Every Time It Rains, It Rains - Hobbits!

by Nefertiti

Disclaimer: I claim no rights to any of the Tolkienesque elements in this story and will never see a penny off it.

Author's note: Book-based. The action takes place in May of 3018, during Gandalf's two-month stay with Frodo at Bag End after telling him about the Ring in April. This story was written at the request of Elanor, muse and beta extraordinaire, who wanted a wizard/hobbit orgy. After all that she has done for me, her wish is my command. So blame her.

As Gandalf was looping a particularly complicated set of fuses around the supports of an elaborate pictorial fireworks display, he spotted dark clouds and a small shower approaching from the northwest. The rain seemed to be headed along a path that would inevitably take it over the Party Field, and he hurriedly covered over the fireworks that he had set up that day under light tarpaulins. No point in working any more that afternoon, he thought. He was ahead of where he had expected to be by the end of that day in preparing for Pippin's upcoming birthday party. It was not a particularly significant birthday for Pippin-simply his 29th. Still, Frodo had seized upon it as an excuse for a party during an anxious time, what with his and Gandalf's worries about the Ring. A chance to forget for a while. And because of that, Frodo had decided to make it quite a lavish affair-though not nearly so much so as Bilbo's farewell party sixteen and a half years earlier.

This was the first time since that earlier party that Gandalf had put on a fireworks display in the Shire. The early summer weather had recently turned warm, and the birthday was being celebrated in the old Party Field to permit him to do so. The wizard did not have much time for making fireworks these days, and he had not managed to concoct really elaborate ones from the makings available locally. Still, he hoped to put on a display that would not tarnish his reputation for such things.

By the time he had finished covering everything over, rain was definitely threatening. He might as well go back to Bag End. As he walked, he reflected on how much had happened in those years since Bilbo's departure. And yet the Shire still looked exactly the same-a quiet haven where he could relax, if only for a short while. Just as he reached the round green door of the comfortable hobbit hole, a few drops were starting to spatter on the gravel walk. Once inside, he hung his cloak and hat on the hallway hooks and checked the kitchen and sitting room. No one seemed to be about, although a pair of rather tired-looking hobbits whom he recognized as distant relations of Frodo's appeared from the depths of the hole, where they had been depositing some recently delivered boxes of supplies. He nodded to them and walked slowly back toward the guest room that Bilbo had long ago had specially fitted with man-size furniture. If there was no one about to share a pipe and mug of ale with, it might be a good time for a nap, he thought cheerfully.

The wizard opened the door of his room and came to an abrupt stop as he moved through the doorway. There was Merry, lying on his bed, with Pippin on top of him. They were stark naked and before they froze at hearing the door open, they had been kissing and caressing each other quite energetically. They looked at the wizard in surprise, and Pippin rolled off Merry to loll back on his elbows. Gandalf's first rational thought was that, after all these years of visiting Bag End, he had somehow opened the wrong door. But no, there was the man-size bed and the boxes of squibs and crackers he had made as party favors, stacked neatly in the corner. It was definitely his room. But what were two naked hobbits doing in it? That is, it was clear what they were doing. But why were they doing it here?

Despite their surprise, neither hobbit seemed terribly upset at seeing the wizard, and Pippin's relaxed posture made it easy for Gandalf to see that his erection was not subsiding very much. Neither was Merry's. The wizard tried with only partial success to keep his gaze on the two hobbits' faces. He realized that he had never really noticed how attractive these two were until it had just at this moment been dramatically brought to his attention. He was more used to being exasperated with them over some bit of mischief-though this particular type of mischief had not, alas, been in evidence up to now. They were slightly chubby, like most hobbits, but the wizard had long since got used to that and found it rather appealing.

Gandalf took a deep breath and tried to be as insouciant as the pair before him. Why should he be the embarrassed one in this situation? "Well! I gather that you two didn't expect me back so soon."

Pippin grinned impishly. "Why? How do you know we weren't just fooling around, waiting for you to come back?"

Gandalf frowned uncertainly and was about to laugh, then stopped and decided not to encourage this cheeky young fellow. "Very funny. You should be careful what you say, young Pippin. What if I took you seriously?"

The two hobbits glanced at each other suddenly, then stared at Gandalf again.

