The King of Hearts

by Sarah Eleven

Rating: NC17

Pairings: Aragorn/Everyone, Gandalf/Aragorn, Gandalf/Haldir, Legolas/Gimli, Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin, Faramir/Rumil

Visitors: Hades, god of the Underworld

Summary: Hades gives the guys an ultimatum when they end up in Limbo.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to Tolkien and associates, not to me.

Part 2

When Gimli emerged from the king's bedroom, his smile, to Boromir's chagrin, was as doting as Frodo's, Sam's and Faramir's had been. He tried to ignore their pleased moods and went about, occupying his time being his grumpy self.

They cleaned their house that day, then went for a new bath at the pool. Since it was a warm day, they enjoyed their stay outside. When they returned to the house just before dark, Pippin asked candidly, "Who will be next, King Aragorn? Would you choose now and save us all from the agony of anticipation?"

Aragorn gave him a look of surprise. "Agony, Pippin? I did not mean to cause you agony, my little one."

"But that's what it is for all of us as we wait for your decision." Pippin said. As Aragorn sat in the armchair, the hobbit climbed into his lap. "Will you choose me tonight, so my turn is taken?"

Aragorn laughed and nodded. "Yes, Pippin. This will be your night, and tomorrow morning will be Merry's turn. How is that for afore notice?"

"Thank you, my Lord." Pippin bowed to him. "I will be honored to spend the night with you!"


In no time at all, Aragorn had the hobbit stripped and lying on his back. Pippin giggled and worked at the man's buttons, loosening his shirt, then his breeches. "Merry, Sam and I did this a lot together when we were younger. The only one who kept to himself and didn't participate was Frodo. That's why we worried about him so much. He was such a virgin!"

Aragorn laughed again, very amused. As his clothes fell away, he asked, "I can imagine the fun! The three of you?"

"Oh, yes, many times. We had our days and nights."

"Then, do you think we should bring Merry in tonight so we can hurry things along?"

"That depends on your capacity, King Aragorn," Pippin said brightly. "If you are man enough to take care of us both in one night, bring him in. I have no objections. In fact, I think it would be rather hot, we three together."

"Yes, so it would." Aragorn kissed his lips and thoughtfully played with his hair. "Yes, I think we should bring him in."

Pippin's eyes were fervent. "Yes! This is going to be a good night!" he said happily. He hugged and kissed Aragorn with enthusiasm.

Merry and Pippin

Aragorn went to the door and called for Merry, who came immediately. When he heard the plan, he was soon naked and lying anxiously on the bed beside Pippin.

Aragorn kissed Merry's lips and ran semi-rough hands over his small body. "Each of you is special," he murmured as he dipped to kiss Merry's chest. He moved to Pippin's chest and licked a tiny nipple. "I love you both, and will always cherish you." Kissing their lips, one, then the others', his eyes became somber and awed. "The two of you, like Sam and Frodo, belong to each other, and shall always love each other completely. You are beautiful, both of you! I see the love in your eyes when they meet, and it affects me deeply. Love never fails, my little ones. Love never fails."

Pippin turned to kiss Merry, and the two of them reached to bring Aragorn into a locked embrace for a few minutes. Pippin kissed him, then Merry. "I love you, Strider," Pippin said lowly. "I always will. You don't seem to know beautiful YOU are - inside and out!"

The king kissed them both again, then slid his generous lips purposefully down Pippin's small body and engulfed him. He ignored the outcry and took in his length, lifting his eyes to see that Merry was kissing him again as he tweaked his nipples.

The young hobbit came with a shout that was smothered by Merry's kisses. The small body shuddered beneath them, and when his time was over, Pippin sat up on his elbows and looked with amazement at the king.

"That was the most incredible outcome I have ever had!" he professed. "Promise me we can do this again some time."

Merry laughed and kissed him, then both kissed Aragorn again, who said nothing, but proceeded to push Merry onto his back and begin with him. Taking him in, he let his chin whiskers brush the second hobbit's tight sac. Merry jerked involuntarily and giggled. "That tickles!" he cried, so Aragorn did it again.

