Thrice Returned

by Nefertiti

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to these characters; this story is offered purely for the enjoyment of fans.

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Author's note: This story is a sequel to Poncing Ponies' delightful "Twice Given" and continues the action without a break. It does, however, have one change of premise. "Twice Given" follows the film in having Gandalf arrive the day before Bilbo's birthday party (though it keeps the book's premise that Frodo and Bilbo share the same birthday). In the book, Gandalf arrives about a week earlier. I have adopted the latter chronology.

Many thanks to Poncing Ponies for so cordially welcoming the idea of a sequel by another hand, for her many encouraging comments, and for her suggestions for changes and additions, several of which-including the title--I have incorporated. I am also very grateful to Elanor for her betaing and for reassuring me that there are other wizard/hobbit slash fans out there.

For those who have not read "Twice Given," the action concerns Gandalf arriving at Bag End, having lunch with Bilbo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin, and taking a piece of lamb pie to share with Frodo, who is making up the guest room. After considerable banter suggesting that the two are in love but both afraid to admit it, Gandalf gives Frodo a pair of Elf-slippers as a birthday present--which is unusual, since hobbit custom is to give rather than receive presents on their birthdays-and Frodo in turn gives Gandalf a kiss, in the middle of which the original story teasingly ends. Here is my suggestion for how things might have continued.

Part 1: Very Good Company

The kiss went on for quite some time. At first Gandalf let Frodo take all the initiative, running his tongue-which was as wet and warm and altogether delectable as he had long imagined it would be--around the insides of the wizard's lips and thrusting it against his own tongue until he could resist no longer and began to suck eagerly at the delicate tip. Frodo moaned into his mouth the moment he responded actively to the kiss. There was a dull thump and a crackle of paper as the slippers hit the floor. Frodo's arms went around Gandalf's neck, and the hobbit pulled the wizard's mouth more firmly against his, digging his tongue further in and continuing to moan as Gandalf sucked it harder. At last the hobbit pulled away to look into the wizard's flushed face, staring at him with a mixture of passion and apprehension. Trying to keep his tone light, he murmured, "Just being polite, or did you enjoy that?"

In answer, Gandalf slid his hands under Frodo's arms and pulled the hobbit up until he was awkwardly draped over the edge of the bed, his feet hanging a few inches above the floor. Gandalf managed to draw a deep breath and reply, "It was the best hobbit birthday present I've ever received, and yet I should like to give it back." He pulled the hobbit against him, pressing his lips against Frodo's and thrusting his long tongue into his mouth. Frodo whimpered slightly and in his turn sucked hungrily, biting slightly and opening to let the tip delve deeper.

At last their mutual arousal forced them to burst apart and gulp for air. They looked at each other warily. Not turning his head, Frodo reached suddenly and brushed his fingers across the front of the wizard's trousers. Gandalf jerked and clenched his teeth, turning his head and pressing his chin down into his shoulder. Frodo said joyfully, "Oh, yes, you obviously did enjoy it! That's one part of you that can't pretend to be indifferent. Oh, Gandalf!" His face wore a delighted, triumphant grin, and Gandalf realized that he had seldom seen such joy on a mortal face. Frodo leaned forward to kiss the wizard again, but Gandalf gently pushed him away until he was standing on the floor by the bed again. The wizard sat up, hugging his knees and staring at the quilt with a stricken expression. Frodo looked at him in blank surprise and after a somewhat lengthy silence asked anxiously, "What? What is it?"

Gandalf refused to look at him. "I'm reminding myself of all the reasons I should not be doing this."

Frodo looked aghast. "There are that many reasons?!"

Gandalf sighed and finally looked at Frodo. "No, I'm still trying to think of a single one. There must be quite a few, but somehow they seem to have become quite elusive." Indeed, he could not force himself to refuse what Frodo was so eager to give him. All he could think about was tasting that extraordinary little mouth again and feeling it on his body.

Frodo smiled, a relieved and mischievous little grin, and climbed onto the bed, kneeling by the wizard. Gandalf looked into his eyes. "Frodo, I ... I'm sorry, I shouldn't ... but you're right, my dear boy," he added with a rueful smile, "obviously I can't hide it any longer. It's ridiculous, but I want you so badly!" He hugged the hobbit to his chest and began to kiss his delicate white throat with an open mouth and hot, eager tongue.

"What's ... ridiculous ... about it?" Frodo managed to gasp out, as he felt flickers of pleasure everywhere the wizard touched him.

Gandalf pulled back reluctantly to look at him again. "Well, I'm so old, and you're ..." Frodo put his fingers on the wizard's lips, then realized that he was touching a part of the wizard he had so often stared at and fantasized about. He had always wondered what those thin, smooth lips would feel like against his skin, and now he knew! He smiled and gently ran the tips of his fingers around Gandalf's mouth, slowly, over and over. Gandalf's lips pursed slightly to kiss them as they moved, and the hobbit felt just the tip of the wizard's tongue brushing his fingertips.

"You're ageless, not old," he whispered, then added more loudly, with a mischievous smile, "I doubt that once I get your trousers off you'll behave like an old dodderer." Gandalf exhaled a puff of laughter, feeling greatly relieved that Frodo felt that way. As if to confirm the hobbit's words, he pulled Frodo to his chest and kissed his neck, moving up to delve his tongue into the shell-like whorls of his ear, circling and nipping as Frodo writhed in growing arousal, his face slack with desire. Gandalf gently rubbed his fingertips over the hobbit's chest, feeling the nipples stiffen as he pinched them gently through the cloth. "Oh, Gandalf, oh, yes!" Frodo begged hoarsely. As Gandalf pinched harder, Frodo bucked, thrusting his hips hard against the wizard's belly, and Gandalf could feel his cock, imprisoned in his tight trousers, hard and straining to break free. He drew a shuddering breath, pushed the hobbit's braces off his shoulders and down his arms, and began to unbutton his shirt.

Frodo had lost all trace of mockery now, and he clutched at Gandalf's shoulders and neck, rubbing his body against the wizard as best he could. Gently Gandalf eased him onto his back and leaned on his elbow as he slowly parted the shirt and looked at the smooth, soft skin of Frodo's body. The hobbit was indeed slimmer than the wizard remembered him being, but there was no sign of unhealthy wasting. On the contrary, the skin was glowing and the nipples were like rose petals that had drifted down onto it. "You are even more beautiful than I imagined," Gandalf breathed, and lowered his face to pull gently at the nipples with puckered lips, then to lick them harder as Frodo responded by writhing slightly and cried: "I love that, oh, don't stop!" Gandalf needed no urging, and he kissed and suckled at the little buds until both he and Frodo were panting with desire. As he flicked his tongue sharply against them, one hand strayed to the laces that fastened the front of the hobbit's trousers. He quickly undid the knot and began to pull each crossed lace, loosening the fly slowly, rubbing the backs of his fingers against the swollen, twitching erection within. Frodo bucked again, desperate now to be out of the constraining cloth.

Gandalf slid his hand inside and gently stroked the cock, pulling it up into the looser part of the trousers so that it could straighten and lie up along the hobbit's lower belly. It was pink and rock-hard. So delicate, he thought, so unlike his own large-right now, very large--member. He slid down and tugged at the trousers slightly, freeing the cock entirely. At once he was kissing and licking it, delighting in the musky smell of Frodo. "How I have longed for this!" he murmured, and felt the hobbit's hand stroking his head. Frodo murmured shakily. "Oh, please, Gandalf ... I ... suck all the juices out ... I can't bear it!" He groaned loudly as the wizard's lips slid over the tip and continued down until the thin lips were pressed against his curly hair and soft balls. He and some of his hobbit friends had tried this sort of thing in the fields over the years, but this was something else again. He felt dizzy as Gandalf's mouth engulfed him in wet heat, and the tongue slithered skillfully around the throbbing shaft, teasing and stroking as the wizard sucked hard, his lips very tight around the cock.