He felt more than a little uncomfortable addressing two naked hobbits with the remains of very hard erections and began to wish that he had simply ducked out and closed the door again when he had first seen them. But initially he had been too taken aback to move, and besides, he had to admit to himself, the view was most enticing. It still was. He cleared his throat and returned to his initial and quite natural question. "May I ask just why you chose my room for your . . . activities?"

Merry looked brightly at him. "Well, Bilbo's old room is already occupied by a couple of fellows who had this idea before we did-distant cousins, but we really didn't know them well enough to join them. And people are constantly going in and out of Frodo's room because so many party supplies are stored in there-and besides, his bed is pretty small. The only things stored here are your fireworks and crackers, and you made them all yourself, so no more will be arriving, and they won't be needed until the day of the party-and no one would dare touch them anyway, in case they exploded. And besides, your bed is huge," he concluded in a somewhat breathless rush.

Pippin waggled his eyebrows. "Yes, big enough for several hobbits. And we thought you'd be out working on your fireworks displays for hours, just like yesterday."

"It started to rain."

Pippin looked at Merry. "Didn't think of that. It looked so fine when we were last outside."

Gandalf sighed and said in long-suffering tones, "Well, I suppose I can go out into the kitchen and give you a bit of time here. But could you at least change the bedding when you're finished?"

As he turned to leave, Pippin said, "Wait!" Gandalf stopped, and the two hobbits carried out an elaborate conversation consisting of glances at him and various raisings of eyebrows, nods, frowns, and other facial contortions. The wizard watched in fascination-though he was far more interested in their naked bodies than with whatever they were making faces about. They still had not entirely lost their erections, he noted. Typically randy hobbits, he thought. Again he wished he had left immediately. His own cock was swelling every minute he stood there, and it would be rather undignified for it to be noticed that he was lusting after these impudent young fellows. Which, he could not deny to himself, he definitely was doing.

Finally the pair nodded at each other, and Merry turned to Gandalf again and said with the first trace of nervousness either had displayed, "It's your room, after all. We can hardly expect you to leave on our account. Stay if you like."

Gandalf stared at him briefly, doubting that Merry could be implying what the wizard hoped he was. That would too good to be true. He tried to keep his response light. "You're leaving in that condition? Or are you inviting me to watch?"

The pair exchanged yet another meaningful glance-meaningful to the two of them, at least. Pippin stared the wizard in the eye, not quite as cheerfully as before. "Well, you could watch to begin with, I suppose. But if that's all you want to do, then . . . I guess we should go and find someplace else, right, Merry?"

Merry nodded, and they both stared at Gandalf hopefully, still not seeming at all worried or embarrassed. The wizard could hardly mistake their intentions now, and he closed the door and moved slowly across the room to stand by the bed. He could not help but feel that he should resist these blandishments-but just how much temptation could he be expected to ignore? Not this much, he concluded, after perusing their bodies from a closer vantage point.

Pippin glanced at Merry. "It would be very interesting to find out what that beard feels like against your bare skin."

"Very interesting," Merry agreed.

Gandalf watched their animated faces as they laughed and talked and licked their lips. It would be very interesting to find out what those wet little tongues would feel like on his bare skin. He glanced at both, unsure as to how to proceed. "But I've never had-"

Merry interrupted incredulously, "Never had a hobbit?"

"Don't be foolish! Of course I have. It's just that I've never had two hobbits. At the same time," he added, in the interest of precision.

Pippin grinned and licked his lips again. "Well, best seize the chance now that it's offered itself. After all, two hobbits to satisfy your every desire!" He leaned over and whispered something in Merry's ear. The other hobbit struggled to suppress a giggle.

Gandalf narrowed his eyes. "What are you two up to now?"

"Nothing yet," Pippin said with wide eyes. "How can we be until you join us up here?"

Gandalf turned and sat down gingerly on the edge of the bed. Should he take one of them in his arms? he wondered. But how to choose? They were equally appealing. Would starting with one insult the other? Quite a pleasant dilemma, he thought, looking back and forth at the two naked hobbits now pressed up against either arm. Perhaps sensing the reason for his hesitation, the pair simultaneously began to undress the wizard, Merry tackling his shirt buttons while Pippin hopped off the bed briefly to dispose of his boots. As Merry worked, he glanced into Gandalf's face, and, seeing the growing desire there, leaned slowly over to brush his lips gently against the larger ones. The wizard closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly, moving his lips over Merry's, then gently flicking the end of his tongue against the hobbit's mouth.