Pippin beamed at them and bent to kiss Merry's lips as his fingers traced circles on his chest and stomach. Two sets of fingers strayed to the king's dark hair and combed through it, enjoying the texture.

Merry came unexpectedly when his eyes met Aragorn's blue-gray gaze and studied the sweet lips wrapped around him. The sight was precious! His cry was not muffled, and they knew that everyone heard, but the trio no longer cared.

When Merry had recovered himself, he and Pippin worked together to lay the tired king on his back and begin their service to him. Pippin's mouth and Merry's hands pumped him until he erupted, giving Pippin his protection from Hell. Then, after a short rest, the two hobbits began to massage the man's shoulders, arms, chest and stomach. When they reached the point of their greatest interest, they had already succeeded in making him hard again. Merry contented himself with his objective and learned that the virile king was amazing in more ways than just his kindness and patience. His seed overflowed the hobbit's mouth and graced him with several swallows of his prized seed.

"You should do this with everyone until you have given them all security," Pippin voiced when the three of them lay cuddled together. "It will go much faster if you take us two at a time!"

Aragorn laughed again. "You amuse me so, Pippin!" He kissed the top of his curly head, and turned to kiss Merry's. "You are both so dear to me."

Merry looked into his weary eyes and smiled at him. "We do love you so, Aragorn," he said softly, his small hand smoothing the wrinkles that had formed around the king's eyes. "Go to sleep and rest well. It is our turn to protect you."

With deep contentment, Aragorn closed his eyes and slept until morning's light.

Merry and Pippin were still sleeping when Aragorn slipped from their midst. In the kitchen, finally alone to entertain his own thoughts, he found the teapot and filled it with water, then made a fire to boil it.

He realized that he was very much enjoying his time with each of his companions, and for reasons he could not label, it troubled him. He remembered Sam's advice, that he should have a mate of his own, one for him alone. He wished it could be so, one with whom he could have intimate conversations without holding back, to whom he could show his uncertainties. He missed Arwen, his beautiful Elven wife. His own existence here in Limbo was still a mystery to him. Was he dead to those in Middle Earth? Were they truly, as Hades had said, in Limbo for eternity?

Eternity. No human could completely grasp the concept of eternity. With a cup of freshly brewed tea, he sat in front of the fireplace and watched the blazes as he pondered. His hour there was peaceful and rewarding.

It was Boromir who ended his peace with his presence. Their eyes met and the son of Denethor yawned nonchalantly. He went to make tea of his own before padding in his stockings to Aragorn's side to sit and stare into the fire.

With a raise of his eyebrows, Aragorn said quietly, "Good morning."

Boromir yawned again, but was cordial. "Good morning to you, King Aragorn."

They sat for a while before Boromir spoke with a tinge of criticism, "Why would you take them two at a time? It's bad enough that this is the bargain, but you worsen it with unbecoming behavior!"

"If the King of the Underworld has powers to take one of you, I will do whatever it takes to keep you. Merry and Pippin are now safe."

"Yes," Boromir said through gritted teeth. "Safe! Saved by your 'blessed seed'! You, Gondor's KING, are making a whore of yourself and of us!"

"Boromir, the curse is upon us. There is nothing we can do but follow his orders or he will take you all to Hell where you will suffer greatly! Should I protest and risk losing my loved ones forever? You love Faramir, do you not? Would you have him serving some demon in Hell? Would you see him suffer? Would you see any of them suffer? If you care not for yourself, think of the others. Boromir, do you love no one?"

Boromir closed his eyes in despair. "I see this as unjust!" he answered.

"So do I, but what choice do we have? Just or not, we must carry on!"

"And how long will this go on?" Boromir asked.

Aragorn shrugged. "Until Hades grows weary of the game, I suppose."

"What if the game never ends? What if we are caught up in it forever? What if we are forced to continue and continue and continue?" Each repetition was louder. "What if we can never be happy?"

