More Rumors

by Nefertiti

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Eomer

Summary: A sequel to "Rumors," following immediately afterward. Éomer continues to satisfy his curiosity about some Wizard-related rumors.

Disclaimer: No rights, no income.

Author's note: Book-canon. The action takes place during the night of August 11, 3019, Third Age ("Many Partings," in The Return of the King). As before, pure PWP, just me giving the wizard another beautiful man to play with.

Thanks to Haleth Haladin ("Wizards Are Lovely") for getting me thinking about the erotic possibilities of Gandalf's beard. I am grateful to Henrika for comments and to Sarah for her enthusiastic and speedy beta work.

As Gandalf and Éomer reached the Wizard's room, they carefully looked around to see if they were observed. The dimly lit hallway was completely empty, however, and Gandalf opened the door, slipping in and moving aside to let the King enter. With a sweep of his staff and a murmured spell, the Wizard lit all the candles in the room, then set it against the wall and closed the door. The soft light revealed a room hung with rich tapestries and supplied with heavy, carven furniture, including a very large bed. "I made sure that you were given this room," the Man said softly with a smile. "It has the biggest bed in any of the guest chambers." The window was wide open, and stars had by now kindled in the inky sky beyond. A faint, cool breeze freshened the warmth of August. How pleasant, the Wizard reflected, that they would not need to make love under blankets. He could survey every bit of Éomer's beautiful body-some of which he had yet to see.

Gandalf turned and faced Éomer, smiling in quiet anticipation. Yes, he thought, reading Elrond's history of the goblin wars of the First Age was pleasant enough, but spending the night with such a lover was so very preferable. Even Elrond would have to admit that. He reached up to stroke the backs of his bent fingers slowly down Éomer's cheek. The Man settled against the door, drawing Gandalf into his arms and kissing him languidly.

Eventually Éomer released the Wizard's mouth and pulled back to say, "Now, I believe that you said something about being grateful."

In answer, Gandalf withdrew from his arms and crossed to the pitcher and basin on a large chest between the window and the cold fireplace. He poured a bit of water and moistened a cloth, looking back expectantly at his companion. "Shall we begin by removing the last traces of your own gratitude?" he asked. Éomer nodded and crossed to him, unfastening and lowering his trousers. He stepped out of them, and gently Gandalf washed his flaccid penis, noting delightedly that it was showing definite hints of revival by the time he was finished. He moved behind the man and lifted his shirt-tails, sliding the damp cloth slowly into the cleft between his buttocks. Éomer grunted softly with pleasure and slid his feet slightly apart, placing his hand on the wooden chest to steady himself as he arched his back to allow easier access. Gently the Wizard rubbed, more caressing than cleaning, and his other hand squeezed and stroked the firm buttocks, so perfectly shaped that the Wizard shook his head slightly in amazement. The thought of soon burying himself between them made his cock begin slowly to revive, twitching and swelling within his clothes.

After a quiet interval when the pair uttered only soft sighs and gasps, Gandalf put down the cloth and moved around to press his body against the powerful young Man and kiss him more hungrily. He sucked hard at Éomer's lips, and his hands wandered over the muscular torso, clutching and rubbing avidly through the cloth of his shirt. Before long, he was thrusting his hips gently against the Man, who slipped his hand between them to cup the Wizard's groin. Éomer managed to free his mouth. Gandalf did not pause but slid his eager lips down to suck at the Man's throat. Éomer's fingers delved down past Gandalf's waistband into the loosely fastened trouser-front, confirming what he had suspected.

The Man gasped. "Already! Yet another rumor proves true." He grinned and then moaned as the Wizard's tongue laved his ear thoroughly. "Yes, I have heard that once you get started, it is very difficult to stop you."

Gandalf reluctantly withdrew his mouth just long enough to reply. "Then you apparently knew what you were letting yourself in for. But if I have such an enticing partner, why should I want to stop?"

