Thrice Returned

by Nefertiti

Summary: Gandalf and Frodo meet in Rivendell, satisfy their pent-up urges, and prepare for the Fellowship to set out on the Quest.

Author's note: Book-based. This story begins by continuing on directly after the end of Book Two, Chapter I of The Fellowship of the Ring and spans the roughly two months Frodo, Gandalf, and the others spend in Rivendell before setting out on the Quest. "Reunion in Rivendell" is intended as a low-key lull in the angst piling up around the lovers.

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to these characters; this story is offered purely for the enjoyment of fans

This series takes it name from my sequel to Poncing Ponies' lovely story, "Twice Given." As always, my thanks to her for welcoming a sequel by another hand and being so encouraging. Many thanks also to Elanor for betaing, encouragement, wonderful suggestions, and engrossing wizard-slash discussions. Without her, this series would most likely never have developed past being a sequel.

Part 5: Reunion in Rivendell

At last there came a knock on the door. "Begging your pardon," said Sam, putting in his head, "but I was just wondering if you would be wanting anything."

"And begging yours, Sam Gamgee," replied Bilbo. "I guess you mean that it is time your master went to bed."

"Well, sir, there is a Council early tomorrow, I hear, and he only got up today for the first time."

"Quite right, Sam," laughed Bilbo. "You can trot off and tell Gandalf that he has gone to bed. Good night, Frodo! Bless me, but it has been good to see you again! There are no folks like hobbits after all for a real good talk. I am getting very old, and I began to wonder if I should ever live to see your chapters of our story. Good night! I'll take a walk, I think, and look at the stars of Elbereth in the garden. Sleep well!" (FOTR, "Many Meetings")

After leaving Bilbo, Frodo walked along the corridor, wondering where Gandalf was. The wizard had left the Hall of Fire shortly after having guided him there. While sitting listening to the Elven chants and songs, Frodo had smiled to remember his fantasy of Gandalf kissing and pleasuring him in a dark corner there. The room was a bit too brightly illuminated for that sort of thing.

As he walked, he realized that he had no idea where Gandalf's room was. Still, if Gandalf would only come to his room tonight ... He felt considerably stronger after the large meal and restful evening, and with recovery came the return of desire. He pictured the wizard waiting in his bed to take him in his arms. He hastened his step, but when he opened his door, the room was empty

After a few moments of feeling sorry for himself, he realized that he was indeed a bit tired. He sighed and undressed, and after a quick wash, he put on his nightshirt (which was distinctly too long for him). He climbed into the Man-sized bed. He had barely settled in when there was a very soft knock on the door. Gandalf poked his head in and looked across to the bed. "Are you awake, Frodo?" he whispered.


"I shan't disturb you. I just wanted to make sure that you are all right. Good night!"

Frodo snorted in annoyance. "No! Come in. I ... I've got something to tell you about my condition."

Gandalf came in and closed the door, frowning anxiously as he lit the lamp by the bed and moved the chair so that he could sit as close to the hobbit as possible. He examined Frodo's face for signs of pain or fatigue but found none. "What's wrong with your condition?"

"What's wrong? I'm upset, that's what's wrong! When I woke up this morning, you didn't take me in your arms, you didn't kiss me! And what's worse, you're not doing it now, either! Are you always going to behave this way after separations? Do I have to seduce you every time?"

"My dear, silly hobbit, can you ask? This morning I wanted to assess how you were feeling before allowing you the slightest exertion. Moreover, I was constantly expecting Sam to pop in. He has been extremely diligent about watching over you. There have been many times, believe me, when I wanted just to touch you, to stroke your cheek. Of course, I did, every now and then, but I was always looking over my shoulder! I am grateful to him for all he has done for you, of course, but I hardly want him as an audience to such intimacies. He reported to me a short while ago that you had gone to bed, and I followed him to make sure that he did the same-and did not come back here to curl up outside your door like a faithful dog or some such nonsense."

They both chuckled, but Frodo said, "Seriously, he's been so devoted and kind and brave-we shouldn't laugh."

"Oh, yes, he's an excellent companion for you. Of course, at moments I think he's perhaps a little too devoted to you."

Frodo grinned at him, surprised. "Do I detect a bit of jealousy in my dear wizard?"

Gandalf looked somewhat sheepish, but he smiled and replied, "Well, perhaps just a touch."

Frodo smiled fondly at him and stroked his hand. "I like that. Of course, Sam is not exactly the equivalent of a houseful of beautiful Elves, but he's something, at least!"

"At any rate, it is probably safe now to hope that we need fear no interruption. I must say, fresh air and a meal have done wonders for you. You seem to be recovering very quickly since that splinter was removed."

"Yes, well, Sam's not here, and I'm feeling reasonably healthy-and if you don't kiss me soon, I shall explode like one of your firecrackers!"

Gandalf grinned. "A very apt comparison, my dear hobbit. Dealing with you is a bit like dealing with fireworks. Still, with careful handling, none of my fireworks has ever blown up in my face."

Frodo sighed and smiled in return. "Well, you certainly know how to handle me."

Gandalf leaned forward and put his arms slowly and carefully around Frodo's shoulders, raising him slightly and kissing him very gently. After a short while the wizard pulled back. Frodo gazed into his eyes with a sad little frown. "I've wanted that for so long. All through the journey from Bag End, I was haunted by the idea that I'd never see you again, that you were ... Aragorn hinted that maybe the Black Riders had done something to you." He put his good arm around Gandalf's neck and pulled the wizard's mouth to his again, kissing him a bit harder. "And when I woke up this morning, I couldn't believe it. I was so relieved ..." A tear slid down his cheek.

Gandalf looked down into his lap and sighed. "I know ... I know what you must have gone through. As you will learn when I tell my tale at the Council tomorrow, there was a time when I was convinced of the same thing-that the Black Riders had caught up with you. Luckily I soon found out that you had escaped and joined Aragorn in Bree. But before that my ten miserable weeks as a prisoner gave me plenty of time for imagining all sorts of dreadful things. Then, when you were brought here, so pale and limp, I thought at first that you had succumbed to your wound. And it was certainly not clear for some time that Elrond would be able to save you." He took a deep breath. "But that is over. As I said this morning, we are both safe-for now. And I believe that we shall not have to part again soon."

"That would be wonderful. Gandalf, do you think the others know about ... us?"

"Yes, I thought it best to tell them. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all. I'm glad we're not going to keep it secret. I want all those beautiful Elves to know that you are spoken for. No more exciting nights with Gandalf the Grey for them! And they are beautiful. Seeing them, I cannot fathom why you would prefer me."

Gandalf nodded. "It is odd, isn't it?" He assumed a thoughtful look. "Now that I am back here, I am reminded of how very, very beautiful they are." He sighed wistfully.