Frodo trembled as he felt his climax hovering near, and he begged in a rush, "Oh, GandalfGandalfGandalf, yesyesyesyesyesyes-Oh!" He uncontrollably thrust upward and flooded the wizard's mouth with gushes of hot, pearly liquid. Gandalf held Frodo's hips against the bed and swallowed eagerly, continuing to suck as Frodo's wild thrashing gradually quieted, and the hobbit lay panting and limp, staring up at him through half-closed eyes, smiling and looking a bit dazed. He shook his head briefly to clear it, then sat up, struggling to rid himself of the shirt and trousers that were only halfway off.

Once naked, he put his hands on Gandalf's shoulders with an elated grin. "I like the slippers, Gandalf, but I like the gifts we're exchanging now much better! Now you lie down." He pushed the wizard back unceremoniously onto the pillow and straddled his thighs, trying to open Gandalf's own trouser laces, which seemed to be closed with an infernally intricate knot. Gandalf lay watching the struggle, gasping with eagerness and yet amused at the hobbit's dilemma. Frodo said, "Drat! I want so much to see what yours looks like." At last Gandalf reached down and undid the knot. Then Frodo paused, his hand gently stroking Gandalf's rampant cock through the cloth. "You say you have longed for this. I have too, Gandalf. So many times, for so many years. I still cannot believe that I will not wake up to find this a dream-except that now I feel too gloriously drained to be dreaming." He pulled the trousers down slightly and carefully extracted Gandalf's erection.

Gandalf felt tears start to his eyes, and he suddenly sat straight up again and wrapped his arms around Frodo, pulling him hard against his own body. "You're right--I cannot believe this has come to pass. Let me feel your body, Frodo, to know this is real." Frodo's head was beside Gandalf's, and he playfully took the wizard's earlobe between his teeth and bit down just until he winced slightly. Frodo pulled back to look at Gandalf's face. "Real enough?" Gandalf frowned indignantly at him. "Very real, you little imp!" Immediately Frodo drew the earlobe into his mouth, sucking and licking it gently until Gandalf's arms tightened around him and his panting became quite audible. Frodo looked in his face again, murmured, "Sorry. Is that better?" and pressed his open mouth against Gandalf's. It was a wet, awkward kiss, but the wizard found it enormously arousing. If he had not already been fully hard, this would have done it for him instantly, he thought, and he pulled the naked body harder against himself. The wizard's cock was aching for the touch of Frodo's tongue, and yet he was reluctant to lose this moment. He passed his hands over the ivory skin of the back, the chest, the buttocks.

After a few moments Frodo pulled his mouth away and laughed. He wiggled his buttocks slightly against Gandalf's erection, which was pressing against them. "Don't you want me to get to work on that? It seems quite eager."

"Don't worry, it's not going away," Gandalf whispered. "On the contrary." He pulled Frodo's chest against his face, tonguing the hobbit's nipples and tasting with delight the thin, salty film of sweat that their lovemaking had brought out on his skin. Finally Frodo slipped out of his arms and rose to catch the wizard's erection between his thighs, then released it and sat again, just below it. "Sorry, but I want to get to know this. I've fantasized about it so many times. How can I wait now that I can put my hands on the real thing? It's beautiful," he added, with an uncharacteristically shy smile.

As Frodo began to caress the shaft, Gandalf pressed his head and shoulders deep into the pillow, and his fingers dug into the quilt beneath them. He gasped, feeling his head nearly buzzing with delight as he settled back into the mattress and watched Frodo slowly stroking the cock from base to tip, feeling its bumpy, throbbing veins and smooth skin over what seemed to the hobbit a very large shaft. He bent and licked the tip gently. Gandalf tensed but tried to lie as still as possible as Frodo ran his tongue over the entire cock. It jerked and quivered slightly as Frodo explored it, each stroke of his mouth sending jolts of pleasure through Gandalf, who panted raggedly as he watched the hobbit. Frodo glanced up and met his gaze, smiling slightly as he ran the underside of his tongue back and forth over the little black slit in the tip. Gandalf tried his best to smile in return, and Frodo's eyes remained on his as he began to squeeze the cock with his hands and moved them up and down, gradually increasing the speed and pressure. His open mouth pushed down to take in the entire tip, and he sucked hard as Gandalf writhed and rasped, "Oh, yes, please, Frodo, yes!" Frodo pumped and sucked as if his life depended on it. After shuddering moments of suspense, Gandalf felt a massive climax sear through him, as jets of his hot come flooded Frodo's mouth. The hobbit choked briefly and let most of it leak out and down the shaft, but he quickly resumed sucking and managed to swallow some of the later, smaller gushes. Gandalf remained absorbed in bliss as the last spasms lingered and finally slipped away. Then he suddenly relaxed his entire body onto the soft mattress.

Frodo stretched out to grab the napkin that had accompanied the luncheon pie, wiping his lips and then gently sponging the moisture from Gandalf's cock. Then he slid upward along the bed to lie beside the wizard. Gandalf looked at him with drowsy, half-open eyes, and as Frodo leaned forward to kiss his cheek gently, he drifted off to sleep. Frodo smiled with amusement, since he never felt sleepy after sex, but he lay in the wizard's arms, stroking him with a feathery touch around his beard and cheeks.

After a couple of minutes, Gandalf opened his eyes again and smiled at him. Frodo laughed. "Here I've been claiming you're not really an old man, and now I find I've worn you out already! You go to sleep on me-and after only the first time!"

Gandalf chuckled, "Sorry, I tend to doze briefly afterward-but I assure you, I wake quite refreshed and reinvigorated, as you shall see shortly." He pulled himself up to sit against the absurdly large, soft, and numerous pillows so beloved of hobbits. He held out his arms, and Frodo moved to sit on his lap, his back pressed against the wizard's damp chest. Gandalf wrapped his arms around Frodo, who gently stroked his hands. The wizard rested his chin on Frodo's curls and said, "I have finally realized that this hobbit custom of giving presents on their birthdays is highly sensible."

They remained silent for a while. Gandalf began to fondle Frodo's nipples delicately, whispering in his ear, "I love playing with these. I can't keep my hands off them."

"Good!" said Frodo, nestling his body against Gandalf's like a particularly imperious cat. Gandalf rubbed his cheek against the hobbit's. Frodo giggled, "Your beard tickles." The wizard stopped rubbing immediately, but the hobbit objected, "I like it, though. I love your beard." As if to prove it, he turned his head and nuzzled into the thick hair, then settled back and enjoyed Gandalf's attentions to his chest.

Finally Frodo remarked, "Your cock is awfully large. You are as hairy and loaded as a stag."

Gandalf gave a snort of amusement. "Very vivid! I suppose I should be grateful you haven't made any jokes about my 'long staff.' I think I've heard every possible variant on that."

"No, really. I'm serious," Frodo persisted, "it's going to be difficult when we try to do it, you know, with you going inside me."

Gandalf felt a jolt of intense desire pass through him, but he forced himself to ignore it. He felt enormously protective of this wondrous, slight body that had so unexpectedly been offered to him. "Frodo, surely we won't try that. You don't want so much pain without any certainty that pleasure would follow."

Frodo slowly replied, "Well, I do want to try, anyway." There was another brief silence.

