The Beating of our Two Hearts

by River-Woman

Summary: Two long time lovers re-discover their passion for each other.

Warnings: Fluff ;o)

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Author's note: With grateful thanks to Trinity for the beta - and to Nefertiti for the encouragement - all other mistakes are mine. Translations are at the end of the chapter. Italics denote speaking mind to mind.

Chapter 6

Well it's a marvellous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes.
A fantabulous night to make romance
Neath the cover of summer skies.
And all the night's magic seems to whisper and hush,
And all the moonlight seems to shine in your blush.
Can I have one more Moondance with you, my love?
Can I just make some more romance with you, my love?
Adapted from "Moondance" by Van Morrison

Gwaeron (March)

The orc armies reached the borders of Imladris. Elrond, his sons, household and kindred, armed themselves and sallied forth. Day after day they fought. Elrond wore Vilya openly, which had the effect of seemingly angering the Dark Lord, as the numbers and frequency of attacks increased. Wave upon wave of Sauron's spawn poured out of Moria and Dol Guldur and each new wave was met by the Elves, seasoned warriors of the Great Wars. The losses were great upon both sides. Elrond and his kindred fought without rest or respite, but the Elf Lord fought now with a purpose. For engaging the enemy in the north was taking away strength from the south.

Elrond was also happy. Since his return from Lothlorien, he had met each day with renewed love for Mithrandír. Knowing that his lover was alive kept his mind focused on slaying orcs. For sooner or later, there would be an end to this war and they would be together.

In the Great Greenwood, Thranduil was beset not only with orcs and fell creatures from the forest, but also the spiders of Mirkwood. Those poisonous offspring of Ungoliant attacked the very heart of his kingdom. His archers used countless thousands of arrows in defence of their Greenwood home.

The Northern and Eastern borders of Lothlorien were besieged by Dol Guldur; in the West by orcs and trolls from the Misty Mountains and from the south by Wildmen and Vandals from the far reaches of Rohan. Deep into the Golden Wood roamed the enemy, hewing and despoiling as they went. The Guardians gave no quarter and tracked every one of the enemy and killed them. None ever returned whence they came.

Helm's Deep was attack by ten thousand of Saruman's army. Isengard had emptied its pits and now they stood before the gates of Helm Hammerhand's last refuge. Long was the battle and deadly. The Men of Rohan rallied time and again, even when the sorcery of Isengard was hurled at them and the walls breached. Theoden called the Rohirrim to him and they obeyed. In the first light of a new day, when all seemed lost, Estel, known as Aragorn, Legolas Greenleaf and Gimli, Elf-Friend, rode out with King Théoden and the remnants of the Eorlingas.

Out of the East, bathed in the light of the new morn, came Mithrandír riding Shadowfax and leading a host of Rohirrim. At that moment, the Deeping Horn blew loud and clear and was answered by the thousand Horns of the Rohirrim. The enemy turned to meet the attack, but none could withstand the power of the onslaught, they dropped their weapons and fled. But they did not run far, for out on the plain appeared a forest where none has stood before. The enemy fled into the forest and were consumed by the Huorns, wild, angry trees that hated all things, but they hated the foul-creatures of Saruman most of all. No bodies were ever found and few cared.

Yet again, Helm's Deep stood fast, but at a terrible cost.

It was the twenty-fifth day of the month known in the Common tongue as March of the year 3019 of the Third Age. It was Ethuil, Spring, but Spring had not raised its head this year in Arda. Nor had there been daylight for many weeks, only a reeking darkness.

Elrond was fighting a running battle on the borders of Imladris, his sons fought at his side. Black orc blood splashed on their golden armour and grim was the beautiful face of the Lord of Imladris. He cleaved the head from the orc who was attacking his eldest son, then turned to drive his sword through the body of another. He thought how satisfying was the crunch of bone and muscle against cold metal. Bodies, both orc and Elven littered the area.

The Elves were gaining the upper hand over their attackers and those orcs that were left, now turned and fled. Leaning on his sword, his breath coming in short gasps, the Elf Lord looked to the East.

'Dawn comes to Arda at last, my sons,' he cried. 'Look to the East.'

As the gathered kindred stood and stared at the growing, golden light, he sensed Mithrandír in his mind.

'Ah, melethron. Victory is ours. The Dark Lord is overthrown and the Ring destroyed. I love you.'

He was gone and Elrond could not reach his lover.

'Ai! On, on. Let us pursue the evil spawn to their lairs. A new dawn comes and with it a new age. Estel Elessar is King of Gondor.'

And with his sons at his side, he went afresh in pursuit of the enemy and when he came across them, he hewed and slashed ever more eagerly.

Three days later, Celeborn and Galadriel lead the Galadhrim across the Great River Anduin and lay siege to Dol Goldur. There, the Lady of the Golden Wood destroyed the fortress utterly, and with the destruction of that foul place, the last great battle in the War of the Ring was won.

The Golden Wood, the Great Greenwood and Imladris where secure once again. The losses of the Elves were without number. Long and bitter was the mourning for the fallen, making the leaving of Arda ever more certain for many of the Eldar.

