The Beating of our Two Hearts

by River-Woman

Summary: Two long time lovers re-discover their passion for each other.

Warnings: Fluff ;o)

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Author's note: With grateful thanks to Trinity for the beta - and to Nefertiti for the encouragement - all other mistakes are mine.

Chapter 2

I found a dream I could speak to
A dream that I could call my own.
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill I have never known.
From "At Last" by Eva Cassidy

The rest of the day has past slowly for each of them. Much of the time was taken up with the representations made by the different groups who were arriving for the Council. They had seen these representatives both separately and together. During those meetings, how many times they had looked at each other and sighed, wishing for the hours to speed by?

Then, as soft evening descended on Imladris, Elrond announced to all that he and Mithrandír had grave matters to discuss and would forgo the evening meal. He craved the company's forgiveness, but there was still much that needed planning. He and Mithrandír would be in his private rooms, possibly all night and did not want to be disturbed. They bowed to the gathered company and walked away, backs straight, heads high, two Statesmen going to a private Council.

As soon as it was decent and when they were unobserved, they laughed, like two errant boys.

'Grave matters?' Mithrandír wagged his finger. 'What 'grave' matters would they be?'

'Supper of course. I do not intent to go hungry this night, whether it be for love or food.' Elrond guided the wizard towards the kitchen.

The cooks nodded to their Lord and his Istar Counsellor and allowed them to choose what pleased them. They loaded a tray with cheeses, bread, honey and fruits. The wizard snatched a flagon of good wine as he passed. Elrond carried the laden tray and led them back to his apartments. They met only one person on their way; a very bemused Estel bowed as they passed.

'I hate it when he smiles like that,' Elrond said when they were out of ear- shot. 'I always think he knows something.'

'And does he?

Elrond chuckled. 'It is possible. Estel is very perceptive, but discreet.'

'He should make a fine King then.'

The wizard opened the door to Elrond's private rooms to allow the Elf through, and then closed it. There was no need to lock doors in the Last Homely House, an open door meant you were free to enter; if it was closed, then you waited until the occupant opened it again. When the door of Lord Elrond's room was closed, no one dared disturb him, except perhaps, Lord Glorfindel.

Elrond placed the tray on a large table, caring not that it covered maps and parchments. Mithrandír was already pouring wine and handed his friend a goblet. They sipped the sweet wine and eyed each other over the rims. A smile curled on the face of the wizard. He put down his goblet and held out his hand.

'Come, beloved.' Speaking mind to mind again, he took the Elf's proffered hand and led him to the middle of the room. 'Stand for me, please.'

The Elf Lord did as he was bid.

The Grey Istar circled him once, then reached and removed the gold circlet from his head, placing it carefully on a small table. Then he reached behind and released the small clasp that held his plaits in place. They fell to the side of his head and with deft fingers, he also released them from their adornments. Then he ran his hands through the dark hair, sweeping it up and letting it fall like silk through his fingers. He led the Elf to a small stool and pushed him down. Once in place, he combed his loves hair with a small, silver comb. He combed evenly and gently, allowing the Elf to enjoy this sensuous and intimate act.

'So beautiful. So soft. It shines like the night.' And he lightly kissed the top of Elrond's head.

He pulled him to his feet and slipped off the long over gown that was the Elf's usual outer garment. It pooled at their feet. He moved in closer to unbutton the fine tunic and as he did so, Elrond took the change to steal a kiss.

'Do not tempt me yet, Elf,' he muttered. 'I have plans for you this night and soft kisses will not avail you.'

Elrond saw his lover's lips part in a smile and the years lifted from his face.

Mithrandír busied with the small buttons of the tunic until the last one opened to his touch. He slipped his hand under the material, brushing the soft skin as he did so.

Elrond leaned to him and spoke in his ear. 'I do not tempt you, beloved. Indeed, it is you who tempts me with your delicate touch and the hardness of your pleasure.'

This brought nothing but a playful 'tut' from the wizard as he continued the removal of the tunic. As the garment slid to the floor, he leaned in and kissed the cleft where shoulder and neck meet. This brought a groan of pleasure from the other's lips. The wizard allowed his tongue and mouth to travel down the length of his lovers arm, down to the fingers. He kissed and sucked each one in turn.

The Elf Lord leaned his head back and gasped again as the sweet mouth of his beloved continued its journey across his chest and then down to where his pleasure was lodged, hard and throbbing. The wet tongue did not stop, but traced a line down to his growing need. He felt hot breath through soft fabric and feeling he could no longer confine his hardness, he slipped his hands down to release the ties that held his trousers around his waist. The wizard brushed them away. He reached down to remove the soft slippers Elrond was wearing.

