Barriers Broken

by Sarah

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli

Summary: The sequel to Barriers Broken. The story deals with the time of the Quest and afterwards.

Disclaimer: It belongs to Tolkien. I make no money. I claim only the original ideas and characters. The Gimli and Gandalf I write belong solely and completely to Tolkien and are not related to the movie characters.

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Chapter 1

Gandalf urged the horse forward and glanced again at the darkening skies. Experience warned him that he would never reach Erebor before the rain started, but his heart was determined to try.

It had been two years since he had seen Gimli and although that was not as long an absence as some previous ones had been, he felt eager to see the dwarf and longed to spend this special night with his lover.

Gandalf's thoughts went to Melian and Thingol, and he sighed. The Maia's grief for her husband when she returned to Valinor had been pitiful to see. He had tried very carefully during his stay in Middle-earth not to allow anyone to get too close but Gimli had made that impossible. The wizard was sure that the dwarf never intended to cause him to feel so deeply involved, but years of steady love and loyalty had done their work. Gradually, he had let his barriers down with Gimli and his lover most certainly was closer than anyone else to sensing who he really was.

At first, those barriers had been there not just for Gimli's protection but because the wizard wanted to be loved for who he was, not what he was. As their relationship had deepened, however, he realised that Gimli had no real care for what he was, although the dwarf was aware that he was not what he appeared. Gimli enjoyed the light that Gandalf allowed him to see simply because it was part of the wizard and it made the two of them closer. The dwarf might find the hidden power attractive, but that would never have caused him to take Gandalf as a lover. Only friendship and affection would accomplish that. And with that realisation, the barriers that Gandalf had put up had begun to crumble.

Gandalf run his hand over the horse's neck, encouraging the animal to keep a steady pace. His musings went back to Erebor and the empty quarters that awaited him. They had shared many reunions in those rooms, and Gandalf's mind went to one in particular.

He had arrived in Erebor once after a short absence and found Gimli working on some agreed upon changes to the stone stand next to the bed. Gandalf had watched him silently for a few moments and suddenly felt overtaken by desire. He had wrapped Gimli in his arms and started moving his lover toward the bed.

Caught up in sudden passion, Gimli had begun with frantic movements pulling their clothes off. Once the garments were removed Gandalf had tugged Gimli up onto the bed. Grabbing the oil on the stand, Gandalf had prepared Gimli while kissing and licking his lover's erection. The wizard's own desire for haste had been increased by Gimli's "Enough. It's enough. Now."

As soon as Gandalf had thought it really was enough, he motioned for Gimli to stand and then swiftly turned the dwarf toward the wall.

Gimli had reached for the wall to steady himself only to encounter the painting. He was too aroused himself to pause in the lovemaking, and to avoid damaging the painting he twisted quickly and managed to plant his hands flat on the wall just to one side of it.

The wizard recalled the extreme pleasure that had followed, thrusting deep inside his lover's tight passage as Gimli kept saying, "More! Harder!" His pleas blinded Gandalf with heat and passion, soon spending in the tightness that clenched around him. His fingers had closed around Gimli's hard heat as his lover spilled across his hand.

They had sunk into the bed upon completion. Gandalf, having long since discovered that Gimli could bear his weight for quite a time with no unease, had rested on his lover's back, his head on the dwarf's shoulders, fingers playing in the auburn hair. He was still nestled between Gimli's legs when he realised the dwarf was muttering something in Khuzdul. It did not sound entirely pleasant, and, wondering if he had hurt his lover, Gandalf had moved to the dwarf's side and started to question Gimli.

Gimli had tugged the wizard into his arms. "I am not hurt. The painting...however..." he paused. "I thought at first that we would topple onto the floor. I almost lost my balance, for I could not brace on the wall quickly enough."

Gandalf had glanced at the hard stone floors and felt grateful that they hadn't fallen.

Gimli had added, "I did not arrange these rooms. The King's house steward did. Not much sense, that one, to put a painting in such a place. I would not have done so."

Gandalf had felt a sweep of sadness, realising at that moment that he had no idea what Gimli's bed chambers were like. They were always in his rooms.

