How Many Hobbits Does It Take?

by Nefertiti

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Gandalf/Frodo/Merry/Pippin

Warning: The four use their imaginations and come up with some activities that make this episode distinctly raunchier than the first orgy.

Beta: Elanor, muse extraordinaire

Disclaimer: No rights, no income.

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Author's note: A sequel to "Every Time It Rains, It Rains-Hobbits!" At Rivendell, shortly after the formation of the Fellowship of the Ring, four of its members get together for another wizard/hobbit orgy. Pure PWP.

Gandalf was sitting in the library at Rivendell. Now that Elrond had chosen all the members of the Fellowship, the meetings of recent days had ended and the wizard was doing some reading that might prove useful in planning the journey ahead. There was plenty of time, however, since they would not be able to set out for several weeks. He began to feel that after the long Council and the many subsequent smaller meetings, he had earned an afternoon off. He pushed the book away and looked at the weak but inviting autumn sunshine outside the high windows. That settled the matter, and he rose to fetch his cloak, change into his boots, and go for a walk.

As the wizard strolled toward his room, he wondered vaguely where the Hobbits had got to. Ordinarily the corridors of the Last Homely House were peaceful, but the Hobbits' arrival had changed that to a considerable extent. Now, however, the house seemed strangely silent. His mind drifted back, as it often did, to that very pleasant time he had spent with three of those Hobbits on a rainy afternoon back in May. They had never tried anything of the sort again, but Gandalf had frequently thought that it would be exceedingly agreeable to do so. Gorgeous Elves were of course wonderful bedmates, he reflected, and since his arrival he had certainly enjoyed their usual hospitality. Still, in his experience Hobbits brought a certain enthusiasm and playfulness to lovemaking that he liked-especially when there was more than one of them involved. If only Saruman had not locked him on top of Orthanc, he thought with annoyance, he could have gone with them on the way to Rivendell. Visions of lustful Hobbits joining him in, say, a room at the Prancing Pony invaded his cogitations.

As Gandalf approached the door of his room, he recalled with amusement his surprise and confusion upon finding Merry and Pippin in his bed on that earlier occasion. He sighed, wishing that he could open this door and find two or three naked Hobbits in his bed. Indeed, he would cheerfully settle for one.

Upon opening the door, he stopped and stared. There were two naked Hobbits in his bed. This time they were merely sitting side by side, the covers pulled modestly up to their waists, lightly kissing and caressing. At the sound of the door, they looked around with delighted grins as the wizard stepped inside and closed it, doing a bit of grinning himself.

"Not that I am complaining, mind you, but what brings you two to my room on this particular day?" he asked, crossing to stand beside the bed and studying the pair's chests and delectably moist lips.

Merry replied, "Well, we had been hoping that since we were all back together we could do this sooner, but you seemed terribly busy before. Now we thought it would be a good way to thank you for taking our part when Elrond was filling the last two vacancies in the Fellowship. And I think you'll find us both exceedingly grateful," he added, waggling his eyebrows.

Gandalf felt his cock stirring distinctly but tried to speak in a calm, steady voice. "Yes, I was quite busy. Besides, I wouldn't have wanted Elrond to get wind of any such shenanigans and think that I wanted you two pretty fellows along on the Quest for my own pleasure."

Pippin and Merry exchanged surprised and worried glances, and Pippin squeaked, "You mean you didn't?!"

Gandalf snorted. "Of course not! I would never let such a consideration enter into an important decision like that. As I said to Elrond, your deep friendship with Frodo makes you as suitable to the Fellowship as any great warrior could be. You demonstrated on the journey here to Rivendell how willing you were to protect and support the Ringbearer. I am simply trusting that you will continue to help him in any way you can."

The two listened solemnly to this speech and nodded at the end. "Yes, of course," Merry said, then shrugged and added with a grin, "Well, now that the Fellowship has been chosen, any 'shenanigans' would not influence Elrond's decision."

Gandalf sat slowly down on the edge of the bed, trying to keep his eyes-and fingers-off the row of four fetching little pink nipples. He wrenched his mind back to the issue at hand. "Yes, but . . ." He swallowed hard. "He still might . . . um . . . assume that I . . ." He looked up to stare determinedly into Merry's eyes and continued quickly, ". . . that I was taking you two along as mere playthings and had simply concealed my motivations from him." His gaze dropped to their enticing chests once more, and he licked his lips.

Pippin leaned forward and grinned complacently, "But even if he got that idea, wouldn't it be worth it?"