'Be not so hasty, Elf. This is my time and I will take as long as I need.'

'And my need is great, Mithrandír-nín. I have awaited this time all day and I fear your gentle ministrations will make me spend long before you have finished.'

Mithrandír rose and faced him. Elrond was taller by half a hand, but still the wizard's eyes pierced him to his very soul. The wizard's hand came up and cupped his love's face. 'My beloved, the solace I find with you is my joy,' he said. 'Forgive me if I take too much for granted.'

Elrond silenced the lips with a finger. 'It is only that you excite my senses beyond endurance. We spend so little time together.'

Mithrandír's fingers played with the soft length of the Elf's hair.

It was Elrond who laughed first. 'You may continue,' he paused. 'I am calm again.'

'Ah yes. Where was I?'

'I believe you were about to remove the last item of my clothing.'

The Istar pulled him close and locked their lips in a sweet kiss as his hand reached down and untied the laces that would finally release the trousers. He slowly pushed them to the floor where they joined the other discarded clothes. They moved together, each turning the other as they plunged deeper into the kiss.

The press of his lover's body against his naked flesh inflamed Elrond's passion once again and he felt himself grow and harden against his belly. The wizard was also rigid with need as they moved and thrust against each other.

Finally, they broke away and with exquisite slowness, Elrond unfastened the buckle of the leather belt at the Istar's waist, dropping it to the floor, he guided his beloved to his large bed. With a small push, the wizard sat on the edge; with another, he lay flat on his back. Without taking his eyes off his lover's face, Elrond removed the worn boots, then slid the long, rough garment up and over the wizard's head, then gave a shout of delight. Beneath the robe, the Istar was naked.

Mithrandír looked at him and grinned. 'I hoped that would please you.'

'And it does, Melethron. You can still surprise me, even after all the years we have known each other.'

Elrond ran his hands over the other's body, and sighed. It was smooth and well muscled; the skin was soft and supple and in the light of Ithil, it seemed almost luminescent. He let his head fall to take a nipple into his mouth. He rolled it around his tongue and bit gently until it stood firm and erect. He moved to its twin, suckling and pulling until he heard the groan of pleasure from his love. He lay down then, next to him and allowed his legs to entwine with those of the Istar.

Mithrandír's hands were then on his back, running gentle fingers down the length of his spine, stopping just above the cleft of his buttocks, then back up to his neck. They locked eyes as hand explored every inch of each other's flesh, stroking and kneading; trailing fingers around mouths and allowing just the lightest of teasing touches to their hard cocks.

'Have I told you of the joy you bring to my heart, melethron-nín?' Elrond asked between kissing his love's eyes, then cheeks, then chin, then neck.

'Not recently, light of my heart,' came the breathless reply.

'Then I do. Too long have you been absent from my bed, dearest friend and lover. My nights are empty and my days too long without your sweet kisses and your blesséd company.'

Mithrandír's mouth dropped small butterfly caresses over the Elf's chest, slowly working his way lower. He circled around the dip of the navel, then, with his moist tongue, he touched the very tip of the Elf's engorged cock and tasted the tiny pearl of moisture that rested there.

Elrond caught his breath. 'My love for you grows stronger as the years pass. You know me like no other. You understand me like no other and you love me like no other.' He grabbed the sheets and groaned as the Istar took his entire length into his mouth. 'Ai! Beloved.'

He curled the Istar's hair around his fingers as the head rose and fell. Then in one fluid movement, Mithrandír was up and kissing him again, rolling his tongue around the Elf's, probing and sucking.

'You say what I hold in my heart, melethron-nín,' Mithrandír said as they parted for air. 'Sometimes it is only the thought of seeing you again, even for the briefest of moments that keeps me on the road ordained for me. My nights are spent reliving the love we have shared and the pleasure you give me.' The Istar's voice was full of longing and sadness, and the Elf drew him to him, and rocked him in his arms.

'Shh. Love. Tonight we have each other. Tonight, Ithil shines her silver light only on we two.'

Even as he spoke, the pale moon revealed herself from behind a cloud, bathing the lovers in her soft glow. Elrond traced the line from his lover's chin down to his chest.

'This night is as long as we care to make it, to do with what we please.'

'Then what is your pleasure, beloved Elf?'

In answer, Elrond rolled his heart's joy onto his back and straddled his hips.

'You are my pleasure. Now and forever, Mithrandír-nín.' And with that, he took the Istars engorged length into his mouth, enveloping him completely. His dark hair falling like sable waves across the other's belly.

