The Beating of our Two Hearts

by River-Woman

Summary: Two long time lovers re-discover their passion for each other.

Warnings: Fluff ;o)

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Chapter 5

At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over.
And life is like a song,
At last the skies above are blue
And my heart was wrapped in clover
The night I looked at you.
From "At Last" by Eva Cassidy.

It was dark when they awoke together.



The wizard stretched and yawned, Elrond smiled at him.

'I'm hungry, Istar. What say you to food?'

'Hmm. Food would be good.' But his eyes were devouring the body before him.

'It would seem that Manwé has remade you with an insatiable appetite, melme,' he laughed.

'Only for you, music of my heart.'

Elrond pressed his forehead to that of his love.

'Manwé has also coated your tongue with honey,' he said.

'My wish would be to have my tongue coated with other sweet juices, Elf.'

Elrond roared with laughter.

'A plague on wizards and their appetites.'

'And a plague on Elf Lords with their soft dark hair, strong bodies and delightful attributes who would keep me abed.' He touched the face before him. 'But now, we must rise and meet with the Lord and Lady. Plans have to be made and we have our destinies to fulfil.' He sighed heavily. 'The tide will turn, beloved, but not before more kindred blood has been spilt.'

The Elf drew him close.

'Will the tide turn? Will the Fellowship hold?'

'The Fellowship is already broken. We will be pressed on many sides before the end. Even now, Saruman is plotting his next move and the Dark Lord is drawing all evil to him in Mordor. But the tide will turn.' He slipped from the bed, pulling the Elf Lord with him. 'However, we have two things that are unexpected and therefore, a surprise to both twins of evil.'

'You still speak in riddles, that much has not changed. What are the two things?' Elrond traced a line along the Istar's jaw, down his shoulder and then to his fingers where he entwined them in his.

'Frodo and myself,' the wizard grinned.

They went together to the small adjoining talan where deep basins were filled with water. They washed each other, a process of slow strokes, much laughter and frequent kisses. They dressed, Elrond in his travel clothes and the wizard in his white robes. He then combed and twisted the Elf's hair into intricate lover's plaits. The Elf returned the favour although he did not plait the wizard's hair. They stood before each other.

'You are the most elegantly beautiful being I know,' the Istar leaned his head against the Elf's.

'And you are more beautiful White than Grey.'

'You were prepared to die so you could be with me?'


'I love you, Elrond-nin.'

'I love you, Olorin-nin.'

'I have not heard that name for a while. It is the name Manwé calls me, but on your lips, it sounds even sweeter.'

They held each other tightly, forehead touching forehead, loath to separate.

A knock on the partition made them look across the room. Mithrandír moved his lips in silent command and raised his hand.

'Come in,' he called, but did not release his hold on his love. 'Suilad, Haldir. Have you come for us?'

Haldir bowed to both of them. 'Suilad, Lord Elrond, Mithrandír. The Lord and Lady await you.'

Releasing each other with a kiss, they followed Haldir along the walkway and up more stairs until they reached the Great Hall of the Golden Wood where Celeborn and Galadriel were waiting for them.

'Adar,' Elrond greeted his father-in-law with a hug.

'Welcome my son. Mithrandír, I hope you are feeling better this night.'

'Much better, my Lord. In fact, never better thanks to the healing skills of Lord Elrond.'

'So we heard,' Galadriel replied.

Both Lord and Lady laughed as Elrond blushed.

'But now, by my Lady's leave,' the wizard continued. 'I suggest we plan.'

They spent the next hours planning their strategies for the defence of the Golden Wood, Imladris and the Great Greenwood. Dol Guldur was spewing out orcs to harass and attack the lands between Lorien and the Greenwood and the Moria orcs were moving ever closer to Imladris. Thranduil had declared open war on Dol Guldur and was attacking orcs wherever he could find them, even taking the fight to the hill itself.