The dwarf had caught the sad expression and had said, "What's wrong?"

Gandalf had replied," The next time I have a meal at your place, I'll have to take a little tour. I just realised that I've never been in your bedroom."

Gandalf recalled Gimli's response. It was not something that he would ever forget. Gimli had stroked his back and asked, "How long do you reckon this visit will be?"

The Istar had replied that he hoped to stay for at least a month, maybe longer.

Three days after their conversation, Gimli had given a big party in his home. It had been a different gathering from the ones Gandalf normally was invited to when among the dwarves. Those gatherings had always included families. This one consisted entirely of Gimli's peers with the exception of a few that Gandalf knew to be younger than his lover. There was less restraint and decorum shown at this celebration than at those that included parents. Before the night was too old, Gandalf knew who was close friend with whom and could even guess when a companionship went beyond just friendship. Gandalf was sure that they would never joke among themselves in the same way if their elders had been there.

Gimli clearly had many friends and was liked well enough to be allowed some differences.

There had been plenty of drinking, but Gandalf had noted that Gimli had very little ale. He had whispered once to Gandalf, "No matter how arousing those eyebrows are, I'm not sure it is wise to tempt you to use them."

This statement had caused several disturbing thoughts as the wizard dwelt on Gimli's words. He was aware of Gimli's fondness for his eyebrows, but he'd never really pondered all the ramifications. Gloin was often very opinionated, and Gandalf had through the years used that certain expression with Gimli's father. It had always had the pleasant result of shutting Gloin up and granting the wizard the desired silence. Gandalf had in fact found that look earned him peace whenever he was dealing with overly loud dwarves. Now he wondered uneasily if Gimli's response was typical of dwarves.

The night was half over when Gandalf was in serious conversation with Fomber about food and different methods of spicing the same dish. When the wizard said, "From what I know of dwarves..." he was surprised when several of the dwarves next to him laughed.

Hurin had said, winking at Gimli, "And that would not be much at all, aye?"

Gandalf had not been sure how to react and glanced at Gimli to see what his response was. His lover did not appear to be embarrassed. Gimli had grinned and shrugged.

Fomber had answered, "We were talking about food, and one can hardly expect Gandalf to be an expert on dwarven food." He spoke firmly, but this too was greeted with amusement.

Hurin had chuckled and said, "Perhaps you *were* talking about food."

Gimli had said, "And perhaps you're just jealous, Hurin."

There were nods, and the conversation went back to food, leaving Gandalf with a huge sense of relief. He realised that they would have never mentioned his relationship with Gimli had they disapproved. He and the dwarf were being treated just as many of the other lovers in the room were. Gimli's response and the agreement from those around him was actually quite flattering, Gandalf reflected.

At the very end of the party after the last person left Gimli had said, "You can't be climbing all those stairs after drinking so much ale."

Gandalf had frowned, "It's only a half level up, and I've drunk far more in my time with no ill results."

Gimli had grinned and said, "Still, no point in risking the stairs. You'll have to stay here for the night. No one will say anything in the morning as long as we don't make a habit of it."

The wizard caught a glimpse of the Mountain looming ahead through the gloom and realised he was getting close--but at that moment the cold rain began, screening it from his sight once more.

Gandalf remembered his first glimpse of Gimli's bed chambers. The inner rooms were at the end of a hallway. He had comprehended as he walked those steps that he had deepened the relationship farther, but he felt only joy for it and none of the reserve that often marked his relationships with others.

The Istar opened the heavy door and stood in the doorway taking in the view. Two things seized his attention at once: the bed and the huge fireplace across from it.

The wizard focused on the bed. It was very close to the floor, but Gandalf was glad to see that his height would not be a problem. The bed was just long enough for his comfort.

Gandalf grinned. The bed was immaculately made with soft tan blankets, but there were two big pillows that had simply been tossed onto it, as if Gimli had suddenly had enough of making the bed. Somehow it made the bed seem even more inviting.

