The Beating of our Two Hearts

by River-Woman

Summary: Two long time lovers re-discover their passion for each other.

Warnings: Fluff

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Author's note: With grateful thanks to Trinity for the beta - and to Nefertiti for the encouragement - all other mistakes are mine. Translations are at the end of the chapter. Italics denote speaking mind to mind.

Chapter 8

You smiled ohh and then the spell was cast,
And here we are in heaven
For you are mine at last
For you are mine at last.
From "At Last" by Eva Cassidy

They turned a corner and the surroundings changed. It was as if the countryside had merged with city. Woodland and meadows spread out before them, animals of all types wandered in and out of view. The air was thick with the hum of insects and everywhere butterflies darted from flower to flower.

'I like this place,' Frodo said.

'Yes, Frodo my lad, I think we will be happy here. It has all the qualities of the Shire,' Bilbo added.

Celebrían laughed her silver laugh.

'I am pleased Frodo. Perhaps you and Bilbo would like a home to be built here? However, I think you should wait until you see Valimar, as you may find somewhere that suits you better.' Celebrían laid her hand gently on Frodo's head as she spoke. He looked up into her face and smiled.

'Here is the house,' she said.

The building was approached through gates that opened into a courtyard. A large fountain splashed in the centre, and the upper story was hung with baskets of bright flowers. Large doors at one end of the courtyard were open and this is where Celebrían led them. Inside, the building was simple, a hallway with corridors leading from it.

She stopped and turned to them, lifting her arms. 'Welcome. May the Grace of the Valar be with all who dwell herein. This house is your home for as long as you wish.'

A she-elf appeared and took Bilbo and Frodo by the hand. She smiled at Frodo and winked at him. Frodo blushed deeply.

'Laniel will take you to your rooms, little masters,' Celebrían said. 'They are on this level and if you require anything, you have only to ask.'

She then turned to Galadriel.

'Nana, your rooms are on the upper levels. Come, I will show you. And you two,' she addressed Elrond and Mithrandír with a quick smile, 'can choose any of the rooms along that corridor. I will see you soon, hervenn.'

She led her mother up the stairs. When she had disappeared, Elrond turned to the wizard.

'Shall we, melme?'

Mithrandír nodded and with arms around each other waist, they wandered along the corridor looking in all the rooms. They found several to their immediate liking, including a suite very much like Elrond's chambers in Imladris, comprising of a library, sitting room, bathing room and a large bedroom. This room was open on one side and led directly out into a private garden. They smiled in agreement and the choice was made.

They stood in the middle of the room for many minutes, not knowing what they should do or when Celebrían would return. They removed their travelling cloaks, laying them a chair. Elrond wandered out into the garden. There were trees in large tubs, the grass was neat and trimmed and the flowers were bright and gaudy, giving the garden an exotic feel.

'This is nothing like my garden in Imladris, is it, melme?' said Elrond

Mithrandír stood behind him and wrapped his arms around Elrond's chest. He rested his chin on the Elf's shoulder and nuzzled his ear. He thought how wonderful his husband felt and how his hair still held the fresh, salt tang of the sea. He felt the heart beating strong and steady beneath his hand and he thanked the Valar once again for blessing him.

'I care not if it is or no, beautiful one. I am only aware of how good you smell and how inviting your round buttocks seem.' Mithrandír's voice was low and sensual. He nipped the tip of Elrond's ear, which made the Elf gasp and thrust himself back into him.

'You cannot seriously be thinking what I know you are thinking, melme.'

'How do you know what I am thinking, Elfling?'

Mithrandír's voice was teasing and caressed Elrond's mind like silk.

Because I feel your arousal pressing against me, inviting me to rub myself ever harder against you.'

'Would that displease you?' Mithrandír said as he dropped his hand so it brushed against the growing bulge in the Elf Lord's leggings.

Elrond covered the wizard's hand with his own and rubbed it back and forth against his erection.

'Ah, but you are a bad Elf. Now you tease me beyond endurance.'

Mithrandír's hand found the laces on the leggings and untying them, he slipped his hand within and took the Elf's cock in his hand. Elrond growled deep in his throat.

'Does this please you, hervenn? Or should I stop in case we are discovered?' Mithrandír, still spooned against the Elf rubbed against the soft cleft.

'If you stop now, Istar, I will make you regret it later.'

Giving a throaty chuckle, Mithrandír let his hand rub along the length of the straining cock and grunted as the Elf ground himself back into his own hard erection.

'What if Celebrían was to walk in now, beloved?' Mithrandír whispered, 'or the Hobbits? Aren't you being reckless in allowing me to pleasure you in this way?'