Gandalf frowned, realizing that he was failing in his effort at self-control and also that he did not really mind very much that he was-and not at all when Merry suddenly leaned forward and pulled him into an eager, wet, and highly exhilarating kiss. Pippin stretched up to tongue his ear sloppily. As Merry sat back to gauge the effect of all this on the wizard, Gandalf said weakly, "Well, maybe he won't find out, and if he does . . . I'll-I'll just have to explain that . . . that . . . oh, never mind!" he concluded abruptly, pulling Merry against his chest and into an even deeper kiss. He ran one hand over Pippin's nipples, moaning as he felt hard nubs form under his fingers. Pippin wriggled appreciatively.

The wizard was still sitting on the edge of the bed, twisting somewhat awkwardly to face the pair. Reluctantly he pulled his mouth free and kicked off his shoes as Merry and Pippin rose from under the covers and knelt by either shoulder, unbuttoning Gandalf's shirt quickly. They glanced down at the very promising bulge in the wizard's trouser-front and exchanged grins. "Allow us," Merry whispered, brushing the wizard's hands aside when he tried to undo the laces. The Hobbits pulled off the shirt and urged Gandalf onto the bed, where he slid back to sit on a pillow propped against the headboard. The pair moved to either side of him. Two Hobbits, the wizard thought happily as he ran his fingers over smooth backs and bottoms, flicking his tongue over hard nipples. Yes, there was a pleasing symmetry about it. One for each hand-and even better, four nipples for one mouth. It all worked out so well.

They writhed delightedly, but suddenly Pippin frowned at Merry.

"I wonder what's keeping Frodo?"

The wizard raised his head abruptly at this. "Frodo?" he said hopefully.

Merry nodded. "Yes, he was supposed to be joining us here. I imagine he's having trouble getting rid of Sam."

Four Hobbits! Gandalf thought incredulously. Two plus two. That might create an even more pleasing symmetry. He felt a bit dizzy at the notion of trying to satisfy that many lustful little chaps . . . but still . . . the possibilities . . . His mind was racing.

"Get rid of him! Do you mean to say that I could have had four of you?" he asked, with reproach in his voice. "Do you doubt that I could handle that many? After all, that other time I had three very satisfied Hobbits draped all over me by the end of the afternoon."

Merry patted Gandalf's shoulder reassuringly. "I didn't mean to imply that you couldn't satisfy any number of Hobbits. After all, we've returned for a second helping, haven't we? But even though Sam and Frodo often do this sort of thing, it's only by themselves. Sam's too shy for a group."

Gandalf nodded somewhat regretfully, but perhaps it was just as well. That earlier occasion had demonstrated that three Hobbits were quite a good number for one wizard. Possibly ideal. Aloud he said, "Well, let's hope that Frodo manages and joins us soon. In the meantime . . ." He glanced at the small bedside table and saw that an optimistically large jar of ointment and a stack of small towels had been neatly laid out. Foresighted and resourceful lads, he thought, then gulped and gasped as two wet little mouths began sucking noisily at his nipples. The wizard relaxed into the pillow and resumed stroking the silky skin of their buttocks lightly, then slid his fingertips down to softly tickle the sensitive clefts and the backs of their testicles. The pair snorted but managed to keep their mouths delightfully and energetically pressed against Gandalf's nipples. This is why one needs at the very least two Hobbits he reflected cheerfully, arching his chest against their eager mouths as his head dropped back. Dimly he was aware that the two Hobbits were stroking each other's very hard erections.

At last both were panting raggedly and stood up simultaneously, pointing their members expectantly toward the wizard. They looked at each other in mingled amusement and annoyance, clearly neither willing to give up the first turn. The wizard glanced back and forth between the two appetizing erections. Equally hard, equally needy, equally appealing. Now here's where having two becomes a little awkward, he thought with a little smile. Or maybe not . . . he appraised the size of their swollen cocks, then decided to give it a try. With his hands cupping their bottoms, he inched them closer together and angled them toward each other until their lengths were pressed side by side. As Pippin and Merry realized what he had in mind, they grinned in amazement at each other, then flinched in delight as Gandalf pulled both of them into his mouth.