'I must go to Fangorn and meet those of the Fellowship who enter there,' Mithrandír said.

Elrond looked sharply at him.

'As I said earlier, the Fellowship is broken. The Ringbearer and Sam are going to Mordor and they will meet Gollum. Boromir, son of Gondor, succumbed at last to the Ring, but redeemed himself in the end and died a warrior's death. Meriadoc and Peregrin have been captured by Saruman's Uruks and are being taken to Orthanc. Estel, Legolas and Gimli pursue them across the plains of Rohan and I ... I must be in Fangorn when they arrive.'

'Mithrandír ...' Elrond started.

'Nay, melme. I know what you will say. But this is my task. The war against men and Elves starts anew and this time there will be no Last Alliance. Men and Elves will fight this war separately to whatever end it brings. Elves will be fighting for their lives, just as Men must do. And I must aid Men in this battle.'

There was silence between them.

It was Galadriel who spoke first.

'We have our plans and we have our destinies. We Elves will fight to defend our realms one last time before we depart Arda. Men will fight for their very existence. But, each unto their own part. The returning to us of Mithrandír tells us that the Valar have not forsaken their children.'

'Our parley is finished this night,' Celeborn said. 'With the new dawn we commence our parts in this war.'

Elrond watched as his mother and father-in-law warmly embraced his lover. Galadriel's light poured over Mithrandír and his beloved smiled as he looked into the Lady's eyes.

'Adar. Naneth.' He embraced them both before hand in hand, the Lord and Lady left.

Following their lead, he took the wizard's hand. 'Come my love. Let us gather food and wine and then walk with me. This night is too glorious not to enjoy.'

They raided the kitchens of the Lord and Lady and with a basket filled with soft bread, cheese, fruit and a flagon of sweet wine and walked into the depths of Caras Galadhron. The night was warm and still, fireflies danced among the trees. Elrond snaked his arm around the wizard's waist as they walked, revelling in the nearness and still not believing that his lover had been returned to him. They walked into a glade and Mithrandír pulled him to a stop.

'Perfect,' the Istar said under his breath.

The glade had a soft moss carpet and the treetops did not obscure the stars that shone brightly in the sky. They sat on the forest floor, side by side holding hands. Mithrandír passed a goblet to the Elf Lord and filled it with wine.

'To us. To victory. To the future,' the wizard said. They touched goblets and drank deeply.

'Meldanya?' Mithrandír said.


'Tell me again how you came back from the Doors of Mandos.'

'As I said before, they remained closed to me and Glorfindel used my Ring.'

The wizard sighed deeply and when he spoke, his voice cracked.

'I did not go to the Halls of Waiting. I was taken straight to Valinor. Naked I was taken there and naked I wandered through endless dreams until Manwé took me and wove new life into me.'

Elrond closed his eyes. He could have died needlessly. Even now he could have been in the Halls of Waiting without his beloved.

'I despaired, Mithrandír. I should not have.'

'But you were bought back, melme. For that, I am very, very grateful.'

He leaned towards the Elf and gently cupped his face before bringing their lips together. There was no lust in the kiss, only a deep love and understanding. Long did they hold each other, bodies pressed together, hearts beating in unison. When they parted, it was with a smile of knowing that they were more deeply connected and in love than ever.

They ate in silence, passing each other morsels of food or encouraging the other to try a delicacy. There was plenty of opportunity for hands to touch, to brush against bodies and to caress a cheek. When they had finished, they lay down, side by side and stared up at the canopy of Elbereth's beauty. Long sable hair mingled with white on the forest floor.

Elrond started to speak.

'Don't, melme,' Mithrandír said.

'Don't what?'

'Don't look up at the stars, point to the Mariner and say "that is my father."'

'As if I would.'

'You have said it every time we have looked at the stars for the last millennia.'

'I have not,' Elrond protested, laughing.

They lay in silence again.

'Oh, go on then.' The Istar said after a comfortable amount of time.