Éomer squirmed as the Wizard's lips nibbled at his throat. "Usually it's not a matter of wanting-it's being able to-oh!" Gandalf's hand had wandered under his hanging shirt and was pulling at his reviving erection. For a few moments he propped his hip against the chest, his eyes closed, allowing the Wizard to kiss and fondle him. "And why in Arda would I want to stop you?" he whispered. Finally, feeling that standing up was far too great an effort and a distraction, he reluctantly pushed Gandalf away, waggling his eyebrows as he said lasciviously. "I have heard another rumor."

Gandalf panted and grinned at him in anticipation of what Éomer was about to say. Indeed, he was very curious to learn just how many rumors were circulating about him. They were certainly very encouraging! His partners had apparently been as pleased as they had seemed. And whatever this delicious young Man was about to ask for, he was eager to supply. Éomer draped his hands over the Wizard's shoulders, staring into his eyes warmly and pivoting to walk backwards toward the bed, drawing Gandalf after him. As his legs bumped up against the edge of the mattress, Éomer gave the Wizard a deep, arousing, but brief kiss and said softly, "It has been such a little time, and yet you are making me hard again already. I am beginning to think that every single rumor is true!"

The Wizard reluctantly restrained himself from kissing the Man again and instead smiled benignly at him and shook his head. "Nay, do not believe them all yet. Some of them may seem to you highly implausible, and perhaps they are. Make me prove each and every one of them. Do not be satisfied with anything but complete and conclusive proof!"

Éomer eased himself up onto the bed, pulling the pillows up to lean them against the headboard. He rested back against them and said, "One rumor that I have heard is that you are very fond of . . ." He unbuttoned his shirt and spread it wide to reveal his muscular chest and relaxed, light-brown nipples, each with a hint of a tiny peak in the center. Gandalf stared at them and slowly began to pant as he climbed up onto the bed, quickly removing his own shirt and straddling Éomer's thighs. The Man slid until he was nearly lying down, licking his lips enticingly and watching in keen anticipation as Gandalf's eyes slowly wandered over his naked torso. The Wizard shook his head and sighed, "So very beautiful." Indeed, the muscular body was as perfect as the Man's face, its satiny skin remarkably free of scars for such an experienced warrior. Despite his longing to feel that body with lips and fingers, he savored the sight for a little while before leaning forward to touch it. He took advantage of the pause to squirm out of his trousers and toss them aside.

Trying to control his panting, Gandalf placed the end of a finger delicately on one smooth nipple, tickling it as it quickly puckered and stiffened. Leaning forward, he continued to flick his finger gently over the tight, erect nipple, moaning softly as Éomer gulped and arched his chest up to meet the Wizard's touch. He swallowed hard as he rolled the nipple, watching the changes his finger caused in the shape of the firm nub and the tautness of the brown, pebbled areola. He continued to roll it for a long time, glancing up at intervals into Éomer's utterly rapt face, watching how the flinches of pleasure reflected a growing arousal. Then he took it between finger and thumb, twirling and pulling it. "So many subtleties," Éomer heard the Wizard murmur happily, and he gasped with quiet laughter despite his arousal.

Eventually Gandalf surrendered the joy of watching the Man's expression and lowered his head to the other side of the muscular chest, pausing briefly to examine the relaxed, smooth nipple from close up before pressing his open mouth over it and flicking it with his tongue. His eyes squeezed shut in bliss as he felt the firm nub form under his tongue, and he sucked it, moaning with happiness, wanting to go on as long as Éomer could possibly enjoy him doing so. His fingertips plucked at the other nipple, and he felt the Man writhe and quiver with pleasure. Éomer's own fingers glided with a gentle, fleeting, teasing touch up and down the Wizard's back, and Gandalf was soon trembling and humming with arousal.

Finally Éomer clutched Gandalf's shoulders and pulled the eager Wizard up to face him. "That feels marvelous, but I have heard that you can use that beard in fascinating ways, too."

Gandalf grinned. "So I am assured, at any rate. I used not to think of my beard as anything but a nuisance when it came to making love. It is so very long, after all. But . . . then I had a partner who made some suggestions and seemed to enjoy the results."

