The Beating of our Two Hearts

by River-Woman

Summary: Two long time lovers re-discover their passion for each other.

Warnings: Fluff

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Author's note: With grateful thanks to Trinity for the beta - and to Nefertiti for the encouragement - all other mistakes are mine. Translations are at the end of the chapter. Italics denote speaking mind to mind.

Chapter 9

He drew me near and nearer,
We neither spoke a word.
But the beating of our two hearts
Was the only sound I heard.
From "I Wandered by a Brookside" by Eva Cassidy.

Her grey eyes fixed upon his and held him in their depth. He moved forward slowly. She smiled and opened her arms.

'Nana,' he heard himself say before he was clasped in her embrace. Tears streamed down his cheeks and she stroked his hair.

'Shh. Shh, elfling. I have you once again.'

Elrond sniffed and laughed together and he did stop crying. She dried his tears with the hem of her sleeve, as she did when he was a child.

She kissed his brow. 'You have matured into a very handsome Elf, ion-nin. But then I always knew you would.' She held him at arms length, looking at him closely. 'Yes, very handsome. Celebrían does not exaggerate.' She laughed a deep, rich laugh, which took Elrond back to his childhood.

'It is wonderful to see you, nana.'

'Long have I awaited this day, Elrond.' She hugged him again. 'You have much to tell me. Too much, for this, our first meeting. Come and sit with me, have tea and let us speak of things.'

With a final kiss, she released him and led him across the circular room where two chairs and a low table were set with tea and small cakes.

Elrond sat opposite his naneth, still staring in disbelief at her. He watched as she poured tea and studied her face. She was still beautiful, but her beauty held something else. Something he could not define. Her eyes shone with love when she looked at him, but her smile held the ghosts of loss and regret.

She passed him a cup. 'Tell me of Maglor and your time with the son of Feanor.'

Elrond looked at her, unsure if she really meant him to tell her the details of his and Elros' captivity.

'Fear not, mir-nin. I have heard only one side of the tale of your captivity. Now I would hear it from you. So tell me, Elrond, spare me nothing, for I am Elwing and I am strong. Strong like the sea; strong like the stars; strong like my sons.'

Elrond sipped his tea, then set the cup down. 'I believe our family were betrayed.'

Mithrandír followed Elrond. He wasn't really following him, of course. He wanted to be there when the Elf left his mother. He knew that Elrond would need him. The tower came into view and he stopped. He sat to the side of the path that Elrond would walk back along, so that he would not miss him.

He pulled his knees up and wrapping his arms around them, staring out at the sea. The water sparkled like Simarilli, the blue green of the surface broken only by the white crests of waves that crashed onto the shore. He watched the sea birds as they flew back and forth or dived into the water for fish. The birds called to each other as they banked and dipped above him.

A large white bird came and landed close to him. It cocked its head to one side as it watched him, its black eyes seemingly taking in his form. Mithrandír clucked to the bird, something he thought would allow him communicate with the animal. Radagast had used the same trick when speaking to his feathered friends. The white bird however, seemed unaware that this was a form of contact, as it screeched at him before flying off. Mithrandír laughed to himself, he certainly had more of a rapport with horses.

He lay back and stretched out in the fragrant grass. Looking up, he watched fluffy clouds sail across the sea of deepest blue that was the sky. His thoughts drifted to the time they had already spent in Alqualonde. Their days fell into an easy rhythm. He and Elrond would rise, bathe and break their fast; then they would wander out into the garden to read or talk. They would join the Hobbits, Galadriel, Celebrían and Tarmielwe for luncheon, then retire to their bed for the afternoon to make love or simply to hold each other close. The evenings were a time of gaiety, songs and tales.

As much as he loved living in the Swan Havens, he knew that Elrond would not be truly happy until they had their own house. Elrond wanted to live nearer Valimar. He wanted a valley, a river and waterfalls. He also wanted his own gardens. The Hobbits wanted a Hobbit hole, so it would seem that decisions to move might be made soon.