"You always have the option to be happy, Boromir!" Aragorn put an arm around his shoulders and brought him into a half-embrace. "Happiness is of your own doing, and no one else can give it to you. You must content yourself and stop being miserable!"

"Misery is all I have left!" Boromir cried, pulling away from him. On his feet, head down, he plodded out the front door.

With a heavy sigh, Aragorn saw that it was raining and wondered if his unhappy friend could catch pneumonia in this reality.

When the others rose, Aragorn noticed with fascination that Legolas and Gimli had emerged from the same bedroom. He smiled to himself, glad that two of his best friends had found warmth together. Faramir and Rumil came from another bedroom, then Haldir and Gandalf from yet another. Frodo and Sam came out last, still groggy with uncombed hair, which amused the benevolent king. They were exquisite, all of them.

Respects were paid amongst them and when all had their morning tea in hand, Aragorn bade them sit and talk. As they seated themselves, Merry and Pippin came to join them.

Boromir returned soaking wet. Without a word, he walked straight to the large washroom to dry himself. To Aragorn's disappointment, when he came out wrapped in a blanket, he did not share in the conversation, but secluded himself in his small bedroom for the remainder of the day.

"I will take Legolas tonight," the King said to them, his soft eyes on the beautiful elf. He was pleased that the Prince of Mirkwood bowed his blond head gracefully to him. Touching his forehead, then his lips, Aragorn's eyes lingered on him for a moment.

Finally, the king turned to the others. "I wish to know your thoughts on this place and this 'curse' that Hades has bestowed upon us. Tell me, each of you, how you feel and whether you will endure this for all of eternity if we must."

Merry put an arm around Pippin. "I am happy with the way things are. It's not like the Shire, but at least I've got my Pippin and my other friends as well. And the scenery isn't bad."

"We seem to have plenty to eat and drink and all the comforts we need. Maybe it's magic, maybe not, but the meals still taste as good as Shire food, the beds are soft, our shelter is sound," Sam said. "And as he said, we have our friends. We can abide here. I would like to go home, but if that's impossible, Frodo and I will be well here as long as we are together."

"We can never leave," Gandalf told them gravely. "This place is forever and ever."

"Are WE forever and ever?" Gimli asked.

"Forever unchanged, without aging, without death, with no sense of mortality, we are here."

"With the King of Hell as our master." Gimli said with a sigh.

Legolas' brilliant blue eyes were wide with deliberation. "Hades may some day grow tired of playing with us and let us live according to our own rules," he said. "But in any case, he has done us no more horror than we bemoaned in Middle Earth. There, we were laden with countless sorrows, a constant bedlam for our lives. Here, we have all that we need and more, and we have each other. And to give us these easy comforts, Aragorn has only to bless each of us once a month."

"You are right," Haldir intoned. "This is a luxurious existence with little debt asked of us. I will never object to this destiny."

"Nor will I," Faramir said. "I will adhere to the rules as long as I am allowed."

"As will we all, I hope," Sam said. "What I have said to Aragorn is what I say to all of you now. Here, we will spend a very, very long time if we are to live here forever and ever, and living without love is undesirable for most. I have chosen Frodo as my mate, and Merry has his Pippin. Each of us should choose a mate since there is an even number of us. I have sympathy for you, my lord Aragorn, for feeling that you can have none. I hope you change your mind about this and take one for your own."

"Yes," Rumil said, casting his eyes upon their appointed king. "I agree. You should choose one to keep for your own."

Haldir nodded in agreement. "Sam is right. We should all have love here, and as long as I do not end up mated with our ill-tempered Boromir, I will be happy with any of you for an eternity. I would feel blessed."

There was a general chuckle, even from Faramir, who spoke next. "As would I. This is a good family. Love is free."

"Love is free," Aragorn echoed. "And I love you all so much my heart aches. I am grateful for the opportunity to be with each of you. I only wish I could do more for you."

"My Lord," Merry said with intensity, "You do not know how utterly exceptional you are! You are precious to us and you have given us far more than any of us expected!"

To him, Aragorn repeated his salute, touching his brow and lips.