They both laughed, and Frodo went on, "Now that they know, they must all be terribly jealous of me. I've taken their wizard."

"On the contrary, I'm sure that they're all jealous of me, sharing a bed with the most beautiful hobbit in Middle-earth."

"Yes, I'm afraid Rivendell will be seething with jealousy while we're here."

Frodo pulled Gandalf in for another kiss. Despite the wizard's gentleness and reserve, Frodo felt himself hardening quickly, and he pushed his lips against Gandalf's mouth, demanding entry for his tongue and finally delving deep inside. He sensed a flare of desire, quickly suppressed, in the wizard. Gandalf pulled back from him again, breathing noticeably harder. He looked away.

"Frodo, you are making this very difficult."

Frodo reached up with his good arm and tried to pull the wizard back down, murmuring breathily, "But Gandalf ... why can't we just be cautious and gentle?" The wizard took the small hand from his shoulder and held it in his, kissing it.

"Frodo, you have been unconscious for five days now. You don't know what it has been like for me, sitting and seeing you lying there, slowly pulling back from the brink of death. I realize that after what you have been through recently, you may find this hard to believe-but I am trying to protect you! I just haven't had much opportunity to do so. I don't want to risk hurting you now that you're recovering so well-"

Frodo interrupted, "Yes, but I am feeling much better! My main problem now is that I have not seen you for nearly four months! I have had plenty to time to get to the point where I need you very badly."

"--And you just got up today for the first time-" Gandalf continued firmly.

Frodo snorted. "Up is right! Look what you've done to me." He threw back the blankets and pulled his nightshirt up, revealing his fully hard, pink erection. "You've simply got to do something about it. It's your fault, after all!"

Gandalf bristled. "My fault! Who just tried to force his entire tongue into my mouth?" The wizard was, however, aroused despite his best efforts, and he longed to touch Frodo's throbbing shaft.

Frodo replied, "Well, it's your fault for coming here tonight. I was-well, nearly resigned to quietly falling asleep. When you came in, naturally I assumed-"

Gandalf interrupted to declare without much conviction, "You need rest. In a few days ..."

Frodo gaped. "A few days! But I can't wait, not even a few hours. Gandalf, you tell me to sleep, but how can I if you don't help me? I'll ... well, I would just have to do it for myself if you leave me like this." He stared up at Gandalf with wide blue eyes and a sad little pout. "And that would be more effort than just lying here and feeling your wonderful mouth take me deep, deep inside and suck me until I'm completely drained. It won't take long, I know! Please, Gandalf! I'm not asking you to pounce on me and ravish me, I'm just begging you to suck it, gently. And then I could sleep very well indeed."

Gandalf gulped, and Frodo looked at him more hopefully.

"When you put it that way-somehow it begins to sound almost therapeutic," the wizard said, with a quiet laugh. He moved the lamp closer and looked deeply into Frodo's face. The beautiful eyes held eagerness, even desperation, but there was something more-his skin was ruddier than it had been, giving a hint of returning health that encouraged the wizard. He reached down and ran his thumb and one finger up the sides of Frodo's shaft. "I have to admit, anyone with an erection that hard must be reasonably well. Apparently what I have always said about hobbit resilience is truer than I knew," he said with a reluctant smile. "I suppose ... but if I sense that this is harming you in any way, I am going to stop, I warn you." Frodo suppressed a grin and nodded earnestly. "And I don't want you to move. Just lie there, and I will do everything."

With that he pushed Frodo's nightshirt further up, until it was bunched under his arms. He was about to lean forward to kiss Frodo's chest when he suddenly seemed to hear an echo of Saruman's mocking voice: "Does he have tiny pert nipples? ... Does he taste good when he comes in your mouth?" He froze, staring at Frodo's body. He had escaped from Isengard, but was the memory of Saruman's vicious taunts going to intrude into his mind every time he made love to Frodo? He was breathing more deeply but not with passion.

Frodo, prepared for the wizard's mouth to delight him, lifted his head slightly to look into Gandalf's tense face. "Is something wrong?"

Gandalf started slightly. "No! Just admiring your beautiful nipples."

Frodo looked doubtfully at him. "It looked quite intense just for that."

Gandalf tried to smile at him. "I was intensely admiring your pink, pert, delectable little nipples-and all the rest of you." Frodo smiled and relaxed onto the pillow.

The wizard stroked Frodo's chest and belly gently with his fingers as he thought defiantly, "Yes, Saruman, he does have tiny pert nipples, and he does taste good when he comes in my mouth ... and I have all of that and you never will-so to hell with you, Saruman!"

Gandalf gave a little snort of laughter, then smiled genuinely at Frodo and began to tongue and suck the hobbit's nipples avidly. To his relief, the sensations that surged through him had nothing at all to do with the treacherous wizard's threats. The feel of his tongue rasping across the little, hard peaks delighted him. Yes, he was definitely enjoying this immensely, just as he always had. Heat surged into his crotch, and he moaned against Frodo's chest. The hobbit hummed with pleasure and stroked Gandalf's hair. The wizard's fingers lightly brushed Frodo's inner thighs, and the hobbit spread his legs to allow greater access. Finally he whispered, "Mmmm, touch it, Gandalf. I want to feel your fingers on it!"

He began to utter strangled, incoherent noises deep in his throat as Gandalf stroked the shaft briefly, then slid his lips over the tip and slowly sucked the entire cock into his mouth. He worked to bring Frodo gradually to the edge of ecstasy, then finally allowed him to slip effortlessly over it. Frodo uttered a long gasp of relief, then lay panting and whimpering as he spurted into Gandalf's mouth, little grimaces of pleasure playing across his face. After a long time, Frodo slowly relaxed against the sheet.

Gandalf had watched his face through all this and found himself nearly hard by the end, but he hoped to hide this from the hobbit. In a haze of bliss, Frodo opened his eyes and shook his head slightly. "I'm sleepy, but I don't want to drift off right away after that. I want to stay awake to enjoy how wonderful I feel." Suddenly he noticed the considerable bulge in Gandalf's trousers. "Oh, dear! I'm sorry, Gandalf, I didn't think-Here, get into bed with me." He grabbed the wizard's hand.

"No, Frodo, it doesn't matter. I can wait. Just let me leave, and you can ..."