"Have you ever done it? Do you know what you're asking for?" Gandalf asked softly.

Frodo hesitated, then said, "Would you mind if I had done it before?"

Gandalf thought for a moment. "Perhaps a little. It's hard to say. But I suppose I can hardly expect a healthy, beautiful young fellow like you to have been lacking in either desire or opportunity all these years. No, I think it would be a good thing, on the whole, if you had some experience in these matters."

"Well, it has only been with hobbits," Frodo said doubtfully. "Not with a Man like you. But at least I've-well, to be frank, I've had cocks in my mouth and ass, but obviously only regular-sized ones-what I would think of as regular size, anyway. But really, Gandalf, I've never felt about any of them the way I've felt about you since ... since I started having such feelings at all." Gandalf did not reply, and Frodo asked, "What about you? You are-well, I don't know how old, but you must have had many, many lovers."

Trying to sound matter-of-fact, Gandalf replied, "Yes, quite a few. Mostly Elves, since I spend what time I can in Rivendell and other Elven enclaves. There are always beautiful and willing partners-both male and female--luckily for me."

Gandalf continued to caress Frodo's body. The hobbit moved languidly against Gandalf's chest as the wizard moved one hand down to play lightly with his cock. Frodo murmured contentedly, "Well, I for one am not surprised that those beautiful elves would want to share your bed, Gandalf. All right, you look old, as you say, but you're vibrant and powerful and, mmm, very good at this, and you're ... well, you're fun. Don't laugh, you are. I've always thought so. I suppose that's part of what attracted me to you. When I was little I loved having you come to the Shire. You were so clever and entertaining and funny, with your jokes and tales of far-off places and your magic tricks. I felt proud after I came to live at Bag End and found that you always stayed with us when you visited the Shire--oh, Gandalf! Mmmm, not so fast, or I won't get to finish telling you!"

Gandalf slowed his stroking, though he was feeling heat creeping into his own groin as he listened to Frodo. The hobbit continued, now panting noticeably, "Well, when I came to that point in life when one begins to, well, think about ... things-like what we're doing--of course I tried them out with my friends. They were all as curious as I, and some of us were bold enough to experiment after we confessed our urges. But afterwards, I would never feel any of the really strong fondness that I always imagined real lovers having. It was just, do it as fast as possible and laugh and go on. Those fellows are nice enough, and some of them are good friends and even cousins. But I began to think that they all seemed terribly young to me, though of course most of them were within a few years of me in age. And eventually I realized why when I found myself thinking about you whileI was doing it, with them or alone at night. And I quickly realized that I would rather be doing it with you than with any hobbit in his tweens. You had done so many fascinating things, and you were my hero. I could tell you were fond of me, though I never dared hope ... well, I admit I did hope, but really just in a hopeless way ... if that makes any sense. I mean, I fantasized a lot about you and me, but I thought there was no chance in the world we'd ever really be doing this together."

"Why not?" Gandalf whispered. The wizard's eyes were again moist as he listened to Frodo's story, thinking back over his visits to the Shire long ago.

Frodo replied, "Well, I was always terrified even to hint at it. I was only 24 when you were here last, and that's fairly young for a hobbit-though apparently not too young to catch your roving eye," he teased, twisting his neck to look up at Gandalf, who blushed and felt compelled to answer this cheeky remark.

"You were as beautiful then as now, and quite an exceptional lad in other ways. Yes, I was fond of you ... and beyond that I will admit that the last time I was here, I began to have, well, certain feelings when I looked at you that I thought were quite preposterous. I never could have imagined that you would look upon me as anything more than a friend-a sort of uncle, like Bilbo."

Frodo smiled. "Well, apparently among my sterling qualities was good taste in lovers, wouldn't you say?" He shifted his buttocks as Gandalf's fingers continued to reawaken his desire. As he did, he broke out suddenly in a wide grin. "Old man, indeed! Your cock doesn't seem to feel its age-it's reviving, and you've come more recently than I! I think that secretly you're as randy as a young hobbit-and that's saying something, believe me."

Gandalf tried not to look smug, realizing that this had to be an exaggeration. He had not mentioned it, but among his non-Elven lovers there had been a few hobbits, and he had firsthand experience of just how randy they could be. Aloud he said, "I'm sure it's entirely inspired by your beauty, Frodo." The hobbit pretended to be exasperated: "Aha! So you only want me for my beauty."

Gandalf laughed, "Well, it certainly cannot be for your mind! I've just told you that most of my lovers have been Elves, and you should know that means that each and every one has been gorgeous. I'm quite used to having beautiful partners in my bed, thank you very much, and I'm hardly going to be swept away by a lovely hobbit face after all that." He paused, then added quite seriously, "But I assure you, I have never felt about any of them the way I feel about you." Frodo gazed up into Gandalf's eyes, then awkwardly managed to hook one arm behind the wizard's neck, pulling his head down for a leisurely kiss.

Finally Frodo rose abruptly. "I think it's time we got a bit more systematic about this. First of all ..." He turned and knelt again with his knees spread on either side of Gandalf's thighs. He settled back onto those thighs and laughed. Gandalf's trousers were still on, pulled down only slightly, and the top of his growing erection was poking up out of the trouser-front. The hobbit struggled until he had them off completely. He leaned forward and reached under Gandalf's beard, quickly undoing his buttons. At once he spread the shirt wide. The wizard's long beard covered his chest, but his belly was muscular and flat, without a bit of the padding that hobbits were accustomed to. "Quite strong for an 'old man,'" Frodo said.

"I get a good deal of exercise," Gandalf answered, as if he had to justify his thinness.

"Really?" Frodo asked, in mock surprise. "Well, be prepared for me to give you a great deal more exercise, my dear, elderly wizard." Frodo began to move his hands through Gandalf's bushy beard. "This beard does get in the way at times," he muttered.

Gandalf frowned, "I thought you liked it."

"I do. It's like a game: 'find the nipple.'" He pretended to search at some length, saying, "Now where ... I can't ... aah, here's one at last." He leaned in and fastened his open lips over the brown disk, which puckered at once. Frodo flicked the little bead in the center with his tongue tip, harder and harder as Gandalf squirmed and gasped with pleasure. His cock was by now standing straight up, and Frodo thrust gently with his hips, stropping his own erection across Gandalf's. Soon Gandalf arched his back, pushing his chest harder against Frodo's tongue, and he groaned as Frodo pressed his tongue tip hard down onto it. Frodo paused and smiled, "You like having this done to you as much as I do, don't you?"

Gandalf managed to nod and gasped out, "Yes, you've concocted a most entertaining game." He glanced toward the other side of his chest. "Why don't you play it again?"

Frodo grinned. Continuing to pinch the wet nipple with finger and thumb, he searched through the beard on the other side with provoking slowness, then began to lick and slurp noisily at the second little brown nub. The wizard's hands trembled as they moved over Frodo's back, not wanting the hobbit's mouth to move away from his chest and yet longing to feel the little tongue on his cock.

At last Gandalf was so aroused that he leaned forward and hugged Frodo hard to himself, and soon their mouths were pressed together in a hungry combat of tongues as their hands clutched at each other's bodies. After a short interval Gandalf tried to lower Frodo onto his back on the bed, but Frodo struggled out of his arms. "I want ... I want you to go inside me," he said softly.

Gandalf stared at him, then objected, "But, Frodo, I don't think I could bring myself to enter you. I would be too worried about causing you pain. Let me pleasure you as I did before."