His hand quickened its pace; the tip of the Elf's cock was now weeping droplets of moisture. He collected it and smoothed it along the straining member, making it slick.

Elrond groaned. 'I find it exciting, Istar, as well you know.'

Mithrandír felt the cock swell further and the Elf stiffened against him. His climax was near.

'Is that voices? Is someone approaching?' He maintained the steady rhythm, bringing the soft foreskin over the weeping tip, before slipping it gently down again. The Elf was panting and his hips bucked wildly.

'Don't stop,' Elrond pleaded, his voice thick and low with lust.

'I think the door is opening.' Mithrandír whispered. 'Valar! We will be discovered. They will see your throbbing cock as I rub it, up and down. You will be unable to stop yourself from thrusting into my hand, begging for more. They will see how lustful and wanton you are as you spend yourself in front of them.'

Elrond threw his head back and groaned as jisms of seed splashed into the wizard's hand and he juddered to his climax. He closed his eyes and let the music wash over him.

When he opened his eyes, he fell to his knees, turned and quickly released the ties to Mithrandír's trousers. He took the swollen erection into his mouth, relaxing his muscles so as to take the glorious length deep into his throat.

The wizard moaned as he thrust into the hot, moist mouth. All caution had fled. Even if Galadriel herself flung open the door now, he would care not. The sensation of thrusting deep into his husband's throat was too erotic and he was enjoying every moment.

Elrond sucked and then nipped gently with his teeth, coaxing pearls of moisture from the tip. Then he took the full length again and allowed the wizard to set the pace.

Mithrandír held the Elf's head as he pumped into the sweet mouth. He opened his eyes wide and gasped as he felt a finger ease its way past the guardian ring of muscle and plunder his puckered opening. The finger thrust and found the sensitive nub. Again and again it hit the pleasure spot and this, combined with the sucking, drove him over the brink. With a howl of ecstasy, he spurted his seed into Elrond's throat. On and on went his climax and the Elf sucked until no more of his precious essence was left. Boneless, he slumped forward and was caught in the Elf's strong arms. They fell in a tangled heap of bodies onto the grass where they both lay laughing and gasping for breath.

'Welcome to Valinor, melathron-nin,' Elrond said at last.

Mithrandír laughed against the Elf's chest. 'Did we just do what I think we just did?' he asked.

'I believe so, hervenn. Valar, but you are wonderful.'

'Thank you. I do my best.' Mithrandír untangled himself and brushed away wild hair from his husband's face. He leaned in and kissed him softly.

'I love you deeply, beautiful one,' Elrond said as they parted.

'As I love you, Elfling, but now I think we should clean ourselves as Celebrían will want to see you soon.'

He stood and pulled the Elf after him.

'We do have a problem, Olorin,' Elrond said.

'Oh? What would that be?'

'Nothing has arrived from the ship. We do not have any clean clothes to change into.'

The wizard looked at him aghast.

'Then we will have to do the best we can,' and so saying, they walked indoors to the bathing room. There they found water, cleansing herbs and drying clothes. They washed themselves, tidied their clothing and, looking more presentable, went back into the bedroom.

There was a knock at the door.

'Enter.' Elrond called.

A she-elf came into the room.

'Excuse me, Lord Elrond, but the Lady Celebrían would like to see you in her rooms. Would you follow me, please?'

Elrond looked at Mithrandír with pleading eyes.


'Go to her, Elrond. Tell her how you feel, tell her of your love for her.'

The Elf Lord nodded and followed the she-elf.

His wife's rooms were up on the upper level. This surprised him, as she had always favoured the garden rooms at Imladris. His guide led him around a corner and knocked on a door. He heard his wife's voice bid them enter. The she-elf opened the door for him and allowed him to enter. Celebrían stood at the far end of the room and turned as he entered. The door was closed and they were alone.

Neither moved. They stood looking at each other, as if remembering each other's forms and looks.

'Have you no words for me, my Lord?' Celebrían broke the pregnant silence.

Still he stood silent. Her beauty was as he remembered, golden, soft and delicate. Her eyes watched him and he tried to gauge if there was any fear or pain held within those blue orbs.

'Celebrían, how fare you?' he felt stupid even as the words left his lips.

She laughed long and clear.

'My dear husband, I fare very well. Now, come, embrace me.'

He moved forward slowly, unsure how he would feel holding her again. He stopped in front of her. She held out her arms to him and pulled him into an embrace. He sighed at her feminine softness and she melted into him.

'It is good to hold you again, hervess.'

When they parted, she held his gaze, then reached up and stroked his cheek. The gentle touch of her hand was something he had forgotten. That she touched him of her own accord filled his heart with joy. She led him to a divan, they sat next to each other and held hands.