But the hobbit held on so tightly that Gandalf would have had to struggle with him to get away. Frodo brought Gandalf's hand up to his mouth to kiss it. As he did so, the index finger slipped slightly into his mouth, and he sucked wetly at it. He heard Gandalf give a gasping little moan of arousal. Thus encouraged, he drew the finger almost entirely into his mouth, tonguing and sucking it passionately. He had never done this before, but he realized from Gandalf's reactions that it was stimulating him enormously. He glanced up at the wizard, holding his eyes with his own half-closed ones, still slightly glazed from his recent climax. Gandalf stared at him, breathing raggedly, trying to look away but caught by the double pleasure of the hobbit's warm tongue caressing him so suggestively and the blue eyes staring at him with a combination of impishness and adoration. The hobbit sucked the finger in, then withdrew, pursing his lips into a seductive pout and running them up and down the finger. At last Gandalf whispered urgently, "Frodo!"

Frodo withdrew his mouth and commanded, "Get into this bed! I'll ... I'll leap up and jump around the room and do all sorts of strenuous things if you don't!"

Gandalf shook his head in exasperation and chuckled. "Well, we certainly can't have that. I-all right." He kicked off his boots and carefully eased himself, fully clothed, onto the edge of the bed and embraced Frodo.

Frodo reached down with his right hand and stroked the wizard's erection through his trousers. Gandalf uttered a brief groan, and he clutched a handful of the nightshirt against Frodo's back.

The hobbit whispered, "Just let me keep going, gently. This arm isn't hurt at all. I could not bear it if I did not give you the same pleasure you have given me." Wordlessly the wizard reached down and undid the knot of his trouser-laces, pulling them loose so that Frodo could bring out his throbbing erection and caress it directly. The hobbit watched the need reflected in Gandalf's face as he panted and pressed his head into the pillow they shared. Frodo murmured, "It's wonderful to touch you this way again at last-so hard and warm and eager. I wanted to feel again how much you want me."

"Frodo, my darling hobbit! I do want you, so badly! Oh, that feels marvelous!"

The hobbit pulled as hard as he could with one hand, and Gandalf moaned with pleasure. But Frodo was at an awkward angle, too close to Gandalf's body, and there was no room for them to move apart. After quite some time he felt the wizard trembling, desperate to achieve release. Gandalf began to thrust slightly into his hand, but Frodo realized that, despite the wizard's painful arousal, they were making no progress.

"I don't think this is going to work," he whispered anxiously.

Gandalf managed to master his voice, then gasped, "I believe you're right. We should give it up."

Frodo grinned. "A noble offer, but I think we've gone just a bit too far to quit now. If I could just use my mouth as well. Try kneeling and straddling my chest." Gandalf struggled to rise and position himself as Frodo had suggested. The knob of his straining purple erection brushed against Frodo's lips as Gandalf took firm hold of the headboard and leaned slightly forward.

"Perfect," Frodo said, licking the large, smooth tip and gathering the drops already oozing from it. "Mmm. I had almost forgotten what you taste like." He then pressed his pursed lips against it and swirled his tongue over it as he again stroked the shaft firmly, now from a much better angle. "Pity I can't use both hands," he thought, taking the entire tip into his mouth and sucking noisily at it as he stroked the shaft even harder and faster. From the gasps and moans he heard coming from above him, he decided that it didn't matter-this was obviously going to work!

Gandalf managed to choke out, "Oh, Frodo ... it has been so long!" Almost at once he began to groan rhythmically and his cum gushed into Frodo's mouth. He managed to swallow it all, listening to Gandalf slowly become quiet as the last shudders of pleasure drained from him. After panting heavily for a few moments, the wizard tucked his shrinking penis into his trousers and lay back down by Frodo.

"An inspired idea, my dear hobbit. I probably would have thought of it myself, but I was not in a particularly rational state." He lay quietly running his fingers along Frodo's cheek as his breathing slowly returned to normal. "Well, I must admit, you do not seem to have suffered any harm during all that. Quite the contrary. You are positively glowing with triumph." He nestled into the pillow, quickly falling asleep. Frodo grinned, knowing that the wizard would soon wake up again-or would he? This late at night, he well might not. Frodo struggled to keep from dozing off himself, realizing that he would have to wake Gandalf in a few minutes and send him off to his own room. Sam might be aware of their relationship, but he imagined that his faithful companion would still be shocked to find the wizard in Frodo's bed when he arrived the next morning. Besides, the bed really was quite narrow for two people. He shook Gandalf's shoulder gently. "Wake up, old fellow."

Gandalf's eyes fluttered open, and he smiled at Frodo with utter bliss. Frodo took his hand and sucked at the end of his finger briefly. "You really enjoyed that, didn't you?"

The wizard just gave a little nod. Frodo continued, "I'll keep that in mind. But now, alas, it's time for bed ... or sleep, I should say. Off you go."

Gandalf was fully awake immediately, and he rose to pull on his boots and replace the chair. Then he returned to the bed and leaned down, embracing Frodo and gently sucking his lips, taking the top one in first and tonguing it, then switching to the bottom. Frodo did the same with Gandalf's lips, and they slowly took turns at this for a few minutes. Both soon realized, however, that they were beginning to invade each other's mouths with their tongues, and Gandalf straightened up.

Frodo stared up at him accusingly. "I think you'd better get out of here. I need my rest, my dear wizard. I've been unconscious for five days, you know. And I only just got up today for the first time. What are you doing, tempting me like this, old fellow? Try to control yourself! There will be plenty of time for this sort of thing later."

Gandalf shook with silent laughter. Finally he nodded. "Yes, your health is definitely improving, young fellow. Still, I think I had better get out of here. But once you fully recover-watch out! You won't be able to get me out of your bed."

Frodo waggled his eyebrows. "Why would I want to?"

The wizard crossed and opened the door, pausing to look back.

Frodo frowned sternly at him. "And one more thing. I want you to stay away from all those beautiful Elves. I warn you, I'm going to keep a close eye on you!"

Gandalf started and assumed a worried look. "I nearly forgot! There must be three of them waiting for me in my bed right now. I must rush! I've a long night ahead. Sleep well!"

He ducked out and closed the door quickly as Frodo vainly looked around for something to throw after him. The hobbit laughed quietly and relaxed onto the pillow, much more content than when he had first climbed into bed.

Gandalf hurried along the chilly corridor to his own warm room, still chuckling at this little exchange. His own bed, which was singularly free of "beautiful Elves," looked inviting. But a heap of embers was still glowing in the fireplace, and he decided to sit and have a last pipe while he pondered the upcoming Council. The joy of his reunion with Frodo quickly dissipated as he considered what he would face the next day. He would have to guide the person he loved most in Middle-earth into taking on a supremely dangerous task. "Frodo is the Ringbearer," he told himself, "and much though I hate the idea, I cannot shift that burden onto another's shoulders."

