The Wizard and the Silent Elf

by Nefertiti

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Gandalf/Figwit

Summary: Gandalf discovers how to get the reticent Figwit to talk-and more.

Disclaimer: I own no rights to the characters, settings, or situations depicted herein, nor do I derive the slightest income from this little story.

Author's note: My first film-canon fic and probably my last. One more attempt to find a way to give the Wizard a dishy guy.

9 November 2005

Many thanks to my invaluable beta Sarah, especially for her patience in pointing out my many word repetitions!

Gandalf let out a long sigh of relief and watched as the members of the Council of Elrond stood up and stretched, preparing, as Bilbo had suggested, to retire inside for lunch. As he and Elrond rose to follow them, the Elf remarked softly, "Well, I am impressed. The Ring-bearer is as courageous and selfless as you have always told me."

The Wizard was staring distractedly toward the opposite side of the circle of chairs, with a hint of a smile about his lips. "Yes, yes, Frodo is great. Who is that?"

Elrond's eyes followed Gandalf's gaze, and he chuckled knowingly. "I didn't get a chance to introduce you to him before the Council began. He's Figwit, the son of a cousin of mine. A very intelligent young fellow."

"Is he? He certainly did not contribute anything to the discussion this morning. I noticed him for about three seconds at the start and wondered who he was, but he was so quiet, he might as well not have been here. I quite forgot about him until just now."

"True. He is quite shy, I'm afraid. He can speak, though, I assure you. It's just that, with all the weighty issues and powerful personalities creating quite a tense atmosphere at times, I'm sure he just chose to hold his peace. I believe he is more loquacious in smaller groups."

"Yes, well, he could hardly be less so. He's quite attractive, though." Gandalf had not looked away from Figwit's pretty, delicate face during this conversation. He frowned now and turned to Elrond. "Might I ask how old he is?"

"He's definitely an adult-a bit over three hundred years old now, if I recall rightly."

Gandalf's smile returned and expanded into a grin as he stared once more at Figwit. With a little waggle of his great eyebrows he replied, "Good!"

At lunch, Gandalf contrived to sit next to the lovely young Elf, but the latter remained resolutely silent-partly because his mouth was usually full and would not allow him to speak without being impolite. Partly, though, he seemed a bit abashed at being seated by the Wizard. The group of Dwarves happened to be on Figwit's right, and they resolutely ignored him as they talked among themselves. Gandalf soon gave up trying to draw the fellow into conversation and chatted instead with Galdor, who was on his other side, about doings at the Grey Havens.

Finally, as the dessert was served and Galdor was talking with the person on his left, Gandalf again turned to his young companion, determined to engage him in conversation. "So, Figwit, if I caught your name correctly, what did you think of the Council?"

The Elf pondered for a moment and then shrugged his shoulders.

Gandalf paused and tried again. "Had you ever encountered Dwarves before?"

Figwit shook his head.

"Have you ever visited Imladris before?"

Figwit nodded.

Gandalf sighed and concentrated on his food for a while.

Suddenly Figwit started, and his eyes widened. Quickly he looked down over his left shoulder, then at the Wizard. A deep blush crept over his pale face. Gandalf gazed solemnly back at him.

"What did you do that for?" Figwit said in a low, tense voice, glancing around to see if anyone else had noticed Gandalf's little gesture and his own reaction.

Gandalf smiled. "For that. To have the pleasure of hearing you speak."

Figwit sounded flustered as he replied softly, "Well, you didn't need to do that to get me to speak."

"Perhaps not, but it worked better than anything had up to that point. Besides I also was wondering whether your buttocks are as firm and beautifully shaped as I have suspected from watching your robe brush against them as you walked. I am very happy to discover that they are."

Figwit stared at him in a surprised and disapproving fashion until the Wizard shrugged and resumed, "Surely a beautiful young fellow like you has had his bottom patted before."

"Yes," the Elf responded reluctantly, "but . . . not by a great Wizard who has just helped decide the fate of Middle-earth."