The breeze picked up momentarily, causing the grass to sway and ripple. He looked up at Anor. The yellow orb was dipping in the west, making the late afternoon light soften.

His thoughts turned to Elrond. He loved the Elf more with each passing day. Their bond grew ever stronger and the depth of passion for each other made their lovemaking intense.

He felt his cock stir as he thought of his beloved. Because of Elrond's visit to Elwing, they had missed their afternoon intimacy, which meant that the night held pleasure beyond thought. He was fully erect, his cock pushing against the thin material of his trousers. He thought of the Elf's body, strong, firm and slick with the gleam of sweat, pressed against his own. He smelt the pungent odour of recent lovemaking. His hand brushed against his erection and he gasped softly. He imagined the Elf's hand brushing against him and a hot tongue trailing down his body until it reached his weeping cock. He bucked his hips, imagining the Elf's hungry mouth devouring him. A groan escaped his lips. His throbbing cock was taken into a hot mouth ...

A cough brought him out of his fantasy.

'I do hope it is thoughts of me that have given rise to your passion, meleth-nin.'

Mithrandír focused his eyes on Elrond. The Elf Lord stood above him, smiling weakly, an eyebrow raised.

Mithrandír cleared his throat. 'I was merely ... waiting ... passing the time ... until ...' he let the sentence trail off, his passion quickly forgotten as he saw the distress on the Elf's face.

Elrond sat down by him and crossed his legs. He studied his hands closely. Mithrandír sat up quickly, reached out and drew Elrond to him. The Elf laid his head on his husband's shoulder and sighed heavily,

'I had forgotten how much I loved her,' Elrond said.

Mithrandír said nothing. He waited, stroking his beloved's cheeks and kissing his hair.

'There is so much we need to talk about and say to each other,' the Elf continued. 'She loved Elros and me greatly. She didn't want to leave us, but she had too. To protect the Silmaril, to find adar and give it to him. It guided them here, did you know that?'

'I had heard, melme,' Mithrandir answered.

'Today she wanted to know what happened after the destruction of Arvernien and how Maglor treated Elros and myself. I told her, told her of the betrayal by one of our kindred. How else did the sons of Feanor find Elros and me? Mother knew that at some point the sons of Feanor would come for the Silmaril and our escape plans were known only to certain members of the household.'

'How did she take that news?'

'A shadow of pain crossed her face, then vanished.'

The sun sank on the horizon, changing the sea to molten gold. One by one bright stars appeared in the heavens. They sat together, Mithrandír with his arms locked around his husband, Elrond with his head resting still on Mithrandír's shoulder.

'She had to leave,' Elrond said. 'The sons of Feanor wanted her Silmaril and would have stopped at nothing to possess it. At least this way we all survived, except adar.'

'That is not quiet true, mir-nin,' Mithrandír said gently.

'Adar left and was never seen again in Arda. Nana misses him very much.'

'Do you not see your father each night? Is it not you who points to him in the heavens and tells me "that is my father"? As long as you continue to do that, Elrond, your father is always with you.'

The Elf Lord lifted his head and smiled. 'How is it that you are always able to lift my spirits, melme?'

'Because, beautiful Elf, sometimes you are too close to things to really see and understand what matters.'

Elrond leaned in and brushed his lips against Mithrandír's, soft, delicate kiss that carried his love with it.

'We did not have our afternoon rest,' Mithrandír said.

Elrond laughed. 'I do not recall 'resting' when we retire for the afternoon.'

'Ah! My point exactly,' Mithrandír said as he stood and pulled the Elf to his feet. 'And as I have no wish to ravish you so close to your mother's tower, may I suggest I take you back to the city? Then we can make up for lost time.'

They walked arm in arm in the soft night. The air was heavy with the fragrance of night flowers blown on the sea breeze.

