Barriers Broken

by Sarah

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli

Summary: A sequel to "A Custom Shattered." Gandalf feels his love for Gimli growing and senses a threat in Middle-earth.

Disclaimer: : It belongs to Tolkien. I make no money. I claim only the original ideas and characters.

Author's note: The story takes place in the year 3009.

Beta: Nefertiti. Thank you, Nefertiti, for the beta work, comments, and suggestions. Any mistakes are mine.

Chapter 4

Gimli felt he could gaze into those grey eyes forever. Such beauty and light that he could never touch. He was not saddened by this, for the light cared for him, and that thought was both overwhelming and exciting.

Gandalf wondered what Gimli was seeing. He did not try to hide much from the dwarf any more and he let his lover search his eyes.

Like standing in the sun on a hot day, that's what the brightness reminds me of. Only this heat never warms beyond what is comfortable. Gimli reflected. He suddenly decided to end postponing the passion. He pressed his mouth against the wizard's in an insistent demand, moaning when Gandalf instantly opened to him. Slipping his tongue into the heated cavern, Gimli felt the wizard gasp and grip his shoulders as their tongues began a slow dance of pleasure together.

Gandalf's slight clasp against Gimli's neck was understood by the dwarf who granted the wizard entry into his mouth. His mustache was soft against Gandalf, but his lips were firm and hot. Gimli's fingers stroked Gandalf's chin, gently massaging and touching the beard. His cock swelled at the sound of his lover's increased breathing. Gimli tugged at his own tunic. His clothes felt confining.

They broke apart and gazed into each other's eyes. The wizard's eyes were afire with passion but also lit with the joy of his love, creating a softening around the rims of his pupils. Gimli's body tightened in response as his erection throbbed within his leggings.

Gandalf did not need to wonder now what Gimli was pondering. The love and desire were clearly reflected.

Without words, they both got up and headed toward the bedroom. Gandalf sat on the bed, and Gimli again moved into his arms. Tenderly, Gimli began placing kisses over Gandalf's face. His warm, moist mouth explored the line of the Istar's jaw, fingers curling in and out of Gandalf's beard. The wizard's hands slipped under Gimli's tunics and explored the dwarf's back enjoying the firm muscles. Touching Gimli, he could sense the love and power that must have gone from Aulë into the creation of the dwarves.

Teasing Gandalf with light kisses on his lips, Gimli made a path down to the wizard's chin. His hands pulled the loose robes over Gandalf's head. He paused to help Gandalf remove his undergarments. The wizard quivered both from his own need and the desire he saw in Gimli's eyes.

Gimli smiled as he lowered Gandalf onto his back. Lightly touching the wizard's chest, the dwarf traced a nipple. Gandalf was such a mystery. He could sense the power contained within the body he held so closely. In this room, it did not matter. All that was important was being allowed to reveal the love he felt.

Gimli muttered, "A delight you are," before his lips found Gandalf's right nipple. His tongue began making slow circles around the disc while his fingers were pinching and teasing the other to erectness.

Small nips brought a moan to Gandalf's lips as his fingers grabbed the blankets. Gimli gave the same love to the other side of the wizard's chest, his tongue making patterns around the tip before his teeth nipped gently at it.

Panting from the bliss of Gimli's attentions, Gandalf ran his fingers through his lover's hair. Nothing in his previous experiences quite compared with this: Gimli's hair was soft and so thick that it felt strong like the dwarf himself. The wizard bent one leg. Gimli moved between his legs.

Gimli eased along Gandalf's body, his tongue dipping into the Istar's navel as he began kissing and licking his lover's stomach. His beard lightly brushing the tip of Gandalf's erection made the wizard jerk in anticipation.

Gandalf bent and spread his legs as Gimli eased downward. The dwarf began slowly kissing up the inside of Gandalf's right leg, Gimli stopping in several places to lick and nuzzle. "Glad I am to have you here." he whispered, moving back up between the wizard's legs.

"I'm happy to be..." Gandalf started and then broke off with a cry as Gimli twirled his tongue over the Istar's erection, his beard first and then his hot tongue brushing Gandalf's sacs before beginning a path down the wizard's other leg, exploring and tasting his lover's body. Gimli felt great joy at the blissful sighs and trembling from Gandalf as his lips lingered over the wizard's body. Gandalf's fingers went back to the blankets to steady himself.

Caressing Gandalf's slim hips over and over with firm hands while his lover made small cries of joy, Gimli bestowed a kiss on the wizard's left ankle. Tarrying over each sensitive spot, the dwarf made a path back across the thigh to Gandalf's firm erection. Gandalf whispered Gimli's name as the dwarf's lips finally grazed his shaft. Swirling his tongue over the head and licking slowly over the rigid length, Gimli savoured having his lover back in their shared bed.