He felt Mithrandír's hips buck as his excitement grew and revelled in the ecstasy he knew his love was feeling. He was aware when the other quickened his pace and guessed that his climax was near. Carefully, he sucked harder and hearing the gasp at his lovers certain crisis, he disengaged his mouth and deftly brought his fingers to hold the throbbing cock just below the engorged, velvet tip. Exerting gentle pressure, he watched as the wizard's climax subsided.

'Ahh. My beautiful one. Your skill with that particular technique is exemplary.'

Elrond threw back his head and laughed. 'I would not let you spend so quickly, love. I want you hard and needing for a while yet.'

The Istar sat up, embraced him and, winding legs around each other's waists, they kissed. Flesh pressed upon fevered flesh as they sucked and probed their mouths, eager for more delicious arousal. Touching and stroking in unison they inflamed each other, until at last, they each dropped a hand to the other's pulsing need. Gently fondling, allowing sensitive foreskins to slide over and back from the throbbing head of their cocks only heightened their joy. Locked in the deep kiss, their passion was reaching its crisis.

'Do you wish ...?'Elrond heard the voice in his mind but stopped the question in mid sentence.

'I want this, like this. To watch your cherished face as our essences spill onto our hands and bodies. For our hearts and love to be mingled as one.'

Mithrandír dropped his head to the Elf's neck, kissing and licking the sensitive flesh. His lover followed with the same. All the while their hands keeping perfect rhythm with each other, pressing ever closer to each other as they thrust urgently against hand and belly. The wizard snaked his arm around his lover's waist, sliding his hand down until it found the taut ridge it sought. He pressed his fingers along the delicate, hidden cleft.

Elrond groaned as yet another exquisite sensation flooded his body.

'Melathon-nín,' he cried, following the other's example and slipped his fingers down and into the wizard's secret opening.

'Ai! Mir-nín,' Mithrandír moaned. 'I love you.'

There was not a hair's breath between them now, their senses and passion expanding into a spiral of ecstasy. They reached their climax together; as their seed spurted onto hands and belly, it mingled; two becoming one. They looked at each other and time, for that moment, stopped as their bodies trembled, their senses exploding in passion and love. They sat entwined in that embrace, neither one wanting to move or break the sacred connection.

The Elf Lord shivered suddenly against his lover.

'What do you see, Elrond?' The wizard asked softly.

'Darkness and fire,' Elrond replied, and his head fell to his lover's shoulder. He shivered again.

Mithrandír broke the connection and helped his lover into the waiting bed. He gathered the Elf into his arms. 'Tell me,' he said.

'I see darkness pierced by a great fire. The darkness is vast and the fire is plunging downwards.' He lifted himself on an elbow and looked at the wizard. 'I fear for you, Mithrandír-nín.'

The Istar reached up and caressed the face that was so dear to him. 'My destiny is pre-ordained, dear one. You and I both know this. If I am to end my days in fire, I am prepared.'

'But I am not,' Elrond's reply was fierce. 'I have no wish to lose you.'

'I will ever be with you, my dearest Elf. Have not our essences been mingled, are we not joined body and soul? I have ever carried your love for me in my heart as I know you carry mine in yours.'

Elrond gently kissed his lips. 'I know what must be done, but it pleases me not, beloved.' He lay down again in the crook of the Istar's shoulder.

The moon cast her silver light over them.

Mithrandír laughed suddenly. 'Do you remember our first meeting? I came here in the early centuries of the Third Age. You were in the gardens organising the planting of trees. You saw me walking over the grass; you gave me such a look that I checked my boots to make sure I wasn't trailing muck over your very neat lawn. You looked down your nose at me.'

'I did not,' came the indignant response.

'You did. If I remember rightly, before I had uttered a word, you directed me to the stables.'

Now Elrond laughed. 'But you didn't go to the stables. When I returned to my library, you were there. You were very solemn and told me we had things to discuss.'

'It was because I didn't look like Saruman. I think you preferred Saruman over me, I am Grey and he is White.'

Elrond poked him in the chest. 'It was because you had not bathed in years and had a bird's nest in your hair.'

'It was a twig,' the Istar laughed.

'A very large twig.'

They kissed, still laughing.

'Melethron-nin? You said earlier today that you were born old. Do you have any memory of a time before you came to us?'

Mithrandír sighed. 'I remember ...' He paused for many heartbeats. 'I remember music, a magnificent song that I sometimes hear in my dreams. It was there before I came into being. It was there when I opened my eyes for the first time.'

Elrond kissed his lips gently. 'Manwe Sulimo sung you into being, Meldanya.'