'I have not told Elwing about you, melme.'

'No matter, I expect she knows about me by now,' Mithrandír replied.

'Oh? How so?'

Mithrandír recounted how the white sea bird had landed by him.

'It pierced me with its beady, black eyes, Elrond. I believe it was not a bird at all.'

'Elwing does have power over the sea-going birds,' Elrond laughed. 'I wonder what she makes of you?'

Mithrandír pulled the Elf to a halt. 'Look up, melethron-nin,' he pointed to the brightest star in the heavens. 'There is your father.'

Elrond looked skyward. He raised his arms in greeting to his father and it seemed that the star glowed yet brighter for a moment.

'Thank you,' he said, both to the star and his husband.

As they walked, Mithrandír caught Elrond around the waist and drew him close. Their hips rested against each other and he enjoyed the contact.

'I will visit her again tomorrow, melme. Is that agreeable with you?'

'Elrond, beloved husband, you can visit your mother every day forever if it so pleases you. I will wait for you each day and we can walk back together. You will tell me the things that you and your mother speak of and I will listen. I will have my arm around you, just as it is now and I will feel your hip pressing against mine. I will hurry you along so that I can get you into bed and press more than my hips against you.'

Elrond let his hand drop to the firm roundness of Mithrandír's buttock. 'I will look forward with growing anticipation to our evening together from now on, melme.' He stepped in front of Mithrandír, causing him to stop, Elrond pulled him into a kiss.

Mithrandír answered the kiss, flicking his tongue along the sensitive lips. Then Elrond's tongue was in his mouth. The kiss deepened as tongues caressed, probed and inflamed them. Breathless, they drew part. Mithrandír moaned and laid his head in the crook of Elrond's neck. The Elf slipped his hand between them and found his husband's cock rock hard.

'Let me give you release, Olorin-nin,' he whispered softly into Mithrandír's ear. 'For I doubt you will be able to walk much further unless I do.' He emphasised his point by stroking the engorged shaft with his fingertips. He smiled as he felt it twitch in response.

'Ah, meleth-nin,' Mithrandír's voice was unsteady and ragged with need. 'Bring me to release, I beg you. But do it quickly for I am on the verge of spending. Your kisses inflame me and your hand teases me beyond endurance.' He thrust his cock against the Elf's hand and groaned anew.

Elrond chuckled and guided his needy husband off the path and into the long grass and flowers. He kissed him again and as he felt Mithrandír's knees buckle, he gently lowered him down onto the sweet earth. When Elrond looked, Mithrandír has his eyes closed and he thrust his hips in lust, mewing softly. Elrond swiftly released the ties to the trousers, pulled them down and so allowing Mithrandír's swollen shaft to spring free. The dark slit was already weeping thick pearls of seed. Not wanting to tease his husband further, Elrond lowered his head, taking the ripe plum of Mithrandír's cock into his mouth. Immediately Mithrandír thrust deeply and groaned. Elrond lifted his eyes to look at his beloved. He saw his husband writhing, his hands grabbing at the long grass for support. His face was contorted in pleasure and beads of sweat shone on his face.

Elrond could smell Mithrandír's musky maleness as he slid his mouth down the swollen shaft. Mithrandír jerked, his body stiff. Elrond knew his husband's climax was building quickly. He ran his tongue once up the pulsing vein and Mithrandír thrust wildly as his orgasm broke. Elrond's name was on his lips as streams of hot seed were greedily swallowed by the Elf.

Elrond licked the softening shaft, cleaning it of every drop of the precious liquid. He then sat back on his heels, licking his lips and looked at his husband. Mithrandír's eyes were still closed, he panted heavily and his hands still clutched as the grass, some of which he had pulled out in his ecstasy. The Elf smiled. He adored looking at Mithrandír in the aftermath of lovemaking. His husband gave himself completely to passion and Elrond knew he was Mithrandír's passion.