"No, I suppose not. Such Wizards and such decisions are not common. Oh, I'm sorry, my lad, but I do like to talk, as all my friends are wont to remind me, and I feel thwarted when someone discourages me from doing it."

Figwit smiled very slightly. "I wasn't discouraging you. I like hearing you talk."

"Oh? Thank you! But it's rather difficult to carry on such a very one-sided conversation."

Figwit looked down into his lap for a moment and then earnestly back up into Gandalf's face. "I'm sorry. It's just a bit overwhelming to be in the midst of this many important people and to hear them discussing such vital matters. I certainly didn't expect it when I came here. You see, I live in a small settlement of Elves to the north. It's a guard-post on the border of Uncle Elrond's realm, really, though it's a complete village, not just a house. And my father was planning to come here, but he was wounded by a band of marauding goblins. Not seriously, fortunately, but enough to make riding a horse difficult. At the last minute, he decided to send me instead. It was just supposed to be a routine quarterly report, and he assumed I could handle it easily. I mean, I have traveled here with him on a number of occasions, so I at least was familiar with the route and some of the Elves of the household. But this time when I arrived, I discovered Imladris full of representatives from all sorts of places and people-Men and other kinds of Elves and Dwarves and even Hobbits-which I had never heard of before! Uncle Elrond was very kind and said I should sit in and take news of the results of the Council back to my father. I was proud that he should trust me to that extent, and I of course did what he asked. It was thrilling but also somewhat frightening. Soon I expect that I shall set out to go back. For several years Uncle Elrond had been saying that our job of guarding the Imladris area will soon grow more challenging, and now I see why. He said I could speak up if I had any thoughts to offer, but there turned out to be so many wise people contributing that I didn't think my opinions were needed. But I was paying close attention, and I can tell my father what happened. What's more, I'll be able to tell him that the great Mithrandir flirted with me," he concluded with a mischievous smile.

Gandalf had placed his elbow on the table and was supporting his chin with his fist as he listened. As Fig wit concluded, the Istar shook his head with a sigh. "I guess you can talk when you've a mind to. And I'm glad to learn that I have not lost my abilities to the point where the person that I'm flirting with fails to recognize the fact."

Figwit chuckled. "Well, patting someone's bottom is not exactly subtle, you know."

"True, true. But after all, as I said, you were making it very arduous for me by not holding up your end of the conversation. I could have been far more subtle with a little cooperation."

"I suppose so. It's just that I was intimidated by you. You were so eloquent during the Council, and Uncle Elrond said that you were the true leader in all these great deeds and events. Of course, I'm aware that Uncle Elrond himself is a great leader, but I had met him before, a few times. During those visits I mentioned, when I accompanied my father on his trips, Uncle Elrond has been very hospitable. I've talked to him in much more casual situations than an important Council. Besides, he's an Elf, so I did not feel overawed by him, after I got acquainted with him. But a Wizard is different!"

By the end of this speech, Figwit was not sure whether Gandalf was actually listening to him. True, he was staring at the Elf with a fascinated smile and nodding at intervals, but ....

Gandalf suddenly sat up straighter, and his smile faded into a look of intent thought. "I must go off and talk with Frodo briefly, then see your uncle after that, but ... would you be interested in a walk in the grounds later this afternoon? It's not all that chilly, and it's lovely and sunny. You would? Good! Let's meet at the front door at three, shall we?"

In the days that followed, Gandalf was busy with meetings, reassuring the Ring-bearer and discussing the composition of the Fellowship with Elrond. He found himself spending a surprising amount of time in between such activities with Figwit. They wandered through the beautiful forests around the Last Homely House. Now that the young Elf had started talking, he seemed not to be able to stop, and the Istar found his descriptions of provincial life in Elrond's realm a soothing respite from the great matters that Gandalf had to deal with daily. The fact that the fellow was so very beautiful no doubt contributed considerably to the Wizard's interest in him. Not that he seriously intended to do anything about his growing attraction, but it was pleasant just to look at Figwit and to flirt with him in a harmless sort of way. A bit frustrating, to be sure, but definitely pleasant.