The bed had been left unmade, so Legolas busied himself straightening the linens. Aragorn watched him bent over the bed and smiled to himself at the elf's lean form. "You're most beautiful, Legolas," he murmured, approaching him without touching him.

Legolas stood to face him. "As are you, Aragorn," he replied. He smiled, and was even more strikingly beautiful than Aragorn ever remembered him.

The king laid a hand on his shoulder and took a step closer to touch noses with him. "Whether you knew it or not, you have always taken part in my daydreams, my lovely Legolas. I dreamed of loving you, even when it was otherwise unheard of. Your company gave me comfort, both real and imagined."

Legolas cupped his cheek. "So I was not the only one who dreamed such dreams," he said softly.

Aragorn kissed him. He had never tasted such sweet lips. The taste became obsessive, and obsession overwhelmed them both. For an indeterminate period of time, they stood there, lost in kisses and the feel of each other, and when awareness returned to them, they found themselves naked and locked together on the bed, Aragorn between Legolas' uplifted legs. He oiled himself and gently prepared the willing elf, and when he entered, Legolas threw back his head in anguish and ecstasy.

Aragorn paused and held perfectly still. "I hurt you!" he said, fearing the worst.

"You did, but please do not stop. I want you more than I have ever felt want, need you more than water or the air that I breathe. Please, Aragorn, give me more!" Legolas lifted his lips to kiss him again and drew him in deeper, both hands gripping the man's bottom.

Aragorn had never felt so out of control. His thrust into the hot depth provoked a violent gasp from the elf, but he could not feel repentant. Withdrawing, he tarried a few seconds on the verge, taking up very short strokes until Legolas cried out and gripped his rear again, digging in his fingernails and forcing him in deep.

"Do not tease me, Aragorn! Take me!"

Aragorn nodded and began a steady rhythm into him that soon had the blond sobbing his name with overpowering emotions churning his Elven spirit. When Aragorn emptied his prize into him, Legolas' wail echoed through Limbo and he came between them.

Wearily, Aragorn rose to look down at his stomach at the glittering stickiness on his belly and grinned. "Elves never fail to amaze me," he said, bending to kiss him again. "You are so passionate, so loving."

"Then you must be an elf," Legolas said with a chuckle. "Because no one is as passionate as you, my love."

Foregoing the need to wash up, Aragorn collapsed into bed and took him into his arms. "Just let me hold you for a while. I need to hold you..."

Legolas held tightly to him, cherishing him, and for a night, Aragorn was his.

When they came from the bedroom the following day, they were well rested and hungry. "Is it still raining?" Legolas asked. "I would like to take a bath today."

"And you cannot take a bath in the rain?" Gimli teased. "The purest form of water is that which falls from the heavens, my good elf."

Legolas laughed and kissed the dwarf's furry cheek, then his lips. "My sweet Gimli," he murmured, and was drawn into an ardent hug. "How I love you."

Gimli pulled him down for another kiss. "No more than I love you, my lovely elf," he said in a gentler voice than anyone had ever heard from him.

Boromir scoffed from his seat before the fire. "Have you all gone mad?" he demanded. "The hobbits I can almost overlook because they ARE hobbits, but now the elves and dwarves, too? Next I will learn that my brother has been taken into this ridiculous travesty as well!"

Faramir's calm eyes settled on his older brother. "Travesty, Boromir? You find love to be a mockery?" He went to kneel before him, demanding with his eyes. "Since when? I remember a time when you loved me!"

"I loved you, yes, and I still love you. But as a brother, not as a mate for eternity."

"Which is why I have chosen another." Faramir said.

Boromir's gaze was stern. "Who has corrupted my brother?" he asked.

Faramir stood, looking down at the seated man. "My chosen has not corrupted me. He has given me comfort and love, and if that is wrong, then I will stand judged, not you."

"Who?" Angrily, Boromir stood to face him. "Rumil? I know you spent last night with him!"

Rumil stepped forward to be charged, but Faramir held him back. "He is my chosen, dear brother, and if you cannot tolerate our decision, then you can go to Hell!" With that, he whirled away, took Rumil in his embrace and kissed him.