'Really? You don't mind?'

The wizard laughed. 'Yes, I mind, but I also love the sound of your voice as you say it.'

The Elf Lord pointed to the night sky. 'Melme? Look. That is my father.'

'How interesting, Elf,' Mithrandír chuckled deep in his throat and his hand sought out the other's and finding it, brought it to his lips.

'Can I ask you something, Elrond?'

'Of course, Mithrandír-nin.'

'Were you seriously considering seducing a Hobbit?'

'I was hoping to make you jealous.'


'Yes. Did I succeed?'

'Why do you think I allowed you to seduce me?'

'Thought so.'

'Smug Elfling.'

'Cocksure Istar.'

The wizard rolled to his lover, smiling broadly.

'I love you when you talk dirty.'

'I thought you loved me for my beauty and intellect.' He pulled the wizard on top of him and wrapped his legs around his.

'Hmm. That as well.'

They laughed together.

'White suits you,'

'And your travelling clothes suit you exceedingly well. Especially the tightness of the leggings.' He rolled onto his side, taking the Elf with him. 'They reveal so much more than your formal attire.' He let his hand glide down and brush against the Elf's cock and was rewarded by feeling it spring to life.

'Now who is seducing whom?' Elrond whispered.

'I though we could seduce each other, melme.' He smiled knowingly at his lover.

Elrond rose to his knees, pulling the wizard with him. He then started to unbutton the white tunic, taking his time to release each tiny button from its closure. His hands trembled as the tunic fell open and he reached a finger inside to trace a circle around a nipple. He slipped the tunic from the wizard's body and rested his head in the crook of his neck, drinking in his lover's aroma. He let his lips peck at the sensitive flesh around the neck and heard the wizard catch his breath.

Mithrandír was submerging himself in the feeling of pleasure that rippled through his body. Gently pushing the Elf away, he let his hand fall to undo the laces of the leather jerkin. He pulled it off and lay it with his tunic. He unbuttoned the white shirt and that followed, joining the pile. Gripping the Elf's waist, he pulled him against his chest. They stroked arms and backs, allowing sensitive fingers to feel strong muscle and naked flesh.

Elrond dropped his mouth to the Istar's shoulder and slowly, drew his slick tongue down his arm and to his fingers, where he slowly suckled each digit in turn.

'I thought never again would I enjoy your love.'

'Ah, my beautiful Elfling, that would have torn at my very soul.' He shivered with delight as the Elf's tongue expertly licked a nipple into hardness.

Hands fell to the ties that held trousers and leggings in place. With the laces undone, it wasn't long before those garments had joined the pile of discarded clothing on the forest floor. Now the Elf's tongue fell to the wizard's hard erection, he lapped at it, from base to engorged tip. He dipped his tongue into the drop of pearlescent liquid that leaked from the tip. He tasted his lover's essence and found it sweet.

They lingered over their lovemaking, bringing each other to the brink time and again, only to pull back so that the impending climax receded. They sucked, licked, bit and kissed every inch of each other's bodies and by the time the wizard penetrated his lover, they were both at the very boundary of ecstasy.

'Melethron-nin,' Elrond gasped as the wizard thrust himself to the hilt within the Elf.

'Together forever, melme.'


Mithrandír watched his beloved's face contort in the throes of his climax. He felt the tightening of the muscles that held him within the Elf and he thrust once more. His own climax broke, sending his seed deep into his lover. The wave of pleasure and music washed through them both and he fell onto Elrond, spent and was wrapped in the Elf's arms.

Neither could speak, but each was aware of the melody they heard in each other's mind. Mithrandir could smell the muskiness of his lover's seed on his belly mingled with the earthly aroma of the forest.

Elrond lay still. His eyes blank, his mind flooded with music. This time it wasn't painful, just very beautiful. He thought he heard Olorin and Elrond within the melody. Gradually he bought his eyes back into focus and saw the wizard resting on his elbows, smiling at him.