After a week of such socializing, however, Gandalf found his desire for the young Elf increasing to the point where he could not dismiss it so easily. There came a night when they sat side by side in the Hall of Fire, listening to the enchanting songs and poems and music, and the Wizard realized that he was paying considerably more attention to his companion than to the entertainment. Finally, when a pause came in the program, he whispered, "I believe there is a nearly full moon tonight. Do you fancy a brief walk in the gardens before retiring?"

Figwit nodded happily, and they quietly rose and walked the short distance to the entry hall and went out the great front door of Imladris. The moonlight was unimpeded by clouds and cast a stark, white light over the lawns and shrubs that surrounded the house. The two wandered slowly and talked of what they had heard that night in the Hall.

After half an hour or so, their talk ceased. They had reached a small formal garden near a side entrance to the great house, one leading to the corridors lined with guest bedrooms. An elegant columned balustrade of slightly more than waist-height ran along one edge of the garden. The pair paused and leaned on it, looking out over the vista of pine forest, gleaming silver in the moonlight.

For once both were silent, and Figwit wondered, as he had several times recently, what he should do if the Wizard seriously tried to seduce him. Gandalf had made several mildly suggestive remarks, but always in a fashion that might simply be jesting. The Elf had no notion as to whether he liked the idea or would just prefer them to remain friends. Fond of the Wizard though he had become, the thought of lying with him definitely made Figwit nervous.

Eventually Gandalf turned and looked at the lovely face so close to his own. He gently slipped an arm around the Elf's shoulders, leaning his head in at an angle so that he could kiss Figwit's lips. Startled out of his cogitations, the Elf turned his head away just as their mouths were about to touch, so that Gandalf's lips simply grazed his cheek.

The Wizard straightened up, and his arm fell to his side. "Perhaps you're right. Our time together has been very pleasant, and I would not want you to allow me to do what I had in mind merely because you were overawed or intimidated by me-which is always a risk with a young fellow like yourself."

"I suppose so, and it's very kind of you to think about that side of it. Surely with so many other wise and powerful people here, you could find someone who wouldn't be overawed or intimidated." Figwit blushed, feeling more than a little foolish about resisting a simple kiss-though he suspected that what the Wizard "had in mind" was considerably more than a kiss.

"True, under some circumstances. Frankly, though, these past few days I have been a bit too busy with meetings and so absorbed in talking with you to make any such arrangements. Well, it won't hurt me to sleep alone again." The Wizard spoke cheerfully enough, but there was something in his tone that suggested he thought the contrary. "Shall we go in then?" he added and then turned and started toward the door.

After a tiny pause Figwit called softly, "Don't go!"

Gandalf stopped and turned back to him. One of his immense eyebrows slid upward, and he replied with an amused smile, "Just what do you mean by that?"

Figwit took in a breath to answer but let it out again, staring at the Istar with a puzzled little frown. "I ... I just meant ... I thought ..." As always when visiting Imladris he sensed himself as being quite provincial in comparison to the sophisticated people who dwelt there. And it was true that he had relatively limited sexual experience-and certainly none with anyone besides youngish Elves like himself.

Gandalf strolled slowly back and nodded toward a bench beside the gravel path. They sat down. The Wizard stared into space and said thoughtfully, "Let's see now. Obviously you want me to stay, but what does that imply? You might mean, now that we've agreed that there will be no further romantic overtures on my part, you'd like to enjoy my company for additional conversation. Understandable, but at this late hour, not likely. You might mean instead that I should not leave before you provide additional explanation as to why you don't want any further romantic overtures. Not plausible, since I accepted your rejection and had no need of such justification. Perhaps, despite your rejection, you find yourself strangely confused and hence you think I should stay until you have a chance to sort out your own desires. Or possibly," he said, pausing to stare into Figwit's luminous brown eyes, "you have just thought to yourself, 'Wait a minute, I would not be joining this highly attractive if elderly Wizard in his bed because I am in awe of or intimidated by him, but simply because it would be just the entertainment I require tonight, and I know that he would take a great deal of care to make sure that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.' Or words to that effect."