Delight quickly gave way to quivering, whimpering abandonment. The pair struggled to maintain their balance by flinging their arms around each other and placing their other hands on the wizard's shoulders. Between the friction of their cocks rubbing together and Gandalf's tongue swirling and pressing at the shafts, the two became light-headed. They failed to notice when the door soon opened and Frodo came in. Gandalf glanced at the newcomer but carried on without breaking rhythm, realizing that they were approaching a crucial stage in the proceedings. Frodo stared briefly in disbelief, then realized that the door was still slightly open and quickly shut it. He came over to make sure that his eyes were not deceiving him and watched, his mouth hanging open slightly in amusement-and arousal-as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Obviously nearing completion, Merry opened his glazed eyes slightly and looked at Pippin. "Same time?" he asked in a strangled voice.

"Think so," Pippin replied in a like tone. "Ready?"

"Just about. You?"

"Yes. Now!"

Gandalf sucked harder and immediately experienced the novel sensation of two jets of warm liquid filling his throat simultaneously. He swallowed easily, then released them, reflecting that that little endeavor had been as pleasant as it was diplomatic. The two Hobbits sat down quite suddenly, then flopped backwards. Merry bent his knees, while Pippin propped his legs on the headboard. As they lay puffing on either side of him, Gandalf enjoyed the sight of Frodo shedding his trousers and leaning against the bed.

Frodo surveyed the two stunned Hobbits and said with a grin, "It looks like I arrived a trifle late."

"Well, I don't think I could have managed three at once in that particular activity," Gandalf chuckled. "I was a bit dubious about two, but it seems to have worked most efficaciously," he said, looking down benignly at Merry and Pippin. He returned his appreciative gaze back to Frodo's lovely torso. "You are looking much better than you did a few days ago. Just in time, too. By the way, what have you done with poor, shy Sam?"

Frodo looked rather sheepish. "I got Bilbo to ask him for a long account of our journey here, so that he could take notes for his book-and I assure you, Bilbo was only too happy to do so. They should be closeted in his room for hours. And Sam is still too much in awe of you to be likely to knock on your bedroom door unless it was something quite serious."

"Such as not being able to find his dear Master Frodo about anywhere?"

"Oh. I didn't think of that. Still, I doubt Bilbo will let him go easily now that he's got him."

"Neither will I," Gandalf murmured as he watched the beautiful, naked Hobbit climb into the bed and squeeze between Merry's bent legs and the headboard to press against the wizard's arm and kiss him eagerly. Gandalf's erection, which had softened somewhat during this conversation, was soon straining painfully against his trouser-laces, and he pulled away from Frodo briefly to look downward and clear his throat loudly.

Merry's and Pippin's eyes flew open. "Frodo!" they both cried delightedly.

Pulling Frodo into his arms, pressed across his chest, Gandalf said pointedly, "Yes, well, Frodo has plenty to do at this point, and so do you." He shifted his hips slightly on the bed, and the pair gazed at the bulge directly between them. They rose to lean on their elbows as Gandalf kissed Frodo deeply, holding him with one arm while his free hand wandered over the Hobbit's back and chest.

Pippin glanced across at Merry. "Shall we play with the wizard's staff?" he asked with a giggle.

Gandalf pulled his mouth free and frowned at Pippin. "That is the oldest jo-"

Frodo plunged his tongue into the wizard's mouth abruptly, bringing an end to the rebuke. Pippin winked at Merry. "So, do you think it could possibly be as big as we remember it?" he asked in a loud whisper that he made sure was audible to Gandalf.

Merry suppressed a grin. "I remember it as huge."

Pippin nodded. "Enormous."

Gandalf pulled out of the kiss again and looked down at them over Frodo's shoulder as the Hobbit wriggled distractingly against him and stretched up to lick his neck. The wizard shook his head in mock exasperation, then abruptly stopped shaking it and grunted as Frodo's tongue slid into his ear. "As I pointed out before, that's simply because I'm a Man, not a Hobbit. Proportionately to my whole body, it's not, well, not much bigger than yours." He grimaced as Frodo engulfed half the ear in his hot, eager mouth.

Merry smiled impishly at him, then looked at Pippin and ran his hand over the swelling trouser-front. "I don't know, it still looks-and feels-pretty big to me."

"Immense," Pippin agreed, also glancing teasingly at Gandalf. The wizard sighed and rolled his eyes, but the pair noted that he could not quite suppress a pleased smile. With provocative slowness, they unlaced the trousers.

Given the swirling tongue exploring his ear and Frodo's fingers pinching his nipples, Gandalf was soon achingly hard. The wizard gasped with frustration and bucked slightly with his hips a few times to encourage the pair to speed up. "You're supposedly thanking me for something, remember? Not tormenting me beyond endurance." At this point Frodo rose until his chest was quite close to Gandalf's face. The wizard admired the view. "You two should take a lesson from Frodo. He gives me exactly what I want." He sucked at the little buds eagerly, humming with arousal as Frodo gurgled and tried to keep as still as possible. His head lolled back in bliss, and he moaned as Gandalf kneaded his buttocks and stroked his swelling cock.