Sitting beside Frodo during those five long, anxious days, he had realized that many of the things he loved about the hobbit-his determination, his wit, his resilience, his innocence, and yes, his provincial naiveté and simplicity-made him the ideal Ringbearer. He was strong and brave enough, Gandalf hoped, to carry on through great dangers-the episode in the Barrow certainly suggested as much. And he took after Bilbo, who had accomplished amazing feats for such a small person. And Frodo was completely ignorant in the ways of power and domination, so that even if he seized the Ring, he could not use it very effectively. And the wizard hoped that its irresistible lure would be slower to affect a simple soul like him than one who knew how to wield a Ring. A shudder passed through him as he briefly contemplated the black treachery of Saruman.

Finally he thought, "But I can at least go with Frodo, to the end, to the Mountain. I do not believe that I could bear to take some other path and watch him walk away toward that utter darkness. This must be why I was meant to love Frodo-to give me the strength, the will to help and protect the Ringbearer, even beyond what dedication I would have brought to that mission in any case." A dark thought which had haunted him for months resurfaced in his mind: by accompanying the Ringbearer, he would fall further under the lure of the Ring himself. With a tired sigh he thought, "I shall just have to resist it. It's as simple as that. I can only hope that a struggle over the Ring does not kill our love for each other. It would be romantic to think that nothing could kill that love-but the Ring ultimately could corrupt anything. Maybe if we are both strong, we can reach the Mountain before that happens. We must. There is no other choice."

Gandalf was not capable of giving in to despair or regret for long, and he rose to ready himself for bed, dismissing such thoughts. At least Frodo was recovering quickly for now. Quite quickly, he reflected contentedly, with the afterglow of their lovemaking still lingering in his body. After long nights of anxiety, he would be able to sleep soundly.

A few weeks later, Frodo was sitting in the library at Rivendell, a long, high book-lined room with a narrow table stretching nearly its full length. He sat near one end of the table, struggling with a large tome that Gandalf had suggested might give him a better idea of the history of the Ring. It might--if he could get through it, but it was densely and dryly written, and as he yawned, he wondered if he really needed to know that much about the Ring's background. And most of what he had read so far seemed to have little to do with the Ring. It was getting on for late afternoon, the time when pre-dinner drinks would be brought round and the other, more dedicated researchers finally would cease their labors for the day. He sighed and tried to concentrate on the lines of text swimming before his eyes.

On the opposite side, near the other end of the table, Gandalf was sitting, surrounded by open books, rolled and unrolled maps, a scatter of sheets containing his notes, and several stacks of books awaiting his attention. He was leaning forward, deeply absorbed in another huge, dusty volume. Frodo envied his ability to get through all this material and apparently find it fascinating. He would have to depend on the wizard's vast knowledge, since he would never be able to learn enough, despite the fact that there were at least a few weeks left before their departure.

After staring at his lover with a little smile on his face, Frodo was about to turn back to his own book when his attention was diverted to the other figures in the room. Elrond was partway up a small ladder that gave access to the upper shelves, searching for something. Aragorn, who had been standing next to the ladder, now turned, stretched his neck to see what Gandalf was doing, glanced up at Elrond while putting his finger to his lips, and then tiptoed up behind the wizard. Frodo tried to pretend he was reading, but he watched in puzzled fascination as Aragorn crept up directly behind Gandalf and looked down at the pages that were so gripping the wizard. He grinned and then suddenly clapped his hands on Gandalf's shoulders, leaning down by his ear and saying "Aha!"

Gandalf gave a huge start, then sighed and looked up into Aragorn's face with mock indignation. "Is this the way you treat an old man?"

Aragorn grinned, his hands still on Gandalf's shoulders as he leaned around to look into the wizard's face. "Would this be that same old man who could probably send me flying the length of this room with a flick of his staff if he had a mind to?"

For a moment Gandalf looked up at him with the hint of a wicked smile. "Now that's an idea!" They both laughed, as did Elrond, who had turned to watch this little scene. Frodo's mouth was hanging slightly open in astonished amusement. He had actually not spent all that much time in the library, except when Gandalf shamed him into it, and he had never seen the other three together in such private circumstances. It was a side of Aragorn that he certainly had not encountered before. He endeavored to seem focused on his own book, but he continued to observe the others as Elrond descended the ladder and came to stand at Gandalf's right, while Aragorn moved forward to the wizard's left side.

"Now, now, children, what is the problem?" Elrond said with a tolerant smile.

Aragorn looked at him and shook his head. "Here we are looking for the answer to an important and vexing question, and our colleague is reading what appears to be a particularly irrelevant volume dealing with the history of the goblin wars of the First Age."

The pair both frowned at Gandalf, trying rather unsuccessfully to suppress little grins. The wizard looked from one to the other, shrugging. "It's quite a fascinating subject, and I had never run across such a detailed account before."

Aragorn shook his head. "Well, I'm sure the answer we are seeking will be quite fascinating and much more practical, if we can just find it." He slid the open book away from Gandalf toward Elrond, who picked it up, glanced at the title on the spine, and with a little smile began to close it.

Gandalf stiffened and said exasperatedly, "Well, put a bookmark in it!"

Elrond paused and looked around. "I don't have one."

Gandalf scrabbled briefly among the scraps of paper before him and handed one to Elrond, who slipped the marker into the book before closing it and placing it on the table out of the wizard's reach. The two stared at Gandalf accusingly. He responded with a sigh, "I take it neither of you would object if I were to continue reading that, in the privacy of my own room, before bedtime, when I am 'off duty,' so to speak. Hmm?"

Aragorn laughed. "Oh, not at all. It looks just the sort of thing to send one off to sleep quickly."

Gandalf and Elrond suddenly guffawed, and Aragorn and Frodo looked at them with puzzled frowns. Once the laughter died down, Gandalf said to Aragorn with a mischievous little smile, "Of course you realize Elrond wrote it."

The two laughed again, and Frodo did as well, as quietly as he could. Aragorn was taken aback. "Um, and absorbing stuff it is, too, I'm sure. Ah, saved!" he added, as an Elf came in carrying a tray with a pitcher of wine and four goblets.

Chuckling, the three of them moved away from the table to pour drinks. While Gandalf and Elrond stood talking at the other end of the table, Aragorn walked down to Frodo holding two glasses. He sat beside the hobbit and handed one to him, then took a little sip from his own and sat back comfortably.