By the end of this speech Figwit was chuckling softly. Looking into the Wizard's humorous but kind and wise-and definitely lustful--eyes, his confusion vanished, and he blurted out, "Yes, that's it!"

"What is?"

"I ... I have realized that I don't feel awestruck or intimidated, and I do think joining you in your bed would be, well, more than entertaining. I believe it would be wonderful!"

Gandalf's eyes widened slightly. "Really? That is, of course!" He smiled with combined amusement and fondness, reaching out to pull Figwit against himself. "At least, I shall try my best to make it so. I will definitely take care that you enjoy this as much as I do." He gazed happily into the Elf's delicate, beautiful face. "And I suspect that I shall enjoy it very, very much." His lips descended on the Elf's in a kiss that began softly and then deepened as he slowly slid his tongue inside Figwit's mouth, exploring and delving further. The passionate embrace went on for some time, until they were clinging fiercely, their bodies writhing against each other.

At last Gandalf reluctantly pulled away to look in some surprise into the Elf's face. "Yes, definitely," he murmured, panting.

Figwit swallowed and positively pouted as he tried, unsuccessfully, to raise only one eyebrow and replied, "Just what do you mean by that?"

Gandalf grinned. "I mean that I definitely must get you into my bedroom as quickly as possible. Now that you've made your decision, you're remarkably eager. As am I. After all, we don't want to make a spectacle of ourselves in Elrond's garden."

Figwit smiled and said breathily, "It's not as if there's anyone about. The place is deserted."

"Now, yes! But once you start moaning and crying out from all the pleasure that I intend to give you, we could attract quite a crowd. Better to do that in a more private setting."

Figwit's cock, which had been slowly swelling, now stirred distinctly at the idea of crying out in pleasure-as he suspected that the Wizard could make him do. With a gulp he said, "Then let's go!"

Grinning as he took the Elf's hand, Gandalf led him quickly through the dimly lit hallways until they reached his room.

Once inside, Gandalf went over to stir up the fire and add some small logs. Once the blaze cheerfully lit up the room, the Wizard smiled and beckoned Figwit to join him in the radiating warmth. Gandalf stared into his face admiringly, then cupped his cheeks and drew him in for a soft joining of lips. The kiss went on, slowly deepening as the Wizard's tongue requested and gained admittance. It plundered the Elf's sweet mouth thoroughly, gliding further and further in as Figwit sucked eagerly and moaned faintly, his hand pressing the back of Gandalf's neck to pull him in even more demandingly. The Wizard's member squirmed at the wanton surrender of the Elf who only minutes earlier had seemed shy and withdrawn.

Seconds later his hips shuddered as Figwit's hand suddenly slid down along his belly and cupped his growing erection through the stiff, laced cloth of his trouser-front. He thrust slightly against it and was rewarded by the Elf's fingers exploring his length, pressing in the most delightful way as they went. Gandalf pulled his mouth free and slid his lips along Figwit's cheek, his tongue gliding wetly over the neck and up to swirl into the ear. The Elf bucked against him and groaned, his hands fumbling to undo Gandalf's trousers. As the knot in the laces slid open, Figwit's hand delved inside and encountered the rigid, moist member standing upward within. He investigated it again, more intimately now that the encasing cloth was not between his hand and the silky flesh. The pulsing cock twitched in his grasp, and he gulped as he imagined it buried within himself. In a haze of need, he felt Gandalf's fingers undoing his shirt.

As soon as Gandalf had several of Figwit's buttons unfastened, he spread the shirt open and whimpered faintly at the sight of the Elf's nipples. "So lovely and pink," he murmured just before his mouth fastened on one of them, sucking and swirling his tongue over it. The Wizard's fingers twisted and plucked the other gently, and he seemed to forget for the moment all the rest of Figwit's body. The Elf trembled. His eyes closed, and his head lolled as bliss coursed down from his chest directly to his rigid sex.

