The Beating of our Two Hearts

by River-Woman

Disclaimer: The characters belong solely to the Tolkien Estate, I merely play with them, and I always put them back afterwards. I write for fun, there is no profit in this, believe me.

Warnings: Angst and fluff

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Author's note: With grateful thanks to Trinity for the beta - and to Nefertiti for the encouragement - all other mistakes are mine. Translations of Elvish words are at the end of each chapter. Italics denote speaking mind to mind.

Chapter 1

Then silent tears fast flowing
When someone stood beside me,
A hand upon my shoulder
I knew the touch was kind,
He drew me near and nearer,
We neither spoke a word.
But the beating of our two hearts
Was the only sound I heard.
(From: I Wandered by a Brookside by Eva Cassidy.)

He had watched them over the last two weeks and had fallen under their spell. Now, as he gazed down on their play from his high window, Elrond sighed. The Hobbits below him talked, engaged in horseplay, but mostly they laughed. The youngest two, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took especially tugged at his heart. Their older companion, Samwise Gamgee was more serious, but he too could laugh and joke if needs be. But he saw that Merry and Pippin had closeness, a bond born out of love. He sighed again. Had he lived so long as to have forgotten the stirrings that could build so quickly in his loins?

He heard the soft footfalls behind him and he felt the presence of his dearest friend. He knew he had upset Mithrandír by refusing to keep the Ring in Imladris. The wizard had pinned his hopes on Rivendell and the power of Elrond to keep the Ring safe. But the power of the Lord of Imladris was stretched to its limits protecting the borders of his land and he had told his friend that the Ring could not stay.

Mithrandír was shocked and angry, they had argued back and forth for a long time. The Elf Lord had then crossed his arms, a sign that his mind was made up. They had stared at each other across the space of the library, a tactic that was as old as their friendship. This time, it was the wizard who had finally thrown his arms up in defeat, stomped off without another word and kept his own counsel for two days.

There was no need for him to turn in greeting. If Mithrandír had sought him out and come to him, then he took it that he was forgiven. He felt a gentle hand squeeze his shoulder and he covered it with his own, a gesture and a peace offering.

'They are so carefree, Mithrandír. So at ease with the world,' he said, and squeezed his friend's hand in return.

'They have a capacity for joy and fun unlike any other race I have known.'

'Meaning I have no capacity for joy or fun?' Elrond laughed.

'The years weigh too heavily on your shoulders, my friend. Too long have you denied yourself joy, laughter ... or love.'

He turned now to face the wizard; turned away from the window where, after Master Samwise had left, the two remaining Hobbits had just shared a kiss. He found that simple act unbearably tender, and his heart jumped in his breast.

'Walk with me, friend,' he said, as he made his way across the far side of the room.

'Friend?' The wizard replied, falling into step beside him. 'You and I share more than a mere friendship.' He caught the Elf's hand and held it fast.

Elrond stared at the wizard but did not withdraw his hand. Together they walked to the steps that would lead them down into his garden. He found himself enjoying the close contact of the warm, rough hand that held his. Mithrandír looked more groomed today, he had bathed at some point and was wearing clean garments. His beard and hair though were still wild and long.

'What is this? Talking of love?' Elrond said. 'We are two old men. The first flush and ardour of youth has passed, and, incidentally, you were never young.'

The wizard's laugh was deep, rich and surprisingly youthful.

'I must have been young once, wasn't I?'

Now Elrond laughed at his friend's doubt. They walked slowly towards the waterfall that marked the far boundary of the garden. The closer they walked the louder the roar of the water became.

Mithrandír pulled him to a halt.

'If you want him, then go after him,' he was shouting to be heard over the rush of water.

Elrond, with a whispered few words and a casual wave of his hand, quietened the waterfall.

The wizard grinned. 'You always could impress me with your slight of hand tricks.'

'Slight of hand? It has taken me a thousand years to perfect that particular trick. Come, sit with me, old friend.'

They sat on the grass under a spreading willow, leaning back against the trunk and watched as a now silent waterfall splashed into a deep, clear pool. The soft autumn light dappled through the last of the leaves on the tree. The weather was still mild, but within a month, Imladris would be in the thrall of winter. For now though, they let the warmth of Anor soak into their limbs.

'There you go again, calling me friend,' the wizard grumbled. 'Time was, you called me something better.'

There was sadness in his voice that Elrond had not heard before. He turned and looked into his friend's eyes. They were kind eyes. As he looked deeper, he saw the longing and love. He reached across and softly cradled his friend's face in his hands and knowing what the wizard desired, kissed his lips. He felt him lean into the kiss; felt lips part and receive his probing tongue. He knew in that moment, it was what he needed also.

Suddenly, they were in the younger world and the memories of those days flooded back to both of them. Mithrandír's arms around his waist pulled him closer still.

They parted, smiling gently at each other. The wizard reached over and moved a stray hair from his face. Elrond let his hand fall to his lover's chest, watching the wizard's reaction. A wistful smile played on his lips. He moved his hand across the rough material, Mithrandír insisted on wearing the dull and cumbersome robes of a Grey Istar. There were no fastenings as such, only an old belt, cinched at his waist, therefore the robe had to be pulled over the head.