This went on for some time as they quietly enjoyed tasting each other's warm softness. Merry struggled to undo the rest of the shirt buttons with one hand. His fumbling was of little use, though, what with the beard covering the wizard's chest and the distraction of the wizard's skillful lips moving against his. Gandalf slipped his hands around Merry's waist to caress his back, pulling the eager hobbit against himself and beginning to explore his mouth. Merry immediately began to suck his tongue, abandoning the efforts with the shirt and putting his arms around the wizard's neck to pull himself even deeper into the kiss.

Both were dimly aware that Pippin had climbed back onto the bed and knelt beside the wizard. After an appreciative examination of the entwined and increasingly aroused pair, he took over the job of undoing the wizard's shirt. He quickly had it open and spread it as wide as he could, given that Gandalf had a naked hobbit hugged tightly to the right side of his chest-a naked hobbit whose erection had fully returned and was pressing rhythmically against the wizard's body. Pippin brushed the beard aside and applied his tongue to Gandalf's chest, moving quickly up to one dark brown nipple and flicking it gently until a little nub hardened in the middle. The wizard jerked and gasped, pulling his mouth away from Merry's.

Startled, they both looked down at Pippin, who again waggled his eyebrows at Gandalf. The wizard decided that for once he liked that saucy little eyebrow waggle. If the young hobbit was going to get up to mischief, this was definitely the way he should do it. Pippin immediately returned to his previous occupation. Gandalf turned back to Merry, and they melded into a ravenous kiss. The wizard resumed stroking the hobbit's back and buttocks. He lay down and lifted his legs up onto the bed, pulling Merry to recline beside him. The hobbit was leaning slightly over Gandalf's chest, and he rubbed himself against the bushy beard.

Pippin followed them, but he soon abandoned his highly effective attentions to the wizard's nipple and moved down to unlace his trousers. The ties were criss-crossed and taut over a large bulge, and Pippin stroked it experimentally. He stopped with a startled grin. "Psst. Merry!"

Merry, who was panting hard as the wizard's tongue moved over his neck and ears, pulled away and sat up, with a distinctly annoyed expression. "What is it, Pip?"

"Just c'mere."

Sighing with exasperation, Merry scooted down to face Pippin across the wizard's trouser-front. He slid his hand along the very erect member straining to be released. Gandalf groaned. The two hobbits grinned at each other and continued to stroke the shaft as Gandalf lay panting with closed eyes.

"I have got to see this," Pippin grinned. He finished the unlacing and pulled the loose cloth out and down, releasing Gandalf's purple, very hard cock. They stared at it in awe.

Gandalf opened his eyes and raised himself onto his elbows, then said sharply, "Well, don't stop now!"

Two small pairs of hands reached out to caress and explore the wizard's erection. Pippin said, "It's so big!" He sounded appalled and delighted in equal measure.

Gandalf gasped with amusement. "Well, naturally! I'm bigger than you in general. I take it that you've never had anyone but hobbits."

Two heads were shaken. Gandalf tried to suppress a self-satisfied smile. He was in fact somewhat better endowed than most men, but he was not used to having nearly such a fuss made about it.

The wizard lay back again. "Well, I'm sure we'll manage." He gently pulled on Merry's arm, bringing him back to resume their kissing and caressing. Gandalf's tongue circled the hobbit's ear and he said, "You two are very good at this."

Merry grinned, feeling the wizard's mouth and hands touching him in all the right places. "And you're very, very good at this."

"Well, I've had a bit more experience than you." His mouth moved down to lick at the hobbit's little pink nipples. Merry moaned softly. He was pleased to know that this crazy idea of Pip's was not turning out to be just a favor to the wizard to make up for his catching them in his bed. Far from it, he thought, flinching with exquisite pleasure as the wizard's tongue flicked at him harder.