Mid Year's Day

Mithrandír sat in the large pavilion that had been assigned to him. Cormallen Field was awash with bright banners and flowers. The Ringbearer and his faithful companion had recovered from their ordeal and had been duly honoured. Estel had been crowned and now the gathered company awaited the arrival of Arwen Undomiél, betrothed of Aragorn Elessar, High King of Gondor.

He sighed. He hated the waiting.

He had been used in the past months to fighting and travelling great distances in his efforts to give aid to the world of men. Now, the enforced wait was beginning to annoy him. He knew that the Elves were drawing near, indeed, since the destruction of the Ring and Barad-dur, he had spoken to his lover many times. He knew that the Lothlorien party had met up with Elladan, Elrohir and the Rohirrim and now the combined wedding party was drawing close.

Last night as he lay in bed, Elrond had come to him and they had spoken long. Their need to feel one another and to share the act of love again was growing ever stronger. So, when the wizard had mentioned this to the Elf, Elrond sent a caress down their link. It was unexpected and had made him tremble with delight. He had returned that caress and soon they were becoming bolder with their touches and images. He saw in his mind his lover's lips take his now engorged member and suck its length. He could hear Elrond's voice in his mind whispering endearments. He thrust wildly and found his release. The Elf's soft laugh echoed through his mind and he joined in.

'Ah, thank you, melme. I wanted you.'

'I will be with you soon, meldanya. Then I swear we will never be parted again. Good night, beloved.'

'Sleep well, beautiful one.'

And he slept deeper than he had for many months.

He had dressed carefully this morning, the wedding party would arrive by the third hour after mid-day and he wanted to look his best for the Elf Lord. Another long, hot bath had removed the last of the grime accumulated over the past months, his beard and hair were washed and neat. He tapped his fingers on the arm of the chair. He felt for all the world like a bridegroom. He smiled at that thought.

Then he heard it, the clear, bright clarion call of the Elven horns. Standing slowly, he brushed none existent dust from his robes and smoothed them. He patted an inner pocket in his cloak and felt the shape of the object nestled within.

He left the pavilion and stood under the awning, looking out across the Field. He could see the procession making is slow progress towards the camp. The singing became clearer and louder and the melodies from harps, pipes and tambours floated upon the air.

He saw the King walk to the centre of the camp, by the platform where the wedding would take place. The soldiers, princes and other dignitaries were also gathered. By his side, Elessar had the Hobbits, Legolas and Gimli, Elf-Friend, he gestured to the wizard to join them. He would rather had waited were he was, but he followed the King's command and moved to his side.

The bridal party drew closer, their banners clearly visible now, floated on the breeze and the perfume of the Golden Wood was upon them. They came into the camp and the Istar gasped.

'Yes, Gandalf, is she not beautiful?' Elessar spoke softly to him.

But Mithrandír's eyes were not on the bride. Instead, they were drinking in the wondrous form of the bride's father.

Elrond sat upon a grey stallion that moved with the easy grace of all Elven horses. The mane fell almost to the ground and was plaited and bound in ribbons and bells. The Elf Lord was clothed in blue and grey.

His tunic was blue with intricate designs traced in silver that caught the sun and was open at the throat. His loose fitting trousers were of the same material and colour and fell in soft ripples over his muscular legs. Over all, a long grey sleeveless robe of gossamer lightness floated across the flanks of the horse and moved with each breath of the breeze. The Elf was barefooted.

The wizard's heart filled with love and his loins stirred as he beheld his lover. His long hair shone and was loose. Instead of the usual coronet, he wore a simple wreath of fresh flowers. Never had Elrond Peredhil looked so regal, so elemental or desirable.

The Elf looked directly at him and smiled, for the wedding party had reached the King. Galadriel and Celeborn were at its head, leading Arwen Undomiél on a white palfrey. Then came Elladan and Elrohir carrying the banners of the House of Elrond Peredhil.

Elessar was giving greetings to the Elves, but Mithrandír heard not the words. Instead, his senses were intent upon the face and figure of the Lord Of Imladris. He noticed the soft smile that played upon sweet lips; the sparkle of love deep within the grey eyes; movements as fluid as a lover's caress. The thin material of the Elf's attire only outlined his form more, hiding nothing of the muscular body and inflaming the wizard's passion to another level.

Elessar finished his speech of welcome and Elrond jumped down lightly from his horse and went to his daughter. He helped her dismount and taking her hand, led her to her husband. He laid her hand upon that of the King.

'Here is she which is closest to my heart. I give her now into your keeping. For as I pledged long years ago, when you took the crown as rightful King of Gondor, then would I consent to this union and give her unto you as wife. This I know she desires greatly, so with my blessing, take her unto you. Love her, cherish her and protect her all the years of your life, Estel, Elessar Telcontar, King of the West.'

Those words he spoke in the Common tongue so that all may understand. Then he spoke in Sindarin to the King.