'When I came to Middle Earth I knew my journey, what my appointed task was and where it would take me.'

'I have long suspected you are Maia.'

'Have you indeed?' The wizard caught the Elf by the hip and effortlessly, pulled him so he was lying on top of him. Elrond's hair fell like a soft blanket over the wizard's chest. 'And why have you kept this to yourself all these years?'

The Elf caught the other's hands and pinned them above his head, he then began kissing every inch of the strong body. Teasing kisses that spoke of perhaps more love and passion to come. Then, in a fluid movement he was out of the bed. He passed his own robe to Mithrandír.

'I'm sticky and so are you. We shall bathe,' Elrond smiled as he slipped on another gown.

'Ha! I think bathing is the last thing on your mind,' Mithrandír said, accepting the offered robe, he drew the Elf close, tucking a stray hair behind his ear.

'We shall see,' Elrond answered and taking the wizard's hand, led him down a short corridor to his bathing room.

'Ahh. I think you has this planned,' the wizard laughed.

'Of course, Meldanya. I remember the first time you told me of your feelings for me. It was here, in the bathing pool.'

The Istar moved to him and with a finger, pushed the robe from his shoulder.

'How could I forget? The sight of your body inflames my senses now, just as it did then.' He bit the exposed flesh of Elrond's shoulder.

'Ai. The feel of your sweet mouth on my body is more than I can bear, now as then.'

He slipped the robe off and breaking free, led the wizard down the steps into the small pool. The water, warmed by natural springs, lapped at their chests. They sat opposite each other, allowing the water to caress their bodies.

'I loved you for more than a hundred years before I dared say anything,' Mithrandír said.'

'You disliked me, you thought I was haughty and cold.'

'Not so. I needed to keep you at arm's length lest my passion was revealed.'

'You took great delight in revealing your passion to me the first time.' The Elf laughed.

'Meldanya. I did no such thing. We Istari are very reserved and supposedly old. We are beyond reproach.'

Elrond was laughing so much now he swallowed a mouthful of water and spluttered. The wizard moved to him and thumped his back.

'Reserved?' Elrond managed to say at last, but this only made him laugh more.

'Yes. It took me a long time once we were in the bath to say anything, or to touch you.' He ran his hand over the Elf's face and down his chest, letting it rest over his heart.

'But once you overcame your reserve, you fell on me and ravished me.'

Mithrandír allowed his hand to fall to the resting object of his desire. He smiled as it sprang to life in his hand.

'Did you once complain, Elf?'

'You were kissing me. How could I complain with your tongue in my mouth?' With that, he bought his mouth down onto the wizard's. He sucked at the lips, probed the honeyed mouth with his tongue. The wizard's mouth opened against his and now two tongues joined in the dance of desire.

The wizard then pushed the Elf against the side of the pool, his arms outstretched.

'Then you held me against the side,' Elrond said.

'And I told you, "never before have I had such feelings as this for anyone, Man or Elf. Why do you inflame my senses with such sensations, my Lord."

'Does it concern you, Meldanya?'

'Meldanya? Am I truly your love?'

The Elf took him by the hips and drew his close. He felt the shiver of desire pass through both their bodies. His own passion was making him harden more.

'I wish for nothing else, if you want me.' Elrond spoke softly, his words jagged and breathless.

'How could I not desire you? Your beauty surpasses anything I have seen or am likely to see in this life.' The wizard's hands were working their way over the graceful body of the Elf as he spoke, his firm manhood pressing eagerly against his lover's hardness.

'Ai. Melethron-nin. If you so desire me, I am yours.' And he found the wizard's mouth again, kissing him with a gentleness that made them both gasp. 'I do not know what I should do, what you expect of me, what would give you pleasure.'

Mithrandír ran his hands through the Elf's long hair, pulling his head back. He then kissed the soft skin on the exposed neck. His tongue traced a line up to one delicate ear. Elrond shivered in delight as the Istar's tongue licked the sensitive tip and groaned as gentle teeth bit into he lobe. Then the tongue began its descent down to one erect nipple, then across to the other. He plucked at it with his lips, then biting gently, teasing it into yet firmer fullness.

He looked up at the Elf Lord. 'Does this please you?'

A low groan escaped Elrond's lips. 'I will tell you if anything displeases, my love.'

Mithrandír chuckled in his throat.

'Good.' And with that, he lifted the Elf out of the water with a strength that belied his aged look. He set his lover on the low step that led into the water. Now he had his love where he wanted him. Kneeling before him, with the warm water lapping around his legs, he lowered his mouth onto the Elf's engorged cock. He licked it from tip to base and back again. A moan issued from Elrond, his face contorted with pleasure.