"But I want us to do everything. And I want to feel you really take me, and not just with your mouth. That was wonderful, don't get me wrong, it was exquisite. But the two things are so different. I want something really intense, something unbelievably exciting for our second time. I know you can give that to me." The wizard frowned and did not reply. Frodo continued, "Don't you want to do it? I mean, if you didn't think it would hurt me, wouldn't you want to take me like that?"

Gandalf hesitated, unable to lie to Frodo. "Well-yes, but Frodo, I don't want you to offer this because you think it would please me. I'm more than happy with what you make me feel with your mouth and hands."

"But, Gandalf, you say you've had Elves as lovers-male and female. Don't you ever take them ... that way?" Frodo's huge, earnest eyes were fixed on the wizard's, and Gandalf felt his resolution melting. It would undoubtedly be unimaginably exciting to penetrate Frodo, but it was too much to expect of the hobbit. Frodo simply did not understand what would be involved.

Finally he replied, "Yes, I've often done it, but Elves are, after all, slightly bigger than I am, so the process is considerably less difficult than this would be."

Frodo looked disappointed, then brightened. "Couldn't you use magic to make it easier?" he asked with hopeful eyes. Gandalf blinked. He rarely thought about his magic. Sometimes many days went by without it entering his mind, and he had certainly never used it for sexual purposes. Would it work? Almost certainly, but perhaps more important, would it be right to use it for such a purpose? He usually used magic to protect or heal others. In a general sense, what he would be doing with Frodo fell into that category. But he would be using his protective powers to shield Frodo from pain he himself would be inflicting, for his own pleasure. Not that he would ever deliberately hurt the hobbit, but did his intentions have anything to do with it? He could see that, although Frodo's eyes were shining and eager-and so very beautiful--there was a distinct trace of trepidation there as well. Still, the hobbit was obviously determined to try this, however nervous he was.

Suddenly Frodo rose and pivoted, kneeling astride Gandalf again, but now facing away. The wizard's upright cock rested along the center of his buttocks and back. Gandalf reached under Frodo's arms to pinch and twist the hobbit's nipples gently, even as he continued to agonize over whether he should use magic. Frodo made thinking clearly very difficult indeed, as he moaned and slid his ass backward so that the cleft rested over Gandalf's erection, pressing it flat up onto the wizard's belly. Gandalf gasped as he felt the ass cheeks settle down onto his cock. Slowly Frodo began to move his hips forward and back, making the underside of the high-veined shaft rub against the sensitive skin of his cleft. Soon Frodo was again panting hard with excitement.

Giving up any hope of talking such a determined young fellow-and himself-out of this, Gandalf decided that he would go ahead and try to prevent Frodo's pain by magical means. It certainly would not require a complex spell, and several simple ones occurred to him immediately. Gently he pushed on Frodo's back until the hobbit dropped onto his hands and knees. "If you are certain you want this, Frodo, I shall try a spell, but if it does not work well enough and you feel pain, tell me, I beg you."

Frodo nodded and spread his knees wide as Gandalf positioned himself behind the hobbit. "Take me, Gandalf, please, take me!" he gasped. With a few small gestures and a muttered incantation, Gandalf prepared to enter the tiny puckered hole. "That feels so strange," Frodo murmured, "but good, very soothing."

Closing his eyes, Gandalf put one hand on Frodo's buttock to steady them both, and with the other he positioned the tip of his cock at Frodo's anus. He hesitated, then slipped a finger deep inside to gauge Frodo's reaction. It immediately elicited a low moan of pleasure, and Frodo pressed his ass against the wizard's hand. "More, Gandalf! That doesn't hurt at all." Vastly aroused but determine to remain cautious, Gandalf slipped a second finger inside, eliciting an even more enthusiastic moan from Frodo. Gandalf noted how relaxed the sphincter was. His spell seemed to be working. Clenching his teeth and holding his breath, he removed the fingers and pushed the cock tip fairly hard against the opening. Frodo jerked as it penetrated him, and Gandalf froze. "It's ... it's not too bad," Frodo managed to say, "It doesn't even hurt as much as when I do it with hobbits ... And it's already going away ... Now go in further ... slowly." Gandalf thrust gently, pausing between each stroke in case Frodo needed him to stop. But Frodo was moaning rhythmically, clearly excited enormously by the wizard's cock. At last Gandalf had nearly half of it inside Frodo, and he paused and swallowed hard, savoring the tight grip of the hot, velvety passage. He began to pump, slowly and gently, passing one hand around Frodo to stroke his swollen shaft. "Oh, yes!" Frodo groaned, and Gandalf increased the pace a trifle. Frodo dropped to his elbows, resting his head on his forearms as he whimpered with rising ecstasy.

Gandalf tried to focus on the hobbit's reactions, but soon his own bliss overpowered all other thoughts and sensations. He had never felt anything as exciting as this, and he closed his eyes and continued to pump for long minutes. "Oh, Frodo," he murmured at one point, but then he fell silent, aroused beyond words.

Finally Frodo began to quiver and pant even harder. "Now, Gandalf, now, please, now! More! Yes!" Gandalf thrust harder and was startled out of his complete absorption by a series of hoarse, loud groans-nearly bellows-from Frodo. Feeling wet heat splash against his fingers, he assumed they were cries of pleasure. He could not possibly have stopped to find out at that point, for he was hovering on the edge, desperate for release. He pushed slightly harder into Frodo until a searing climax such as he had never experienced made him grimace and tense his body. Wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over him, and he felt dizzy by the time it slowly began to recede. As the sharp fillips of pleasure gradually eased, Gandalf curled forward, panting, to rest his body along Frodo's back.

After gasping for a few moments, Gandalf managed to say with concern, "My dear Frodo, did I hurt you there at the end?"

Frodo sighed blissfully, "No! It was just so intense and it hit me so suddenly that I couldn't help crying out. I hope Bilbo didn't hear."

Gandalf smiled and hugged Frodo, murmuring, "Mmm. Can't we just stay this way? For a few hours, perhaps?"

Frodo responded, "That would be lovely. No, wait! Not if you're going to fall asleep again. Don't do that while you're on top of me-in me in fact!"

Reluctantly Gandalf pulled out of Frodo, lying back against the pillow, saying tenderly, "It was wonderful for me as well-more wonderful than I could have dared hope. I take it my little incantation worked?" Frodo turned and crawled up to sit beside Gandalf. "Oh, yes! I hardly felt any pain. In fact, it was extraordinary. It was so exciting to feel you inside me, big and powerful, driving such intense pleasure deep into me." He took Gandalf's hand gently. The wizard smiled drowsily at him, then yawned and slid down until he was lying on the bed.

Frodo followed him. "Another little nap, old fellow?" he teased, but suddenly a huge yawn erupted from him as well. Through half-closed eyes Gandalf saw this and laughed softly.

"I seem not to be the only one, young fellow."

Frodo smiled sheepishly. "Yes, you've managed to wear me out. Not surprising, really. That climax was amazing. Maybe a little nap would be a good idea." Gandalf covered them both and enveloped Frodo in his arms, and very soon they were sound asleep.

An hour or so later, Bilbo was puttering about in the kitchen, waiting for a cake to come out of the oven-his and Frodo's pre-birthday cake. Since there would be so many people at the party on their actual birthday, Bilbo had planned a little private party a week in advance, so that he could celebrate in peace with his two favorite people. From then on, he realized, the preparations for the big party would make relaxed socializing difficult. Gandalf had come early because it would take a long time to set up all his elaborate fireworks displays.

