Frodo/Gandalf Challenge Drabbles and Fics

by Various Authors

Responses to Lilith's challenge to write a story about the picture above.

Disclaimer: Tolkien rules; we just scribble.

Cross Purposes

by Lilith

Gandalf was nattering on, while Frodo looked over the fireworks in the back of the wagon, trying to hide his embarrassment at having thrown himself in the wizard's lap and wondering if Gandalf had noticed just how glad Frodo was to see him? No? Good?--he would never understand.

"--scarcely aware of the existence of hobbits, for which I am very thankful," Gandalf concluded, stealing a glance at the beautiful, rounded backside of the hobbit who had just been in his arms.

Adjusting his robe slightly, Gandalf's expression returned to the grandfatherly before Frodo could notice his "inappropriate" interest.


by Lily Baggins

"Oh, dear Frodo . . ."

"Oh, Gandalf . . ."

Another low moan from Frodo, whose head hung over the back of the cart, brought goosebumps to Gandalf's skin, and even as his hands held the reins steady he imagined Frodo emitting whimpers and groans for quite a different reason . . .

Yes, he and Frodo would lie together under the warm quilts of Frodo's bed in Bag End; a fire in the hearth to warm them on this fine September night. It might be difficult for Gandalf to keep his legs from hanging off the bed, but curling up around Frodo's nude body would easily remedy that. This would only happen, of course, if the noise of their rhythmic lovemaking didn't wake Bilbo and every guest staying in the smial first.

"I'm so sorry, Gandalf," Frodo said now, turning and wiping his mouth with a sleeve. "I usually never get cart-sick. Must've eaten too much breakfast."

The wizard gazed at him. "But you feel better now?"

"Yes, though I'm afraid I might have ruined a firework or two."

Gandalf smiled, regretfully letting the images from his over-active imagination slip away. "Fear not, Frodo . . . there are always plenty of other ways for me to conjure up fireworks."


by Lily Baggins

(Warning: MPREG)

Frodo sat back down on the cart bench beside Gandalf with a thud, gasping as he regained control of his stomach. He'd just been quite violently ill.

The wizard leaned over close and eyed Frodo's pale face, allowing him to draw near and rest his cheek against the silvery softness of Gandalf's beard.

"Have you been feeling ill in the mornings, Frodo? Off your food, which is very unusual for a hobbit?"

"Um, a bit, I guess." Frodo tried to be vague, because his symptoms couldn't possibly be what he suspected. He was a male and it was just impossible! Although he had lain with the wizard during Gandalf's visit three months earlier, and what if the Istari possessed special reproductive powers . . .

He started, however, when Gandalf reached out and laid a hand on Frodo's belly, the wizard's eyes going distant for a moment. "It's not a good time for Bilbo to leave, is it?" Gandalf asked softly. "And I fear that my errands will take me elsewhere for the next few months, just when you will need me the most."

Frodo stared at his lover. "You can't think . . . "

"I do not think, I know. You carry my child, Frodo Baggins."

A Tempting View

by Angie

No, I mustn't, thought Gandalf. I really mustn't!

Temptation beyond anything! Frodo's charming little bottom, encased in blue breeches with a faded patch on the seat from sitting up trees reading.

Frodo had dived into the back of the cart to check whether Gandalf's plentiful fireworks supply included his favorite - "Screaming Trolls," which shrieked and whirred around in all directions and colors.

His bottom wriggled next to the wizard.

Gandalf chewed a section of beard. If he reached over, unclipped the braces, the only means of support, breeches slipping down, apple-round buttocks exposed.

Oh, he so wanted to bite them!

Untitled Drabble

by AZ

Clouds were beginning to form in the warm September sky, and Frodo was still pulling straw from his hair as the wizard took up the reins of the horse.

"Get in the back, Frodo, dear lad; there's just a few moments to spare to get you back to Bag End for second breakfast," Gandalf said. He wanted him safe where he'd not fall from the cart.

"Third, actually," Frodo replied, blushing, as he clambored over the seat to the back of the wagon.

Pleased to have returned to the Shire, already having received Frodo's gift to him, Gandalf just chuckled.

Untitled Drabble

by Claudia

Gandalf gave the plump bottom a sidelong glance under his bushy brows. Did he dare? How his hand itched to squeeze! He longed to see the flush in Frodo's cheeks deepen and hear his musical laugh

Frodo settled back down on the seat again, his thigh tantalizingly against Gandalf's. Another sidelong glance, and Gandalf saw something most peculiar - a bulge where there was none only moments earlier.

Gandalf pictured cool shade under the tree where Frodo had been reading. Now Frodo's clothes were discarded, his pale skin flushed with need as Gandalf's hands dug into that plump, now bare bottom.

Untitled Drabble #1

by Easterlily

Frodo reached out desperately for the walking stick of Gandalf's, trying to support himself. He stared towards the ground watching the world spin around him. He felt like he was going be sick.

"Frodo!" cried Gandalf, turning his head, as suddenly the young hobbit tumbled from the cart and landed on the ground with a thud. "Frodo!"

Quickly Gandalf pulled on the reins and stopped the cart, jumping off and running towards his lover. Cautiously, he laid a hand on Frodo's forehead, feeling high heat from it. Then he patted Frodo's face gently, whispering, "Frodo? Frodo, can you hear me?"

Untitled Drabble #2

by Easterlily

Frodo lay naked before Gandalf under the tree where Frodo had once been reading, his lover carefully wringing cool water over Frodo's body. He found it delightful, watching the movement of water tinkle down this little one's pale breasts and crashing against his sweet pink nipples with each rise and fall of Frodo's chest.

He wished at this very moment he and his small lover were both lying together naked under this very tree, Gandalf listening to giggles, gasps and moans coming from Frodo while he made wonderful love to him.

"Gandalf," whimpered Frodo, opening his eyes.

"My dear, Frodo."

A Quick Grope

by Baranduin


Frodo dropped back on the seat by Gandalf after he'd almost toppled right into the pile of backarappers, sparklers and other assorted fireworks in the back of Gandalf's cart. If it hadn't been for Gandalf's quick hand on the back of his breeches, he would have. Oh, yes, Gandalf's hand had been quick and firm, though hadn't it lingered around his bottom for a moment longer than was strictly necessary?

Gazing sideways up at the wizard, Frodo said, "Enjoyed that, did you?"

Gandalf bit down hard on his pipe stem. "Impertinent hobbit."

"I didn't say I didn't enjoy it."