He watched the Man's face again as he grasped the end of his beard and tickled the left nipple gently. Éomer twitched and chuckled. "Keep going," he murmured, his eyes sliding shut. Gandalf brushed the wavy, rough hair more firmly over the sensitive nub, gasping as he watched the Man's face slacken in blissful concentration on the Wizard's tiniest gestures. He laid the end of his beard over the taut nipple and then placed his hand flat upon it, rubbing gently in a circular motion. The soft tickling, which soon began to have just a hint of scratching, sent jolts of pleasure surging through Éomer's body, straight down to his swelling cock.

The Man gasped out, "I've . . . I've never felt anything like that . . . don't stop . . . please!" His eyes flew open as the Wizard withdrew the caresses, but he grinned as he saw that Gandalf was separating the end of his beard so that he could tease both nipples at once. Soon his hands were circling above both taut nubs, rasping the hair gently over them. Éomer squirmed and whimpered beneath him. Gandalf watched him cheerfully, his own cock growing firm and heavy as it lay along the Man's muscular belly. He shifted slightly and began to rock his hips, pushing his own length firmly along Éomer's reviving erection. The Man managed to open his eyes briefly and murmur, "That's marvelous" to him before sinking into quiet enjoyment again. One of his hands cupped Gandalf's buttocks to pull him slightly harder against himself, while the other pinched one of the Wizard's nipples.

The combination of sensations was so exquisite that neither wanted to move on, and they remained quietly pleasuring each other in the same way for long minutes. At last the ache in his cock drove the Wizard to slide further down Éomer's legs and shift his knees between them. The Man bent and spread his legs, sighing happily as Gandalf leaned down to lick his entire length repeatedly and then move his loosely pursed lips along the prominent ridge, flicking it firmly with the hard tip of his tongue. His mouth moved downward until he could suck wetly on one of the balls enclosed in the Man's tight sac, moving to the other after he had made Éomer begin to whimper with longing.

Soon Gandalf placed his hands on the undersides of the Man's thighs, pushing slightly. Éomer took the hint and grasped his shins, raising his bent, spread legs and holding them tightly against his body. The wanton position fully presented his organ and cleft to the Wizard, and Gandalf gently tickled and rubbed the puckered flesh of his taut opening. A small moan escaped the Man as he watched Gandalf probe it delicately and then place his fingers on either side of the small depression, stretching the ring of flesh slightly and poking at it with the tip of his tongue. He rose and looked at the Man with a teasing little smile. "Confirming another rumor, perhaps?" he inquired, grinning as Éomer nodded weakly and dropped his head back onto the pillow, snorting softly as the Wizard's tongue thrust and wiggled insistently. As the Man's entrance slowly relaxed, Gandalf invaded it further, thrusting repeatedly and stretching it further open with his strong fingers. Wanting even more access, the Wizard licked his thumb and inserted its first joint, stretching the flesh this way and that, then withdrawing it again and replacing it with his eager, delving tongue. Éomer made an odd gurgling noise deep in his throat and spread his legs slightly further.

Eventually the Wizard raised his head and then gave the entrance a few final licks before rising to reach over and retrieve the bottle of oil from the bedside table where Éomer had placed it. He poured a little over his fingers and slowly inserted one, bending it upward and sliding it forward until the Man released his legs and let his feet rest on the bed as he clutched the sheets and arched upward, further impaling himself on the invading finger. Gandalf's stiff member throbbed as the Wizard imagined himself inside that tight, moist passage, pulled by the young Man's eager movements. He slipped a second finger in and pressed rhythmically until Éomer was thrashing and uttering inarticulate pleas. Gandalf's fingers scissored more and more broadly, feeling the little ring relaxing further for him.

As the Wizard was preparing Éomer, his beard draped itself over the Man's hard member, and he moved his chin back and forth so that the hair sent a soft but exquisite sensation along its length. Éomer gasped and clenched his eyes shut, bucking upward again.

The Man spread his legs wider and said in a tight voice, "I have heard a very plausible rumor that your aim with that"-he nodded toward the Wizard's rigid member-"is perfect."