As if to prove it, Gandalf urged Merry to move up along the bed until the hobbit's member was beside his face. The wizard licked the pre-come off the tip, then quickly engulfed the entire thing, sucking and licking deftly as Merry uttered a stifled squeak of surprise and joy. He glanced down at Pippin, who raised his eyebrows inquiringly. Merry just nodded and let his head fall back, moaning as he felt ecstasy moving tantalizingly near. Pippin continued to watch in fascination, and his hands slowed in their stroking of the wizard's shaft. Without pausing in his attentions to Merry, Gandalf thrust through Pippin's hands a few times as a reminder. Pippin returned to more energetic stroking and began to explore the wizard's erection with his tongue, from its plum-like tip down and around the throbbing veins of the shaft, to the balls and back up. Gandalf groaned and sucked very hard , driving Merry into a long and noisy climax. Pippin worked diligently at making the wizard come, strongly suspecting that he stood little chance of getting his own turn until that happened.

Merry lay flat on his back, puffing and gasping. After a little while he raised his head and looked down at Pippin. "This was no mistake," he said with a blissful smile.

"Told you so," Pippin gloated, pausing only briefly in his efforts.

"And the beard is great," Merry sighed happily. He lifted himself up far enough to tongue the wizard's ear wetly. Gandalf had been writhing slightly, but at this sudden, unexpected stimulation his body jerked and he groaned loudly as a series of hot streams arced up and fell-mostly-on the tile floor. Pippin made no attempt to catch these in his mouth until the end, when he licked the tip, collecting the last drops to emerge. Slowly he stopped stroking Gandalf's cock as the wizard's body went limp.

Pippin crawled up alongside Gandalf and carefully eased himself up to lie along the wizard's belly and chest. He wriggled tentatively, rubbing his own chest against the bushy beard to make the thick, coarse hair rasp over his nipples. He raised his eyebrows, smiled at Merry, and nodded. "It is great."

Soon Gandalf had recovered enough to open his eyes and appreciate having a wriggling, naked hobbit on top of him. Pippin sought to make the wizard aware of his own rock-hard erection by pushing it insistently against his stomach. Gandalf hugged him and began to kiss and caress him. He squeezed his hand between their bellies and pulled gently at the hobbit's member.

After a little bit of this, Pippin asked worriedly, "Aren't you going to take me in your mouth?"

The wizard was in the blissful stage when such action still seemed a bit strenuous. Lazily he murmured, "If that's what you want, eventually."

Merry, who was sitting and contentedly watching all this with half-closed eyes, opened them and nodded emphatically at Pippin.

"I know, I saw what happened, and I'm not missing out on that!" Pippin said, giving a little grunt as Gandalf suddenly squeezed him and caught his mouth again into a deep kiss, rubbing a fingertip over one little nipple. Pippin squirmed with arousal and soon struggled until he was kneeling astride Gandalf's chest. The wizard smiled as the achingly swollen erection bobbed in front of him. Not so strenuous after all, he reflected. Cupping the hobbit's buttocks with his long fingers, he pulled him forward slightly and swirled his tongue around the end of Pippin's cock, tasting the first drops that had begun to leak from it. Slowly Gandalf drew him in, licking the underside and squeezing and releasing his lips around the shaft as it slipped inside. Pippin's mouth dropped open, and he let out a long sigh after holding his breath briefly in delight. He panted in short, hard breaths as the wizard's skillful lips and tongue drove him quickly upward-but not too quickly-and finally increased in speed and force slightly to draw him effortlessly into release, a long, intense climax that left him dizzy and puffing. He glanced blearily at Merry, who smiled and raised his eyebrows.

"This was no mistake!" Pippin said, laughing quietly. As soon as he was able, he raised one leg and knelt beside Gandalf's waist, then ostentatiously allowed his body to teeter sideways and collapse onto the mattress at the wizard's left side, letting his tongue hang out as if in a dead faint. Merry moved more gracefully down to recline opposite him.

All three were feeling quite pleasantly content, although they also delighted in the knowledge that their desires were only very temporarily satisfied. Pippin soon recovered a bit of his energy, as Merry already had, and they indulged in a contest that Gandalf considered very entertaining, vying to see who could get his tongue deepest into the wizard's mouth. Gandalf had often noticed this competitive streak in the pair, and he felt that this was the ideal way for them to indulge it. The wizard found it very difficult in this case to pick a winner until each had had several tries, and even then he diplomatically declared it a tie. Then they decided to try this simultaneously, and it turned out that they could both easily get the ends of their tongues to fit inside. Gandalf spent quite some time discovering the sensations created by the constantly shifting positions of the two wet, eager tongues. He brushed his fingertips provokingly over the soft skin of their bottoms, which had the gratifying effect of making them squirm against his chest as they continued the three-way kiss. Eventually the two hobbits pulled slightly away and kissed each other across Gandalf's chest. Gradually they rose slightly and leaned forward, embracing and caressing each other with growing abandon. Gandalf noted that they were both well on the way to regaining their erections. The advantages of youth, he thought with a sigh, though his own cock was no longer entirely flaccid either. He reached up on either side and stroked their lengths gently and to good effect-and not just for the two hobbits.