'To Aragorn, Son of Arathorn, whom I call son, I say this. I give to you the greatest jewel in all Elvendom. Arwen Undomiél, the Evenstar of her people. Long has she wanted this union and I would know that you are prepared to take her, forsaking all others, for her happiness is paramount in my mind. Do I have your pledge as Elfstone and Son of my House?'

Mithrandír watched with concern as his lover spoke those words. How was it that Elrond was still placing restrictions on the union? Was he unaware of the customs of the Royal Household? Would he deny the King the company of others during any pregnancy when Arwen would be closeted away from her husband? He sought his lovers mind, but gained no further understanding of the words, for Elrond's mind was shielded from him.

The King looked at his bride, then turned to face his adoptive father.

'You have my word, adar.'

'So it is done.'

Elrond turned to his daughter and continued. 'Arwen Undómiel, daughter of Elrond Peredhil, do you go willingly unto this union? Knowing that you must forsake the joy and comfort of your people and that from this time forth, you can never take the White Ship to the Undying Lands?'

Arwen looked long at her father. Then she turned to Elessar and placed her hand freely into his.

'I made my choice many years ago. You will ever have my love, ada, but I have always had Estel in my heart. I do freely and willingly consent to this union.'

Elrond nodded and the wizard saw the love and pain ghost swiftly across his beautiful face. 'Let the ceremony commence,' he called.

No-one moved.

Mithrandír stood in the thrall of his beloved's presence, his eyes never leaving the object of his growing desire. It was only the King's cough and sharp dig in the ribs that bought him out of his reverie.

'Yes?' he enquired of the King.

'You are officiating at the ceremony, are you not?' Elessar was barely containing his mirth.

'What? Am I? Ah yes, yes of course,' he cleared his throat. 'Let the bridal party move to the dais,' he called in his best commanding voice.

'Do you desire me so much that you forget all else, melme?'

He looked at the Elf, who was smiling broadly at him.

'You have taken my breath away and undone me this day, Lord Elrond.'And he was gifted with a soft caress from his lover.

'I wanted to please you, Mithrandír-nin.'

'You have surpassed yourself on that count, love.'

They arrived at the wedding canopy, it was placed on a high dais, so that all gathered could witness the joining with unhindered view. The ceremony was simple and at its conclusion, the wizard took the King and Queen's hand and joined them for the Handfasting.

Elrond then placed his hand upon theirs, the wizard placed his upon Elrond's and lastly, Galadriel placed hers over all. So it was that the binding together of the Houses of Gondor and Elrond Peredhil was blessed by the three Elven Ringbearers.

A great cheer went up from the gathered company as the King and his new wife and Queen turned to greet their subjects. Then Elrond led the bridal party down from the dais towards the great pavilion that had been erected to house the most honoured guests for the wedding feast.

The King and Queen moved to the High table, followed by Elrond and Mithrandír. Then came Galadriel, Celeborn and the sons of Elrond. Two empty chairs by the wizard were filled by Frodo the Ringbearer and his companion, Samwise Gamgee. These two were led to their places by two other Hobbits, one in the garb of Rohan, the other in the livery of the White Tower. To the left of Elrond, Legolas Greenleaf and Gimli Elf-Friend were escorted.

The realms of Men were represented by King Éomer of Rohan; his sister, Éowyn and Faramir, Steward of Gondor. The remaining places were taken by the various ranking princes and dignitaries of Gondor and the Elven kindred. When the High table was seated, the other wedding guests took their places.

Elrond dared not look at his lover. Mithrandír had been giving him smouldering looks since his arrival. He had dressed with exquisite care that morning, wanting his beloved to desire him totally, to have his breath taken away. He had achieved this effect. Only now, he wanted to be alone with the Istar. They had plans for this day and night and beyond; plans that involved spending as much time in bed as possible. He knew that if he were to look at the wizard, he would jump up from his seat, rush to him and kiss him passionately.

This would in turn lead to other more intimate acts, none of which were suitable for a wedding feast but very appropriate for the wedding night. He therefore concentrated on the food that had been placed before him. The feast was sumptuous, but he found himself picking at the many variety of dishes that were placed before him.

He was then called upon to toast the happy couple. He did not see who had called for this toast, but he thought it sounded like Frodo for the young Hobbit winked at him as he rose to speak. The words flowed from his lips with the ease of one used to public speaking. He kept it short and amusing and when he sat down it was to thunderous applause and table thumping from the wedding guests.

'Ah, well spoken, my love. A wonderful speech.'

The wizard spoke to him and he felt his mind caressed and a brief kiss to his lips. He sighed loudly. Luckily, Mithrandír was rising to speak even as he sighed, so it went unnoticed by those close by him.

'Long has this day been in arriving,' the wizard spoke clearly in Common. His voice reaching even the furthest part of the great pavilion. 'Today, we celebrate the joining of two people and two houses. We have toiled long to reach this day, none more so than Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Elessar, King of the West. He has his reward, as does Queen Arwen.'

He turned and fixed his gaze upon Elrond, who raised his eyes to meet those of his lover.

