by Milly of Isengard

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Saruman

Disclaimer: no bread made, of course. Saru belongs to me (I wish) everybody else JRR's.

Warnings: strong slash / angst / violence / torture (halfling and otherwise)

Summary: Gandalf goes alone to Isengard in an attempt to parlay Saruman into surrendering - or failing that, to at least bring him back alive. It goes badly, and Gandalf falls prey to his former friend. To make it even worse, the halflings Merry and Pippin are captured and brought to Orthanc.

Chapter 18 - Doomsday

"There is no one to witness anything, all is still and quiet around us now. I do not know where the Ents have gone, but there is no life here now...save for us!"

So whispered Saruman, as he and Gandalf lay facing each other, through a red and smoky fog.

"Let me see you - all of you."

He motioned to Gandalf's robes, torn, filthy, and already half off. "Remove them."

Gandalf smiled back at Saruman, and did as he was bidden, noting with loving amusement, the plain lust in his old friend's dark eyes.

"I- can scarcely believe- you- are back to yourself! Yet, I can see- that you have- changed- to what you once were. I can see it, I can sense it..."

He moved closer, dropping the robe to the mud. "And I most assuredly can feel it..."

So saying, he wrapped one arm around Saruman's shoulder, and with the other hand, reached down and caressed him boldly.

For his part, Saruman bent his head down to Gandalf's shoulder and sighed softly, pressing into the pleasure of the grasping fingers.

"Now." Gandalf murmured, "You must also come to me, as we were created."

He slipped his hands into the sash of Saruman's robe, once so gleaming and white, and now, like his own, streaked with mud and soot.

Deftly, he pulled the robe off Saruman, and they lay very close, savoring the feel of each other's warmth, and the sensations of their cocks together again, caused Gandalf to shiver with excitement.

Instinct began to flow through them, and they moved their hips together with a slow, sensual motion, until finally it was too much for Saruman, who gasped "Enough! Enough...lie with me...now..."

He lay back on the wet ground, pulling Gandalf down onto him- Gandalf moved on top of him gracefully, as their legs entwined once more. He moved up, so he could reach Saruman and kiss his mouth, and they joined in this way for several moments, tongues sweetly probing and caressing each other.

Finally, breathlessly, Gandalf broke the kiss, and moved his head down, kissing Saruman's chest, admiring the finely sculpted muscles as he did so.


Saruman sounded quite unlike himself, very urgent, the deep voice strained with need and emotion.

Gandalf smiled rather wisely, and eased himself into a better position.

But what to use to ease the way?, he thought. He did not wish to hurt his lover, and making love with nothing to smooth the path was not a good idea...

"Curumo...first you must do something.. I hope you will not object, too much...I would have your beautiful- and ever so skillful!- tongue upon me..and your ministrations shall smooth our endeavor!"

Saruman frowned, frustrated, yearning....and then he understood, perfectly, and moved around so that he could take Gandalf's large and fully engorged cock into his mouth. Before he did so, he licked his lips, his heart pounding- he could scarcely believe what he was about to do, but he felt a great desire for it.

Then he bent his head down, taking the end into his mouth carefully, and wrapping his long fingers around the shaft, tentatively, then more boldly.

He closed his eyes, tasting the saltiness, and was pleased with it. It was very good, the taste, and he found he did not mind doing this at all.

Gandalf groaned very softly, also stunned that Curunír's lips were around his cock, but extremely aroused by that fact. It was a heavenly, otherworldly sensation, and Gandalf reached down and stroked the long white hair, thrusting up into Saruman's warm mouth, feeling the ache increase greatly.

"Curunír...enough.. it will be too much.. in a moment....."

Anxious to proceed, Saruman ceased, and moved onto his back, and Gandalf moved back on top of him. His cock was now very slick, very slippery... and very hard.

Saruman lay under him, his dark eyes never leaving Gandalf's clear blue ones, and he dug his nails into Gandalf's shoulders, gritting his teeth slightly.

"Make haste, Olórin!"

Gandalf laughed, and murmured, "So impatient you are, as ever! Very well, I shall indulge you..."

And he moved Saruman's long legs around his hips, high, and positioned himself, leaning down so he could kiss him on the lips as he did so.

Finding the way in, he pushed very gently, and then harder, and then finally slipped inside, as Saruman closed his eyes under him, with a low throaty moan. "Olórin...lisse..lisse...ahhh..."

Gandalf moved into him very slowly, feeling the great pleasure of the tightness, so hot... "Curunír...I will be easy with you...slowly, slowly.."

Saruman opened his eyes and whispered urgently, "Not too slow, nor too easy!...I wish the full measure of your ability! I need no gentle touch...unleash full passion into me!"

Gandalf grinned down at him, and answered, "Very well, Curumo! Brace yourself, then!"- and he thrust in hard, much harder, and deep- so that he was buried all the way in. Saruman gasped, and clutched Gandalf's shoulders, urging him on, his _expression one of tense ecstasy.

Gandalf moved with seething passion and feverish desire, and slipped one hand under Saruman to lift him up even higher- he pushed into him so ardently and so deeply, that Saruman dug his fingers into Gandalf's back, his still-restrained cries forcing their way out of his unwilling lips.

It was very close, he could feel it, and his whole body was slick with sweat, as was Gandalf's.

And then, with the intense friction causing sharp thrills of pleasure, the moment came for Saruman at last, and he grasped Gandalf around the shoulders, in an embrace that was nearly suffocating, thrashing under him wildly.

Gandalf could hold back no more, and shivered as the shockingly strong orgasm flowed through him, and he released a torrent of warmth inside Curunír, moaning softly.

He sighed deeply, in the bliss of the moment, and then allowed himself to slide out of Saruman, and then he lay beside him, breathing hard.

For what seemed like a very long time, they lay facing each other, not speaking, only looking into the other's eyes- and then, finally, Saruman reached over and stroked Gandalf's face and beard, lovingly, and whispered:

"Greyhame...there is something you need to know...something I must tell you now..."

Gandalf smiled wearily, and said:

"Speak, my old friend.. you have my full attention."

Saruman's smile faded from his lips, and he became very serious, and he moved up to lean on one elbow.

"Sauron- Sauron has made provisions to ensure that- if he did not win- at least- neither would his enemies."

He paused, and swallowed hard.

Gandalf felt alarm run thin currents down his spine, and he too sat up, on one elbow. Only a few moments before, he had been at peace, or at least very close to it. Now, all he felt was concern, and it was increasing at every second.

Saruman looked at him gravely, and finally revealed the unspeakable secret:

"You recall, my Stormcrow, when I asked you to join with me in aiding Sauron? You must understand- there was much more reason to do so than you knew! You would not have listened to me, and I did not dare tell you any more, so obvious was your refusal! But I will tell you now:

Sauron has in place, by his magic, and his skill, a - a doomsday device! Ever the pupil of Melkor's reasoning, is Annatar! If he believes he is about to fall, he will assuredly activate it, and Middle Earth-will be no more!

Gandalf opened his mouth to speak, but the only sound he could form was a strangled, horrified gasp of dismay.

Saruman sighed tiredly, and looked away, murmuring:

"And I fear...we are getting very close to the time he may ...think to use it!"