Glancing into the hallway, Bilbo saw a small stack of towels that he had left for Frodo to take to Gandalf's room. Sighing a bit at the irresponsibility of youth, he went, picked them up, and headed for the guest room. Once there, he tapped quietly but received no answer. "Must be napping," Bilbo thought. "I surely would have noticed if he went out." He opened the door with great care, glancing in and seeing the wizard indeed in bed and fast asleep. Given the utter quiet with which hobbits can walk in all situations, Bilbo decided to sneak in, deposit the towels by the pitcher and basin, and leave without waking the wizard. There was plenty of time yet before dinner, and Gandalf must be exhausted after his trip.

He crossed the room and placed the towels on the table, then turned to leave and realized with a shock that Gandalf was not alone. He could see a small, tousled head, instantly recognizable as Frodo's, tucked down under the wizard's chin, resting on his beard. Bilbo's first thought was simply that the two friends had nodded off while talking, but it was not like Frodo to take a nap during the day. The bed, which Frodo had made so neatly earlier that day, was a mess, the sheets and quilt twisted and hanging down at several places rather than being neatly tucked in. Then he noticed something on the floor on the far side of the bed, and taking a step to his left, he spotted the slippers and gift wrapping, as well as Frodo's bright clothing and Gandalf's grey garments strewn carelessly about. All their clothing seemed to be there, he noted. They must be completely naked under that quilt. Frodo's little smile and Gandalf's utterly serene expression reflected a bliss that surely went beyond that attributable to a meeting of long-parted friends. Bilbo stared for what seemed like a long time, taking in all these details and hoping to discover some explanation other than the obvious one. Then he shook his head and quietly left. Outside in the hallway he paused, a frown on his genial face, pondering this startling new development.

His initial reaction was anger that his old friend Gandalf should have seduced his innocent young nephew, though he had to admit that Frodo was an adult now-or would be officially in a week-and he had long suspected that Frodo and his friends were not quite so innocent as their parents fondly believed. He didn't like to pry, and he always felt embarrassed raising such things with Frodo-especially since he had had relatively little experience in these matters himself.

After fuming a bit, however, Bilbo began to think back over what had happened recently and how it might bear on the situation. He recalled suddenly Gandalf's remark at lunch, about Frodo having asked him for a birthday present-of all odd requests. That must have been the slippers he noticed on the floor. And Frodo had been vehemently insistent upon Bilbo's sending invitation after invitation to the old wizard, despite the fact that Gandalf had not visited in nine years and had not answered the initial invitations. Indeed, various bits of strange behavior on Frodo's part seemed now to hold more significance than Bilbo had realized at the time. Reluctantly he admitted to himself that this must be something both Frodo and Gandalf had wanted. Perhaps Frodo had even seduced Gandalf. His teasing and banter with the wizard now began to look in retrospect like covert flirtation.

The smell of the baking cake sent Bilbo back to the kitchen to remove it from the oven. Then he wandered into the sitting room, pouring himself a stiff sherry and sitting down to think. How did he feel about all this? What should he do when Gandalf and Frodo came out for dinner? He considered not telling them that he knew, but then he realized that they would most likely see the towels and realize that he had been there. For a moment he thought of sneaking back in to remove the towels, but then it began to seem better that the pair should realize that he knew about their relationship. At least that would obviate an awkward revelation later. It did not bother him that two males were sleeping together in his house; he had nothing against such relationships in general, though his own dalliances, such as they had been, were with women. He suspected that he might be feeling a tiny bit jealous of Frodo. He wondered whether, if Gandalf had ever expressed such interest in himself, he would have welcomed it. It had never occurred to him before, but looking back, he halfway thought he might. Too late for that, though, and he dismissed the idea quickly. At any rate, he resolved to try and be happy for them both and reassure them that he accepted their being a couple. He still found himself bothered a bit by the whole thing, but given that the relationship was an unavoidable fact, a cheerful attitude would make things easier for all concerned. Now it was time to go on preparing dinner-a very special dinner, not just for their birthday but now also to celebrate this new development. At least, he tried to think of it that way. "If the state of that bed is any indication, they will have worked up hearty appetites," he chuckled to himself, glad to find that he could view the situation with some degree of humor.

A little while later, Gandalf moved and stretched, and Frodo opened his eyes and sat up. They smiled at one another, too peaceful and content even to speak, and then leaned together for a lingering kiss. Finally the delicious smell of newly baked cake drew them back to reality. "I am so hungry!" Frodo said with a little laugh.

"I must say, I am too. I ate relatively little at lunch," Gandalf replied. Frodo grinned, nuzzling into Gandalf's beard, "Thank goodness! If you had not invited me back to share that pie, I think I might have given up on you altogether and left. You're a difficult fellow to lure into bed, Gandalf the Grey, though once you're there, it turns out to be well worth the effort." This led to another kiss, but a shorter one, as they realized that they would soon be called to dinner. They both rose from the bed.

Gandalf looked around the somewhat chaotic room. "There's no time for a bath. I suggest we clean up a bit here." He moved toward the pitcher and basin. "I filled that with hot water, but I'm sure it is quite cold by now," Frodo remarked, then stopped abruptly, clutching the items of clothing he had been picking up. "Towels!"

"Don't worry, there is a stack of them here," Gandalf said, turning toward the hobbit.

"No, it's not that," Frodo said worriedly. "When I was getting the room ready for you, Bilbo put out some towels he had washed, but I forgot to fetch them in here. Well, that is, I got distracted and never had a chance. I'm sure they weren't there when you came in!" He stared at Gandalf in dismay.

"So Bilbo must have brought them in while we were asleep," the wizard replied, frowning. "I was wondering-in the few moments when I could wrench my mind from thinking about you, my pet-just what we are going to tell Bilbo. Now we can assume he knows. I suppose we shall simply have to play it by ear, taking our cue from how he behaves toward us. Certainly I could not have kept this a secret from him-not as an old friend and a guest under his roof. Have you ever hinted to Bilbo how you feel about me?"

"No. And you?"

Gandalf shrugged. "Never! I was determined not to worry him by revealing my attraction to you, since as far as I could see, it would not come to anything. Well, we must face up to it." He picked up a towel and handed it to Frodo. "Let's make use of these now that we have them. We have two birthdays to celebrate!"

"The most momentous birthday of my life," Frodo agreed, smiling.

It took the pair quite some time to clean up and dress, since they stopped at frequent intervals for kisses and caresses. At last they heard the sound of a gong ring out. Gandalf looked questioningly at Frodo. "It's something Bilbo added a few years ago. He got tired of shouting for me to come to the table-the corridors of Bag End are so long, and I frequently just couldn't hear him. So now that gong is our five-minute warning for every meal. It works quite well." The pair faced each other for a moment, summoning their courage, then walked out to the kitchen to greet Bilbo.

He looked up with a smile as they entered-not an ordinary smile, but a rather knowing one. He said to Frodo, "Don't worry, I am not going to scold you. You look like a mischievous Took caught out in a prank, the way you used to when you would steal mushrooms from Farmer Maggot, remember? And Gandalf is looking like your guilty accomplice. I'm not upset, not at either of you." He sighed. "I'll admit I was at first, but I got over that. I can't say I'm entirely reconciled to the idea, and it may be some time before I get used to it. But there, it's a fact, and I'm ... well, at any rate, I'm delighted that the two of you are so happy." Frodo hurried to embrace his uncle, and Gandalf gave him an affectionate-and relieved--smile.

After a moment, Bilbo cleared his throat loudly and stepped back. "Since it's just a private little party for the three of us, I thought we could eat here in the kitchen and then have a quiet evening by the fire. I assume you two will want to sit together," he added, gesturing toward the bench by the wooden table. Gandalf sat, watching Frodo as the two hobbits bustled about, putting the various platters and dishes on the table. Then Bilbo sat on one bench, and Frodo slipped onto the other as close to Gandalf as he could without actually climbing onto the wizard's lap.