'To the Lord of Imladris, I say rejoice with me, mellon-nin. For this day, we witness the bonding of two hearts that will ever beat as one. Two souls that will be bound to each other for eternity and two bodies that will entwine together to become one. This is indeed, a day to remember. The King and Queen, Elessar and Arwen.' He raised his goblet in salute, as did all the guests. Then he saluted Elrond and smiled broadly.

The Elf Lord felt himself grow ever warmer under his thin garments. The stirring in his loins was intensifying and he silently cursed his lover for reducing him to a trembling elfling in public.

'What was the meaning behind that little speech, mellon-nin?' He finally asked the wizard.

'Ha! Now I have your attention.Good. You have toyed with me this day, Elf. Never have I seen you as ravishing or delicious as now. And the toast? Have you not heard a bonding speech before, dear one? I have just pledged myself to you in front of all these gathered hundreds.'

Elrond glanced at the wizard and saw the bright smile that graced his face. He also felt his ears burn as the blush threatened to descend across his entire face.

'Melethron-nin, I beg you. Cease your sweet words lest my arousal overwhelm me,' he said.

'You blush very regally, Elf.'

'Ai! Mithrandír, I beg you.'

'Are you well, ada?' Arwen leaned towards him.

'Quite well, Arwen. I am merely, ... warm.'

Arwen looked at him, then leaned close to Estel and whispered to him. Estel looked at him, then the wizard. He smiled, whispered something back to Arwen and then kissed her. This bought a loud, ahh! from the guests.

Arwen leaned into him again. 'His Majesty gives you permission to leave at any time, ada. Only, he says you have to take Mithrandír with you and not to keep everyone awake all night.'

'Arwen!' he tried his best to sound shocked, but she only laughed and squeezed his hand.

He heard the chuckle in his mind and closed his eyes against its touch.

He saw the wizard rise from the table.

'Come, belov ...' The words in his mind were cut short.

'Gandalf? Do you know Lord Glorfindel? He is a great Lord from the First age and he also fought and slew a Balrog.'

He saw the wizard look upon the Ringbearer.

'Snakes and vipers,... yes Frodo. I have met and indeed, have known Lord Glorfindel for two thousand years.'

'Oh really? But now you have slain a Balrog as well. Would you not care to talk to him about it?'

Elrond watched in amusement as his lover looked to Lord Glorfindel, who met his gaze and raised his goblet to the wizard.

'Ah, love... I am sure that two elderly beings discussing the salient points of Balrog slaying is of no interest to anyone, except perhaps, another Balrog.'

There was a general clamour of disagreement from the table, especially from the Hobbits and Gimli, Elf-Friend.

'Oh come, Gandalf, we would love to hear your story again,' Frodo said, he then turned to Lord Glorfindel and bowed his head. 'And to hear your story as well, Lord.'

'I agree with the Ringbearer,' the voice of the King added to the conversation.

Elrond was sure he heard a faint note of amusement in Estel's voice.

Knowing he was defeated, the wizards sat down. The appreciative rumble that went around the gathering was apparently lost on him.

'Melme? Some help please?'

'Ah, my darling admirer. What can I do? The King has spoken.'

Elrond's voice in his mind was as smooth and sweet as honey and he shivered in delight.

'You are enjoying this, are you not, Elf?'

Elrond kissed him in his mind, sending his senses reeling.

'Oh yes beloved. But not as much as I will enjoy your body this night.'

The wizard groaned as he felt the fierce flicker of heat in his loins.

'You go first, Gandalf,' Frodo was saying. 'Gandalf?'

'Yes, Frodo?' he managed to say.

'You can go first. Really Gandalf, you don't appear to be very enthusiastic about telling your story. It's not like there is anywhere else you have to be, is it?' the Hobbit accused.

He sighed. 'I am sorry Frodo ... my thoughts were ... elsewhere. Very well, I shall begin.'

The Hobbits, who never tire of stories, clapped in anticipation.

Mithrandír cleared his throat. 'The Fellowship was in Moria ...'

He recounted the tale in detail and, much to his surprise, he found he was enjoying himself. Guests turned to listen to him; there were appreciative oh's and ah's and much sage nodding of heads. He left out most of his experience in Valinor, saying only that the Valar decided he should return to Arda to continue his battle with the Dark Lord. He sat back at the end and drank deeply of his wine. The applause was thunderous and he turned his eyes to Elrond, who saluted him with his goblet.

'Oh that was very well told, Gandalf,' Frodo clapped him on the back. 'Now, Lord Glorfindel will recount his adventure.'

'Ah, Frodo, my tale is not as exciting as Mithrandír's, but ... I will do my best to match him.'

Again the Hobbits clapped in delight and helped themselves to more provisions, as listening to stories is hungry work.

'It was during the last days of Gondolin. Morgoth's evil was taking over the world, we fought him on every front, until finally, the battle came to the city.'

All those gathered sat in awed silence as the Elf Lord recounted his tale. For some, this story was well known, but for others, it was the first time they had heard any tale of those dark days of the first age.

