours you spend with him in the library... Can you tell me that perusing dusty old volumes of Numenorian history is all you do?"

"I swear, my queen, nothing has happened," Gandalf replied, slightly shocked at the gentlewoman's bluntness. "Well, he kissed me once, but it was more like a kiss between friends, anyway. Nothing beyond that, I swear."

"I believe you," Arwen said with a thoughtful nod. "It is just that... people might believe differently. If you slip into his chamber discreetly every now and then, no one will know. And you will be able to do more than kissing."

Gandalf felt like chuckling but stayed serious, as Arwen had clearly not meant it as a jest.

"Really, my lady?" he asked. "You welcome me to your husband's bed?"

Arwen laughed gingerly at this, which was a rare sight indeed. Gandalf didn't believe he'd ever seen her truly laughing.

"Not while I am in it, of course. I was not suggesting a 'ménage á trois' after all. But if you wish, you can come as soon as tonight. I bedded my husband last night, so I need not visit him this evening. He is yours, if you want him."

"Arwen, I..."

The queen frowned, suddenly suspicious. "Or have you already found a new lover?"

"No! No, I am surprised, that is all."

"Just so you know, he will await you this evening. You had better not disappoint him. He is the king, after all." Arwen smiled and gave Gandalf a pat on his shoulder. "Alright?"

"I will see... alright," he finally said. It all just sounded too good to be true. Gandalf's body and heart ached for Aragorn, and it had been downright painful pretending that the king was but a dear friend in the past months. He knew that Aragorn felt the same. Many a time had he seen the longing in the Man's eyes. A full reunion of body and spirit made the wizard's insides tingle with love, happiness and excitement.

Gandalf hurriedly approached Aragorn's quarters, keeping his long, flowing cloak wrapped tightly about him. His heart was beating expectantly in his chest. There was no doubt that Arwen had been serious about her suggestion, but Gandalf was still a little anxious. Arwen had said that she wanted to avoid wagging tongues. What if someone, despite his attempts to be discreet, saw him slip inside Aragorn's private quarters?

But Gandalf was too excited to really care about that now. He already had an almost painful erection, which he, despite serious efforts, failed to hide behind his cloak. Luckily it was late in the evening, and the White City seemed relatively calm.

Finally he reached the king's quarters and delivered a light knock to the door. He hoped that Aragorn was indeed expecting him and would bid him enter before someone happened to spot him out here. Gandalf stifled a chuckle. It would be... embarrassing to be caught outside King Elessar's chamber in his current state.

"Come inside, Gandalf," the king's deep voice sounded after a short time, and the wizard slowly pressed the door handle down.

Aragorn was already lying in his large bed, clad in a beautiful, wine-red silk shirt. His long, dark hair was neatly combed and his beard trimmed. The smile he gave Gandalf almost made the wizard's heart melt and knees turn weak. He began to realize that this would be a night to remember.

"Now come in, and close the door," Aragorn told him, and Gandalf obeyed. "I believe we have some catching up to do. You can hang your cloak on that chair."

Gandalf did what he was asked, but this time he failed miserably to hold back an unusually high-pitched snicker. Despite keeping his eyes down, he could hear Aragorn gasping out loud, and from the corner of his eye he could see that the king's eyes were many sizes larger than before. Underneath the cloak, the wizard was naked.


"Surprise," Gandalf said simply and kicked his shoes off too, before crawling into the large, inviting bed to join his lover.

Aragorn immediately drew him into his arms, although he had still not fully recovered from the shock of seeing Gandalf the White entering his chamber wearing nothing but his cloak!

"Gandalf, I cannot believe you... Did you walk around in the city like that?" he asked in a mixture of awe and incredulity.

Gandalf nodded. "Aye, I did. I thought I would surprise you. Didn't you like it?"

"Like it...!" Aragorn tried to sound stern, but even though he managed to frown, the frown did not reach his eyes. "You indecent wizard! As the king, it is my duty to find you a proper punishment for walking around like that in my city!"

Gandalf giggled against the Man's silk-clad chest, his lean body rumbling with stifled laughter. "A proper punishment you say, my king? And what will you do? Spank me?"

