The Grey Havens

by Seawave

Rating: R

Pairing: Gandalf/Celeborn

Summary: Celeborn meets his love once more. Set after RotK

Disclaimer: The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written by J. R. R. Tolkien. I make no monetary profit from this story.

Celeborn sighed to himself as he turned to face Gandalf. "Now that the One Ring of Sauron has been destroyed, a heavy burden has been lifted from all of Middle Earth, myself included."

"It has indeed,"

"Mithrandir," Celeborn said. "I had not the chance to tell you how grateful I am that you are still with us. When I heard you had fallen at the vile clutches of a Balrog of Morgoth, in the dark of Moria, I felt as though my heart had been run through by an Uruk-Hai crossbow."

Gandalf winced. "I am sorry to have caused you such alarm, but such woe is unnecessary as I stand before you."

Celeborn smiled and embraced him. "Long have I desired to hold you again, Mithrandir."

"And I you, Lord Celeborn."

Gently Gandalf kissed him. The Lord of Lórien thought of his Lady, Galadriel ... would she understand his need to be with Mithrandir? He hoped so, but he was not about to reveal his deepest secret.

Softly, Gandalf's bushy, yet velvety beard caressed the older Elf and the Elf's kiss became more passionate. Celeborn parted and led Gandalf to the bed. He let his light grey robe fall to the floor.

The Wizard did the same. "Blast ... Why did I decide to wear so many clothes?"

Celeborn smiled. "The most wrapped packages are the most fun to unwrap." And he began to undress Gandalf. It was fun to be unwrapped with such anticipation. The Wizard smiled as he undid Celeborn's inner robes.

Gandalf laid his staff and his sword Glamdring next to Excalibrand, Celeborn's sword and went to join his love.

Now skyclad, Elf and Wizard sat on the bed and kissed once more, their lips caressing one and other's. Celeborn's hands began to explore over Gandalf's shoulders and across his back. Their lips still touching, Gandalf embraced Celeborn gently, holding the Elf Lord close to him. The Lord of Lórien signed inwardly, returning the embrace. The two parted slightly. Celeborn began to caress Gandalf, the Istari's skin surprisingly taut for someone his age. He was after all over 700, a fair cry younger than Lord Celeborn was, though Gandalf was incredibly well for his age. Celeborn sighed as he felt Gandalf's hands exploring his skyclad body. The two kissed again, more passionately.

"Mithrandir .... Never let me go."

Gandalf smiled wickedly. "I don't intend to."

Celeborn smiled and pushed the younger Wizard onto the bed, his blue grey eyes, like the ocean before a storm. Gandalf sighed outwardly as Celeborn's silver golden hair caressed his chest and once again, his hands explored.

Gandalf let out a silent gasp as Celeborn's hand brushed against the white velvet of his nether regions. Gandalf did the same. Celeborn closed his eyes at the elated feeling as Gandalf's hand brushed against his silken platinum golden patch and he shivered with pleasure. It was not often he made love. each time as special as the last.

Celeborn smiled as he began to play with Gandalf's beard. The wizard laughed.

"That tickles."

Celeborn grinned wickedly. "I know..."
Gandalf sat up and immediately began to tickle Celeborn's Elven ears. Celeborn laughed as well.

"It is a joy to see you smile," Gandalf said, gently kissing Celeborn's pointed ear.

The Elf sighed. "Oh how long have I missed that ..."

Gently he ran his hands through Gandalf's soft beard.

"As long as I have," the Istari replied placing his head back, enjoying the sensation.

"Mithrandir..." Celeborn said quietly holding him. "Oh, Mithrandir..."

"Celeborn of Lórien..." Gandalf whispered, silent as the wind.

"Hold me..."

"Until the end of time itself."

In Gandalf's embrace, Celeborn truly felt he had found the Grey Havens.