'He tells this story well, love.' Elrond spoke to the wizard.

'Better than mine, I suppose?'

'I did not say that. You are very touchy at the moment. I think you have need of some relief.'

'Elrond, if you continue in this vein, I will not be responsible for my actions. I will shock everyone present and this wedding feast will be remembered not for the food, the dancing or even the great beauty of the King and Queen. But for two ancient beings rolling around on the table, sending food and wine flying as they made passionate love.'

'Ai! Melme, I doubt I could stop you if you did something as rash as that.'

'Do not tempt me then, Elfling.'

'Have I told you how wonderful you look today? It is you who are desirable, melethron and it is taking all my will power not to jump on you and kiss you until your lips are swollen. And not just your lips.'

'Ahhh, beloved. Stop, I beg of you.'

'His Majesty has given me permission to leave at any time, taking you with me.'

'I can see that Elessar will be a thoughtful king.'

Lord Glorfindel had finished his tale and the applause was even more thunderous and prolonged than for the wizard.

'Was that not the greatest tale you have ever heard, Gandalf?' Frodo asked.

'One of the greatest, I agree, my dear Frodo, but not as great as your own tale. Why not tell us of your own adventures?'

'Yes, Ringbearer, I for one would be keen to hear of your bravery and exploits.' King Éomer called.

Various cheers and calls brought the colour to Frodo's cheeks in a sweet blush.

'Very well, I will give an account, but my part is small compared to that of Strider, I mean the King.' He bowed his head in apology to Elessar.

'I will always be Strider to you, my dear Frodo, and I beg you to remember that.'

'Very well handled, my love,' Elrond laughed.

'I thought so.'

'I am going to leave. As much as I wish to hear the Perian's tale, I want you more.'

'I will follow, love.'

Elrond rose, bowed to the King and the rest of the company and walked slowly out of the pavilion. He did not look back, so he did not see the nudge that Arwen gave her husband nor the knowing smile that the King gave her in return.

Once out of the pavilion, he realised that he had no idea where Mithrandír's quarters were, so he strolled around the camp towards the horses, seeming as if he wanted to check on Naira, his horse. Torches were being lit as the last rays of Anor blazed red in the west. He ran his hands lovingly over the shoulders and flanks of the large grey, the horse snickered at the attention and reached his head around to nip at his Lord. Elrond laughed at his steed's presumption and wrapping his arms around the sleek neck, he whispered soft words of endearment to the stallion.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the wizard leave the pavilion and walk towards a large tent across the circle. With one last pat of the neck, he left Naira and followed.

Mithrandír was standing in the middle of the tent when he entered. He let the flap fall closed behind him before moving towards his lover. He was hesitant, for now that the moment had arrived, he was at a loss as to proceed.

'Have you no warm kisses for me? Your heart had a change of mind perhaps and you no longer wish to ravish me?' The wizard's smile was soft and careworn.

'I find myself suddenly shy, so long have I waited for this moment.' Elrond lowered his eyes.

The wizard laughed. 'So I have undone you today, beautiful Elf? Come to me, my love. Let me hold you in my arms again, let us kiss and remember our love.'

Slowly, Elrond moved forward, as did Mithrandír, they met and stood inches away from each other. The Elf lifted his hand and held the face of his lover.

'That you are safe again, I thank the Valar with all my heart for keeping you in their Grace.'


'Yes, Olorin?'

'Enough talk. Kiss me.'

With exquisite slowness they bought their lips together. Tender and soft at first, but soon all the passion they had been holding inside erupted to the surface and the kiss became a dance of tongues. They moaned in unison as their bodies clashed and melted into each other. The need for air forced them to release their lips and gasping, they looked at each other.

'I need you, melme,' Elrond said.

'I also have a great need for you, my love. But not now.'

Elrond looked sharply at the wizard and raised an eyebrow.

'Are you denying me your love?'

'No. I merely want to save it for later.'

Elrond pulled away from his lover.

'Why not now? I have been on the edge of release since I arrived and now you deny me the pleasure of loving you.' He knew he sounded like a young elfling denied a sweetmeat, but he didn't care. He wanted to make love to the wizard, now, not later.

'Peace, beloved. There is something we need to do and when it is done, I will make love to you and you to me for the rest of the night. You have my word.'

'What is this thing that keeps me away from your body? Speak quickly as my patience is wearing thin.'

The wizard sighed. 'I pledged myself to you earlier and now I want to make the same pledge by Elbereth's light.'

He waited while the words sank in and watched the reaction on the face of the Lord of Imladris.

The Elf's face lit up in a bright smile. 'Do you mean you wish us to be bond-mates? To make the vows of marriage?'

The wizard nodded. 'The next time I make love to you I want it to be as husbands.'

There was silence between them for many minutes.

'I already call you husband,' Elrond said quietly.

'Yes. But I want the formality and the blessing of Elbereth.'

'But that is impossible, my love. I am still bound to Celebrían, nothing can break that bond except ... except the Valar.'