Bilbo watched them staring into each other's eyes, then added with mock exasperation, "I just hope you'll be in a frame of mind to appreciate some of this fine dinner I've gone to such trouble to make."

Gandalf tore his gaze away from Frodo to survey the table. "It looks marvelous, as usual. And a soufflé, my dear Bilbo! Ah, you remember how much I love eggs."

"How could I forget? I always lay in an extra supply of them when you come to visit-that and cold chicken and pickles." He and Gandalf laughed, and Frodo felt annoyed for a moment that they were sharing a private memory. But quickly he realized that Gandalf was trying to reassure Bilbo that the new relationship between the wizard and Frodo would not damage their old friendship.

Indeed, as the meal went on, Gandalf divided his attention between Frodo and Bilbo in a very diplomatic way. Frodo tried to do the same, though he found himself staring up at Gandalf and wishing that they could at least embrace and kiss a bit. But maybe that would offend Bilbo. He had to admit that it hardly seemed polite. He contented himself with reaching over at intervals during the meal and stroking Gandalf's thigh lightly, and the wizard glanced down fondly at him. Indeed, toward the end of the meal, as Bilbo's excellent Old Winyards wine went to their heads a bit, Frodo's hand became more venturesome, and Gandalf's eyes when he looked at Frodo held a warmth that made the hobbit's insides turn to water. Bilbo pretended not to notice all this, but at times a resigned smile played about his lips.

At last even the hobbits were stuffed, and Bilbo led them into the old, familiar sitting room, poking and feeding the fire until it was a merry blaze. After-dinner drinks were distributed, and the three pulled out their pipes. Gandalf and Frodo sat together on a small sofa, while Bilbo occupied his favorite armchair. They talked for a long time, but in that relaxed, dark atmosphere, Frodo became a bit bolder in demonstrating his feelings. He cuddled against Gandalf, who draped his arm around the hobbit, and Frodo buried his face in the wizard's beard-a gesture that, Gandalf realized with a little thrill of delight, was already becoming a habit that he would treasure. Such distractions eventually made conversation flag. Bilbo finally remarked, "I must say, you two were much more entertaining when you were still bickering and teasing each other."

Gandalf looked up, "Perhaps you're right, but you'll just have to put up with it. I'm afraid I find this little fellow quite irresistible, and he seems rather fond of me." Frodo looked up with delight and rose on his knees to brush his lips against the wizard's. Bilbo pressed his own lips together, biting back his urge to make a sarcastic remark. Jealousy again? he wondered. He shook his head and distracted himself by tapping his pipe sharply on the ashtray and slowly filling it again from the jar beside him. He watched as the pair stared at each other and the wizard's fingers played lightly over Frodo's shoulder and cheek. Finally he sighed loudly. "I would never have believed I would live to see a mighty wizard behaving so foolishly over a silly young hobbit, however pretty."

Gandalf glanced over at him. "True. In all my hundreds of years, it's the most foolish thing I have ever done." Frodo's mouth dropped open in mock anger, and he pummeled Gandalf's chest lightly with his fists. Gandalf raised his hands to ward off the blows, looking at Bilbo again and shrugging. "Such a childish little chap, too. Look at this!" He turned back to Frodo, gently seizing his wrists to stop the soft blows and looking him in the eyes with a puzzled frown that held a hint of a smile. "I simply cannot understand why I should be so helplessly, devotedly in love with him."

Bilbo quickly looked away, gazing fixedly at the fire. Frodo stopped moving and stared at Gandalf, breathing hard as he felt tears beginning to well up. It was the first time either of them had used that word. Certainly love was what he felt for Gandalf, but a tiny suspicion had lurked at the back of his mind that Gandalf might just be very fond of him-and beguiled by the pleasures they had shared that afternoon. It thrilled him to hear Gandalf utter the word-and so openly, before Bilbo. He hugged the wizard, pressing his face to the side of his neck and kissing it and finally pressing his teeth against the skin. He felt a little shudder move through the wizard's body. When Frodo settled back down, he was practically sitting in Gandalf's lap.

Bilbo rolled his eyes heavenward, uttered another exaggeratedly loud sigh, stood up, and stretched. "Very sweet, I'm sure, but I have had enough for tonight. Perhaps I will get used to this sort of thing eventually, but-well, I think I'll go to my study and work on my book." Gandalf and Frodo made a few polite noises about him not going, but they were not very pressing, and Bilbo started for the door, turning to say, "Don't stay up too late-and I didn't mean that," he added as the two smirked at him. He walked slowly along the corridor and entered the study, lighting a fire to take the mid-September chill out of the air. He felt sad to leave the company of his two favorite people, when he so enjoyed sitting by the hearth with them. Yet he felt happy for them and realized he was becoming resigned to the idea of their desire to be together. "Perhaps after the first rapture wears off a little," he reflected, "they won't be quite so wrapped up in each other and will provide better company ... though not for me," he added sadly to himself. He realized that in a way this new development came at an ideal time. Now Frodo would not be quite so much on his own after Bilbo left. Surely Gandalf would visit the Shire more frequently. Shrugging, he wrapped a shawl around his shoulders, sat at his desk, and dipped his pen in the inkwell-though he sat for a long while in thought before he set it to the paper.

Meanwhile Gandalf and Frodo remained pressed close together. Frodo picked up some nuts from a small table and began cracking them. Gandalf shook his head. "A huge meal only an hour ago and you're hungry again?" He leaned down and ran his lips teasingly over the hobbit's neck, but Frodo pretended not to feel them. With a little smile, Gandalf became more provocative, flicking his tongue across the hobbit's earlobe and then into the ear itself, before blowing gently into the wet opening. Frodo sat struggling to suppress a smile and any reaction to the wizard's skillful mouth, but little gasps occasionally signaled how difficult this was. Gandalf pulled back to look at Frodo's face, then with a little smile leaned over and pulled the entire ear into his mouth. Despite himself, Frodo emitted a stifled moan, and the pair laughed briefly.

"Seriously though, Bilbo's right, we mustn't stay up too late," Gandalf said. "I have a lot of fireworks to set up before the party, and it is slow, delicate work."

"You've been setting off some spectacular fireworks already," Frodo answered with a little grin.

Gandalf clicked his tongue censoriously. "Get your mind off that for a minute, can't you? I mean it. I don't want you hanging around and distracting me while I'm working. Otherwise when I start setting the fireworks off during the party, half of them will probably launch straight into the ground!"

Frodo laughed. "No, I promise. I'll have plenty to do, looking after the deliveries and setting up tables and such," he said, adding, "But we'll both have to take the occasional break from our hard work."

"Yes, there is much in what you say."

They sat quietly for a little while. Finally Gandalf said, "You said you had fantasies about you and me. What did you think about us doing?"

Frodo gave a little embarrassed laugh. "You don't want to hear about that." Gandalf snorted. "Of course not. That's why I asked you." He moved his hands to Frodo's ribs and tickled the hobbit. "Tell me," he demanded.