Aragorn's mock frown turned into a wry grin instead. "Spank you, dear wizard? No... I know far more effective ways to make you beg for forgiveness! Now, lie down on your back!"

Gandalf obediently did what the king told him, assuming he was to be taken now. Not that he had any complaints. The past two months of celibacy had left him longing and aching for the feel of a thick, hard cock - Aragorn's, to be more precise - moving in and out of his body, nudging the spot inside him that could not be reached any other way.

"I am ready for you, your highness," he said with a blessed smile, leaning back against the soft pillows and spreading his legs. His right hand absently crept down to stroke his weeping, hard erection, but Aragorn pushed it away.

"Oh, no... No touching," he ordered sternly, seizing the wizard's hand. "You leave that to me!"

"Why am I the only one naked?" Gandalf asked, tracing his hand over the front of Aragorn's silk shirt, feeling the coarse hairs underneath. "While I do love this, I love the sight of your bare body more."

"Later," Aragorn told him. "Now you just lie still and close your eyes."

Gandalf did just that, and still grinning, Aragorn started to lower his head toward the wizard's crotch. It had been long since he had a taste of that luscious cock, and he would not let an opportunity like this slip by.

The Istar cried out at the first sensation of a hot, wet tongue against his aching length, and his hips bucked up reflexively. Aragorn quickly held him down, though, and next Gandalf felt the hot cavern of his lover's mouth engulfing the head of his cock.

"Oh, Aragorn... That feels so..."

Aragorn took more and more of the wizard's long, engorged shaft into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the sensitive head. Gandalf was moaning and squealing, tangling his hands in the king's neatly combed hair, muddling it thoroughly. Strands of his own unruly, white mane had ended up in his face, but he was too deep in his passion to be bothered by it. All he could think of now was release.

Using his hand to softly squeeze the wizard's sac, Aragorn kept working on Gandalf's cock for a long while. Despite his fellatio skills he could not take all of it into his mouth and used his other hand to knead the part he had to leave out. Gandalf was close to coming; he could tell that by the wizard's ragged breathing and the way he thrashed.

It was time. Aragorn withdrew hastily before his lover had reached fulfilment, leaving Gandalf gasping in frustration with an achingly hard cock, glistening with pre-come and saliva.

"No, don't stop..." the wizard squeaked helplessly, his hands fumbling blindly for Aragorn. The king took no mercy on him but merely regarded him with a wicked grin that did not suit his noble, handsome face.

"Remember what I said about a proper punishment? One does not walk around indecently in my fair city unpunished!"

"Have mercy on me, king Elessar..." Gandalf murmured wearily. "I beg you... I am sorry..."

"What are you? Tell me that again."

"I am sorry."

"Louder, please!"

"I am sorry!" Gandalf howled, feeling ready to burst. "Do something, or I will stroke myself to release!"

Aragorn chuckled in a milder voice this time. "It won't come to that, dear Gandalf. Get up on your hands and knees."

Gandalf, although shaky, complied without questioning. His cock was still throbbing, but knowing that he would soon be fully taken by his lover was a fine consolation.

Aragorn finally pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it into the nearest corner. His cock jutted forth, eager and ready. When Gandalf heard the sound of the garment being thrown away, he could not help looking over his shoulder to get a glimpse of Aragorn. He had not seen the king naked in a long while, after all, and his eyes craved the sight.

"Spread your legs," Aragorn instructed with a gentle hand on the small of Gandalf's back. The wizard parted his knees immediately to give his lover good access to his private regions. Aragorn's hand briefly cupped his balls, then moved on to stroke his creased entrance. The king reached for the oil, and coating his fingers, he slid two of them into Gandalf's body. The wizard squirmed and moaned out his delight, trying to push back against the digits already buried in him.

"Are you ready for me, my love?" Aragorn asked seriously, taking his engorged manhood in his hand and slowly spreading the clear liquid over it.

"I am," Gandalf replied hoarsely. "Take me now, please..."