Boromir reached to tear them apart, but Aragorn intercepted by grabbing the attacker by the arm. When he saw who had pulled him away, Boromir was livid. Abruptly, he swung and struck the king in the face, which rocked him backwards into the hearth. He waited pensively for retaliation, huffing angrily, but Aragorn remained at peace with sad eyes and crimson lips.

Tears in his eyes, Boromir made another hasty retreat out the door, leaving all staring after him.

Gandalf stepped forth to tend the king's bleeding lips, and as he touched them, he said quietly, "I will be with you next, Aragorn, to help mend your broken heart. Let me calm your troubled spirit, my friend."

Aragorn could do nothing but nod his assent.

They returned from the bathing pool at dusk, wondering where Boromir had gone. Worriedly, they watched for him, all breathing a sigh of relief when he finally arrived at midnight. He avoided them, pushing Faramir away when he reached out for him, and escaped into the tiny bedroom he had claimed for his own.

Gandalf, at last, stood and pulled Aragorn to his feet. "Come. Think not of him this night, but keep to the love that is in your heart and be with me."

As the two of them closed the door behind them, Legolas and Gimli slipped silently off to bed together, as did Faramir and Rumil and the hobbits. Haldir, who had spent the previous night in celibacy with Gandalf, stretched out on the couch and pulled a quilt over himself to sleep.


"Gandalf, I do not know what to do," Aragorn despaired. "I do not want to lose him to Hades, but he continues to behave as if he would rather join him. What am I to do?"

"Talk to him and give him the choice," the old wizard advised.

"Will he succumb to my love and let me save him?"

"He will or be damned to Hell. It's that simple." Gandalf sat beside him on the bed. "If all was perfect, we would be in Heaven, not Limbo. We must preside over these small matters and take each thing in turn. I strongly suspect that most of his problems are wrought from fear and envy rather than hate. Do not be hasty in your hopelessness. Give him time. After all, he has returned to us from a terrible death."

"So has Haldir, and he is not angry and critical as Boromir is!"

"But they are very different. Haldir is more accepting and gentle. If you will recall, Boromir is the elder son of Denethor, who went mad and threw himself into fire! He has much to overcome, and much to recognize."

"As do I." Aragorn faced him with a humble face. "Thank you, dear Gandalf, for your counsel. I am in your debt, my dear friend."

Gandalf tugged him close and kissed him lightly. "I know you, Aragorn, that you have been selfless and giving with each one as he comes to you. Let me comfort you, and I will show you true pleasure in a new way for the king."

Aragorn opened his mouth to protest and was kissed into silence. In a daze, he realized that the old wizard had stripped him bare and that he was on his back on the bed. "What do you have in mind for me, Gandalf?" he asked in confusion.

"Trust me, Aragorn. I will not hurt you." Gandalf reached for the oil.

The king's blue gray eyes grew with anticipation as the wizard's fingers slipped into his cleft. Lifting his legs, he allowed the intrusion into his body, whimpering with need as two fingers immediately found and tickled his internal gland. "Oh, Gandalf, you are going where no one has ever gone before," he whispered.

"Then you do not know how enjoyable it can be!" Gandalf said with a smile.

"Oh, I have seen how Faramir and Legolas enjoyed it!" Aragorn lurched at his touch when he stroked the fingers out and in again. "Yes, and this is something I wish to know, also!"

"This is what I will give to you before I take your seed." Gandalf said kindly. He bent to kiss him again and found the magnificent king to be the most receptive lover he had ever taken. He kissed him again and again.

Finally, pulling out his fingers, he oiled his long member and thrust deep into him, kissing him again to mute his cry. He knew the pain, but also knew the pleasure that would follow, and was patient. Very carefully, he drew back and slowly entered again, feeling the tightness begin to slacken. He moved slowly until the going was easier, then began to stroke in earnest until he had unloaded his wizardly fulfillment.

Moving quickly, he disengaged and slid down the man's body to take his hard, aching organ into his mouth, and expertly caught and swallowed his seed as it surged from him.