'I love you, Olorin. Have I told you that today?'

Mithrandír slowly opened his eyes. 'No. Not today, my beautiful husband.'

Elrond lay down next to him. 'Then I will. I love you. I love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.'

Mithrandír laughed softly. 'Very poetic, melme.' He pulled the Elf on top of him with ease. 'Thank you for that.'

'I would say that the pleasure was mostly yours, ... but I enjoyed it just as much,' Elrond kissed the tip of Mithrandír's nose.

'We should move, else we will end up staying the night here,' Mithrandír said.

Elrond rolled off him and pulled him up. He smiled wickedly as he nodded to Mithrandír's feet. Pooled around them were his trousers. Mithrandír gave him a smug grin as he pulled them up and secured them around his waist. Elrond brushed him down, smoothed his unruly hair and with their arms around each other, they set off for the city again.

The streets were busy as usual. Nighttime saw Alqualonde vibrant with life. The buildings reflected the silver glow from Ithil's light, torches and lanterns further illuminated the streets. Musicians and storytellers gathered in the squares, there was singing and dancing, but there was also deep quiet. You had only to walk a few streets until you came to the woods and quiet areas so loved by Elves.

They walked slowly, stopping to listen to a song or story as they wanted. They bought sweet wine, which they drank sitting by a fountain and watched a lively dance. They continued their walk back to the house and as they crossed the square, a group of Elves came towards them. The group walked quietly, neither talking or singing. They bowed to Elrond and Mithrandír as they passed. One of the group looked directly at Elrond and held his gaze for several heartbeats.

A shiver of recognition ran down the Elf Lord's spine. He could not place the face, but the eyes held a familiarity he found unsettling. The group passed out of sight.

'Are you well, melme?' Mithrandír asked, concern showing on his face.

'Yes. Perfectly well. Why do you ask?'

'Because you look as if you have just seen a ghost.'

Elrond wiped his hand across his forehead. 'No. I ... I thought I recognised one of that group. It is nothing, a trick of the light perhaps. Come, let us return home quickly, we will be missed and besides ...' He looked from hooded, passionate eyes at Mithrandír. 'You owe me one afternoon of missed love.'

Mithrandír laughed out loud. 'Then let us make haste, Master Elf, for it would seem that I will be working hard this night.'

They lay in bed, their naked bodies entwined in the warm night, their passion spent. Mithrandír's arm was flung across Elrond's chest, his head buried in the cleft of the Elf's shoulder as he slept. Elrond, his eyes open and vacant was lost in the dream world of Elves.

He was an elfling. He and Elros were running. The family guards were leading them to a place of safety away from the burning city. Horses waited in a clearing. Shouts rang out all around them. They were pushed up and onto their horses. Swords were drawn. The enemy was upon them. Bodies lay on the ground. He looked at Elros, his brother's face was twisted in panic. A tall Elf grabbed the reins of their horses. He stared the Elf in the eyes.

With a shout, Elrond sat bolt upright in bed. Mithrandír was thrown from his resting place.

'Elrond, melme? What is wrong?' Instantly alert in his concern for the Elf, Mithrandír turned and grabbed his arm. Elrond was shaking, his body damp with sweat.

Elrond slowly turned his head to face Mithrandír. 'I remember where I have seen that Elf before,' he said, in a voice as hard as flint.

TBC: The Beating of our Two Hearts - part two - 'Taken' - coming soon.

Sindarin Translations (With grateful thanks to Dragon Flame.)

Ada = daddy
Adar = father
Anor = sun
Arda = earth
Hervenn = husband
Hervess = wife
Ithil = moon
Ion-nin = my son
Meldanya = my love
Melethron-nin = my lover
Melme = beloved
Mir-nin = my treasure/jewel
Naira = Heart of Flame (Elrond's horse)
Naneth = mother
Nana = mummy
Sell-nin= my daughter
Telemnar Lestánore = Silver Flame of Doriath