Long minutes later, Gandalf reluctantly drew his attention away from Figwit's chest, and they stepped back slightly, stripping each other as quickly as they could with hands that fumbled and frequently insisted on pausing in their task to grope and knead the enticing flesh that was revealed. As the Wizard finally reached the stage of lowering Figwit's trousers, he sank slowly to his knees and released the garment, grasping the long, slim length with both hands. After inspecting it with half-hooded eyes, he put out his tongue and dragged languorously it over the hot, rosy tip, teasing the slit and going on to lathe the high, sensitive ridge on the underside of the shaft. Pressing the erection up against the Elf's stomach with a hand that continued to stroke and squeeze it, Gandalf licked his way down the lower part and onto the tight, full balls. He lapped at each in turn and drew it entirely into his mouth, tonguing and sucking at it eagerly.

Soon Figwit was emitting a shrill keening sound. The Wizard gave a last tickling lick to the back of the testicle sac and moved his mouth upward again, teasing the shaft with soft kisses until the Elf whispered, "Please!" With that, Gandalf fastened his open mouth over the tip of the cock, taking it in with exquisite, maddening slowness as Figwit watched, entranced. Vaguely it crossed his mind that he should withdraw from the hot wetness that was enclosing him. If they simply went to the bed so that both could be more comfortable as they pleasured each other ... But he could not force himself to do so. Gandalf's strong hands were now cupped over his buttocks, the long, thin fingers pressing deep into his flesh as the Wizard accepted him far into his relaxed throat. Figwit had never experienced anything like this, and he lost all thought of getting into the bed as Gandalf's lips and throat squeezed his member and his tongue slithered over the shaft. With a cry that surprised them both, Figwit tipped over into bliss, thrusting slightly as he sent spurt after spurt of his hot cream into Gandalf's welcoming throat. Shuddering, he savored the diminishing spasms as the Wizard's mouth milked his cock. When the tiniest fillips of pleasure faded, he stood panted. He had never felt so weakened by a climax, and he almost feared that he would topple over from the dizziness that seized him.

At once Gandalf rose and grasped his shoulders, guiding him backward until he was leaning against the bed. Soft lips moved over the Elf's neck and face as he recovered slightly, and then Gandalf urged him to lie on the bed. The Wizard moved above him, resting gently on him and kissing him everywhere, it seemed to him, with hands gliding eagerly over his body. The caresses seemed to prolong his blissful state, and Figwit moaned softly and happily. Eventually he became aware of Gandalf's arousal as a large, hard length pressed against his legs.

"I can't ... I can't ... Please, just take me," he whispered, content to passively let the Wizard achieve his half of their pleasure.

Gandalf surveyed the limp, ecstatic body beneath him, and he realized that he had well earned his turn. With a soft groan he again sucked the lovely pink nipples, flicking them hard with his tongue. Two fingers explored down past Figwit's softening cock and beyond his balls in their now-loose sac. Reaching out to grasp a small bottle on the bedside table, the Wizard anointed two fingers. They quickly found the tiny, taut entrance and rubbed at it. The Elf uttered a faint grunt and then lay still, obviously trying hard to relax as Gandalf slowly pushed one finger inside and moved gently further, stretching and preparing the tight, moist channel. Soon Figwit grimaced and panted with sudden pleasure, and his cock showed faint signs of reviving.

Once Gandalf deemed that the Elf's entrance would readily accept an invasion, he lubricated his member and pressed it against the slack hole. The head popped through easily, and he commenced to thrust, moving inward and opening the passage gradually, his face dissolving into a blissful grimace. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the sensations that were suffusing his cock. The feelings were his entire world now, so fixated was he upon achieving the almost agonizing climb toward ecstasy.

After some seconds, though, he was dimly aware that Figwit was whimpering as well. The Wizard moved a hand to the Elf's sex and realized that it was already growing again. "Randy young fellow!" he gasped affectionately as he began to pump Figwit's member.