'Your bond with Celebrían holds.'

'Then, how?'

'Look outside Elrond, tell me if the first stars of night are in the sky.'

The Elf Lord did as he was bid and stood outside in the gathering dark. Above, in the clear southern sky, the stars were beginning to shine.

'The stars are appearing, Mithrandír and night is upon us.'

Elrond went back inside and watched as his lover removed the heavy white cloak.

'I noticed that you are not wearing the brooch I gifted you.'

'Ah, I am sorry, Elrond, but I no longer have it.'

The wizard continued to disrobe, removing next the white tunic and replacing it with a lighter one. This tunic fitted him closely, the sleeves full and caught at the wrist with fine laces. It was still white, but there was an intricate pattern in silver woven into the fabric. 'Would you mind tying the laces, dear one?' He offered his arms to the Elf, who tied the laces.

'Did you lose it?'

'Not exactly, I just... no longer have it.'

He removed his boots so that he was barefoot, like his lover. His trousers he did not change since they were light enough and complemented the tunic perfectly. He picked up the discarded cloak, delved into an inside pocket and pulled something out. Elrond could not see what it was, as it was placed into a small pouch, that was in turn, tied to the belt that the wizard was now notching around his slender waist. The belt was also white with mithril designs.

'There, I am ready. Shall we go?' He held out his hand to the Elf.

'Go where, Mithrandír? I think that a madness had taken you.'

'If this is madness my love, then I welcome it. Come.'

Taking the Elf's hand, he led him out of the tent and back to the wedding pavilion.

'I have no wish to rejoin the wedding feast, Mithrandír.'

'Nor do I, love. I am just going to collect the others.'

'Others? This has gone far enough,' Elrond was now beyond unhappy. 'I will not spend the rest of the night in the company of others. If you do not want me, tell me and I will remove my person from you.'

'I do not intend spending the night with anyone else but you, Elrond. Now, peace. All will be revealed soon enough.'

Elrond sighed. 'You have gone mad. Just my luck to be in love with a mad Istar.'

But the wizard was not paying attention. He went up to the High table and spoke in Sindarin to those seated there. Then he returned to his lover.

'Come, beloved. Let us go into the forest and await our guests.'

'Oh I follow, Mithrandír. I would not miss this for the world. I have to see what madness you are arranging and how far it will carry you.'

The Istar laughed. 'Life is going to be very interesting with you, my husband.'

Elrond snaked his arm around the wizard's waist as they walked. 'Although a madness has taken you, I do love the way you say that.'

'Say what, melme?'

'My husband.'

'Yes, it does have a certain ring to it, I agree. Ah! Here we are.'

They had arrived in a clearing, the camp could still be seen, but the glade was private enough so as not to attract the attention of a casual passer-by.

'A tryst in the forest? Mithrandír, I compliment you.' The Elf pulled the Istar to him and held him close. It was only when the other coughed and nodded to the path they had just travelled did Elrond see the group that followed them. 'Why have they followed us?' He sighed. 'Are you now going to tell me what is going on, Mithrandír, or do I have to wait yet longer?'

The party arrived, bowed to the lovers and formed a circle around them. Elrond stood in dazed confusion as he in turn bowed to the King and Queen; his mother and father in law; his sons; the Ringbearer and Samwise; Meriadoc and Peregrine; Legolas and Gimli, Elf-friend; Éomer and Éowyn of Rohan; Faramir, Steward of Gondor and the Elf Lords, Glorfindel and Erestor. He raised an enquiring eyebrow at his lover.

The wizard moved away from him and spoke.

'Nost a mellyn; family and friends. Thank you for giving your time, especially Estel and Arwen. But this is possibly the last time all of us will be together in the same place. So I have asked you here to bear witness to the bonding between myself and Lord Elrond.'

There was a stunned silence from the guests.

'Mithrandír,' Celeborn's voice was low and cold. 'Elrond is still bonded to his wife. You cannot do this. However much you love him, you cannot go against the Valar and bind yourself to him while his wife still lives. You of all people should know this.'

Elrond stood transfixed even as his heart burst with love of the Istar. He had acted like a spoiled child when Mithrandír was leading him here. He had been deaf to all that his lover had said and blind to all his actions. But from Celeborn's tone, it was clear that things would not proceed smoothly. He watched as the Istar turned to face the Lord of the Golden Wood.

'With the greatest respect, Celeborn. I did not pass through fire, water, death and re-awakening to bandy words with my wedding guests.'

The Istar grew suddenly in stature and a pale glow surrounded him.

'Do you think that I would have come back to Arda without some guarantees? I have the blessings of Manwe and Elbereth to do this.'

As he spoke, he held aloft his hand and from Narya, the Ring of Fire, a red flame erupted and that went straight up into the firmament and was met by a light from the heavens, a light that pierced the darkness and filled the small glade with its brilliance. The light dimmed and Mithrandír lowered his hand.

'The bond with Celebrían holds fast. She will not be denied her husband, not will I.'

With those words he took his beloved's hands in his and drew him close.