Frodo writhed. "All right, all right, I'll tell." They both settled back, and Frodo began to speak. "Well, at first it was nothing much. When I was with someone else, I tried to imagine that he was you. That was pretty difficult to do, though--no beard. But later what I thought about got more elaborate. It's odd, but you and I were never here in Bag End when it happened. Perhaps even in a fantasy I didn't want to upset Bilbo. But you and I would be doing it in the fields or in one of the private dining rooms at the Green Dragon or somewhere like that. In my imagination, it was always you who started things; it was probably too frightening to think about me doing anything myself. You'd reveal that you'd secretly loved me, and then you'd put me down where I could lie comfortably-even out in the fields it would be just like a soft bed-and you'd take down my trousers and suck me. That was basically it for a long time. Then I started imagining it was happening in Rivendell. Bilbo told me so much about the Last Homely House that I could picture the hall with the fire and Elves singing and telling stories in the evening. Bilbo has taught me many Elven songs, and he's always singing them around the house, so it was easy for me to imagine that part. I couldn't think what the walls looked like, so it was always very dark there outside the small circle of firelight. Anyway, I'd be sitting in a dark corner, listening to a beautiful Elven song, and you'd come over and sit with me. I thought of us as already knowing each other, but not well, just acquaintances. But as the song went on, you would start looking at me more and more, and finally, because we were in such a dark corner, you'd lean over and kiss me and put your hand down inside my trousers and stroke me until I came-mmm, yes, it was like that, only not as good, of course, because it wasn't really you doing it. That sort of scene worked very well when I was in bed in the dark doing the same thing to myself. Sometimes it was really dark in that corner, dark enough for you to get down on your knees without anyone noticing and open my trousers and suck me." By this time Frodo and Gandalf were both breathing a bit harder, with Gandalf continuing the light caresses across Frodo's bulging trouser-front that he had begun during the telling and watching the hobbit's face as Frodo stared into the flames.

Finally, his eyes a bit glazed with arousal, Frodo looked at Gandalf. "What about you? Have you fantasized about me? What did you imagine us doing?"

Gandalf gave a brief, breathy laugh, "We'll save that for another time."

Frodo smiled, "Another time. You will at least visit me more often now, won't you? I mean, you stayed away so long mainly because of me, didn't you?"

Gandalf sighed, reluctantly coming back out of Frodo's fantasies to reality. "Yes, I will visit more often, I hope. The situation in the world outside is gradually getting a bit worse, but so far I don't foresee any threat so great that it could keep me away from you for years on end." He leaned in and kissed Frodo's cheek gently, then changed the subject, "I'm surprised, though, that you set your fantasy in Rivendell. Quite the confident lad, thinking you could attract me there, with all those beautiful Elves about."

Frodo frowned at him indignantly. "I think I'm getting a bit tired of hearing about all those beautiful Elves."

Gandalf wiped the smile from his face and gazed lovingly down into Frodo's eyes for a short time. "What beautiful Elves?" he murmured.

Frodo broke into a self-satisfied little smile, "That's better!" At once he leaned in and whispered in Gandalf's ear, "I want you again." Gandalf's cock, already somewhat aroused during Frodo's story, stiffened further at this simple, passionate declaration. But he put on a look of puzzlement and said, "I beg your pardon, what did you say?" Frodo pressed his lips together and shook his head, but he whispered a bit louder, "I-want-you-again!"

Gandalf looked doubtful. "Well, I'm not sure ... an old fellow like me might not be ready again so soon. Why don't you check and see?"

Frodo grinned skeptically, but he reached down and thoroughly explored Gandalf's erection through the cloth, pretending to consider carefully whether it was swelling sufficiently. Gandalf gasped as Frodo caressed him, but he managed to inquire coolly, "What do you think? Is there any hope for it?"

Frodo burst out laughing, "Hope?! I think you're more ready for it than I am!" He whispered very softly into Gandalf's ear, "Do you know what else I used to fantasize?"

"How could I possibly know?"

"All right," Frodo said, and Gandalf could feel the hobbit's erection grinding slowly against the side of his belly. "Well, this was the last time you actually visited us, and we sat with Bilbo in this room, as we did tonight. And I looked at you and thought how big you were and how you could easily pick me up and carry me anywhere and do what you wanted with me. I wished you really would-but though I caught you staring at me a couple of time, you didn't do it," he concluded in a breathless rush. Frodo threw his arms around Gandalf and pressed his mouth against the wizard's, which opened instantly and sucked in his soft, delving tongue. Frodo whimpered, and Gandalf put one arm around the hobbit's body and the other under his thighs, lifting him quickly and seemingly without effort.

Realizing that he could not navigate safely through the maze of parlor furniture between them and the door, Gandalf reluctantly pulled back from the deep kiss. Frodo whispered delightedly, "Mmm, it was just like this," and began to tongue the wizard's neck and ear. He continued to do so as Gandalf got to the door and moved along the corridor, and at first the wizard made no attempt to discourage him. Then Gandalf saw the light showing under the door of Bilbo's study. Frodo was by now thrusting more quickly against Gandalf's side and uttering little moans and gasps of excitement as he sucked and nipped at the wizard's neck. Gandalf whispered, "Do-unh!-try to be a little quieter-ah!--my dear Frodo, or Bilbo will-" but the hobbit's uncontrolled desire so aroused him that he paused outside the door of his room to kiss Frodo again, deeply and eagerly, before taking him in and shutting the door.

Quickly he crossed to the bed and tossed Frodo down onto it a little harder than he had intended. The hobbit did not seem to mind but instantly began plucking at his shirt buttons, obviously determined to get rid of his clothes as soon as possible. The wizard climbed onto the bed beside him, kneeling and hurriedly shedding his own clothes. Soon they were both completely naked, and Gandalf pushed the hobbit onto the mattress and dropped down over him, pressing him deep into the mattress and kissing him hungrily. Frodo writhed beneath him. They could feel each other's fully rampant cocks sandwiched between them, Frodo's pressing into Gandalf's hard belly, the wizard's delving into the valley between the hobbit's thighs.

Finally Frodo tore his mouth away from Gandalf's and begged, "Take me again, Gandalf, please go inside me! Please, please, please, please." He nuzzled the wizard's cheek and ear.

Gandalf paused, rising to rest on his elbows and staring down at Frodo. "Well, you don't have to beg. I would love to. But are you sure you want that again so soon? Aren't you a bit sore from this afternoon?"

Frodo shook his head. "No! No, I'm fine. Your magic did its work well, my own private wizard. What happened this afternoon felt so wonderful. It has only left me a bit itchy down there-and I know how I want that itch scratched! And it's my birthday--almost. And now that I'm 'coming of age,' I want to enjoy it all I can!" Frodo paused for a moment, then added more quietly, "After all, I realize you aren't going to settle down and stay here with me. I've fantasized about that, too, but I know it won't happen." He looked up into Gandalf's eyes, and the wizard suddenly felt the same sense of impending separation-not within days, but certainly within weeks. He longed to do everything he could to pleasure the hobbit, to make up to him for his own inevitable departure, to answer the appeal in those wide blue eyes. Frodo reached up and pulled Gandalf's head down to his own, sucking just the middle of the wizard's upper lip into his mouth and tonguing it. Gandalf closed his eyes and quietly enjoyed this. He sighed when Frodo drew back, but the hobbit started kissing him gently but quickly all over his cheeks. Trying to make light of the thought of separation, Gandalf murmured, "I can see that, from now on, when I need rest and relaxation, I will have to leave the Shire, not come here."

Frodo giggled and pushed his erection against Gandalf's belly. "Yes, well, if I have anything to say about it, you'll come here more often-in more than one sense of that word."

Despite being thoroughly aroused, Gandalf winced. "So that's what I'm in for, is it? Bad puns and adolescent sexual innuendo?"

Frodo shrugged unconcernedly. "Maybe I'll grow out of it."