Gimli's lips surrounded Gandalf's shaft, sliding with anguishing patience down his entire length. Gandalf arched forward to push himself into Gimli's welcoming mouth. The dwarf's moist tongue twirled around his hard flesh and Gimli began making a low rumble deep in his throat that reverberated throughout the wizard's cock.

Gandalf cried out as waves of pleasure flowed over his arousal. "Gimli," the wizard muttered, desperately desiring for his lover to quicken his pace although he wanted to prolong the agonising sweetness of the building intensity. Gimli knew his body well. He was aware of how fast to go to keep the wizard on the brink of release and exactly when to ease back. Overwhelming need and the urge to bury his cock in the eager mouth caused Gandalf to lift his hips and twine his fingers in Gimli's hair.

Gradually increasing his speed, Gimli tightened his mouth around Gandalf's cock, moving up and down. He cupped the wizard's sacs, brushing his thumb over each one in turn. He had long since learned the pleasure this brought Gandalf as his digits kept circling and caressing. Gimli's beard swept over any area untouched by his fingers.

Gandalf's thoughts went to the image of Gimli's fingers crafting the gem, and he cried his lover's name out. Instantly Gimli swallowed, taking the wizard deep into his throat, his fingers still massaging the drawn sacs. Bliss seized Gandalf, making him breathless as his pleasure erupted from him.

Gimli sucked him deep and hard, taking Gandalf's seed into his throat and swallowing all of it. Only when Gandalf's fingers fell from his hair and the wizard was completely spent did Gimli raise himself to lie next to his lover. He held the wizard closely as Gandalf's breathing slowly returned to normal.

As Gandalf recovered against Gimli, he realised that the dwarf still had his clothes on. The wizard pulled Gimli's tunic up over his head. Gimli's cock was straining hard against the leggings he still wore. While the dwarf loosened the ties, Gandalf's fingers stroked the bulging cloth. Gimli moaned loudly and hurriedly took the rest of his clothing off.

"I want you to take me, Gimli, as you did on our second night together all those years

ago," Gandalf said. He chuckled. "After all, we have now reached the sixtieth anniversary of that wonderful event."

Gimli's breath caught, and he nodded. He reached over to the stone stand. He had carved an opening into the side and a touch in the right place would reveal a holding place for oil and cloths. Grabbing the bottle, he moved next to Gandalf.

Spreading his legs wide in loving invitation, Gandalf watched as Gimli removed the stopper. The dwarf soon had oil covering his fingers, ready to slide inside Gandalf's tiny entrance. Gimli began gently sliding a slick finger into the tight heat. Curling his finger, he treasured the way Gandalf arched against him and moaned. Carefully he eased another finger inside the snug passage, scissoring.

Gandalf moaned as Gimli probed deeper, stroking and nudging the small rise that sent fire through his body. He bucked against Gimli's hand, his cock starting to harden again.

Breathlessly Gimli asked, "More?" When Gandalf nodded, Gimli slid a third finger in, stretching and preparing. Gandalf relished the full feeling, panting with the expectation that soon Gimli would replace his thick fingers with his stiff shaft. His own member was rigid with desire again.

"Gimli.we've waited long enough!" Gandalf said.

Easing his fingers out, Gimli moved up. He rubbed oil over his needy erection while sharing a kiss with his lover. He shifted back down, placing his rigid flesh at the wizards' entrance.

Gandalf put his legs over the dwarf's shoulders, moaning as the thick cock breached his muscle.

Gimli began a slow glide into his lover, stopping to allow Gandalf to relax around him each time he sensed the slight tension caused by pain. The passage felt wonderfully tight and hot around his cock. He concentrated on holding himself still at each pause. Finding a pillow, he clenched his fingers in it.

Taking deep breaths, Gandalf stroked his lover's arms as he tried to accept Gimli's width. When he was ready for his lover to move forward again, he grasped the dwarf's arms and pulled.

Gimli ceased again when he was half way sheathed. Caressing Gandalf's chest, he gave the wizard time to adjust. Gimli concentrated on massaging the firm body underneath him, resisting the urge to plunge inside the gripping channel deeply and quickly.

Gandalf gasped over and over. Despite the discomfort, he loved the feeling of completeness that Gimli always gave him. He could tell that Gimli was using a great deal of restraint; he saw the need for more in the dwarf's eyes. The wizard yearned for more as well. He pushed against his lover, inviting him to bury himself completely. He moaned again, from pure pleasure this time, as Gimli slid fully inside him, the soft hair at the base of dwarf's cock brushing against his balls.