'There is much we need to speak of, you and I,' she said.

'Yes, Mithrandír ...'

'Mithrandír loves you deeply, as you do him. Elrond, I can't begin to tell you of my happiness that you have found your true love in Mithrandír.' She stilled his voice with her hand. 'No, it is true, even when I was still in Arda, I did not begrudge your relationship with him. Indeed, I encouraged it and you know that I love him deeply for being your friend. You needed friends, my love.'

'I do love him deeply.' He dropped his head. 'But I still love you, my wife.'

She laughed again and he thought it beautiful. In the last months at Imladris, she had not smiled, let alone laugh.

'Good, because I too have need of friends ... and love, Elrond.' She grew serious once more. 'I am healed in part. I can now tolerate the touch of certain others. But I am not sure if I could ...' she paused, searching for the right words. '... if I could be intimate with you in the way you would desire.'

'That I can touch you again is a blessing from the Valar, my love. I do not wish for more at this time.'

She squeezed his hand. 'Thank you, Elrond. You were ever a considerate husband. Now, I have a proposal to put to you regarding the living arrangements.'

He held his breath. Would she want him to forsake Mithrandír? Would she desire to have him to herself exclusively?

'It would please me very much if we could all be friends. My dearest wish is for you and Mithrandír to be together as husbands. You not only have your deep love, but your deep, physical relationship as well.'

He blushed. Did she know of his earlier love making with the wizard?

She smiled at him. 'I cannot offer you physical love, hervenn. I cannot offer physical love to any male.'

'Celebrían ...'

'Please, let me finish, for I am finding this more difficult than I thought.'

She composed herself again and he took her hand and kissed it. It was so good just to be able to that simple thing again. He thought of how she used to flinch and snatch her hands from his if he reached for them. How he could not kiss her forehead without her gasping in fear and pulling away.

'Elrond,' she continued. 'I still love you and you know I love Mithrandír. It would please me to be a close friend to you both. For I need your companionship most deeply. But, I ... I am finding healing and solace in the arms of another.'

She blushed to the tips of her delicate ears.

'Have you taken another lover?'

'Yes. Someone who is patient and loving, someone who understands the nature of my wounds.'

He was confused by her words. She could not be intimate with him, yet she had a lover, how so?

'May I ask who?' He found he was holding his breath again. Would it be someone he knew? A Lord from the First Age?

'Tarmielwe. The she-elf who brought you here.' Celebrían dropped her gaze and twisted a fold in her gown. 'Please understand Elrond, I needed to be loved again. I needed the softness of a female's touch.'

'Is she outside?' he asked.

Celebrían nodded.

'Please, ask her to come in.'

Tarmielwe came into the room and stood away from both of them.

'Do you have the connection?' he asked.

'Yes, hervenn.'

Rising, he went to his wife's lover, standing before her. Tarmielwe was tall, her black hair fell in thick waves to her waist.

'You are Noldo?' he said.

'Yes, Lord. My father is Falwe, son of Findred. My mother is Ulmiel, daughter of Saliniel.' She met his eyes with a steady gaze.

'I know your parents. They came to Valinor after the fall of Lindon. Did you accompany them?'

'Yes, Lord.'

'Do you love my wife?' he spoke very softly.

'Aye, my Lord, with all my heart. I suffered a similar fate to that of Celebrían. I too, was broken in spirit and heart. Together we have found healing, we have learnt to love and trust again.'

He held her hands.

'Thank you. You achieved that which I could not. For all my healing skills, I could not reach her heart and heal that.'

He released her and watched as she went and sat by Celebrían, taking her hand.

'I still love you, Celebrían and I want us to be friends, close friends. Is that possible?'

She rose from her seat and went to him. She cupped his face in her hands and gently leaned into him and her kiss felt like a butterfly's wing beat.

'I want nothing else, melme. For the four of us to be friends fulfils one of my dreams.'

'What are your other dreams?' he asked.

'That our children come to Valinor to be with their parents.'

His heart sank and knew that their reunion would be less happy from this point.

'Wife, I need to tell you about our children.'

He led her back to the divan and sat her down. He told her about Arwen and Estel. Then he told her that the twins were remaining in Arda, at least until the last ship sailed. That Celeborn was living in Imladris with them and those of his household who had remained behind. He spoke quietly, evenly, not letting her see his own distress at the possibility of not seeing their children again.

'Arwen chose a mortal life?' her voice was a whisper. 'Ah, my child, my dearest daughter, my heart is with you. Be at peace with your choice and perhaps you will be admitted into the arms of Mandos at your passing.'