'Beloved, how well you do that. But I will spend if you continue.'

The wizard did not stop his licking, but rather, quickened his pace. Then he left the now throbbing cock to lap at the delicate sacs, taut with love and on to that most hidden of openings. His tongue licked and probed as Elrond shuddered in delight.

'You play with my feelings, Istar. You drive me to the very brink of sweet oblivion. Ai!' he cried as the tongue thrust at the soft crease.

Mithrandír pushed him onto his back and brought a leg up to his shoulder, he stood poised with his urgent cock pressing against that secret place.

Elrond stared then into the eyes of the wizard and fell into the depth of the song that had bought the Istar into Creation. His head rang with the glorious

music of the Valar, even as his lover thrust himself into him. The warm water lapped about both their bodies, heightening the sensations they were both feeling.

Mithrandír leaned forward, taking his weight on strong hands and arms.

'What do you want, beloved jewel?' he asked.

'To be forever joined to you in blessed union and love,' came the soft reply.

'You speak for me.'

'Ai. Mithranadír. Meldanya.'

The wizard kissed the soft lips even as the last words left them. Increasing their rhythm, Elrond pushed his cock into the soft belly of his lover and once again, his mind was filled with music.


'My gift to you, beloved.'

As the music reached its crescendo, so did they reach their joint climax. Hot passion flooded through their joined bodies as the wizard's seed pumped deep into the Elf even as his seed spilled onto his lover's belly.

With his eyes tight shut, the Elf Lord heard the song fade, and finally disappear. When he opened them again, he stared not into the face of Mithrandír, but another. Mithrandír still, but younger and a bright whiteness shone about him.

As gently as the lapping water, the wizard slipped out and pulling his lover to him, guided him back into the pool. He held him. The dark hair falling over him as his love nestled his head in the crook of his shoulder. He kissed the hair softly and ran a finger across the beautiful jaw line.

'What was that?' Elrond spoke at last.

'My gift, love.'

'The music or the vision?'

'The music only, as ever, the vision is yours alone.'

'I am nothing without you,' Elrond said. Like a night without stars, rain without a rainbow or a rose without fragrance. Our first time was just like that, only, without the music in my mind and the vision of ...'

'Sshh. Do not speak of that now. Come, let me wash your divine body.' Mithrandír left his love to fetch a cloth and soap. 'I don't recognise the perfume of this,' he said, sniffing the soap.

'Cinnabar and clove. Arwen thinks it is very ... male.'

'It does have a certain tang to it,' the wizard replied as he washed every inch of the Elf's body. Then it was his turn and gentle hands caressed him. They did not need to kiss, the touch of the hand and the heady fragrance of the soap was enough for now.

Leaving the pool together, Elrond passed his lover a large drying cloth before taking one himself. Picking up the discarded robes, they walked back to the bedroom. As before, Elrond sat first as the wizard combed his hair; he did not plait it, but allowed it to flow freely so that it cascaded over his shoulders and down his back. They changed places and the Elf Lord performed the same task, combing the Grey locks to smooth tidiness. When he was satisfied that the wizard's hair would take no more grooming he guided him back to his large bed.

Ithil shone her silver light on the two lovers as they lay locked in an embrace, neither kissing nor touching. Rather they allowed the feeling of naked flesh upon naked flesh to fill their senses.

'What can I gift you, beloved?' Elrond broke the silence.

'I am holding in my arms the only gift I desire,' came the reply.

'Meldanya, the music? And the vision?'

Mithrandír looked deep into the other's eyes. 'From this time, when we are apart, think of me, and you will remember the music. Think of it as Manwé's gift from me to you. As to the vision, that is unknown to me and must be of your own mind. I had no part in that.' He stoked the Elf's cheek. 'Tell me what you saw.'

'You. Young and clothed in white. You were surrounded by a white light, so bright that it near blinded.'

'Young?' Mithrandír laughed. 'You saw me young? You are losing your senses, Elf.'

Elrond poked him in the chest. 'I stand by what I saw. You looked younger, less care worn.'

'Ah. Less care worn? I like the sound of that,' and he laughed again.

'The sound of your laughter is as music to my ears,' the Elf brushed his finger over the other's lips. 'Meldanya?'


'Will you forgive me for what must pass tomorrow? I will be sending you away on an quest that even I fear may bring doom to us all.'

'There is nothing to forgive, jewel of my heart. We have our appointed tasks. You will be in no less danger here in Imladris than I ... wherever I am taken.'

Elrond held his face. 'You must come back to me, Mithrandír.' he said, fiercely. 'I could not face the time left to me on Arda if you were not with me.'