Chuckling, Pippin and Merry finally pulled Gandalf's trouser-front down and freed his purple, throbbing member. Pippin nodded. "Speaking of wizards' staffs! Definitely as big as I remembered." Frodo felt little gusts of amusement against his wet nipple and flinched, but Gandalf did not otherwise pause in his attentions to the Hobbit's chest.

He did, however, watch out of the corner of his eye as Pippin and Merry applied their tongues to the prominent veins of his shaft, licking around until they met to kiss briefly, then circling the erection wetly. Hobbits may not have the finesse of Elves, Gandalf reflected happily, but there is much to be said for having two of these lively fellows literally drooling over your cock. He groaned and pressed Frodo against his chest as the two Hobbits attending to his erection began to pull and lick much harder. Taking a deep breath and assuming a look of determination, Merry clamped his mouth over the tip and sucked, swallowing frantically as the wizard erupted into his mouth. Gandalf uttered a series of hoarse groans and struggled not to thrust into the warm wetness enveloping him. Soon Merry straightened up and licked his lips, whispering proudly, "Every drop this time."

As Gandalf relaxed limply into the pillow, Frodo looked expectantly at the other Hobbits. "Get up, Frodo," Merry said, standing up himself and signaling that Frodo should straddle Gandalf's hips facing the blissful wizard. Pippin stroked Merry's reviving erection and reached for the jar of ointment, holding it up for his cousin. Merry began to caress and invade Frodo's tight, puckered entrance carefully and slowly. After a short while, he nodded to Pippin, who took his time over coating Merry's member thoroughly. By now Merry was completely hard, and he caressed Frodo's buttocks before pulling them slightly apart. Frodo leaned forward and placed his hands on Gandalf's shoulders, and the wizard perked up distinctly as he surveyed the preparations underway.

As Merry eased slowly into Frodo, Pippin scooted around to Gandalf's side. "We should take full advantage of there being four of us," he commented, stretching over to lick Frodo's bobbing cock. The wizard immediately saw the logic of that and reached up to pinch and rub Frodo's delectable nipples. The Hobbit snorted as his senses were overwhelmed with so much pleasure. As Pippin drew Frodo into his mouth, he reached down and played with the wizard's recently spent penis. Gandalf gave a low moan and dropped one hand down to stretch around Pippin's waist and return the favor. As Merry thrust slowly into Frodo, his head dropped to the side so that he could watch all this. "Now that's efficiency," he murmured.

With so much stimulation to Frodo at once, the three had to hold back considerably in order to prolong his pleasure. He whimpered softly at intervals until finally his need became overwhelming, and he quivered and thrust very slightly into Pippin's mouth. "Please . . . now," he whispered, grimacing. Gradually Merry increased the speed of his thrusting, and Pippin sucked harder. Soon Frodo stiffened and sent his come gushing into Pippin's mouth, and Merry let himself tip over the edge into a long and noisy climax.

Merry signaled Pippin to hand him a towel. He carefully withdrew and wiped Frodo, then his own erection. Pippin, who was nearly hard by now, rolled until he was lying propped against Gandalf's right side, while the wizard supported Frodo under the Hobbit's arms and carefully lowered him so that he lay along the left side of the wizard's torso, his eyes blissfully closed. Gandalf, whose desire had begun to revive distinctly by the end of all this, hugged him and kissed his forehead gently while he resumed caressing Pippin's cock more energetically. As the Hobbit became more and more excited, Gandalf added a deft little twist of his hand to the end of every stroke, and Pippin's eyes opened wide in delight. "Merry," he managed to say, "are you watching this?"

Merry, who had moved to lean against the footboard, stared and replied, "Definitely! Hundreds of years of experience," he added quietly with a little nod.

Pippin threw his head back onto Gandalf's stomach and moaned happily, writhing and pressing against the wizard until he came, spraying warm, thick liquid onto Gandalf's chest. After a few moments of dazed reaction, he smiled contently up at the wizard, patted his hand appreciatively, and dragged himself down to the foot of the bed to collapse into Merry's arms.