Thrusting gently at first, Gimli increased his force at Gandalf's urging. Bracing the small of Gandalf's back with his arm, Gimli was able to enter the wizard at a deeper angle. Stroking his lover's firm erection with one hand, Gimli was emitting throaty cries as he pounded fervently into the wizard's welcoming body. He shifted to hit that one area of pleasure, knowing that he had succeeded when Gandalf cried out and rode him harder. Gimli's cock rubbed over the ridge inside Gandalf with each hard thrust. He kept a steady rhythm with the wizard's erection, brushing his thumb over the tip on each upward stroke.

Gandalf's body tightened and shuddered as Gimli twisted his wrist slightly at the top of his cock. Intense pleasure claimed him and he tightened around the thick shaft inside him. The wizard's seed surged across Gimli's hand inciting the dwarf to his own powerful release. Spilling far inside the heated passage, Gimli cried out with joy.

After carefully withdrawing, Gimli collapsed next to Gandalf's side. They were both still for awhile before Gimli reached for the cloths. Using the water that had been left for drinking, Gimli cleaned them both.

Once Gimli had finished and laid back down to rest beside him, Gandalf moved into his arms and put his head on Gimli's chest. He watched the fire light play across the bed as minutes passed in the bliss of closeness. Gimli's fingers gently rubbed his back.

Despite the peace and satiation that the two shared, Gandalf's thoughts eventually went irresistibly to his misgivings over the ring. If he was right, what would be the results for Erebor? He lightly moved his fingers first through Gimli's beard and then his chest hair as he reflected. If he were honest, his concerns for Gimli fretted him, too. Gandalf was aware that Gimli was considered a warrior by his people now. Gloin had bragged over his son's passing the rituals so much that Gimli had, after casting a glance at Gandalf and receiving a brief nod, got up and gone home due to embarrassment.

Gandalf wondered what changes a war would make with his kind and generally peaceful friend. He stroked Gimli's chest, and let his fingers glide over nipples. Gimli was rubbing the back of his neck, and Gandalf leaned into the touch. The wizard knew that all his worrying over changes a war might make in his friend's personality was a mask for his real fear: that of losing Gimli. He was very aware that Gimli was mortal and he would face the dwarf's demise one day. He had always told himself, however, that Gimli would most likely live for many years until the dwarf was very old. The idea that war would sweep upon Erebor and cause Gandalf to lose his lover when Gimli was still young made his heart ache and troubled his mind greatly.

Gimli felt he knew Gandalf well enough to discern when the wizard's musings turned to unpleasant subjects. There were enough signs of it. The very slight tensing, the breathing that was no longer completely relaxed, and most telling the occasional tightening of his friend's hand in the beard or across the chest. This, Gimli thought, was one of the many reasons he loved Gandalf. Even when plagued by disturbing reflections, Gandalf was never thoughtless. No matter how wild their lovemaking had got at times, Gimli had always known that Gandalf's awareness and care was present and that there would never be any unwanted hurt from him. Gandalf's hand might tighten in Gimli's beard, but he would not pull or hurt even when his attention was on some issue that bothered him.

"We have several options, my friend. Do you need to continue your line of thought, do you want to talk about it, or perhaps..." Gimli slid his hands lower to caress Gandalf's hips, "you'd like to be distracted?"

Gandalf smiled, and looked up into Gimli's eyes. It was no wonder that he valued his lover so much. Gimli studied him as carefully as any gem-work the dwarf did. He could not recall anyone putting such scrutiny into their relationship with him. I am comparing again.

"I think a distraction would be nice." He moved up to share the pillow with Gimli.

Gimli brushed his lips gently against Gandalf's. The wizard closed his eyes as Gimli opened his lips to allow the kiss to deepen. Gandalf's tongue caressed his lover's tenderly as it probed inside his mouth.

Gandalf sighed happily, feeling the slight stirring in his loins. His body recognised and enjoyed the taste of his lover. Gimli was rubbing his back in a soothing motion while his lover's other hand cupped his chin, his fingers busy moving through Gandalf's beard.

Sucking gently on Gandalf's bottom lip, Gimli's dark eyes met the wizard's grey ones. When Gimli paused, the wizard captured his lips and plunged deeply into the willing mouth. Gimli made a small sound of contentment. Gandalf was pleased when the dwarf pulled him closer and he felt Gimli's hardness move against his own arousal.

Thoughts of the ring and war were forgotten in renewed passion.

The end