Eventually they pulled apart and grinned at him, then at each other as they briefly reverted to conversing with their eyebrows, little grimaces, and nods of their heads. Merry slid quickly on his knees to the foot of the bed. Pippin moved down to position himself behind Merry, then turned to Gandalf, who had been watching all of this with keen interest. "Could you hand me that jar, please, Gandalf?" he gasped.

Gandalf turned and saw a small jar of clear ointment that had been sitting on the bedside table all along. Instead of passing it to Pippin, he opened it. The wizard scooped a bit out and warmed it on his fingers. It quickly melted into a thick oil smelling slightly of pine. Merry turned and rested his forearms along the bed's footboard and spread his knees slightly apart. Gandalf moved down to sit beside him and gently rubbed his oily fingers over the hobbit's buttocks and gradually down into the cleft. Merry closed his eyes and hummed with pleasure. Pippin leaned over and thrust his tongue into the wizard's mouth while reaching around to stroke Merry's swelling shaft. Gandalf welcomed him by sucking his tongue, moving his hand to anoint Pippin's member with some of the oil. He felt the hobbit press harder into the kiss and thrust slightly against his fingers.

Gandalf's own cock stirred, and he squeezed Pippin's harder as they languorously circled their tongues around each other. After a very short while, however, Merry cleared his throat loudly, and Gandalf pulled his mouth back reluctantly and tickled at the hobbit's tiny opening with his little finger, gently slipping it inside as Merry moaned delightedly. As he felt the little circle of muscle stretch and relax, Gandalf substituted his large middle finger, moving it more vigorously and finding the spot that made Merry jerk and whimper. "Now, Pip! I'm ready. Go in," he murmured. Gandalf withdrew his finger and moved away, and Pippin inched forward on his knees until he could press the tip of his cock slowly into Merry.

Gandalf leaned back on the footboard beside Merry, observing as the two hobbits' pleasure slowly mounted. Having both come relatively recently, they set a slow pace, savoring each thrust. Obviously they had done this often. Neither seemed at all hesitant or uncertain, and Pippin knew exactly how to find and caress Merry's most sensitive places. At this stage they did not seem to need any assistance. Gandalf sighed and wondered if the novelty of having a wizard-even one with an impressively large cock-had worn off already. On the other hand, having a close view of two beautiful young hobbits pleasuring each other so uninhibitedly was pleasant in and of itself. The wizard began to stroke himself as he watched. Having two hobbits had definite advantages, he thought, and yet how much better it would be at this particular moment to have three. Don't be greedy, he told himself with amusement, you're extremely lucky to be here with these two--but he could not help but feel that an odd number of participants was slightly inconvenient. These two did not show any signs of finishing soon, and they were by now completely wrapped up in their own ascending bliss. Still, they were not likely to be ready to stop altogether even after they did climax. He could be patient .. . somewhat patient . . . well, he could hide his impatience.

Happily for the wizard, his luck was about to get even better. While all this was going on, Frodo and Sam were sneaking in the front door of Bag End-having much the same thing on their minds that Pippin and Merry had had earlier. They had sat out the brief shower in one of the party tents, where they had seized the advantage of being alone to caress each other. Soon they had decided not to return to their labors immediately. Now Frodo paused and looked back over his shoulder. "You wait here, Sam. Lately this place has been busier than market day in the village. People wandering in and out on party business. Let me see if there's any place we could have enough privacy."

Sam stood by the door, studying some of the flower beds as if he had some business there. Frodo snuck past the kitchen and sitting room, which seemed to be deserted, and back along the tunnel where the bedrooms were. He had to pass the guest-room door on the way to his own room, and he paused as he heard odd, muffled sounds emanating from it. Intriguing sounds, indeed. Ecstatic moaning, unless he was much mistaken. It sounded as if Merry and Pippin were up to their usual antics, but why in Gandalf's room of all places? He hadn't seen the wizard anywhere for quite some time, and it occurred to him that he should warn his foolish cousins to get out before Gandalf returned and caught them in the act.