This time, it was Aragorn whose shouts rang throughout the globe, and the kindly old wizard smiled lovingly upon him.

There were no words needed for the rest of the night, only closeness. Aragorn lay comforted in Gandalf's arms, thankful for him.

Everyone had eaten when the king arose the following day. They offered him a plate, which he graciously accepted. He sat carefully, aware of soreness, but the reminder of the night with Gandalf left him smiling. As he ate, his lip hurt, which caused him to realize that healing was no quicker in Limbo than it had been in Middle Earth. His eyes strayed across the room to Boromir, who was sitting sullenly alone in the kitchen.

He did not want to deal with Boromir today. He looked at Haldir, whom he loved dearly. "Would you be my companion today, Haldir?" he asked.

Haldir smiled and bowed to him. "I would be your companion every day if you wished it," he answered, moving to sit beside the king.


"Only my brother Rumil and Boromir remain after me," Haldir said, on his knees on the bed behind Aragorn. Both had undressed quickly and now, Aragorn sat serenely while Haldir combed his hair.

"My time today is with you, my amazing Haldir. Today, it is you whom I wish to consider."

Haldir's arms encircled him from behind, his blond head on his strong shoulder. "I am ready for whatever considerations you would give me, my lord," he said into his ear. "I love you and will do anything to please you."

Aragorn reached back to pull him around into a hug and kissed him. "Oh, Haldir, I love you so much!" Rolling with him, he kissed him again, sweeping back the long blond hair and rising above him to gaze upon him lovingly. "Are you ready for me?"

Haldir nodded a little uncertainly. "It has been long since this has happened for me," he said. "The last was Glorfindel many years ago."

"I will take care, my love," Aragorn promised. He kissed him again and oiled his fingers. "My sweet Haldir, I would never hurt you, never in a million years."

"Do you think we have that long?"

Aragorn shrugged and smiled. "I can only hope."

"Will you love us all for a million years?"

"I will love you all for a million times a million years! My love will never end, for if it does, so shall my soul expire into utter nothingness."

Haldir kissed him spontaneously. "You have the most powerful spirit that Middle Earth ever knew, my lord Aragorn," he whispered. He hissed with need as fingers were pressed into him, jumped with delight when the king's mouth closed around him. "Oh, my lord!"

The elf's breathing was labored for the next few minutes, and Aragorn rose from him and pushed into him before the exercise was complete. Haldir grunted in pain, but the entry had been careful. He felt the slow, smooth slide deep into him, and let out a long breath to allow his tight muscles to relax. Moments later, he was panting with need again. "I do not remember the act ever feeling quite so wonderful before!" he said. "Aragorn, you are outstanding!"

Aragorn kissed him and murmured into his pointed ear, "And so are you, my sweet Haldir!" With those words, he blessed the elf with his seed, which caused Haldir to come strongly.

After many more kisses and cleaning up, they rose from the bed and dressed, but stood at the door sharing several last kisses before rejoining the others again.

"I do not wish to part from you," Haldir said, touching his cheek as they tarried. "I love you, Aragorn."

"I love you, too, Haldir." Aragorn took the hand and kissed the palm, looking deeply into his blue eyes. "I look forward to having you again, my love. My heart burns for you, just as it always did."

Haldir's eyes were moist. They shared a last kiss before they went out the door.

Night fell again on Limbo Island. Supper and chores were done.

"So," Boromir said, collapsing onto the couch beside Faramir. "It comes down to the last of us. Tell us, Aragorn, in your infinite wisdom, who will you choose to be next?"

Aragorn's eyes were too weary for scorn. "Rumil is next," he answered quietly. "And you, my dear Boromir, I save for last."

Boromir looked away in contempt, so, to avoid further trouble, Aragorn stood, took Rumil by the hand and fled to the bedroom.


The elf shivered when faced by Aragorn alone, but the gentle king's assurance augmented his faith. "There's no need to be afraid. I will not harm you."