Frodo had opened his eyes to watch during the last part of Gandalf's endeavors with Pippin. Glancing up to ensure that the wizard was looking at him, he grinned slyly, then rose and leaned over Gandalf's torso. Continuing to stare into the wizard's eyes, he slowly licked the pearly drops off his chest, flicking at the nipples as he went. Gandalf watched him avidly and gulped, frowning with delighted surprise into Frodo's face as he finished and wriggled upward until his face was close to the wizard's.

Gandalf struggled to control his ragged panting. "You are a wicked little Hobbit, Frodo Baggins," he said huskily.

Frodo smiled seductively. "You don't seem to mind. Quite the contrary."

Gandalf chuckled, reflecting to himself, "You don't find Elves doing that sort of thing-more's the pity." He hugged Frodo tightly against himself and kissed the Hobbit hungrily, moaning as his cock hardened further and Frodo wriggled his bottom against it.

Soon Frodo rose and sat straddling Gandalf's hips, leaning with his hands on the wizard's shoulders to look into the dark eyes. "Gandalf, I. . . well, the four of us have done many things together up to now, but you have not experienced one sort of pleasure. I'm sure you must miss it, seeing us doing that to each other."

Gandalf looked at him curiously, suspecting what Frodo was referring to but puzzled as to how the Hobbit proposed to remedy the lack. Frodo drew a deep breath and held up his arm, curling his fingers into a fist. "I have heard that when Hobbits are with Big people, they sometimes use this in place of this," he said, touching his own flaccid cock briefly. "It could make up for the size difference. It's about as big as you are, fully erect-even a bit bigger, I think."

Gandalf stared at him for a moment, surprised and touched. He tried to look into the Hobbit's eyes, but Frodo suddenly blushed and glanced down. The wizard gently took Frodo's chin between thumb and finger and raised his head until they were again looking each other in the eye. He asked softly, "You would be willing to do that for me?"

Seeing how pleased the wizard was, Frodo became less shy, smiling and nodding. Gandalf smiled in return and kissed him. Frodo pulled back and grinned. "After all, you always end up just sitting or lying there on your back and having various quantities of Hobbits on top of you."

Gandalf laughed. "I have no objection whatsoever to that situation."

"No, but wouldn't you like a little variety? After all, you're too big to put your cock inside us-even very far into our mouths. And we're too small to be able to go inside you and pleasure you-not really, anyway. But we can't have you telling big people that Hobbits are dull fellows to be in bed with."

Gandalf continued laughing and surveyed the three. "I'm hardly likely to say anything of the sort." He sobered suddenly. "But do you know what you're offering, Frodo? It sounds as though you haven't done anything like this before. For that matter, I can't say that I have, either."

Frodo also became serious. "Well, no, but . . . I suppose I-or we-would prepare you in the same way we'd do before we go inside each other. After all this," he said, again holding up his fist, "is too big for one of us, but it should be all right for you, shouldn't it? If I'm careful, I mean."

Gandalf studied it for a moment. "Well, it's a trifle large, but yes, I think it might well be possible. If you're sure . . ."

"I am. I'm just worried that it might hurt you, but if it does, well, I'll stop."

Gandalf still hesitated. Frodo's fist was somewhat larger than most of the erections he had encountered, and he was a trifle reluctant to attempt such a thing with someone inexperienced at it. Still, much though the Hobbits had pleasured him, he admitted to himself that he had missed that one most intense sensation, and, as Frodo said, they could always abandon the effort if he decided that it was going wrong. He smiled and ran his fingers lightly down Frodo's cheek. "All right. It's very sweet of you. Let's at least try it."

The other two, who had agreed on this ahead of time with Frodo, pulled Gandalf's trousers all the way off, then moved closer. Gandalf spent some time kissing and caressing all three in turn. Aided by the thought of what was to come, his erection was quickly standing straight up, and he turned to lie on his stomach across a pillow that raised his hips somewhat, with his straining member pushed against its lower edge. Rather nervously Frodo began to spread ointment along Gandalf's cleft. The wizard exhaled slowly and closed his eyes in pleasure. Merry, who was gently kissing Gandalf's cheeks and ear, saw this and smiled reassuringly at Frodo.

Thus encouraged, Frodo slipped one finger inside. Gandalf suppressed any reaction, paused, struggling to keep a straight face, and said, "I'm ready. You can begin any time, Frodo."

The Hobbit snorted. "I've already started with one finger, as you well know."