Elrond wasn't sure if she was talking to him or herself and when she lifted her face to him, tears shone on her cheeks.

'We will never see our grandchildren, Elrond. That makes me sad, sadder than even losing my daughter. But the twins may still come?'

'They had not decided when I departed,' he remained non-committal, but in his heart, he feared that their sons would choose to stay in Arda and he could not bring himself to tell her. She had learned that her daughter had chosen the mortal life and she had wept. The truth about the twins could wait, he would choose the time to tell her and then they would weep together.

She nodded her understanding.

She rose and stood before him. 'Thank you for telling me. Now, go to Mithrandír.'

She kissed his cheek before he bowed to them both and left.

When Elrond returned to their rooms, he found that their luggage had been delivered from the ship; books cases and boxes were strewn over the floor. Mithrandír was not inside, so he ventured out into the garden. Although it was now dark, the garden was filled with the light from numerous torches. He found the wizard sitting on the grass with the Hobbits. Books surrounded them, as did a rather substantial looking picnic.

Mithrandír rose as he approached.

Elrond stopped before him. 'I hate you when you are right' he said and raised an eyebrow.

'Do you feel reassured now?'


'Good. Now show me just how much you hate me.'

Elrond pulled his husband to him. He loved the feel of the firm, muscled body pressed against his. It was strong and lithe.

So different to his wife, her body was soft with feminine curves. Her breasts would press into him and her soft mound would rub against his elf-hood. It was arousing, but in a different way to the body of Mithrandír.

The wizard's body was like his own, a map of something he knew well. From stroking the firm muscles, he knew the contours of arms and legs. The sensuous curve of the back that made his beloved quiver with delight when kisses were trailed along its length. The inviting roundness of the buttocks, protecting the secret place wherein lay the greatest pleasure. The length and thickness of the magnificent cock that he could lick and tease until it wept droplets of pearl liquid into his hungry mouth. All of this was known. Nothing was a mystery and all of it he could claim as his and his alone.

He looped his arm around Mithrandír's waist, pulling him close, pressing their bodies together. He found the sweet lips and kissed them, long and deep. Slipping his tongue between his teeth, he let it roll and dance around the moist cavern. It was only the need for air forced them apart.

Bilbo gave a loud cheer. 'About time if you ask me.'

'Time for what, Master Baggins?' Elrond asked, not letting go of his husband.

'That you trusted Gandalf. We've done it for years, haven't we, Frodo, my lad?

'Yes, Bilbo, we have.'

'Come on, you two. Come and help us finish our picnic,' Bilbo continued. 'Lovely spread that lady Celebrían provided for us.'

Elrond and Mithrandír laughed as they joined their friends. They ate and drank, they talked of many things and when Lady Galadriel came out to join them, the Hobbits ate and drank along with her, so as to keep her company.

'So, Frodo, does Valinor meet with your approval?' she asked.

'So far, My Lady, but I confess I am still unsettled by having to meet the Valar,' Frodo said.

She leaned to him and tilted his head with her slender fingers.

'You who have faced the greatest fear and darkness need not fear the Valar. They are pleased with you and love you.'

'If you say so, Lady.'

'Please, Frodo, call me Galadriel. I would like that.'

Bilbo nudged the younger Hobbit and grinned at him.

Elrond noticed and laughed. 'Frodo Baggins, I do believe my mother-in-law likes you.'

Frodo blushed deeply but beamed back at the Lady of the Golden Wood.

'It would please me to call you Galadriel,' and he rose and bowed to her.

She laughed at his gallantry, and patted the grass for Frodo to sit next to her.

'So, Elrond, you have spoken with my daughter. How are things between the two of you?'

'Celebrían wishes for the four of us, that is, she, Mithrandír, Tarmielwe and I to be friends. Did she tell you that she has a lover?'

'It was one of the first things she said to me. She introduced me to her and told me that she would be speaking to you. She hoped that you would all be friends. I am pleased at this outcome.'

Elrond felt his husband's arm snake around his waist and pull him close. He rested his head on the wizard's shoulder.

'She will speak to you as well, melme,' he said.

'I know,' Mithrandír replied. 'Now, if you have all finished, it has been a long day and I wish to go to bed. I'm tired.'

'Oh, come on, Gandalf, there's tons of food left. Just a while longer, please? Bilbo asked.

'Take the food with you, dear Bilbo, but I wish to sleep.'

The Hobbits complied with the request and helped Galadriel pack up enough food to last them the rest of the night.

'Sleep well, you two,' Bilbo called. 'Although I sincerely doubt there will be much sleeping.'

Galadriel's golden laugh was the last thing they heard as the door closed.

Elrond yawned as they walked back inside. 'I'm also tired, melme.'