'And when you leave for the West?' the wizard answered, gently.

The Elf leaned up on his elbow and looked at the Grey Istar. 'My dearest wish would be that you are with me.' He placed a chaste kiss on the other's forehead.

'And Celebrían?'

'She had long known of my love and desire for you.'

'Say that again.'

'She had long ...'

'No. About love and desire.'

'My love and desire for you.'

The wizard pulled him roughly down and kissed the soft mouth.

'The words from your lips are honey and wine,' he said.

'And your kisses are the petals of a fragrant rose,' the Elf replied.

'Your soft breath is as a warm summer breeze.'

'Your firm body as lithe and as strong as a young oak.'

The wizard paused for a moment. 'Your touch is fire on my flesh.'

'And your flesh is my elixir of love.'

'My ... My love for you is deeper than the Sundering Sea.

Elrond laughed. 'My love for you is more precious than all the jewels of the dwarves.'

'Um ...'

'Would you forfeit? Elrond asked.

'Ha! I love you more than a dragon's hoard.'

'And I love you more than there are stars in the sky.'

'Valar. I should have said that,' Mithrandír grumbled.

'Admit defeat, Istar, then I can claim my forfeit.'

'Never.' He thought for a moment. 'I will never stop loving you.'

The Istar's eyes were filled with a desire and love that brought a catch to the throat of the Lord of Imladris.

'Melathron-nín,' he caught the wizard and kissed him, probing his mouth with his tongue, which soon had them moaning as one. 'I concede.' Elrond said as their lips parted.

'Does that mean you will not love me forever?'

'Indeed not. I means that I, Elrond Peredhil, Lord of Imladris, Lore Master and Herald of the High King cannot match your words, my dearest treasure and greatest love.'

They entwined legs, bringing them close.

'You did not answer my previous question, Elfling,' he teased.

Elrond sighed, burying his neck in the wizards' shoulder.

'If you come with me across the Sundering Sea, I will talk to her and ask that she grants me this one thing. I will not lose you, beloved. For although I love my wife, I love you more.'

Strong arms held him tightly. 'And my first question?'

'Which question?'

'How did you know I was Maia?'

There was a silence between them. Their bodies rising and falling at each breath and Elrond stared long into the eyes of his lover. 'When I look into your eyes I see a young world. I see joy, laughter and love. If you were truly old, even as a Man, your eyes would hold many dark things. Pain, loss, suffering. Look into my eyes, Mithrandír and tell me what you see.'

The wizard held his gaze for many heartbeats. 'I see stars and battles. I see Gil- Galad, young and strong and I also see him fallen. I see your pain and longing. But I also see your joy. Your children, your wife and I see ... me.'

'Even an Elf Lord cannot hide his memories from a Maia. You are more dear to me than my King.'

Mithrandír caught his breath. He took the face of the Elf and held it in his hands.

'Say not this to me, Elrond. For I know the depth of your love for the King. I cannot, would not, usurp his place in your heart.' With that, he kissed the eyes that held tears that sparkled like gems in the moonlight.

'Then I will hold both of you in my heart and ask the Valar to keep you safe on this journey that you must take.' Tears flows freely down his cheeks and he allowed the wizard to take him in his arms and rock him like a babe. 'For should I lose you, Meldanya, I fear my grief will be unbearable. Even for this great Elf Lord.'

'I am ever yours, beloved, and by any means, I will keep myself safe.' He lowered his head and found the waiting mouth.

They kissed, gently at first, then fiercer, tongues and teeth grinding against each other. Their hips moved and as they inflamed their passion, so they grew to rigid hardness that pressed against their nakedness.

Mithrandír pulled away sharply, grabbing the elf by the hair, he was breathing hard and his eyes were wide with need.

'I need you, beloved. Enter me, fill me with your hardness and let me feel you deep within my very core.'

'Mithrandír I ...'

'Do it this for me. For I know not when we will meet again for love after I leave.'

Elrond nodded. 'My need for you is great, beloved. But I would not want to hurt you.'

The Istar smiled. 'Dearest Elf, have I ever hurt you?'

Elrond shook his head. 'Not once.'

'Well then - come and love me. Fill me with your hard length and love me. Make me cry out with desire. Become part of me and my love.' He pulled the Elf to him and kissed him. With his tongue, he licked the soft flesh of the mouth, then he licked his lover's neck and his delicate ears, feeling the Elf judder with delight. 'I do believe you enjoy being seduced.'

Elrond laughed. 'I enjoy being eaten by you, Istar.'

'What about here?' His mouth dropped to a nipple.