'Are you back?' Mithrandír laughed and kissed the swollen lips.

'Ai! Will it be like this from now on?'

'Would you mind?'

'I could get used to it. Melme? You are still inside me.'

'I know. Do you wish me to remove myself?'



They lay joined together under Elbereth's canopy until the pale light of dawn illuminated the sky.

'Olorin? We should prepare for the coming day.'

The wizard sighed and slipped out of the sanctuary that was his lover.

'Yes, I know. We should clean ourselves.'

'Yes, I know.'

Neither moved.

'Know this Elrond Peredhil. My love for you grows stronger each day. I will not leave you again and whatever befalls us once we leave these shores, my heart will always belong to you.'

'And I pledge my love to you, Olorin. I will keep your heart safe, just as I know you keep mine. I will never leave you and by Elbereth's light, I give myself to you, now and forever, hervenn.'

'Husband? My heart soars that you call me thus. But I have nought to give you as a token of our joining.'

'Then I shall wait until we can exchange rings.'

Elrond stood and pulled the wizard with him. They dressed and spent many minutes removing a selection of the leaves and mosses of Lorien from their clothes and hair. Mithrandír took Elrond's hand.

'You must start to wear Vilya openly.'


'Because the Elven Ringbearers must now show themselves to the enemy and the power of that which they wield.'

'And to draw the Eye away from the other Ringbearer?'

Mithrandír nodded. 'The more fronts the enemy is fighting on, the greater is the chance that his Eye will not be looking so close to home.'

'And what of you?'

'I wield Narya freely with the blessing of the Valar. None can now withstand the power of the White, not even the Dark One.'

With arms wrapped around each other's waists, they walked back to the city, Elrond carried the basket containing the remains of their supper.

'Even Saruman?' Elrond asked.

'Especially Saruman. That is my next task. I will ride from Fangorn to Edoras to aid King Theoden of Rohan. This is the hour of men, my love, and I must aid them.'

'Which is why the Lady and I must now openly wear and use our Rings?'

'Yes. Dangerous, I know.'

'But we do it gladly, melethron-nin.'

As they approached the great Mallorn were the talan of the Lord and Lady was, Elrond pulled the wizard to a halt. He put down the basket and pulled him close.

'I am happy, Olorin. I know you will be kept safe for me.'

He suddenly shivered and slumped against the wizard.

'What do you see, beloved?' The wizard asked.

'A great host of foul beings. Men. A great battle.' He shivered violently. 'And Estel.'

'What of him?'

'He leads at the head of an army. An army of ghosts.'

'Ah, melme.' Mithrandír stroked the dark head.

'And he is Elessar.' Elrond choked.

'Shh, love.'

'I will lose her. She will be his and I will lose her.'

He shivered again and slumped against his lover.

'It was ever her choice, Elrond.'

The Elf nodded and lifted his head to look at the wizard, a soft smile played on his lips and his eyes were full of love.

'I tried to change her mind. I tried to set conditions upon her love for Estel. Now it seems that those conditions will be met in full.'

'That is Estel's path, long have we known this, long have we hoped that he would fulfil his destiny and claim his heritage.' He took his lover's hand. 'Come, now we will bathe and have breakfast. I must leave you then, though it grieves my heart to do so.'

They made their way up to the wizard's talan and bathed. They spoke softly of their love, of past years and of those years yet to come. They dried each other and dressed. Fresh garments had been laid out for the Elf Lord from his saddlebags; the Istar dressed in his white robes. Those robes seemed as fresh as the first time Elrond had seen them. They ate breakfast and when they were finished, walked together to the Lord and Lady to make their farewells. Celeborn and Galadriel were awaiting them in the great hall.

'This will be our final parting before the ending, Mithrandír,' Celeborn said. 'Ever have you been our loyal friend, now you go into the unknown, for even my Lady's mirror is unclear as to some of the events that will unfold in the coming months. As friend and Ringbearer, I gift to you this scabbard.'