Gandalf chuckled. "Certainly no difficulty with that. I think you can safely move on to two." He sighed and tried to relax as Frodo slipped a second finger inside and began to circle and stretch gently. Merry lay down flat and slid his head under Gandalf's from the side so that they could kiss languorously and probingly. Pippin nudged Frodo slightly to the side, leaned on the back of Gandalf's thigh, and reached forward under Frodo's hand to stroke the wizard's erection.

Frodo patiently worked with three fingers and then four to open the wizard. Pippin glanced at the Hobbit and saw that he was somewhat nervous, with a sheen of sweat on his forehead. He whispered very softly in Frodo's ear, "Do you not want to do it? I'm sure Gandalf would understand."

Frodo shook his head. "No, it's all right. I just want to make sure I don't hurt him." At last he felt he had prepared the wizard as much as possible, and curled his fingers into a fist, coating it liberally with ointment. He tilted the fist slightly to the side so that the thumb and knuckle of the first finger formed a relatively narrow end to begin with. Slow he pushed against the wizard's opening.

At once Gandalf drew away from Merry and gasped, trying to stay relaxed. "Go on," he said in a tight voice. Frodo pushed slowly but firmly until the widest part of his fist encountered real resistance. He paused. Gandalf panted for a moment, then murmured again, "Go on."

Frodo caught a deep breath and held it as he pushed hard. Pippin frowned anxiously in sympathy and glanced up at Merry, who was watching Gandalf's face as the wizard grimaced in pain. Merry raised his eyebrows, but Gandalf shook his head to indicate that he should not tell Frodo to stop. At last the Hobbit's fist went entirely inside, and he paused again. Gandalf waited until the pain receded and pressed slightly backward to signal Frodo to proceed. Pippin had noticed that the wizard's erection shrank distinctly during this process, but now it was reviving and he gave Frodo a reassuring little smile and nod. Slowly Frodo pushed further, wondering whether he would be able to find the place of greatest pleasure in a body so different from his own.

By now Gandalf's pain was giving way to a growing arousal at the feel of Frodo filling him. Merry flicked at his ear with a sharp tongue, and the wizard whispered, "Oh, yes." Gandalf could sense Frodo's uncertainty, and he shifted slightly, trying to bring Frodo's fist into contact with his prostate. Finally he said hoarsely, "Frodo . . . I suspect that if you just bend your wrist a little, downward-that is, toward the mattress . . ." He uttered a loud snort and flinched as Frodo found his pleasure point. The Hobbit sighed with relief and rubbed his fist in and out slightly along the tight, hot passage, his knuckles pressed against the front.

By now Gandalf was writhing and panting hard. "That's marvelous!" he managed to say. "Don't hurry on my account," he added. Frodo grinned and stroked slowly while Pippin ran his fingers teasingly up and down the wizard's shaft. Merry scooted down slightly and nudged the wizard to rise and prop himself on one hand as the Hobbit slid his head underneath the chest. He nearly sneezed as strands of the wizard's beard tickled his nose, but he pushed the thick hair aside and found the prominent dark-brown nub already hard from Gandalf's arousal. He licked and sucked at it, and the wizard jerked.

Drifting in a haze of exquisite sensations, Gandalf giddily thought, "Three Hobbits, definitely." It was hard to believe that another one could possibly make his body feel any better than it did at that moment. Eventually he realized that Frodo could not keep going forever, and though he had lost any sense of how much time had passed, he suspected that the Hobbit was probably tiring. "Go ahead, harder," he gasped, and at once felt Frodo press downward more firmly and increase the pace. Pippin abandoned his gentle caresses and grasped Gandalf's cock, pulling and squeezing it energetically. Before long the wizard stiffened and raised his head, moaning as the Hobbits' combined efforts released him to soar in a flight of intense ecstasy. Without realizing it, he thrust through Pippin's gripping hands and against the pillow, his come spilling onto the bedclothes despite the Hobbit's efforts to catch it by cupping his hand around the tip.

As Gandalf relaxed down onto the mattress with a final shuddering groan, Merry rose and moved quickly to pass towels to the other Hobbits. Frodo slowly withdrew, panting slightly with the effort, feeling his arm a bit stiff. Pippin swabbed at the blanket, to little effect. He straightened up onto his knees and watched as Gandalf pulled the pillow back up to the head of the bed and carefully rolled over and eased himself down onto it, gasping as his erection slowly dipped from the vertical to rest against his thigh. Frodo had crossed the room to wash, but he immediately returned and crawled up beside Gandalf. The wizard opened his eyes blearily and welcomed the Hobbit down into his arms, kissing his face gently. "That was splendid, Frodo, absolutely splendid. I don't think a full-sized man could have given me more pleasure." He raised his head to look at the other two Hobbits, now seated side by side against the footboard. "Of course, you had some very capable assistance." The pair grinned and their arms over each other's shoulders. Soon they were kissing gently. Still panting slightly, Gandalf closed his eyes and added, "If I ever recover the ability to move, I swear I shall reduce all three of you to a similar state."