'Do you consent to this, my love?'

'Will all my heart, beloved.'

'Then, Elrond, Son of Earendil and Elwing; Herald of the High King; bearer of Vilya, the Great Ring of Air; greatest of all Elf Lords yet living in Arda. To you I give my heart. To you I give my soul. To you I give my body. To beat as one, to live as one and to be, as one. By the Grace of Elbereth Elentari I do this willingly.'

Elrond drew the Istar closer.

'Mithrandír, bearer of the Great Ring Narya, the Ring of Fire; Ingolemo. To you I give my heart. To you I give my soul. To you I give my body. To beat as one, to live as one and to be, as one. By the Grace of Elbereth Elentari I do this willingly.'

Mithrandír then opened the small pouch on his belt and drew out two rings, he held them in the palm of his hand.

'You asked before what had become of your gift. I now return it to you.' With that, he took one ring and placed it upon the forefinger of his lover's left hand. Elrond took the twin and did the same.



They joined hands and as they did so, Elbereth's light shone down on them in blessing.

'You are mine until the ending of all time, hervenn.' Elrond caressed the wizards face.

'I would not want it any other way, hervenn.'

They kissed then, a sweet lovers kiss, but one that spoke of things yet to come when they were alone.

They were then engulfed in embraces from their family and friends. Arwen, Éowyn and Galadriel were openly weeping, as were the Hobbits.

'If the Valar give their blessing on your union, then you have mine also,' Celeborn said as he embraced them both.

'I am happy for you both,' the King said. 'Come, friends, there is still the dancing and you, Frodo, have yet to finish your tale.' He waved the others down the path and with a last bow to the lovers, he grasped his wife's hand firmly and led her away.

They were alone in glade.

Neither moved nor spoke. They just looked at each other, smiling.

'Do you like your ring?' Mithrandír asked.

'The brooch was mithril. How came you to find a smith who could unmake and remake, and with such a cunning design?'

The wizard laughed. 'I could not, for there are none in Minas Tirith who could have wrought the rings into the design I desired.'

'Who then?'

Mithrandír cocked his head to one side and smiled.

'Since when has Gandalf the Grey, Mithrandír, Tharkún, been a smith?'

'Since I wanted wedding bands. It was simple really. Do you see how I kept the runes M and E in the design? Clever of me, no? Of course I needed a couple of tries before I got it perfect, but ...'


'Hmm. Yes?'

'Enough talk. Kiss me.'

This time the kiss held nothing back. It was filled with the fiery passion of need and desire.

'Are you going to tumble me on the forest floor?'Elrond heard his husband's voice in his mind.

'If that is your desire. But I doubt whether it is private enough hervenn. I mean to make you shout my name when we make love.'

They pulled out of the kiss and caressed each other.

Mithrandír moved his hand and spoke silent words.

'Ah, another cheap conjuring trick.'

'My tricks are neither cheap nor conjure. Of course if you want me to remove the spell so that all may hear your passion ...'

'Nay, my love. Leave the spell in place, my need for you is growing ever more urgent.'

The wizard's hand fell to the swelling between his lover's legs and ran his fingers up and down its length.

'Yes, so I perceive.'

He pulled the Elf roughly to him and found his lips again. Those lips yielded to his tongue and soon both tongues were licking and probing each other's mouths. Mithrandír sucked on the already swollen bottom lip, bringing a gasp from the Elf.

The Elf Lord dropped his hands to the belt at his husband's waist and swiftly removed it. Then without breaking contact with the other's mouth, he unfastened the buttons of his tunic. When one refused to open, he tore at it, not caring if the fine material ripped or not. He wanted to feel his husband's skin next to his own as quickly as possible. The kiss was driving him to the brink of release and the way the wizard's hips bucked and ground against his own was maddening. He felt his erection grow ever more hard, and the pulsing only added to his urgency.

'If this tunic does not come off, I will spend now, melme.'He was panting with need as the wizard broke away from the kiss.

'Still hasty, beautiful one? Here, let me help.'

Together they removed the offending garment, then the Elf followed suit and removed his own tunic.

'And these had better go as well,' Elrond said as he pulled the ties that held the trousers in place.

'As had yours, melme.'

Finally they stood naked before each other, bathed in the clear light from Ithil and millions of Elbereth's stars. The night was warm and the soft, southern breeze cooled their skin.

'Valar, but you take my breath away each time I see you thus,' the Istar stroked the Elf's chest then encircled his hip with his hand and pulled him close.

His mouth fell to the cleft of Elrond's neck, his other hand gently pulled the long hair back, allowing his mouth further access to that sensitive part of his husband. He licked and nibbled at the skin until the Elf groaned.

'Hervenn ....'

'No words, Elrond. We use too many words, you and I. Let us for once allow our bodies, hands and mouth to speak for us.'