As he spoke, Celeborn held out a leather and mithril scabbard, finely wrought and crafted. It seemed plain, but engraved upon it were Elven letters of power.

'You are the wielder of Glamdring, and such a blade needs a scabbard of equal lineage. This scabbard once held Telemnar á Lestanóré, the Silver Flame of Doriath. An heirloom of my family and one wrought by the craftsmiths of Doriath in the early years of the First Age. The blade was lost long ago. Wear this scabbard in the knowledge that any blade drawn from it will be ever keen and may not be broken.'

Mithrandír took the gift and slid Glamdring into the sheath. It fitted as if the scabbard had been made for the sword.

Celeborn then turned to Elrond.

'Ion-nin. We go to battle one final time. I know of what came to pass when Mithrandír fell into darkness. So I say to you, son of my heart, despair not. You have the love of Mithrandír, you also have the love of the Lady and myself. I speak now of our daughter. You loved her and cared for her in her hour of need. No blame do we lend to you in your dealings with her. All I ask of you is, that when you sail for Valinor and you meet her again, deal with her gently. Add not to her pain, you and she shared a deep love once.'

Elrond took his father-in-law's arm and held it. 'You have my word, Adar.'

Then Galadriel spoke.

'Now we must part. The road is long and treacherous. But an end will be made and we will meet again in happier times. Farewell Mithrandír my friend, your task is drawing to its climax, great battles will be fought and you will be in the vanguard of each. Trust to yourself and draw the Eye away from the Ringbearer. I have no gift for you save my blessing.' She cupped the wizards face and kissed him lightly on each cheek.

Elrond smiled as the wizard blushed.

'And to you my son,' she continued, turning to the Elf Lord. 'I gave my greatest gift to you long ago. The love you shared and the children you fathered with her are still our greatest joy.' She drew close to him and cupped his face also. 'Arwen has Hope and Estel will be hers until the ending of his years. She chooses freely, do not make her suffer further. Send her to me and I will keep her safe until the appointed time. Your sons will fight by your side and songs will be made of the bravery and valour of the House of Elrond. May the Grace of the Valar protect you, ion-nin.' She kissed his brow, then, turning to her husband, she took his hand and they walked back into the rooms deep within the great Mallorn.

Elf Lord and Istar bowed deeply as they left.

Mithrandír turned to leave, but Elrond held his arm.

'I have something for you. It was in my saddlebags, I have carried it with me since your departure from Imladris those long months ago. It was for when we met again.'

The wizard looked intently at the Elf.

'Come close, love.'

Mithrandír moved closer and Elrond produced a brooch from the pocket of his jerkin. He pinned it on the wizard's cloak.

'I had the smiths work this from mithril.'

Mithrandír looked at the broach. It was finely made; two large leaves intertwined with the runes M and E cunningly twisted into the design. It was a token beyond anything the wizard had been given before.

'I wear this for now, but one day, my love, I will gift to you something of equal worth.'

'You have already gifted me something of greater worth, meldanya.'

The wizard cupped the Elf's face in his hand, looking deep into the grey eyes.

'What is that, my heart?'

'You are returned to me and are in my arms. There can be no greater gift.'

They stood together, eyes locked in love. No words were spoken by their lips; only the words of love that lingered and caressed in their minds.

Sindarin Translations (With grateful thanks to Dragon Flame.)

Ada = daddy
Adar = father
Anor = sun
Arda = earth
Hervenn = husband
Hervess = wife
Ithil = moon
Ion-nin = my son
Meldanya = my love
Melethron-nin = my lover
Melme = beloved
Mir-nin = my treasure/jewel
Naira = Heart of Flame (Elrond's horse)
Naneth = mother
Nana = mummy
Sell-nin= my daughter
Telemnar Lestánore = Silver Flame of Doriath