The wizard closed the doors to the garden and undressed. He slipped into the large bed.

'Then come and let me ease you into slumber, melathron-nin.'

Elrond undressed, climbed into bed and was gathered into the wizard's arms. He sighed, a long heartfelt sigh.

'How was it between you and Celebrían?' he asked.

'It was just as you had predicted. She is very happy that I have you.'

'She was always understanding and generous, beloved.'

'She loves you as well. Can't understand why.'

Mithrandir poked the Elf in the ribs. 'We always liked each other,' he laughed. 'She would complain to me about you and the children. I would agree with her wholeheartedly, then we would take tea. It was a comfortable arrangement.'

'She encouraged us to be together. Did you realise that?'

'Yes,' came simple reply.

'Oh. I don't think I did.'

Mithrandír heard the catch in the Elf's voice. Elrond was beginning to doubt again.

They were quiet for a time.

'Elrond?' Mithrandír spoke at last. 'Your wife is a remarkable person. She loves you deeply and she knew, still does know, that you love her equally. But she also knew that I needed you. She had the greatness of heart to share you with me and for that, I will always love her.'

The Elf Lord leaned up on his elbow and looked down at his beloved.

'Thank you, my love.' He lay down again. 'She was upset about the children of course.'

'Of course.' Mithrandír stroked his cheek. He had to lift Elrond's sudden melancholia.

'She was also upset that we would not see our grandchildren.'

'Only natural.' The wizard nibbled the delicate point of the Elf's ear, eliciting a gasp.

'She is so much better. She even allowed me to embrace her.'

'That is good news.' The mouth was trailing soft kisses around the Elf's throat.



'You're not tired anymore, are you?'

'Ah, Elrond. You read me like a book. I deny,... nothing.' He laughed before taking a nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue.

'Make love to me, hervenn.'

'I intend to, beautiful Elf. I intend to.'

The path that led to the white tower snaked along the cliff top. Elrond could see the tower clearly, although it seemed to him that he wasn't getting any closer. He was, at last, going to visit his mother, a decision he had put off for some time. Celebrían reminded him each day of the fact that he still had not seen Elwing. He would make all the right noises of reassurance that he would visit soon. He would then put the idea to the back of his mind until the next day. Sometimes, both Mithrandír and his wife reminded him. Then he would take himself off alone, to be with his thoughts and memories.

How could he see his mother? It was over seven thousand years since he had last seen her, since she had taken the form of a great white bird and flown off to aid his father. He had not seen her again. His mind thought back over the long years, searching the deep rooms of his memory to remember life before she left. But he couldn't. It was all too far away, too distant.

This morning though, he had risen, bathed and dressed with care. At breakfast, he announced to those present that he was going to the white tower to see his mother. No one had said a word, but all sat with large grins, beaming at him throughout the rest of breakfast. Mithrandír had brushed and plaited his hair, fixing the beautiful butterfly clip in place. The clip had once belonged to Elwing, the only token the young elfling had of his mother before he and Elros were taken hostage. He had kept it for all those years, wearing it every day of his mature life, the only tangible memory.

The sun shone and billowing clouds floated across an azure sky. His lips felt the tang of salt as he walked along the path. Wild flowers grew on the headland and waved their colourful head in the sea breeze. Above, sea birds called and soared over the waves. The path turned and dropped as it led towards the base of the white tower. He thought it strange that it should have suddenly appeared, it had seemed so far away a mere twenty paces back.

The door was open. He stopped on the threshold, unsure as to what he would do or say. Then he heard her voice. The song she sung told of the sea and lost love, of waves, sea spray and starlit nights.

He faltered.

He remembered her voice.

He remembered her face.

He remembered her gentle hands soothing his brow and her lips kissing his cheeks.

He took a step into the tower and climbed the stairs towards her voice.

He remembered her perfume that smelt like a summer garden filled with roses.

Two at a time now he took the stairs, upwards, towards her voice.

He stopped at the top

She was standing with her back to him, looking out through open windows across the Great Sea. Her pale yellow hair flowed in waves to her waist. She stopped her song and slowly turned to face him.

Sindarin Translations (With grateful thanks to Dragon Flame.)

Ada = daddy
Adar = father
Anor = sun
Arda = earth
Hervenn = husband
Hervess = wife
Ithil = moon
Ion-nin = my son
Meldanya = my love
Melethron-nin = my lover
Melme = beloved
Mir-nin = my treasure/jewel
Naira = Heart of Flame (Elrond's horse)
Naneth = mother
Nana = mummy
Sell-nin= my daughter
Telemnar Lestánore = Silver Flame of Doriath