It ripened slowly, but that gave Gandalf a chance to bury over half the length of his member, and he set a moderate rate of thrusting that had him whimpering and groaning quietly as he prolonged his pleasure. The awakening cock in his hand encouraged him to linger further, and he sighed ecstatically as he gradually sank nearly his entire erection within the clinging channel.

At last Figwit began to groan and wrapped his legs around the Wizard's waist. He pressed harder onto Gandalf's cock and rode it, straining toward a second climax, his heels pressing and moving on the Wizard's lower back. Gandalf squeezed Figwit's shaft tightly and pumped it quickly, thrusting now for his own pleasure. When he felt the Elf's climax explode, he thrust even harder and clenched his teeth over his own groans as he spasmodically spilled far inside the hot, tight depths.

The pair lay happily kissing and speaking softly and caressing for an hour or so. Gandalf rose to lean on one elbow and allowed his lips to stray lingeringly across Figwit's face and neck and ears. Finally the Elf opened his eyes slightly. The Wizard raised his head to look at him happily. "Tired?" he asked.

Figwit nodded blearily. "Frankly, yes. Aren't you?"

"Oh, a trifle, but with such a lovely bedmate as you, I can fight it." He resumed kissing the Elf's neck wetly, and his hand roved over the slim torso.

"Now I am in awe." Figwit shook his head wearily. "Wizards!" he added in a whisper. "I think I have the right to be tired. You gave me two climaxes, and you have only had one."

Gandalf raised his head again, unsuccessfully trying to suppress a self-satisfied smirk. "So, you truly want to sleep now?"

"Um, yes. Could you wait until morning?"

Gandalf heaved an exaggerated sigh of disappointment. "I suppose! But you are being imprecise in your statements again. By 'morning,' do you mean directly after midnight? When the sun rises? After breakfast?"

"I think it must be after midnight already."

"Not quite. A bit over half an hour to go. But I'll admit that you could barely get a nap in that time, so just after midnight is not a serious option."

Figwit tried to wake up enough to think clearly. "Then ... when the sun rises? I mean, this has been wonderful, but, um, I don't know about you, but I ... I just require some time ..." And with that he drifted quickly off to sleep.

Gandalf remained leaning on his elbow for a moment, surveying the lovely face with a smile. "When the sun rises. Perfect," he whispered. In fact he felt rather relieved that Figwit had resisted the idea of making love again so soon. The Wizard was not entirely convinced that he could manage it. No need for the young fellow to realize that, though! Let him remain in awe. Gandalf nuzzled under the strands of the Elf's dark hair and kissed his damp neck gently. He then rolled onto his back and settled luxuriously into the soft bed to sleep and regain his vigor.

Thereafter Gandalf and the Elf spent every night together. A few weeks later Figwit announced very reluctantly that he had to return home and recount all the news that he had learned in Imladris to his father. After a farewell dinner and a final night in Gandalf's bed, the Elf set out early one morning.

So early in fact, that Gandalf and Elrond were the only members of the household awake to see him off. They stood on the steps before the main entrance to the Last Homely House as Figwit lifted his pack and tossed it across his horse's shoulders. Gandalf kept yawning rather ostentatiously and complaining about how little sleep he had been getting lately. Figwit could merely grin and shake his head in mock exasperation and embarrassment. In truth, he was still rather impressed at having been the subject of the great Wizard's attentions. His uncle seemed to know what had happened between the two and appeared not to be at all shocked by it. Indeed, he chuckled at the suggestive banter and looks they exchanged.

Elrond said, "I am afraid that you found yourself in a very different situation here than you had expected when you arrived, my lad. Still, I am delighted that you came, and I bid you to convey my heartiest greetings to your father. I hope that he recovers from his injury quickly and can favor us with his presence when next it comes time for a report from your guard-post. But when that time comes you must accompany him here, of course! I hope that you thought this particular visit pleasant--once the Council was over, that is."

Figwit briefly glanced over at the Wizard with a broad smile on his face and simply nodded.

The end