Gandalf smiled. "Well ... not too soon. You are charming just as you are-puns and all. Actually, I must admit I rather liked that one-the sentiment expressed at any rate. All right, you've convinced me. Let me try going inside you, and I'll see if I can make this a particularly grand climax to this early birthday celebration-in more than one sense of that word." He rose to his knees and gently turned Frodo over onto his hands and knees, then paused, frowning as if thinking deeply. "Now, what was that spell I used?" Frodo wriggled impatiently. "It's on the tip of my tongue," Gandalf continued, "but I just can't ..."

"Stop teasing!" Frodo demanded. "You can't have forgotten!"

With a chuckle, Gandalf stroked Frodo's buttocks and softly recited the same little incantation he had used that afternoon, and Frodo sighed happily as he felt himself relax and become ready for the wizard. "Gandalf?" The wizard paused as he placed his cock against Frodo's anus. The hobbit turned his head and said, "Go in as deep as you can, will you, and go slowly. I want this to be even more intense than the last time." With a short thrust of his hips, Gandalf buried the tip inside the hobbit's ass. Frodo's body jerked slightly, but he uttered no sound to indicate pain. After a brief pause, Gandalf began to pump slowly, pushing a tiny bit further inside each time, giving Frodo plenty of time to express distress and to ask him to stop. Instead the hobbit began to make low, growling moans far down in his throat with every thrust, and Gandalf's restraint began to disappear as he reveled in the taut, damp heat that gripped him. Slowly he sank himself deeper until about two-thirds of his cock was buried in Frodo's ass. At last the hobbit stopped moaning and after a pause gasped, "I think that's far enough."

"All right. Let me know if you want me to pull out at all."

"Just a tiny bit ... yes, that's it," Frodo responded. Gandalf reached down to stroke Frodo's cock and began to thrust again, abandoning himself to pleasure as his need to monitor Frodo's reaction diminished. Time seemed to stop for both as the wizard moved and Frodo, now nearly silent, savored the extreme sensations that the large cock was driving deep into him. Eventually the wizard felt his own fulfillment approaching and struggled to control it, waiting for Frodo's gratification to arrive.

"More, please," Frodo begged, and Gandalf realized that he had slowed his rhythm slightly. Clenching his teeth, he thrust a bit harder, and soon Frodo threw back his head and groaned loudly, over and over, as his climax seized him and the wizard felt a hot little puddle gradually form in his palm.

Gandalf kept pumping as he felt the hobbit relax. Now that Frodo was finished, he did not want to thrust any harder, but he realized that his own bliss remained tantalizingly elusive. "I must have controlled myself a bit too well," he thought, "and I'm sure Frodo wants me to finish soon." He paused briefly, reaching down and guiding one of Frodo's hands between his thighs to the testicle sac. At once the hobbit began to flutter his fingers delicately over Gandalf's balls, and the wizard started thrusting again. Yes, that was marvelous, that would do it, he realized. "Definitely," he murmured aloud.

"What did you say?" Frodo said, his voice muffled by the pillow on which he had rested his head after his climax.

"Nothing. Just don't stop!" Gandalf gasped, and he grimaced and groaned as Frodo's delicate touch released him to soar into a lengthy flight of intense pleasure. By the time the final tremors passed and he pulled out of Frodo, he was trembling with the effort and the bliss alike. He remained kneeling briefly, panting, as the hobbit relaxed onto his back and smiled up at him, a smile mirroring all the adoration and contentment he felt himself. He turned and seated himself beside the prone hobbit, settling his back into the pile of pillows propped against the headboard.

Despite his braggadocio that afternoon, Frodo was obviously exhausted by their latest lovemaking, and he allowed Gandalf to tuck the sheets and quilt around him. Before drifting off to sleep, Frodo whispered, "Gandalf, I shall love you and want you forever."

Gandalf murmured "Forever," and was silent for a long moment. Slowly he said, "Alas, 'forever' for you is not the same as 'forever' for me." But he realized from Frodo's soft breathing that the hobbit was already asleep. Gandalf leaned down to kiss the smooth cheek gently and finally whispered, "I shall love you for as long as we have." He wondered if, once he returned to the Uttermost West, he would even be able to remember Frodo. His mind would be so different there. If he was allowed to recall his time with Frodo, he knew he would remember their love literally forever. He sighed.

Surprisingly, Gandalf did not feel particularly sleepy, despite the fact that his body was almost limp and supremely satiated. His mind was abuzz with confusion. He could not for a moment doubt his overwhelming love for the beautiful little creature beside him, and yet his rational mind could not stop speculating on what part this unexpected change would play in his own life-and his great tasks. For years, Gandalf had resisted the idea of loving Frodo, simply assuming it was wrong. He had expected to feel a great sense of guilt over having in some way violated his mission in Middle-earth. Yet now that he had surrendered to that love, he felt no regret at all-only a conviction deep in his heart that this was right, that it was what he was meant to do. Yet it seemed to make no sense. He had been in Middle-earth for just over two thousand years, and although he had indeed had many casual encounters and somewhat extended affairs, he had never been in love, at least, not like this. Why would he suddenly feel this way about a hobbit, however attractive?

It occurred to him that it was a bit like the way fifty odd years ago, he had felt determined to send Bilbo off with the Dwarves to fight Smaug. It had seemed ridiculous at the time that he should choose a hobbit. He had been following an inexplicable impulse-and yet it had worked perfectly. The dragon had been killed, the kingdoms east of Mirkwood restored, the Battle of Five Armies won-all due to a surprising extent to Bilbo. Could it be that Frodo would play some similarly important role in the fight against Sauron? The idea certainly seemed just as ridiculous. The two cases, however, were very different. He had never loved Bilbo, fond though he had been of the hobbit. The stakes were so high that he had felt little compunction about sending him into an adventure that could prove dangerous. All his instincts now, however, were to protect Frodo from ever having to undergo such a test, to keep him in the Shire and isolated from the troubles of the outside world, to visit him at intervals, and to experience again the joys that they had shared that day, for as long as Frodo lived. Perhaps Frodo's love was a reward, after centuries of hard and sometimes dangerous work. Perhaps he could even make a sort of home here with Frodo, even if it was one he could visit only now and then. With great care, he lifted the blankets up off of Frodo's body, propping them to form a sort of little tent that would keep the hobbit warm but allow the wizard to gaze at his beautiful, relaxed body in the dim candlelight while he thought.

Could there be some link between Bilbo's adventures and Frodo? Of course Bilbo was about to leave virtually everything he owned to Frodo, including the treasures he had acquired during his quest. There could not be much of the gold from the trolls' hoard left, Gandalf was virtually certain. Bilbo planned to take his little sword Sting with him-and hadn't he donated his mithril shirt to the museum in Michel Delving? He smiled at the thought of hobbits gawking unwittingly at such a priceless object. Then his mind turned reluctantly to the one thing that had haunted his thoughts for years: that odd ring that Bilbo had found and tried to keep secret. Gandalf had long had a strange, disturbing feeling about that ring-almost a queasy sensation in the pit of his stomach--when he thought about it. He had tried from time to time to reason out what sort of a magical ring it could be, but so far he had come up with no plausible theories. The idea of Frodo having the ring bothered the wizard a great deal, especially now, but he had to admit to himself that it would be best for all concerned if the thing stayed in a safe spot like Bag End. "Even the Wise cannot see all ends," he told himself, as he so often did when he found himself inclined to speculate overmuch. Carefully and quietly he slid down to lie beside Frodo and gently took the soundly sleeping hobbit into his arms, lowering the covers over them both and quickly joining him in slumber.

TBC in "Thrice Returned #2: The Morning After"

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