Aragorn pushed, and the head of his impressive erection slid inside Gandalf. There was an initial sting of pain, which made Gandalf wince, but Aragorn waited with going further until he was sure Gandalf's body had adjusted to the entry.

"Are you alright?" he asked, moving his hands in circles over the wizard's buttocks.

Gandalf nodded with a reassuring smile, although Aragorn was not able to see it past his long, tousled hair. "Yes, I am fine. It briefly felt too big, that is all."

Slowly the king slid deeper inside, and this time there was no reaction that indicated pain. Gandalf hummed softly when Aragorn's cock bumped his prostate, and he made a weak attempt at pushing back against the source of that pleasure.

"So eager, are we?" the king grinned. "Alright, then. You will have me - all of me!"

Aragorn established a quick, even pace, thrusting into the wizard's gripping, hot depths. Gandalf whimpered softly, and not until he moved his own hand to stroke his leaking erection did Aragorn remember that the Istar had not yet climaxed this evening.

Finding Gandalf's cock angled up along his lower abdomen, he took it in his hand and started pumping it firmly. The wizard cried out when the two intense pleasures mingled; the hand, stroking his cock, and the hard, fleshy staff moving inside of him.

"Oh, Aragorn! Yes!!" Gandalf cried, and his seed erupted from his cock, splattering over Aragorn's fist and the silk sheets. Let's just hope Aragorn will have these sheets changed before he takes Arwen to his bed next time! The thought passed briefly through his lust-clouded brain, and he even gave an exhausted chuckle.

A few hard strokes later the king followed him, and they collapsed together, limbs tangled, in the bed. Aragorn kissed Gandalf's shoulders and licked the sweat from his heaving throat. He let his hand slide over the wizard's torso and was happy to find a plump little nipple to squeeze. Gandalf gasped sharply at the stimulation, and Aragorn laughed. He abandoned the nipple and passed his hand lower, until he encountered the white tuft of hair between Gandalf's legs.

"I love to feel this..." he murmured, pulling his fingers through the soft curls.

"My nether hair?" Gandalf asked, chuckling. "Why?"

"Arwen has none, you know."

"No, elfkind does not," Gandalf agreed. "They are as smooth as children."

"I like this better." He cupped the wizard's now soft member and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Gandalf sighed happily and pressed back against Aragorn, loving the feel of the Man's chest hairs against his back. "I can stay here over night, can I not?" he asked, anxiously recalling that Arwen had said nothing about that.

"Of course. And considering your... outfit, I would not have you walking through the city again."

Gandalf giggled again. "I will have to leave sometime. What shall I wear?"

"I will lend you some clothes of my own," Aragorn sighed.

"Your clothes will be too big for me," Gandalf remarked.

"Yes, but I prefer that to sending you out naked!"

"Well, Arwen did tell me to be discreet..."

"And you consider leaving the king's private chamber in naught but your cloak discreet?" Aragorn questioned teasingly, and suddenly wedged his hand into Gandalf's armpit before the wizard could pinch his arm to his side and began to tickle him. Squealing, Gandalf tried to roll away, but the king pressed him down into the mattress and the soft pillows and continued his assault.

"Ticklish, are we?" Aragorn panted when he finally released his victim, who lay beside him face down, gasping for breath. "Now I know what weapon to use against you in the future!"

Gandalf slowly rose to his knees, glancing warily in Aragorn's direction. The king held out his arms. "I won't do it again," he reassured the suspicious wizard. "Come here."

After some hesitation the Istar decided to trust him and crawled back into his arms. Aragorn kept his word and hugged Gandalf softly, happy to have the one he loved most with him again, in every way.

"You are not angry, are you?" Aragorn asked after a while of silence, brushing the wizard's tousled hair from his face.

Gandalf smiled wearily. No, he was definitely not angry, although he was not looking forward to be tickled like that again. "No, of course not. Just...tired," he said. "Can we sleep now? You have duties tomorrow, my king."

"I suppose I have," Aragorn agreed. "I am the king, after all. And you are the king's wizard."

Gandalf nodded sleepily against his lover's chest. The king's wizard. I can live with that, I suppose, he thought before quickly drifting into sleep.

The End