Gandalf laughed softly. "Well, you must be the judge of that. I promise that I shall do my best." He poured more oil onto his fingers and stroked his own purple erection a few times, then rubbed the tip against Éomer's entrance, which by now was slack enough to be slightly open. The Man sucked in a hissing breath and shifted his torso impatiently. Gandalf pushed his hips forward until the large crown of his erection was inside. He began to thrust very slightly, savoring the initial tight grip. Yes, he definitely wanted to prolong this as long as possible.

Éomer squirmed under him. "More! Fill me, please!" As the bulbous tip slid further, the Man's entire body jerked suddenly. "Oh, yes! Perfect . . . aim indeed. No, no, don't hold back. All of it, hard!" He wrapped his legs around the Wizard's waist.

Withdrawing almost entirely and reaching down to pinch the Man's nipples, Gandalf flexed his hips and forced his length deeper, watching the beautiful face and continuing with long, slow strokes to drive himself in until Éomer dug his heels into the Wizard's back and gritted his teeth. "Sink it all the way!" he begged. Gandalf gave a final, powerful thrust that buried his cock in the clutching sheath within the Man's body.

Gandalf sighed blissfully and closed his eyes, the wiry muscles of his lean buttocks clenching rhythmically to plunge his hard length into the Man. Having satisfied their greatest need already, they could delay and savor their fulfillment, moaning with desire, yet not willing to end their pleasure. At one point the Wizard felt his arousal intensifying too quickly, and he withdrew, eliciting a disappointed moan from his partner. Gandalf rubbed the tip of his organ against the Man's opening, pushing against it too lightly to force himself through. Éomer's feet pushed against the mattress as he strove to impale himself upon the Wizard's member again. At last Gandalf judged himself to be calm enough to continue, and he slid inside again. He leaned further forward to place his fists on either side of the Man's torso, so that his beard fell along the belly. Éomer opened his eyes at the tickling sensation. "Why not play with it a little?" the Wizard asked breathily.

Éomer grinned at him, his eyes glazed with pleasure and his powerful body shining with sweat. He tentatively covered his nipples with the beard as the Wizard had done, circling his palms and pressing the wiry hair over the firm little beads. Gandalf maintained his leisurely pace, his muscles tightening and relaxing as he rocked against Éomer. He withdrew his cock almost entirely with each thrust and then reveled in the pressure that gripped it with each glide forward. The sight of the Man's ecstatic abandon enormously fueled his own arousal.

After a long time the Wizard could hear the blood pounding in his ears and felt himself having to hold distinctly back, sweat by now creating a sheen on his face and body as well. He slowed slightly and tilted his head slightly to the side to look beneath the beard and watch Éomer's member bobbing up and down with each thrust. He glanced up to catch the Man's eye and lowered them to his beard with a little grin. Understanding immediately, Éomer grinned in return and grasped the end of the beard, draping it around his shaft loosely and stroking it up and down. As the rough hair slid over the silky, high-veined shaft he managed to whisper, "Wonderful!" His head rolled slowly on the pillow as the combination of sensations rendered him dizzy with impending bliss.

Gandalf panted as he watched the reflections of that bliss pass across the Man's face. He again was nearing the pinnacle of ecstasy himself. It was difficult to force himself to maintain the slow pace, but he found that he simply could not will himself to withdraw again. Éomer reached up suddenly with his free hand to again pinch and roll one of the Wizard's nipples. Feeling himself nearing the brink, almost free to fall over into the ultimate pleasure, Gandalf gasped. "Should I proceed at a canter or a gallop?" he asked in a tight voice.

Éomer chuckled hoarsely. "I have heard . . . that you can ride . . . as hard as the fiercest Rohirrim warrior charging into battle."

Gandalf managed to reply delightedly. "I take it that you want such a charge now."

"Oh, please! Yes!"