So Elrond let himself submerge in the sensations his love gave him. He closed his eyes as the warm mouth weaved its way down his chest to each nipple in turn. Each lick made him swell more. Then the tongue trailed down and circled his belly, dipping once into his navel. He bit his lips as it inched towards his engorged cock. He tangled his hands in the Istar's hair, his knees suddenly weak. But the tongue did not touch his throbbing cock, instead, curving down his thigh and to the soft skin of his groin.

The wizard licked and probed around the sacs, taut with need. Still he ignored the jutting cock and the Elf groaned deep with his throat. Now the tongue travelled around his hip and to his back. Strong hands stroked his spine. Elrond felt the fingers that traced the contours of his muscles and still the slick tongue lapped and delved. His legs finally gave way and he slid down to the soft, forest floor. Now the hands were on his buttocks, needing and stroking. He felt the hands part the round cheeks and then the hot wetness of the tongue, inflaming his senses further. His breath was coming in short gasps, every nerve in his body jangling and every fibre of his being crying out for release. Yet, he did not want this feeling to cease.

He wanted more, he wanted his husband, thrusting deep within him; to feel the strong, lithe body on top of him and to see the face of his love as he spent himself. A hand came round and grasped his erection, gently stroking. Knowing that he would climax soon, he pushed his considerable strength into the wizard and knelt upright, then turning quickly, he lay back on the forest floor and opened his arms. His husband smiled and lay on top of him, his weight resting on his elbows as he attacked Elrond's mouth again.

The Elf bought a leg up and rested it on the other's shoulder, opening himself to his husband. The wizard's hand found his cock again and his fingers dipped into the droplets of wetness that had formed on the tip. Then he placed those fingers against the tight opening. Elrond lifted his hips in encouragement and was rewarded by feeling the tip of the Istar's engorged cock push against him. He wanted this; he wanted this more than ever before. For now they were bonded, husbands, soul mates and this is how it would be forever. His husband thrust forward sharply and he was impaled upon the wizard's hard cock. The face before him was serene and beautiful in its passion. The eyes that locked on his were filled with love.

He could feel his climax approaching as his own cock thrust into his husband's belly. They found the rhythm they sought and he felt a hand encircle his erection and with swift strokes, bring him to his release. He arched his back, thrusting his hips against his husband and felt the release of seed deep within him.



They shouted in unison as they climaxed together.

On and on it went, even after they had both spent their seed, the orgasm continued as the song of Manwe Sulimo was joined by that of his spouse, Elbereth. As they collapsed together, groaning and panting, they knew that their union was truly blessed.

Long did they stay on the forest floor, locked together. If they slept, then neither was aware of it. The forest was quiet around them and the night enfolded them in its dark mantle.

Mithrandír opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at his husband. They eyes were open and blank, for the Elf slept still. Gently, he slipped out of him and lifted himself onto his elbows to gaze at the jewel of his heart. He brushed a long tendril of hair from the face and leaning down, kissed first the nose, then the lips of the Elf.

Their lovemaking had been wonderful, better than at any time before. Elrond had given himself completely and never had he been so aroused or arousing. Mithrandír smiled, if this is what eternity had in store for them, he would need all his strength just to keep his husband satisfied. The Elf Lord stirred and his eyes came into focus.

'Melethron-nin,' Mithrandir whispered. 'You were spectacular. Never have you inflamed my passion in such a way. You leave me weak and trembling.'

'Ai! Beloved. I was just about to say the same to you.'

They kissed and held each other close.

'Was that Elbereth's voice I heard?'

'Yes, Elrond. She has given us her blessing. We are truly bonded, you and I.'

Elrond pushed the wizard off him and sat up. Reaching behind him, he pulled a small rock out. He showed it to the other then let it fall.

'Hervenn, you could have found more comfortable accommodations for our wedding night.'

'Hervenn, I had that planned. But you had other ideas and demanded that I ravish you here. Besides, you did not complain once.'

'My mind was elsewhere,' the Elf laughed.

'Come, husband. Let me take you to bed. I fear you are too old to enjoy further lovemaking on the forest floor.'

The Istar pulled the Elf Lord to his feet and they dressed. The wizard's tunic was torn, but he wore it gladly. Mithrandír stooped down and picked up the floral coronet that had fallen from Elrond's hair during their lovemaking. Although rumpled and wilted, it was still fragrant and he replaced it upon his husband's head with a gentle smile. With arms around each other's waists, they walked slowly back to the camp. As they walked, the wizard moved his hand and released the spell on the glade.

As they had promised each other, they made love for the rest of the night and the first rays of dawn found them curled up together in a tangle of limbs and hair. Neither stirred as the camp came to life, so soundly did they sleep in the comfort of their love.

Sindarin Translations (With grateful thanks to Dragon Flame.)

Ada = daddy
Adar = father
Anor = sun
Arda = earth
Hervenn = husband
Hervess = wife
Ithil = moon
Ion-nin = my son
Meldanya = my love
Melethron-nin = my lover
Melme = beloved
Mir-nin = my treasure/jewel
Naira = Heart of Flame (Elrond's horse)
Naneth = mother
Nana = mummy
Sell-nin= my daughter
Telemnar Lestánore = Silver Flame of Doriath