'Do we really have to go through this performance every time?' Elrond asked, unbuckling the belt.

The wizard smiled back. 'You know you love undressing me. The longer it takes, the harder you get,' he said quietly.

'I think now would be a good time for one of your 'hidden from view' spells. This could take quite a while,' Elrond said.

The Istar spoke a few words before lifting his arms high. Elrond pulled the long tunic over the wizard's head, revealing yet another layer. He tutted his annoyance.

The wizard laughed again and stroked the Elf's cheek with a gentle finger.

'I'm meant to be old and feel the cold,' Mithrandír said by way of explanation.

As the elf Lord pulled and tugged the under tunic off, he made sure his hands brushed against the smooth skin. He straddled his friend to remove the last item and as he did so, he could feel the wizard's hardness beneath the course trousers. He groaned as Mithrandír's hand found his own growing erection. But he ignored the exquisite throbbing to concentrate on removing boots and trousers.

Finally, his lover lay naked. He smiled at the beauty revealed before him, for once divested of his clothes, the wizard was as lean and muscular as any Man or Elf. His skin, soft and supple, glowed in the sunlight. His cock, large and thick, lay stiff against his belly. A bead of wetness already oozed from the velvety tip.

He had missed this closeness with his beloved friend. Both had their appointed tasks in these perilous times and usually when they met, it was for a brief and hurried exchange of information. There seemed to be no time for each other these days.

They had shared so much over the years and had grown close, closer than any other Man, Istar or Elf. Indeed, Mithrandír's understanding of him, of his needs and desires were deeper than that of his wife, Celebrían.

Gently, he lowered himself on top of the wizard, his elbows taking the weight of his body and the softness of his own clothes brushed against his lover's skin. Elrond kissed him on the lips again, and then moved swiftly to his neck, biting and kissing in equal part.

He licked and sucked his earlobes and felt the buck of the wizard's hips against his own and a soft, 'ahh' escape his lips.

'Still like your ears sucked, eh?' He whispered.

Just as much as you like your cock sucked,' came the breathless reply in his mind.

Elrond's tongue slid down the wizard's chest and at the same time, his hand encircled the engorged cock. He plucked at his nipples with gentle teeth, feeling the cock swell each time. He moved his mouth lower and closer to his prize. In one quick move, Mithrandír pushed him roughly onto his back.

'Ha! Think you are going to make me spend that quickly?' he said, tugging Elrond's tunic off.

'Don't be so rough.'

'You like it rough, Elfling. Always have.'

The circlet of gold was removed and casually dropped onto the grass. Deft fingers released fastenings and pulled the delicate shirt from Elrond's body. Boots and trousers followed with equal speed and when Elrond was naked, Mithrandír pulled him to him and kissed him roughly while his hands kneaded the firm roundness of the Elf's buttocks.

Their breath came ever faster as their passion rose.

'I want you,'Mithrandír's voice was jagged and thick with need.

'Then take me, Istar,' Elrond gasped.

With a strength that belied his age, he turned the Elf onto his knees and stroked the firm buttocks that were now before him.

A low moan of pleasure escaped Elrond's lips as he felt a hot tongue lick and probe the soft area around that dark and forbidden hole, making it wet and slick. Just as he felt he could bear it no longer, Mithrandír's finger eased its way into him, gently probing and thrusting, finding the spot that would bring the greatest pleasure.

As the Elf drew his breath sharply at the welcome intrusion, the finger was replaced with the wizard's jutting cock.

'Now, my love. Now,' he groaned, wanting to be joined to his lover in this union of passion that both needed and desired.

The wizard needed no further encouragement. He thrust slowly and evenly, entering the Elf to the hilt.

'Ahhh ...' escaped from Elrond.

He withdrew and thrust again, harder this time

Elrond moved his hips in rhythm, meeting each thrust. Mithrandír withdrew and thrust again, then again, one hand gripping Elrond's shoulder, the other his hip.

'You ... are ... so ... sweet ... Elfling,' he heard the wizard say.

The Elf Lord was now using all of his considerable will power so as not to spend himself. For, although his need for release was urgent, he also wanted to pleasure his friend for a long as possible.

Strong hands pulled him upright. He felt the wizard's warm breath on his neck and his hands rubbing his nipples, sending more waves of pleasure through his body. The Istar's hand brushed the swollen tip of his engorged cock, a sensation so exquisite, he almost climaxed.

'Tell me what you want, Elfling,'

'To have your lips around my cock, wizard,' his voice shook with pleasure, as his lover had not ceased his thrusting.

'Soon,'came the reply.

He was pushed forward again and the wizard's hands held his hips firmly as he thrust faster and harder.

'Valar, but you are good. Ahhh ... Elrond ... I'm ...' But the words were lost in a long deep moan.

Elrond felt the pulsing cock pump again and again until he was filled with his beloved's hot seed. Mithrandír lay over him, his body still quivering from the fierceness of his climax.