Gimli was still washing, but the wizard knew he would join him shortly. Gandalf continued his study of the room, his gaze going to the huge stone fireplace that covered one wall. A small fire burned in it. There was a huge chair with soft cushions to the side of the fireplace. Gandalf smiled. The chair was built to accommodate a dwarf much bigger than Gimli, and visions of how they could use that chair for pleasure came to the wizard's mind. A small dark brown stand sat beside the chair and contained Gimli's pipe.

The cavern's walls were of brown and white stone. There were three steps down into the bed chambers giving the place a feeling of being removed from the outer rooms.

There was a chestnut coloured stone stand on each side of the bed. The first one held a lamp, the red wine the wizard was fond of, and two glasses. Gandalf went down the steps and over to examine the lamp stand. It was different from any he had ever seen. The bottom of it was set in a bowl carved from burgundy stone. The second stand held cloths, oil, and a crystal bowl of water. Both stands had two drawers carved into the stone. Each of the drawers had white stone handles.

There was only one painting in the room, and it was opposite the door and nowhere near the bed. Gandalf had walked over to look at it. The painting showed a terrace and beyond it a range of mountains was framed against a blue sky, giving the impression one was staring through a window in the massive walls of stone.

The floor was covered with a thick brown rug. To the left of the door was a big chest of drawers, on top of which were placed two candles. The walls had oval niches in various places where light red candle holders with two candles had been placed. There were torches on each side of the door, but they had not been lit, leaving the room washed with the candlelight and the glow from the fireplace.

Gimli arrived in the room and wrapped his arms around Gandalf. The wizard motioned toward the chair. "A very big chair you have there."

Gimli nodded. "It is one of Bombur's old ones that I got after he..." The words were almost said before Gimli bit them back. How did one say politely that someone had got too big for his chair?

Gandalf grinned. He had seen Bombur just the day before. "I understand." He moved into the chair and pulled Gimli in with him. Gimli could easily share the chair, and he leaned into the wizard's chest.

"I like to sleep in front of the fireplace sometimes, and it is quite comfortable." Gimli did not mention that during the long intervals between visits, worry over Gandalf sometimes drove him from the bed to the chair, where he spent hours gazing into the fire before finally falling into a fretful sleep.

"I like your rooms, my friend. They have a quiet peaceful feeling to them. Rather makes me wonder why the King's steward was in charge of mine and not you, as you clearly aren't inclined to hide our relationship although I realise it's different among your friends." He said it lightly so that Gimli would not fret over his words.

Gimli looked up at him and then nuzzled into his chest. "My father mentioned to the King that he thought you ought to have your own home here. They gave him three sets of chambers to choose from, and I went with my father to look them over. I picked the one that they gave you because it's back a bit from the others and therefore more private. The ceilings are higher too." His fingers went to Gandalf's beard, and he began caressing.

"When they were placing furniture into the rooms, I was there often enough. Most of them would prefer I keep any reasons why I'm so involved with you to myself, but they accepted my suggestions with no objections." He glanced back up at the wizard whose arms he was snuggled in and said, "Little things. Adding a few inches to the table so that it's a bit higher and making some adjustments. However, I would not presume to take over your quarters. I made a few changes, aye, but to just start arranging things the way I imagine you would like...that I would not."

Gandalf smiled. "My dear fellow, do me a favour and presume. I like this. Is much of it done by your hands?"

"No. The walls were already here. I just polished and smoothed stone. The fireplace was here."

"Not much at all then. Just most of it." Gandalf said with amusement. He hugged Gimli tightly, relishing the warmth and firmness. Gimli sighed contentedly.

They stayed in each other arms for a few minutes, and then Gimli stirred and Gandalf said, "Let's move to the bed."

As soon as they arrived at the bed the wizard begin undoing Gimli's braids. Gimli asked him, "You said I was clearly not inclined to hide our relationship. I did openly acknowledge it tonight. And while I might not discuss it most of the time, neither do I ever deny it. Are you bothered by this?"

"No. Our relationship won't make you avoid marrying, will it?"