Frodo smiled in response and gratefully pushed away the book he had been "reading," then tasted his wine. He had had few chances to talk to Strider-Aragorn, that is-since the Council, because the Ranger had been away on scouting missions. He had told Gandalf that he found the Man a bit grim and strange, yet now he seemed so relaxed and cheerful. A tiny doubt had begun to tickle at Frodo's mind, however, during the little scene he had just witnessed. Could Aragorn have been Gandalf's lover at some point? The Ranger was certainly quite handsome, in a rugged sort of way, especially now that he had had a chance to clean up and replace his worn travel clothes. It shouldn't matter, Frodo told himself. He knew that Gandalf had had lovers before their relationship began, many of them here in Rivendell. He had teased Gandalf about the "beautiful Elves," but he had tried not to speculate as to which ones had shared the wizard's bed in times past. Gandalf had told the hobbit that he had never loved any of them the way he loved Frodo, and Frodo believed and trusted him. But despite his best efforts, he strongly suspected that it would be hard to be in a small group like the Fellowship with one of the wizard's former lovers. Maybe it was best not to know. He decided not to try and pry into the past.

Aragorn smiled at him, as if divining his thoughts, but did not speak.

"You're an even braver man than I had realized, Strid-uh, Aragorn," the hobbit remarked.

Aragorn raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"Facing up to Black Riders is one thing, but playing tricks on a great wizard! I think few of the people here at Rivendell would dare to do that."

Aragorn's smile broadened. "Well, I suppose I do it partly because I can. Maybe I was showing off to you just a bit, because even after all these years, I find it amazing to be so close to one of the Istari-oh, sorry, that's the Elven word for "wizards." Or I should say, "wizard" is the Common-Tongue word for Istar. And by the way, we have never been lovers, if that's what you were wondering."

Frodo tried to hide his relief as he smiled at Aragorn-but he realized that he was indeed very relieved. He said, "I remember the first time he mentioned you to me, back in April, he spoke of you very admiringly. Something about you being the greatest ... what was it? 'Huntsman,' I think he said."

Aragorn's face crinkled into another wide grin as he heard that. "I know, he has considerable respect for me-and I must say, that is one thing that has kept me going through all these years of hardship and uncertainty. He acts as if I am the King of Gondor and assumes I will regain my throne someday. Few others seem to have that confidence, but if he believes it, I believe it. Sometimes I think I struggle on as much to live up to Gandalf's opinion as I do to attain the crown." He laughed quietly.

Frodo stared at him. "That's exactly how I feel. I think that's how I ended up being the Ringbearer," he added with a rueful little smile. Then the smile faded. "It's not a bad way to live your life. I remember when I was in the Barrow and tempted to flee without my friends. My first thought was, surely Gandalf would have to admit I couldn't do anything else. And then I thought, 'Oh no, he wouldn't!" and I had to get them out of there. It helped give me the courage to do that." Aragorn nodded solemnly.

Frodo was silent for a moment, then asked, "How did you meet him? Here in Rivendell?"

"Yes. It was nearly forty years ago now. You may not know this, but Elrond became my foster father after my real father was killed. I was two then."

Frodo nodded. "My parents died when I was very young as well."

Aragorn nodded in return, then resumed, "Well, somehow I had never met Gandalf until I was twenty-five. Let's see, you would have been, I think, twelve at that point. Gandalf was particularly busy in those times. There was the quest to kill Smaug and restore the kingdoms east of Mirkwood, and the Battle of the Five Armies, and the rumors of the return of Sauron to Mordor, and Gandalf's frustrations because of Saruman's growing opposition. He spent most of what free time he had in Lórien or the Shire. And of course I was often away from Rivendell myself. At any rate, we did not meet until one afternoon I arrived here and Elrond told me that he wanted to introduce us. I was thrilled and a bit nervous. Here I was finally going to meet the powerful and lofty Istar about whom I had heard so many amazing stories."

He laughed, and Frodo smiled in anticipation.

"Well, we went back to his room-his room was always kept for him, no matter how many years went by between visits. There he was, sitting at a little work table in a corner, surrounded by a clutter of paper and twine and bottles of this and that. His hands were nearly black and he had a long dark smudge down one cheek. I was a bit puzzled at first, and I thought, well, he must be mixing some important potion or doing an esoteric experiment-and then I realized that he was making fireworks! I was completely taken aback, but he got up and greeted me in the warmest way, and within minutes I felt as if he was an old friend."

He paused in thought, smiling, and Frodo waited to hear more.

Aragorn went on, "Gandalf became a sort of father to me-more than that, my dearest friend and mentor. Elrond of course had raised me, and I love him very much. But he is often a trifle aloof and formal. More so as I reached adulthood and fell in love with Arwen. Elrond struggles to accept that she will stay with me when the Elves depart, but inevitably it has created a tiny coolness between us-though as you probably can tell, we're still quite close. Gandalf stepped in and gave me the fatherly love I had so wanted. We have traveled a great deal together over the intervening years, since his goals and mine are much the same. We have been through dangers and long, boring weeks on the road, and ... and that, in short, is why I can joke with him so easily, Frodo. In situations like this he's ... well, he's fun!"

Frodo looked at him in delighted surprise. "That's just what I said to him once!" and then he blushed, remembering exactly where and when he had said that to the wizard-and what they had just been doing.

If Aragorn noticed this, he did not react, only continuing, "And that is why I also know that you are a very lucky hobbit!" He smiled and sipped his wine.

Frodo sighed. "I know, believe me, I know. I always knew it, but being here in Rivendell and realizing what a very important person he is and seeing how many great and beautiful people he has to choose from, it makes me, well . . ." He sighed and shook his head.

Aragorn leaned over and patted his shoulder. "On the other hand, from what I've seen so far, I should say that he's a very lucky wizard."

Frodo looked up at him with wide eyes. "Why?"

"I'm not quite sure, since I know you so little yet. He has told me a great deal about you over the years-nothing too intimate, of course, but ... well, I've watched the way his eyes light up when he speaks or thinks of you. And I have seen a change in him during the past seventeen years. He has always been of a cheerful disposition, of course, but lately there has been a sort of underlying, steady joy and contentment-though I know your love has also brought him new anxieties, especially since he discovered the true nature of the Ring. He worries about you a great deal, though I'm sure that's not telling you anything you don't know."

They sat in silent thought for a moment, and then, to lighten the tone, Frodo asked with a hint of mischief, "And no more beautiful Elves in his bed, I hope."

Aragorn looked at him quickly, then grinned. "He told you about that, I gather. No, no more 'beautiful Elves.' And you mustn't think there were that many of them before. Though given how young I am and how old he is, there must have been some that I don't know about. And I suspect that there are a few jealous glances leveled at you in the evenings, though Elves are very good at hiding such things." He laughed.

Frodo blushed again, unable to hold back a little smile of pleasure. "I never really thought there were that many," he said, a trifle untruthfully, and shrugged. "I just love to tease him about it."

Aragorn smiled briefly, then looked more seriously at him. "One thing I do want to impress upon you. For years Gandalf was determined to keep you away from the troubles that he deals with in the larger world. His realization that you are the Ringbearer made that impossible, of course. It is excruciatingly difficult for him, but he will have to send you into terrible danger and hardship. It breaks his heart, but you must realize that his love for you will never cause him to spare you anything that he thinks is important to the Quest. Indeed, he never spares himself in such circumstances. But at the same time he will do everything in his considerable power to protect you-and you could not have a better protector, Frodo Baggins." Frodo nodded.