The elf smiled shyly at him. "I did not know you as well as the others because I was not as important as them you befriended in Lorien, but I know that you are a brave and noble man, and I respect you for your deeds. I have seen the way my brother Haldir looks on you. He is in love with you. He would give anything to belong to you alone."

Aragorn sat down on the bed. "Haldir is precious to me, but precious are you all! I will speak with him on this matter once I have completed my duty for these thirty days. I am not certain that I am to be allowed a love that is mine own here."

Rumil nodded, felt sorrow for him, stood a few seconds longer until the king took his hand and guided him to sit on the bed beside him. "You are lovely," The man murmured to him, touching his face. "And so is Faramir. I am happy that you two have found love together."

"He is extraordinary," Rumil said. "If existence in this realm truly is to last forever, I wish to belong to him here."

"Has he made love to you?"

"No, he did not want me to be sore when I came to you. He is thoughtful."

"Yes, very," Aragorn was impressed with the young steward's consideration. He smiled. "He has done other things for you, though?"

"Yes, other things," Rumil looked down, his cheeks tinged. "As I have for him."

Aragorn caught his face and kissed him gently. "You're very cute when you blush," he teased. "As a matter of fact, my dear Rumil, you are cute even when you do not blush!"

Rumil grinned at him. "I am cute?"


"I thought I was a proud and remarkable warrior."

"Yes, that, too." Aragorn kissed him again. "Tell me, my love, have you ever been entered by a man?"

"None that I consented to," Rumil answered vaguely. His eyes met the king's and he saw a slight frown. "I will consent to Faramir, and I will consent to you! Do not worry! I will be yours until you wish me to leave."

Aragorn hugged him. "Good," he said. "I would never let my Rumil perish! You are very special."

Rumil's arms tightened around him. "You make me feel very special indeed, and for this, I am grateful. I truly love you, Aragorn."

"And I love you, Rumil, truly, and never think that I did not notice you in Lorien. You were important to me, too, and always will be."

"You paid attention to every word I spoke," Rumil remembered. "I had such a childish crush on you for years, but could not let it show."

"I knew," Aragorn chuckled, and kissed him again. "You could not have known that I felt the same for you."

Rumil drew back suddenly. "You felt the same for me, but did not tell me?"

"I could not. I was betrothed, and I also loved your brother, and Legolas."

Rumil giggled. "You were immoral, King Elessar."

"Guilty as charged, but until we came here to this place, it was all in my heart, none of my lusts acted upon. Now, because of this curse, we are given free will to commit acts that were previously assumed to be vile and abominable, and very sweet." He smiled and kissed Rumil again.

Rumil laughed out loud. "I do love you, Aragorn, and I am willing to be a bit vile if it pleases you."

"Making you safe here will please me. I am happy that you love Faramir. He needs you."

"As I need him," Rumil said. "We have similar backgrounds."

"I have sensed that you are both survivors of cruelty," Aragorn pushed back his blond hair, which had fallen into his face. "I bid you to take counsel with me or Gandalf whenever you have need to talk about it."

Rumil nodded politely. "I will do this with you, if you will also take counsel with Faramir."

"Of course," Aragorn touched his face. "Either separately or together, whichever you prefer. You both have the same demons. They merely have different faces."

"I appreciate your good judgment, my dear king."

"I know you were molested, but by whom I do not know. You may keep this your secret or tell me, whichever you prefer. I hope you will not allow this face to cloud your love with Faramir."

"Never," Rumil promised. "I will never allow anything in my past to wound my love with him."

"Good." After a moment of thought, Aragorn said, "I want you now, but I will not take you the way I took Faramir." He slowly undressed the self-conscious elf and himself and positioned them on the bed so that they were head-to-foot. Then, taking Rumil into his mouth, he showed him how to do the same for him, and together, they sucked each other to a shuddering completion. When they lay quietly afterwards, Rumil's smile was peaceable. "You are truly a king in every sense of the word, Aragorn. I am honored to be with you this way, and am thankful to you for your seed."

Aragorn sat up, took him into his arms and held him for an hour.