Frodo rubbed his cheek against the wizard's chest and then, when Gandalf's breathing was back to normal, stretched up to whisper in his ear, "Would you like to reward me now?"

Gandalf pulled his head back slightly to stare at him. "Are you ready again so soon? I've long known that Hobbits are randy little fellows-"

Merry freed his mouth from Pippin's just long enough to mutter audibly, "Look who's talking."

Gandalf smirked slightly at this, then turned back to Frodo. "Well, for the moment I do not feel at all randy-just very contented." He surveyed Frodo's beautiful body in a leisurely fashion, ending with the sapphire eyes so close to his own. The wizard leaned in to brush moist lips lazily across the smooth cheek as he gently pinched and rubbed the tiny, hard beads on Frodo's chest. "And what would be a suitable reward for such a lovely, generous Hobbit, do you think?" he murmured.

Frodo shifted slightly at these caresses. "Mmmmm, make love to me-just me for once," Frodo breathed in the wizard's ear. They turned their heads to see Merry and Pipping becoming more energetic in their caresses and rolling to lie side by side as they giggled and kissed. "It looks like this is our chance."

"Make love to only one Hobbit during an orgy!" Gandalf whispered, laughing quietly. "It hardly seems right . . . and yet . . . yes, I can see that your, um, interest is reviving markedly. Well, I suppose it's true, you did arrive late. You need to catch up, don't you?"

"Yes. When I was inside you, I imagined what my hand was making you feel, and then I started wanting you to make me feel the same."

Gandalf kissed his cheek again. "Well, I hope I can do as marvelous a job as you did. I'll give it a try, anyway." He pressed his lips gently against Frodo's, sucking and licking slowly for a while before exploring the sweet little mouth more enthusiastically. Frodo welcomed him and shifted so that he could put his arms around the wizard's neck and pull him into a deeper kiss. Soon the Hobbit was gasping and moaning, urging Gandalf's body on top of him. Enchanted by the abandon with which Frodo twisted and pressed against him, Gandalf rose and moved above the Hobbit, supporting himself on his elbows and watching the lovely body writhe in need. The wizard lowered himself onto Frodo, pressing him into the mattress and moving slowly down his neck and chest, lingering to lick and suck greedily at his nipples. With a smile he stretched a strand of his beard between his thumbs and fingers, then rubbed the taut, rough hair back and forth over the hard nubs, making Frodo squirm and whimper delightedly. Finally Gandalf skimmed his tongue down over the silky skin of the belly. He nuzzled into the little nest of curly hair, then spread Frodo's bent legs wide and slid his hands to cup the Hobbit's buttocks, lifting and tilting him up until he could slide his tongue into the cleft to lick and poke at the sensitive entrance.

Pippin, enjoying the feel of Merry's lips against his throat, caught a glimpse of this and pushed his cousin away slightly. They both sat up abruptly and stared wide-eyed at the wizard, who was doing something to Frodo that was quite outside their ken. Without looking away, Pippin nudged his cousin with his elbow. "Merry, are you watching this?"

Merry stretched his neck sideways to get a better view as they heard Frodo keening with bliss. He whispered in awe, "Yes!"

Pippin licked his lips. "Are you watching very, very carefully?"


Gandalf put his thumbs on either side of Frodo's moist entrance and spread it slightly open-aided by the fact that it was still somewhat loose from Merry's having taken Frodo earlier. He pushed the tip of his tongue just inside and wriggled it, then thrust it rhythmically against the puckered flesh. Two audible gulps beside him made him linger over the demonstration, and Frodo's upright erection twitched with each movement. Eventually the wizard lowered Frodo's buttocks and proceeded in a leisurely fashion to kiss his way up the erection, which became fully hard under his parted lips. Dipping his finger into the ointment jar, he covered it with ointment to rub over the Hobbit's tiny entrance. Inspired and reinvigorated by what they had just witnessed, Merry and Pippin went back to their own lovemaking, determined to try out this new technique with each other as soon as possible.