They sat peacefully for a few moments without talking further, and then an Elf arrived to announce dinner. As the pair rose, Frodo looked with delight at Gandalf, waiting at the other end of the room to go out with him. He was enormously pleased that Aragorn had talked so openly with him. Not only was he reassured about those "beautiful Elves"-and about Aragorn himself-but he realized that the Ranger was not nearly as grim a fellow as he had thought. He was more overjoyed than ever to have such a companion to help guide him in his Quest.

As they reached the other end of the room, Aragorn and Elrond went out, leaving Gandalf holding out his hand for Frodo to take. The hobbit grasped it, but held the wizard back and pushed him away from the doorway slightly. He held up his face, and Gandalf leaned down and kissed his cheek lightly. Frodo looked seductively up at him. "Just wait until I get you alone," he purred.

Gandalf raised his eyebrows and squeezed the hobbit's hand. "That eager, are we?"

Frodo nodded. "I can't wait ... to tell you exactly what I thought of that book!" and he moved toward the door, pulling the amused wizard after him.

After that Frodo visited the library more often, but usually for short stretches when Gandalf and Aragorn took breaks from their labors. They talked and laughed together, and sometimes Frodo made further efforts to study a little himself. Somewhat to his surprise, he occasionally found Merry there as well, pouring over maps or pulling some of the less weighty volumes down to peruse. More predictably, Pippin and Sam avoided the place altogether.

After dinner on the night before they were to leave, Gandalf took Frodo's hand as usual and drew him out of the large dining room and into the corridor that led to the Hall of Fire. They looked into each other's eyes, and Gandalf's warm gaze held Frodo entranced with its promise of passion and fulfillment. The hobbit barely noticed that there were no others moving along with them until they walked into the Hall and he realized that it was entirely empty but for themselves. The wizard paused to bar the door behind them. The hobbit looked up at Gandalf questioningly, and the wizard smiled at him so fondly that Frodo swallowed hard.

Gandalf said gently, "You once told me that you had pictured us, as mere acquaintances, sitting together in a dark corner here, listening to Elven songs-and getting to know each other a good deal better. I have thought of that every time I have entered this room since-and many more times when I have been far away from here and from you. I found it impossible to provide both the setting and the songs, so we shall have to use our imaginations for the latter. But Elrond indulged me by letting us have the room to ourselves tonight. Why don't you go over into a dark corner and listen to the songs, Frodo?"

As he walked across the broad hall, Frodo tried to remember exactly what he had told Gandalf about his fantasies. He chose a comfortable bench in the darkest corner and settled onto it, staring at the fire and recalling the beautiful singing that he had heard there night after night. Out of the corner of his eye he watched Gandalf, who strolled along the opposite wall, glancing in his direction occasionally, just briefly, but with an admiring look. The wizard pulled out his pipe and lit it, still casting glances his way frequently.

Finally Gandalf crossed and sat by Frodo, but not as close as he ordinarily would have. "Young Frodo Baggins, is it not? It is good to see you again, and so far from home. Are you enjoying your stay in Rivendell?"

Frodo smiled and tried to be matter-of-fact. "Very much. It is good to see you again as well, Gandalf. It has been all too long since your last visit to the Shire."

"I would have to agree heartily with that sentiment. You are even more beautiful than I remembered."

Frodo felt a shiver of pleasure and desire glide through his body. "I-I had no idea that you would think such a thing about me. There are so many ..." he could not resist a mischievous little grin, "... so many beautiful Elves here."

Gandalf's eyes passed slowly over him, from head to toe, then up again, lingering on his bulging crotch, his rising and falling chest, and finally settling on his luminous eyes, which reflected the firelight as if he was already glowing with desire. "I have thought about you often, my dear hobbit, though it might surprise you to hear it. You fill my dreams at night, and I have longed for this reunion."

Frodo gulped, unable to respond coherently as Gandalf's eager eyes again slowly took in his body. It almost seemed to the hobbit as if the wizard's hands were already upon him, feeling, exploring, exciting. Glancing around as if someone might be watching, Gandalf slid over until their bodies were touching and put one arm around Frodo's shoulders. He looked down for a moment, as if appraising the hobbit's reaction to this bold move. Frodo pretended to be confused, listening to the "music" but breathing hard. Suddenly Gandalf pulled the hobbit toward himself, lowering his head to press his mouth softly but eagerly against Frodo's. Frodo was about to open and welcome him, but he vaguely remembered that he was supposed to be surprised by this. He pulled reluctantly away and looked with puzzlement up into the wizard's hungry eyes. "What are you doing?" he managed to ask, though he longed to pull Gandalf against him, on top of him.

Gandalf stroked his cheek. "I have remembered you for years, Frodo, from my last visit to the Shire: your beauty, your wit, your liveliness. Seeing you again, I must tell you that I love you. I hope that does not shock you, my dear boy."

Frodo licked his lips, as if nervous and unsure of himself. "No ... I'm . . . not shocked. I'm glad." Gandalf smiled and kissed him again, now deeply, as his hand slid up Frodo's thighs and chest, undoing two buttons of his shirt and slipping inside to rub Frodo's nipples, delicately at first, then more sharply as Frodo moaned against his tongue. Frodo jerked and twisted as Gandalf's fingers pinched him more aggressively, and then, as Frodo slid down, whimpering with desire, Gandalf lowered himself onto his knees, spreading the hobbit's legs and cupping the growing erection with his hand, manipulating it skillfully through the cloth until Frodo begged, "Oh, Gandalf, take it in your mouth, please!" The wizard opened Frodo's shirt and sucked maddeningly at his nipples as he undid the hobbit's trouser-laces and pulled his rampant member out.

He whispered, "Don't make so much noise, my dear hobbit! The others will hear." Frodo held his breath to prevent himself from uttering loud moans of bliss as Gandalf hooked Frodo's knees over his shoulders and licked the firm rod that poked up toward his chin. Frodo whispered, "That feels better than my best fantasy could imagine!" Gandalf's lips nibbled teasingly at the cock's tip, and he flicked his tongue back and forth down the sensitive underside of the shaft. Pressing Frodo's erection up flat against his belly, the wizard licked his testicles and finally drew each in turn into his mouth before engulfing the entire sac in wet heat, his tongue swirling and poking until Frodo was dizzy with arousal. He felt weightless, floating in the air before Gandalf's mouth, moving toward an ecstasy that seemed about to surge into his loins and then flitted away as the wizard removed his mouth and kissed gently along Frodo's delicately veined length. "No, Gandalf! Don't tease me! I'm ready, please!" the hobbit moaned in a strangled voice, then gasped with joy as Gandalf slowly sucked the tip into his throat and tightened his lips to pull and tongue Frodo's cock insistently. At last Frodo felt his pleasure soar, and he sent spurt after spurt into the wizard's throat. Finally he went limp, and Gandalf lowered him carefully. The wizard slid up to sit beside him again as Frodo panted and gazed up at him rapturously.