'Aii!That is good.'

'Here?'He trailed his tongue down to the rigid cock lying flat against the elf's belly. He licked the tip and small slit were a small drop of liquid was now seeping out.

'That is also good.'

With an Elf's strength, he pulled Mithrandír away from his cock and kissed him hard. He let his hand fall to the wizard's jutting need and rubbed the length of it. Then he pushed the wizard onto his back and straddled him.

Mithrandír looked at his beloved and thought him magnificent. His hair fell around him, black, wild and untamed. His eyes held the fire of lust and desire; his lean body glistened with sweat and his cock stood proud and erect. He groaned. He wanted that cock inside more than anything he had ever wanted. The thought of it nudging against his tight, forbidden hole, then pushing into him almost brought him to his crisis. But as usual, the Elf has other ideas.

Elrond looked at his beloved Mithrandír. He ran his hands along the chest, along his arms. He reached behind him and stroked the long, muscled legs. He committed each contour to memory. Then he leaned forward and kissed him, roughly forcing his mouth open, sucking the lips and probing with his tongue. He felt Mithrandír's hands come up to hold his head and as they did, he grabbed them, pinning them behind the wizard's head. Then he continued his assault on the Ishar's mouth.

The wizard groaned as the Elf attacked his ears and neck. 'Valar, but you have a heat in you.'

'It is you who will have a heat in you, soon enough, Istar.'

Without another word, he flipped the wizard onto his belly, and caressed his back. He kissed the strong muscles of the shoulders; kissed down the spine, not stopping as he reached the round firmness of the buttocks. He gently bit into the fleshy mounds, which bought a loud moan from the wizard. He pulled Mithrandír's hips to him and sat him on his lap. He nibbled his neck while his hand sought and found his lover's throbbing cock. He thrust his hips slightly, so as to let his lover feel his hardness and to bring him closer to the brink of pleasure.

The wizard was panting with need. His whole body pounded with his life- blood. His need was building, but still he delighted in the ministrations of Elrond. Never had this beautiful Elf been so forceful. Oh, how he wanted to be joined to him as never before.

'Do you like this, dear one?'

A groan issued from Mithrandír's lips. 'Ah! Yes ... yes. I can feel your hardness and your breath upon my neck. I burn for you, beloved.'

Elrond's fingers gently dipped into the fluid that leaked from the wizard's engorged cock. With the swiftness of a feline, he pushed the wizard forward and anointed the tight crack with the fluid, making it slick. Then he leaned against his lover, the tip of his cock nudging against the tight opening. He heard the gasp form the wizard and stopped.

'Do I hurt you?'

'Never. I want you. Please.'

The Elf pushed again, harder this time, the lubricant making his way easier. He slipped in and now it was he who gasped. His cock was held in a tight grip, yet one so soft, he trembled. He pulled out and plunged straight back in, all the way this time.

A triumphant shout issued from his lover's lips.

Now he moved his hips, pumping gently but steadily. He could not believe how wonderful it felt. His cock squeezed tight, his lover before him and he was pleasuring him in the way he wanted. The feeling nearly overwhelmed him. He quickened his pace, leaning forward again to grasp the wizard's pulsing member in his hand. Elrond felt his climax immanent, the sensation spreading like fire through his body.

'Beloved, I am going to fill you.'

'Ah! Dearest love. Yes.'

'Call my name.'


'No. Out loud. I want to hear my name on your lips as we reach our bliss.'

Elrond thrust harder and slid his hand faster along the wizard's shaft. He felt his senses tingle, his mind and eyes growing unfocused.

'Elrond.' He called.

'Louder, Meldanya,' and he thrust ever deeper.


Mithrandír was beyond bliss. The hand that worked his cock nearer his climax was steady and gentle. He felt his lover's other hand on his hip, steadying them both.

Elrond knew he could hold back no longer. With one last stroke, the wizard's seed spurted onto his hand. He withdrew from his lover then thrust once more, harder and deeper. His head filled with music as his body exploded into his lover's. On and on went his climax as with each thrust his pleasure and that of Mithrandír increased.

'Olorin. Meldanya-nín.' His voice cried.

'Elrond. Melethron-nín,' came the response.

He slowed until finally, utterly spent, he stopped.

'Aiii!' Was all he could say as he slumped across the wizard's back, panting.

'Aiii indeed,' the voice in his head said, with a soft laugh.

Soft now, he slipped from his love and rolled to him to be gathered into waiting arms.

'Let me tell you how much I love you.'

'I know, my beautiful Elf. I know.'

Wrapped together, they slept.

They awoke together at the first light of dawn and smiled softly at each other.