Frodo was moaning with delight, and Gandalf took the tip of his slender member into his mouth and sucked gently, hoping to distract the Hobbit from any pain that his finger might cause as it gradually invaded him. Frodo groaned as Gandalf lowered his head to take the entire erection into his mouth and pushed his finger fully into the velvet sheath. Skillfully he stroked over Frodo's prostate, but not hard enough to drive the Hobbit to quick ecstasy. His languidly moving tongue and slowly thrusting finger tantalized Frodo, prolonging the Hobbit's bliss as Frodo had done for him. Much easier for me than for him, he reflected, determining to keep his partner hovering for as long as possible. He could hear more groaning coming from behind him, joined soon by some thrashing, and then silence. He realized that he need not worry about the other two feeling neglected.

The wizard delighted in the feel of Frodo's smooth cock, with just a hint of pulsing veins against his tongue, and in the sight of the Hobbit's face. Frodo's eyes were tightly shut, and little flinches of pleasure passed across his features as he panted, swallowing and licking his lips occasionally. Each gentle stroke of Gandalf's finger elicited a tiny moan, but the wizard continued to refrain from increasing the speed or pressure. Soon Pippin and Merry left briefly to wash, then returned and climbed up to loll beside them, watching with glazed eyes. They were so content that they did not even envy Frodo his position under the adept mouth and hands of the wizard-not much anyway. Not at first.

Eventually Frodo's hips undulated slightly and he begged, "Please, Gandalf! I can't wait any more!" Gradually the wizard pressed and sucked more firmly until the Hobbit drew in a deep, shuddering breath, paused, quivering on the brink, and finally emitted a groan of relief as his balls pumped warm liquid into Gandalf's eager mouth. The wizard kept going until he was sure that every last little jolt of ecstasy had receded, then withdrew and sat up. He took another of the little towels and moved back to lean against the footboard, wiping his hand. A peaceful silence ensued as he and the other two Hobbits watched Frodo fondly. Suddenly they heard a tiny snore. Gandalf chuckled, "Well, that eliminates one Hobbit, at least for now. Um, how much longer do you two think you'll want to keep going?" he asked with some trepidation, remembering the rigors late in their little session back in May.

Merry and Pippin glanced at each other inquiringly, then stared at the wizard. "Until we look like that," said Merry, gesturing toward Frodo, asleep with a peaceful expression on his face. Pippin nodded.

"By all rights you should already!" Gandalf said with a touch of asperity.

Pippin shrugged. "But we don't."

Merry shrugged and shook his head. "We're both still fairly young, you know." He raised his eyebrows and looked challengingly at the wizard. Gandalf clicked his tongue and frowned at him. Impudent little fellow!

The wizard shifted his legs and slumped wearily back against the footboard, lowering his head to rest on its edge, sighing and briefly closing his eyes. He opened them quickly as he felt the two move to press against him on either side.

"Frodo wasn't the only one involved in all that. What about our rewards?"

Gandalf smiled, feeling the luxurious afterglow pervading his body as a result of the combined efforts of three Hobbits. "All right. Since we now know that I can deal with both of you at once, this shouldn't take long." He waggled his eyebrows at them, and they rose, grinning broadly.

About fifteen minutes later Gandalf surveyed the two satiated Hobbits who were sitting on the mattress and grinning drowsily up at him. With a smug little smile, he moved to lounge against the pillows beside Frodo and put his arm around the sleeping Hobbit, who cuddled up to him without waking. With some effort, Merry and Pippin managed to lie crosswise on the bed beside the wizard so that their heads were propped on his belly opposite Frodo. Gandalf surveyed the three, draped over him much as they had been last May. "Perhaps I could have done with a fourth," he thought. He yawned. "Or perhaps not. No, probably not. Time for a quick nap before dinner, in fact." He tried to pull part of the tangled blanket over at least himself and Frodo and grimaced at the sticky blots that adorned it. He whispered to Merry and Pippin, "I must get one of you three to exchange blankets and pillows with me this evening. Otherwise rumors might get back to Elrond and he really will think that I asked him to send you two along to be my sexual playthings. Which I told you, I DIDN'T!"

Pippin said sleepily, "Well, maybe he'll just think that we insisted on going on the Quest so that you could be our sexual plaything. He couldn't blame you for that."

Gandalf tried to stifle his laughter so as not to wake Frodo, and he shook his head at Pippin. "Now that is one idea that never occurred to me." He continued to chuckle silently as the two joined Frodo in sleep. Three Hobbits for one wizard? Make that one wizard for three Hobbits. Perfect. And he settled down to join all three in a well-earned nap.