"I hope you don't think that I've been too forward, Master Baggins, but being so close to you like this carried me away. I could not resist you."

Frodo rubbed against the wizard's arm, sighing happily. "I'm not at all offended, Master Gandalf. In fact, you may think me a bit forward as well." His hand slid into Gandalf's lap and felt the wizard's erection well started and increasing under his exploring fingers. "Mmm. That's awfully big, but I'd love to feel it inside me. Perhaps you could find a way to manage that."

"I wouldn't be at all surprised," Gandalf gasped, as he leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying Frodo's gentle stroking. Soon the hobbit rose and straddled the wizard's lap, his knees on the bench, opening Gandalf's shirt wide and brushing aside his beard. Gandalf opened his eyes again and watched him, breathing slowly but deeply as Frodo fastened his open mouth over one nipple and sucked the little nub while he pinched and teased the other. Gandalf reached over the hobbit's thighs and around his back to unlace his own trousers, freeing an erection that pressed up against Frodo's bottom, which was still enclosed in the loose trousers bagging low on his hips.

"Oh, Frodo, that feels sublime! If only time could stop now and we could go on just like this-no Quest, no journeying, no danger. Just your lips and tongue on me like this, so soft and warm and wet and-" He began to rock his hips, rubbing his length against the rough folds of Frodo's trousers. At last, with a stifled groan, he pushed Frodo down onto his hands and knees on the rug before the bench and knelt behind him, pulling the trousers further down to reveal Frodo's small buttocks. Gandalf's long fingers raked slowly down Frodo's back and squeezed his cheeks eagerly. Then one hand slid under Frodo's stomach to find the hobbit beginning to regain his erection. The wizard leaned forward to whisper, "Are you ready for me, Frodo? May I go inside you?"

Frodo was focused on the wizard's hand, stroking and pulling him. He felt Gandalf trembling with desire and was keenly aware that this was the last night they would be alone for many days, perhaps weeks. He suddenly felt almost desperate to please the wizard, to make him remember their bliss no matter how long they had to avoid such intimacy. He whispered, "Yes, Gandalf. Take me!" He moaned loudly as Gandalf's spell relaxed him and he felt the tip of the wizard's cock push slowly but powerfully into him. He spread his knees further and dropped his head down onto his crossed forearms, opening himself as fully as possible to the wizard's eager thrusts. Gradually Gandalf slowed and halted, gasping as he savored the warm, moist sheath gripping him. "That's far enough, isn't it?" he said between clenched teeth.

"Yes, perfect. Just like that," Frodo murmured, and the wizard resumed driving pleasure deep inside him. Wordlessly the hobbit reached down to guide Gandalf's stroking hand to a quicker pace, eager to regain his full erection. He welcomed the wizard's leisurely pumping rhythm, giving him time to build slowly toward his fulfillment. Gandalf whispered his name over and over as he climbed toward release with exquisite slowness. At last Frodo sensed that Gandalf was barely able to contain himself, nearly frantic to slip over into ecstasy. "Go ahead, now!" he urged, and Gandalf uttered a gasp of relief as he immediately thrust harder and faster, grimacing and pressing his chin down into his chest as he sent his seed deep into the hobbit. He pulled Frodo's shaft even more rapidly, and just as the wizard was gliding down from the height of his pleasure, Frodo squealed and thrashed. His come soon coated Gandalf's fingers, which moved with slippery heat over his tip and shaft until Frodo's last drops emerged and tiny shudders shook his body.

After Gandalf had recovered somewhat, he rose and fastened his trousers, moving up onto the bench again and helping the hobbit to straighten his clothing and sit beside him. The wizard leaned against the wall and ran his fingers through Frodo's curls. "Making your fantasies come true turns out to be most rewarding, my dear, beautiful hobbit. Let me know if you remember some other particularly vivid ones."

Frodo swallowed and nestled against the wizard's side. "Now that we can be together, I don't need to fantasize about things like that--though I suspect that before this journey is very old, I shall be daydreaming about getting you alone."

Gandalf sighed. "Yes. Quite apart from the constant presence of the others, it will be cold, and the country we shall pass through does not provide much shelter or privacy for a lovelorn wizard mad with desire for his hobbit."

Frodo stretched up to kiss his cheek. "Well, at least we should be able to hug and kiss and sleep close together. Surely that won't be too offensive to the others."

Gandalf yawned, clearly ready for sleep and yet battling to stay awake and enjoy this last night. "To be sure-as long as you can keep it to that. Just don't get carried away and start slipping your hands inside my trousers or pulling your shirt open to tempt me with your nipples."

Frodo laughed. "I'll try to contain myself. Though if I do find myself invading your trousers, I could just say that I wanted to warm my hands in the hottest place I could find."

They continued to sit gently caressing each other, though Gandalf was practically nodding off after a few minutes. To wake him up, Frodo asked, "Did you explain to Elrond why you wanted to be alone with me here?"

Gandalf grinned drowsily. "Of course not. Your fantasies are for my ears only. But I should imagine that he had a general idea of what we would get up to-though he could hardly know what prompted me to want to do that here specifically. But he kindly granted my request without questions. I don't often ask personal favors of him-just his general hospitality and help in our common cause."

"Where have all the beautiful Elves gone, deprived of their gathering place?"

"Oh, there are other rooms where smaller groups can assemble. And tomorrow night they will have the place all to themselves again. Their strangely assorted visitors will be off on their long Quest. And we must get up early. I wish I could sit here and give you all the pleasure you could possibly want-but although I have managed to hide the fact admirably, I am falling asleep."

"Don't worry. Two wonderful climaxes in a fantasy come true have made me very happy and content. But wait-you've only come once during all this. Don't you-"

"Frodo, I'm quite content myself. At any rate, I believe I owed you one for-let's see, the day before yesterday, was it?"

"I don't remember any such thing."

"Well, it is hard to keep track. You've seduced me so often during the past few days."

"Oh, only me, was it? I seem to recall that you practically threw me into bed yesterday afternoon."

"Perhaps, but you were being particularly provocative just before that: looking up at me with those big sapphire eyes and smiling so suggestively and generally teasing me beyond resistance. In fact, I suspect that if you were big enough to lift me, you would have been the one doing the throwing."