'Good morning, melme.' Elrond said.

'Good morning, my beautiful one,' Mithrandír replied.

'Do you think we were heard last night?'

'I don't doubt it.'

Elrond stretched his long frame. 'Do you think my guests will be scandalised?'

'Every last one of them, I expect,' he said, stretching in turn. 'Of course, they are just jealous.'

Elrond laughed and touched his finger to the wizard's nose. 'Food and a bath? Or bath and then food?'

'Love, food then bath.' He pushed the Elf back and put his tongue to work.

Their lovemaking was slow and leisurely, as if both knew this would be the last of such intimate contact. They climaxed together, and spent, lay tangled together, legs, arms and hair entwined as one. They held each other, loathed to let go and when the Elf Lord looked at his beloved's face, he saw tears rolling down the dear cheeks.

'Weep not, Mithrandír-nin.' He wiped the tears with his hair then kissed the salt tinged eyes.

'You have always made me feel loved and cherished, Elrond. I will set this night in my memory so as to think on it in the cold, lonely nights ahead.'

'I will speak to your mind as often as I dare, love. But I fear our enemies will increasingly know when we do.'

Mithrandír left his lover's arms and crossed to the food from the night before, still untouched. Elrond followed and placed his robe around the other's shoulders. They choose their breakfast and sat by the window. Elrond laid his head in Mithrandír's lap as they picked at cheese and bread. The wizard stroked the dark hair and looked out onto the new, autumnal day.

'Do you think the Perian Frodo will take the Ring?' Elrond asked.

'Yes. If he is half the Hobbit I think he is, he will.'

'War will come Mithrandír and Imladris will prevail over that evil. But my people will depart Arda. How came we to this?'

'As ever beloved, we have to do that which is ordained for us. Too long have we toiled for the downfall of Sauron and all his evil, to fail now. You know this, as do I. It is the Will of Valar that we fulfil this task. We cannot turn from it, now, or ever.'

'Come,' Elrond pulled the wizard to his feet. 'You can bathe me and comb my hair, for I know how much that simple task pleases you.'

Long did they stay in the comfort of the warm water. They spoke softly of the years they had known each other. Recalling events and incidents, they laughed and kissed. Then, they dried each other, stroking their bodies dry with gentle hands. The Elf Lord dressed the wizard in his old robes and placed the worn boots back on his feet. Elrond choose his clothing carefully for the day. Soft grey trousers under a long pale purple tunic, decorated with silver designs; over all, he wore his long, deep wine gown.

Mithrandír combed his hair until it glowed. Then he plaited the side strands in the old way, as the High King wore his hair, dual strands joined by small gemmed clasps and on the ends, delicate, silver cones. He then reached for the gold circlet.

'No, beloved. Today, I am Elrond, Herald to the High King; Master of Imladris and Lord of the Noldor on Middle Earth, bearer of that which cannot be named. Today I will wear Mithril, as befits my station.'

Mithrandír replaced the gold circlet and lifted the Mithril one from its place. He set it gently on the elf's brow. Pulling Elrond to his feet, he stood and admired him.

'Have I told you how beautiful you are?'

'Not today, not yet.' Elrond replied, blushing slightly.

'You are the most beautiful Elf I have had the good fortune to know. I love you with all my heart and I give thanks for all the joy you have brought to me. Elrond beloved. Kiss me.'

With gentleness and care, the Elf Lord snaked his arms around the neck of the Istar and kissed him long and deep.

'Keep yourself safe Mithrandír, meldanya. You must come back to me.'

They stepped back from each other, smoothed their robes and walked from the room.

Mithrandír took his chair next to Frodo. He gave the Hobbit an encouraging smile.

Elrond stood to speak, addressing the gathering in the Common tongue.

'Strangers from distant lands, friends of old. You have been summoned to answer the threat of Modor. Middle Earth stands upon the brink of destruction. None can escape it. You will unite or you will fall. Each race is bound by this fate, this one doom. Bring forth the Ring, Frodo.'

He turned his eyes and looked upon the Istar. 'And you are beautiful to me.'

Sindarin Translations (With grateful thanks to Dragon Flame.)

Ada = daddy
Adar = father
Anor = sun
Arda = earth
Hervenn = husband
Hervess = wife
Ithil = moon
Ion-nin = my son
Meldanya = my love
Melethron-nin = my lover
Melme = beloved
Mir-nin = my treasure/jewel
Naira = Heart of Flame (Elrond's horse)
Naneth = mother
Nana = mummy
Sell-nin= my daughter
Telemnar Lestánore = Silver Flame of Doriath