Gimli's hands grabbed the wizard's hands, stopping him from removing the last tie. Then his fingers traced Gandalf's chin and he said, "You do worry more than is necessary. I suppose you feel that I should marry one day."

Their eyes met and held. Gandalf sighed. "To be honest, Gimli, I don't want you to marry, but neither do I want to be the reason why you don't."

Gimli smiled. He began easing his tunics off. "If I marry, you might be the reason for it. I hate the thought of you ever arriving at Erebor and being alone as you once were. If I marry...." he tugged at Gandalf's shirt, "at a very late age..." another pause as Gimli placed a kiss against the wizard's lips." then I can have plenty of sons and you can inherit one."

Gandalf couldn't help laughing. "That is the most outrageous thing I've heard in a long while!" He pulled his leggings the rest of the way off, and they moved into the bed together after Gimli finished removing his own clothes. "My friend, I'd want you to marry for love. Not for anything else. And not for love of me but because you cherish the lass."

Gimli leaned forward and traced Gandalf's lips with his tongue. The heat was starting between them, but the wizard felt strongly that there was something else to be said. Placing his hands on Gimli's shoulders, he halted the kiss and waited until their eyes had found each other again. "Gimli, I can't replace you. A son would not be the same. Even assuming that one would agree to such an arrangement, I would not. It is you that I love."

Gimli's eyes darkened a bit. He sighed. "I know, but the idea of your being lonely...." his hand absently went to cover his heart.

Gandalf took his hand and laid it over his own heart. "I have dealt with loneliness in many places, not just Erebor. I'll have the memories to hold dear, and those years are far away still. Now, let's create one of those memories and no more talk of replacing what can't be replaced." He waggled his eyebrows at the dwarf and suddenly found himself on the receiving end of a very demanding kiss. Gimli's tongue swirled against his lips asking entry. He put his arms around Gimli and relaxed against his lover, opening his mouth. Instantly Gimli slid his tongue inside and began thoroughly touching and exploring his lover.

Gimli had taken charge of their lovemaking before, but always it had been at Gandalf's behest. Suddenly finding himself pulled tightly into dwarven strength and control was exciting, and the wizard hardened. Moaning, he rubbed the dwarf's back as his mouth was plundered.

The dwarf ceased only when they were both breathless and panting. Gimli moved to the wizard's chest, grasping a nipple and surrounding it with his eager mouth while his fingers began caressing the other one. His fingers and mouth were gentle, but Gandalf could sense the urgency in the dwarf. The wizard reached for the oil and pushed it into his lover's hand.

Gimli's fingers had fastened around it, and he made a trail of kisses downward until he found the wizard's leaking erection. Letting his tongue make a lazy path around the tip and then down over the rigid length, Gimli sighed softly in pleasure.

Gimli had eased his oiled fingers deep inside Gandalf while lovingly licking his sacs. Finding the small rise Gimli had rubbed it as his mouth sucked gently on the wizard's testicles. Gandalf had grabbed a pillow and gripped it as his lover's fingers tenderly prepared him, never straying long from that one place that brought such bliss.

The dwarf had slid inside him, the hot width spreading him and delving deeply within, his moans mingling with Gimli's. He had put his legs around Gimli's back as his lover had thrust hard and wildly. Gandalf recalled too Gimli's cry of completion and how the dwarf was still gasping when he had grasped the wizard's need with his tight lips, moving downward as his tongue encircled the shaft. His beard had brushed Gandalf's sacs as his mouth had moved up and down, swallowing deeper each time. It had not been long before Gandalf had found his own ecstasy, spilling inside Gimli's throat, the dwarf moaning happily with him.

Now, as Gandalf rode through the cold rain, he remembered the dwarf's hot breath over his erection, and his loins stirred in answer. He did not try to stop the memory of pleasure, for the rain was falling steadily now, and the heat from the recollections made him feel warmer.

Soon, however, the horse's slowing brought Gandalf back to the present. The rain was mixed with sleet now, but he could see the guard post up ahead. The dwarves had not his keen eyesight and had not noticed him yet. It did not matter. He was back in Erebor, and a sense of elation filled him along with the weariness he had been holding at bay.