"Mmm, quite possibly. But whoever did the seducing, the results were wonderful."

"Yes, it's quite pleasant to have a beautiful, enticing lover small enough to scoop up and carry off to bed when you want him."

Frodo frowned. "Well, it's not fair, me not being able to do the same thing." He sighed, then looked up with a little grin. "On the other hand, as we nearly always seem to want it at the same time, I guess it doesn't matter. And I have to admit, it's quite pleasant to have a wonderful, strong lover big enough to scoop you up and carry you off to bed-and have his wicked way with you." He tried to lean over and kiss Gandalf's ear, but the wizard held him back.

"Yes, well, getting back to the point at hand, I have just made mad, passionate, stunningly satisfying love to you, and I am sleepy!"

With that he stood up and dragged the hobbit along to his room. As they undressed, Frodo kept looking at Gandalf, licking his lips slowly in an exaggeratedly lustful fashion. Gandalf laughed and shook his head, but his eyes were moving over Frodo's increasingly naked torso. By the time they had undressed and washed and climbed into bed, Frodo detected signs of reviving interest in what he had in mind. Instead of cuddling down by the wizard, Frodo straddled his thighs.

"Sorry, I know you need your sleep, old fellow, but I want to say farewell to my very dear friend down here face to face, so to speak. Last chance, after all, last chance."

Gandalf smiled and shook slightly with quiet laughter. Frodo looked impishly at him. "Can you resist me, my dear wizard?"

Gandalf, who was beginning to pant slightly by this point, glanced downward and replied in mock exasperation, "Apparently not, young fellow. Your 'dear friend' seems to be preparing to receive another spectacular farewell."

Frodo scooted forward over the growing member and sat on Gandalf's belly. Slowly he kissed the wizard's cheeks, dragging his lips wetly over the skin and pausing to press them down. Gandalf lay with his eyes closed, but he seemed no longer to be in any danger of falling asleep. Frodo moved slightly to press his lips on the wizard's ear, making soft slurping noises as he delved in with his tongue.

Gandalf was panting harder and more raggedly now, and his fingers slid lightly over Frodo's body. He whispered, "Oh, Frodo! The longer we are together, the more exciting I find you. No wonder I cannot resist you! You know how to make me unbearably hard."

Frodo's tongue continued to tickle Gandalf's ear, and he arched his body to bring one nipple up directly in front of the wizard's mouth. As Gandalf began to suckle at it, Frodo whispered, "Well, it's no wonder, my dear wizard. I've learned a lot lately-from a master teacher." Gandalf did not respond aloud, but Frodo felt his hot breath gusting over the wet nipple as he gasped with arousal.

Frodo drew back, then leaned forward to thrust his tongue deep into Gandalf's mouth. The wizard's hands moved down to cup his buttocks. The hobbit felt under the beard for the nipples, pinching and plucking at them until Gandalf was moaning softly into his mouth. At last Frodo sat back and pulled the wizard's hands to his own chest, arching forward as Gandalf played gently with his pink nipples. "That's so lovely," Frodo whispered, wondering if perhaps he would become so aroused that the wizard would need to suck him after his own turn. "This could go on all night," he thought with a grin. Despite prolonged stimulation by the wizard's skillful fingers, however, Frodo's contentment from their earlier lovemaking lingered. Gandalf's erection, however, was fully rampant by this point.

Gandalf gasped, "My dear hobbit, this time it's definitely your fault. You must relieve me." He pushed gently on Frodo's shoulders, and the hobbit pressed the wizard's length down and moved to sit on his thighs again. "Please, Frodo, now!"

Frodo let the erection bob up again and ran his tongue all over the shaft and tip, tickling the balls delicately with his fingers. As Gandalf moaned and squirmed against the mattress, Frodo stared at him, as if trying to memorize every fleeting grimace of pleasure, every increasingly desperate movement of the wizard's writhing body, to sustain him in the long weeks ahead. But soon he shut his eyes and concentrated all his attention on using the techniques he had learned during the long, blissful afternoons and nights at Bag End. He traced each throbbing vein with his tongue, now brushing with a feather-like touch, now sucking eagerly with open lips up and down the full length. He teased the sensitive underside with a light back-and-forth flicking. He licked the large balls with his entire tongue, then kissed deeply into the soft place where they met the shaft. Frodo knew that the wizard's eyes were fixed on him, and he heard his breath catch at each particularly tantalizing caress. He sought to excite Gandalf further by groaning softly as he rubbed the shaft against his cheeks between kisses, blowing on the wet skin with little gasps. Finally he had an idea and sidled slightly closer to the shaft, until he could rub the tip over his relaxed nipples. They tightened at once, and he moaned sensually. He heard a snorting groan from Gandalf, who whispered, "Oh, Frodo! Yes, don't stop!" Frodo felt the wizard making tiny thrusts against his chest, pressing and stretching his nipples and humming with excitement. He continued to hold the tip against himself until Gandalf finally begged, "Now, Frodo, please ... use your mouth ...!" Frodo moved back slightly and lowered his lips over the large, smooth tip, sucking hard as he pumped the shaft quickly with both hands. After only a short while, Gandalf quivered and then groaned as his thick liquid gushed to fill the hobbit's mouth. Frodo gulped it until the wizard gasped softly as the last blissful tremors shook him.

Frodo slowly licked the entire shrinking shaft one last time, finding every last drop, then crawled up and pulled the covers over himself and Gandalf. The wizard hugged him tightly. "You are quite something, my dear hobbit. Here I did not think I could stay awake another minute, and you managed to arouse and satisfy me marvelously. But from the sounds you were making, I expected to find you cajoling me for more. Shall I ... ?"

He slid his hand down under the blanket and along Frodo's firm belly to find his penis relaxed against his thigh. Frodo grinned and shook his head. " I think you'd fall asleep in the middle of it. Besides, I wanted to please you, my darling wizard. To show you how much I shall miss your beautiful cock. You liked it when I rubbed these with it, didn't you?" He pulled the cover down slightly to bare his nipples.

"'Like' is hardly the word. Even if I had been completely indifferent up to that point, you would have had me fully ready like that!" He snapped his fingers, then gazed adoringly into the hobbit's eyes.

"Good! Another way to melt my wizard into a puddle of helpless desire." Gandalf smiled vaguely, but his eyelids were drooping again. Frodo settled him down into the pillow and pulled the covers up further, touching his lips softly to the wizard's and curling up against him. Frodo's smile slowly faded, and he sighed. "How long will it be before we sleep in a bed together?" he wondered as he felt his eyelids growing heavy.

He would have been appalled if he had known the answer.

TBC in "Thrice Returned #6: Stealing Away in Moria"

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