He opened the door and stuck his head in, then stood staring with his mouth hanging slightly open. There were his two cousins, as he expected, with Pippin thrusting into Merry and both of them quite absorbed in their mutual pleasure. And there was Gandalf, sitting calmly alongside them! Well, perhaps not quite calmly, he realized after a moment's inspection. Glancing out into the hall to see if anyone was around, he stepped in and pushed the door almost shut, staring in amused amazement. Merry finally noticed him and turned his head to point him out to Pippin. Pippin stopped thrusting briefly as the two grinned and gestured to him to join them-as he often had in the past. Noticing this, Gandalf twisted his head around and saw Frodo as well, and after a moment's surprise and hesitation, he grinned as well, seeming quite pleased to see Frodo looking so cheerfully fascinated by the proceedings.

The whole situation seemed to Frodo very promising indeed. He had long heard fascinating rumors in the village that Gandalf indulged in such activities occasionally, and that he possessed a wealth of experience that the rustic hobbits lacked. Frodo had been rather intrigued by all this, but he had never worked up the nerve to try and find out for himself directly from the wizard. Now was his chance, obviously, and he held up his hand to signal that he would be right back. He walked quickly to the front door, making up an excuse to tell Sam. He would happily have invited his friend to join the growing party in Gandalf's room, but he knew Sam would never consider having sex with a group. He had previously adamantly refused to make a foursome with Frodo when it would have been with only Merry and Pippin, and surely with Gandalf added to the mix, he would be all the more reluctant. That's fine for him, Frodo thought, but I'M not passing up this opportunity.

Rejoining Sam at the door, he put on a disappointed face and shrugged. "Nowhere to go, I'm afraid. Bag End is quite full and busy this afternoon. And um, Gandalf seems to want me to help him with something. So, I'm afraid . . ." He shrugged. "Maybe tomorrow we can slip away and find some privacy."

Sam sighed and shrugged in turn, then wandered back to help with the party preparations. Frodo shut the door and hurried back along the hallway to the guest room. He unbuttoned his shirt as he walked over to the bed. Gandalf said quietly, "Watch out! Don't slip." He indicated the floor, where Frodo saw long ribbons of come trailing across the tiles. Making a slight detour, he realized that he had arrived a bit late at this gathering. He reached the bed just in time to witness a noisy and energetic mutual climax on the part of the two younger hobbits. After a moment the two of them finally moved apart and collapsed onto the mattress. At that point Frodo was able to pay more attention to what was in the foreground of his vision-Gandalf's erection, of which, from his vantage-point, Frodo could only see the end. He stood on tiptoe for a better look, and his eyes widened. Pippin raised his head to whisper quite audibly in his direction, 'Wait till you see it full-sized!"

Chuckling, Gandalf took Frodo's hand and helped him up onto the bed, where he perched at the very edge on his knees. The wooden bed-frame creaked ominously, clearly not up to the strain of having three hobbits and a wizard all concentrated at one end. Leaving Merry and Pippin to recover a bit, Gandalf moved back to the head of the bed and propped up some pillows, against which he settled himself. Frodo crawled up to join him, straddling the wizard's thighs. Gandalf grunted quietly with pleasure as the hobbit's crotch pressed his cock down against his belly. Frodo rocked his hips slightly to press his erection against the wizard's as Gandalf parted the hobbit's shirt, stared at his torso, and then slipped the shirt down off his arms, tossing it aside. Gandalf gently pinched his small, smooth nipples, feeling them pucker quickly as Frodo moaned softly and placed his hands on the wizard's shoulders, leaning forward-though not so far as to hinder Gandalf's hands in their current activities-and eagerly pressing his open mouth against the wizard's.

Gandalf had always considered Frodo a pretty young fellow but a bit shy. His opinion was rapidly altering, and he decided that he had simply never encountered the hobbit under the right circumstances. And these were the perfect circumstances, he thought, sucking hungrily at the small tongue as the hobbit thrust more eagerly against him. Continuing to rub and twist one nipple, he reached down and unlaced Frodo's trousers, freeing an erection that was slender but quite long for a hobbit. He stroked it gently as Frodo pushed slightly away from him and threw his head back in bliss. The wizard pressed Frodo's length against his own throbbing cock, stroking both at once and thrusting slightly to increase the pressure. Frodo began to whimper softly.