The Wizard clutched Éomer's aching shaft tightly, pumping it as he began to thrust hard, throwing his head back and drawing in hissing breaths through his clenched teeth. The Man groaned and ground his hips upward to impale himself even further onto the pounding cock. "Oh, please," he murmured again. Gandalf sucked in a deep breath and doubled his speed, feeling ecstasy teasing at his shaft, luring him to plunge deeper into the welcoming heat and tightness until his body suddenly arched and stiffened. Pleasure seared through him, and he moaned loudly with each spasm as his balls clenched and poured his seed deep into the Man. He strove to continue thrusting rhythmically as Éomer gulped and thrashed beneath him. The Man suddenly tensed, uttering a groan that was almost a roar and then whimpering shrilly as the intense climax wracked his body. Gandalf managed to open his eyes and watch the streams of thick liquid spraying from the Man's tiny slit.

Once their climaxes faded, the Wizard remained where he was, kneeling and waiting for his head to clear and his breathing to return to normal. Eventually Éomer opened his eyes and looked up at him in utter delight. Then he glanced at his own stomach. "I'm afraid quite a lot of that got into your beard."

"Oh, no matter. I find that once it is dry, it combs out quite easily. And besides, we both shall need a bath."

"Indeed. Speaking of which . . ." Éomer pulled the cloth they had used earlier from the bedside table and handed it to the Wizard, who folded it over to use a dry area to wipe them both as he withdrew. Slowly he crawled up beside the Man and lowered himself to the mattress.

The Wizard gave a very contented sigh, turning his head to admire Éomer's profile as the young Man lay breathing deeply, a thoroughly contented little smile on his lips. Gandalf could still not quite believe his own good luck at having such beauty offered to him. If only he could live up to those rumors and keep going far into the night! Alas, he had long since learned that his repertoire of magic did not include any spells that could bring that about. After awhile he remarked, "You seem to have spent a great deal of time gossiping about me to have heard so many rumors."

Éomer turned to look at Gandalf with a little laugh and then gazed thoughtfully at the ceiling. "Well, I have long admired you, you know. You always seemed so wise and kind-and funny-on those occasions when you came to Edoras when I was younger. I remember many a time when you sent the whole table into gales of laughter with some unexpected ending to a comic tale. I was saddened to see my uncle slowly grow cold toward you as his mind was poisoned by Grima. But frankly it had never occurred to me that you indulged in such mundane activities as love-making. When I was in Minas Tirith after the war ended and heard the first rumor about you, I was mightily intrigued. It went so counter to my previous opinion of you, and I only half believed it. So, yes, I sought out more such gossip-and I must say that it was not hard to discover! And each claim seemed more intriguing than the last. I soon found myself thinking about those rumors whenever I would see you. I figured that some would have to be true or they would not be so widespread-or so consistent. Finally I decided that I could not resist trying to find out for myself. I'm very glad that I did." The Man looked at Gandalf speculatively. "You have one more day here, do you not?"

Gandalf nodded with a grin.

Éomer continued. "And nothing vitally important to do?"

Gandalf grinned more broadly and shook his head. "Nothing at all."

"Then maybe you can help me to become a rumor-monger myself."

Gandalf laughed and rolled onto his side until he was lightly pressed against his partner's arm. "Mmm, I should be more than delighted, my dear Éomer! Rumors, I have found, can have most delightful results." He chuckled as he stretched over to nuzzle against the Man's neck, kissing it lazily.

Éomer settled further into the pillow with a contented sigh. His eyelids were drooping. "Well, you may want to go on and on, but I'm not a mighty Wizard, and I'm afraid I need a little sleep."

Gandalf yawned and rolled onto his back again. "Perhaps that particular rumor was slightly exaggerated. I would be perfectly happy to get some sleep myself." He paused and turned his head to look at his companion, frowning in puzzlement. "But do you really plan to stay here for the entire night? Of course, I should like nothing better, but surely tongues would wag if your servants found the king's bed empty in the morning."

Éomer pulled the Wizard against his side and hugged him, rubbing his cheek against the top of the white hair. "Oh, I don't mind if the servants gossip. It wouldn't be the first time. I just didn't want them listening at the keyhole while we pleasured each other. Here we can be alone and peaceful." He hesitated and pulled his head back to look into Gandalf's face with a fond smile, "Besides, I have also heard that you have a very interesting way of waking your partners in the morning."