But his need was now great.

'Mithrandír ...' he groaned.

His lover, soft now, withdrew gently and turned him onto his back. Hot kisses were covering his belly. His cock bulged and throbbed as the sweet mouth moved closer. Then a tongue was licking him from base to tip, tantalising him.

'Valar, don't tease me, Istar.'

He heard the wizard's low, throaty chuckle before the full length of his cock was engulfed deep within the soft, wet mouth. The fire was building in his loins as he bucked his hips. The sensation of those lips sucking and pulling at the very core of him became too much.

He threw his head back and pushed his cock deep into the wizard's throat as his crisis broke. His hot seed left his body as the fire exploded through his body. Gradually he slowed and then stopped. He slumped back, totally spent.

Mithrandír was at his side and he gathered the Elf into his arms. They entwined legs and when they kissed again, Elrond could taste his own salty sweetness.

'I told you, you like it rough.'

'Yes, you did.'

And they laughed together. Joyous laughter that sounded like the young world and filled them both with happiness.

'Elfling?' Elrond leaned up on his elbow and looked at his love. 'Where did that come from?'

'Just came to me, my dear one. As do most things.'

Elrond held the wizard's face in his slender hand, and then lay down again. They stayed quiet, wrapped in their pleasure, kissing softly.

'They are very earthy, you know.' Mithrandír broke the silence.

'Who are?'

'Hobbits. Very earthy. Lusty even.'

'Lusty? Hobbits?'

'Perhaps honest is a better word.'

'If you say so, love.'

'Ah! That's better. Your memory has obviously returned.' The wizard smiled.

They kissed again and sat up, gathering their discarded clothes. Elrond took Mithrandír's clothes and helped him dress.

'Will you?' the wizard asked.


'Seduce the Hobbit?'

'I might.'

Mithrandír now helped the Elf Lord with his own garments. Elrond cast eye over his ripped tunic and showed it to his friend. The Istar shrugged and lifted an eyebrow. When they were decent, they stood facing each other.

Mithrandír patted Elrond's hair, making it presentable. He bent down, retrieved the gold circlet from the grass and gave it to the Lord. For his part, Elrond smoothed and brushed down the wizard's robe, then flicked a small leaf from his hair.

'Do it for me,' he said, putting his hand on the Elf's waist to pull him close in embrace.

'Do what, Istar? Why do you persist in speaking in riddles? It wears thin after a couple of thousand years, y'know.'

'I enjoy watching people trying to work out what I mean.' They laughed together and Elrond, feeling happier than he had in many years, held his friends face and kissed him on the still swollen lips.

'Anyway, why should I do it for you, old wizard?' he said when they parted.

'Because I love you and you deserve some fun,' he replied, then turned and spoke a Word of Command, releasing the spell.

'Which one? Merry or Pippin? Or perhaps Sam?'

They walked back towards the stairs arm in arm, Elrond dangling the circlet from his hand.

'Merry,' Mithrandír said.

'Pippin,' he answered.

They ascended the stairs.

'Were we really young?' Mithrandír asked.

Elrond turned towards the waterfall and moved his hand again. The roar of the water returned.

'I believe I was once. But I think you were born old.' And he smiled as a pained looked crossed his lover's face.

'I fear you are right,' he replied. 'I don't remember being young at all.'

'Then I will remember for both of us,' Elrond said gently. 'These are dark times my beloved Istar, growing ever more dangerous. We will have to make decisions and choices that no one should have to make. I will remember our first encounter; the first time you and I shared love and the first time you told me you loved me, and I you.'

'You know this could be last time we are together, like this, in a time of peace?' Mithrandír said, standing close, so close Elrond felt his soft breath on his cheek. 'I don't want to leave without telling you of my love for you and how much your friendship has meant to me.'

The longing and sadness in his friends voice threatened to overwhelm the Elf. Never had he heard such word from Mithrandír; never had his own need to express his love been so great. Dark were the days indeed if Elrond Peredhil and Mithrandír, felt time pressing in on them.

'Then let us be together.' Elrond answered. 'Let the world outside disappear, for this night and every night until you must leave. I will demand privacy and take you to my bed again. We will tell each other all that needs to be said and we shall love as we did in years gone. We will renew our love and we shall be young again.'

Mithrandír nodded and took the circlet from the Elf's hand and placed it upon his brow.

'Let us remember our love, Elf Lord.'

They entered Elrond's house, the Last Homely House as they had left, hand in hand.

Sindarin Translations (With grateful thanks to Dragon Flame.)

Ada = daddy
Adar = father
Anor = sun
Arda = earth
Hervenn = husband
Hervess = wife
Ithil = moon
Ion-nin = my son
Meldanya = my love
Melethron-nin = my lover
Melme = beloved
Mir-nin = my treasure/jewel
Naira = Heart of Flame (Elrond's horse)
Naneth = mother
Nana = mummy
Sell-nin= my daughter
Telemnar Lestánore = Silver Flame of Doriath