Merry crawled up behind Frodo during this and reached out to dig a bit of the ointment out of the little jar, rubbing his fingers and thumb together to coat them. He knelt beside Gandalf's thigh and tugged Frodo's loose trousers a bit further down at the back. He couldn't get them very far without forcing the pair to move apart, so he reached his oil-slicked hand inside and tickled down along the cleft until he felt Frodo's tiny opening. Merry was rewarded with much louder keening and moaning from his cousin, and he gently worked a finger inside, edging it deeper until he hit the place that made Frodo tense and beg wordlessly in desperation. Gandalf squeezed him harder and pulled faster, and suddenly wet, hot streams jetted up onto the wizard's chest as Frodo groaned hoarsely, then finally relaxed and lay forward onto Gandalf's body. The wizard kissed his cheeks and lips lightly, as Merry nudged Frodo until he had removed his trousers altogether and the hobbit had rolled to lie contentedly nestled within the circle of Gandalf's arm along the wizard's side.

By this time Gandalf had the rare distinction of being the only one of the group with an erection-a very, very hard erection after that little session with Frodo on top of him-and he shifted his hips to bring this to Merry's attention. Having tossed Frodo's trousers aside, Merry knelt beside the wizard and ran his tongue wetly and slowly up and down the ridge on the underside of the shaft. Gandalf moaned softly as Merry continued to lick and caress him. Frodo was able to focus once more on what was going on, and Gandalf drew him up to snake his tongue into the blissful hobbit's mouth. Holding Frodo tightly against himself with his left arm, he ran his right hand slowly over his torso, reveling in the feeling of the soft, smooth skin under his fingers.

Without ceasing these activities, Gandalf glanced out of the corner of his eye down at Pippin. The latter was sitting against the footboard, still looking a bit dazed and torpid, but he was definitely taking an interest in what was going on before him. What is the point, Gandalf thought, of having three hobbits unless they were all a bit more active? He caught Pippin's eye, and as if sensing the wizard's thoughts, Pippin crawled up to join Merry, administering a kiss on his companion's cheek before settling down to add his own tongue to the one already running over Gandalf's shaft and balls. Much better, the wizard thought, closing his eyes and succumbing to the marvelous sensations that were slowly drifting toward blissful release. By this time Frodo was a little more lively, squirming up to lick the wizard's neck and ear.

Soon Pippin said, "That's it, yes, keep going, Frodo. That's definitely helping. Oops, we're getting close .. ." Stroking Gandalf's length with his hands, he quickly leaned over and whispered into Merry's ear. Merry glared at his cousin indignantly. "Of course, I can!"

Pippin shook his head dismissively. "I don't believe it."

Merry retorted, "Fine thing! You didn't even try before. Here, watch!" He lowered his mouth to take in most of the large tip, sucking and licking avidly as Gandalf sat up slightly and pulled Frodo harder against himself. With a series of hoarse moans, the wizard pumped hot jets into Merry's mouth. The hobbit struggled to swallow it, and he managed all but a pearly drop that ran down his chin. As he removed his mouth and sat up, Pippin inspected him critically, then patted him on the shoulder. "Close enough," he conceded, glancing at Frodo with a roguish grin and adding, "Doubt I could do it myself, actually."

Gandalf was lying with his eyes closed, breathing hard and feeling as if every bit of strength had drained from his body. Gradually his head cleared a bit, and with a great effort he edged himself down so that his head and shoulders rested on the pillows, thinking that a brief time-out, perhaps with a short nap, would be just the thing. But when he opened his eyes, he found three hobbits, kneeling in a row before him and all staring with expectant eyes directly into his. He stared back with some trepidation at each in turn, wondering just how he was going to manage. Dinner-time would no doubt put an end to all this, but it was quite some time off yet.

Perhaps sensing his uncertainty, all three launched themselves at different parts of his body, obviously determined to revive his interest as quickly as possible. Enveloped in hobbits, he reflected happily that he was used to solving problems and that this was the most interesting one he had faced in a long time.