Boundaries Crossed

by Sarah

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli

Summary: The sequel to Barriers Broken. The story deals with the time of the Quest and afterwards.

Disclaimer: Tolkien owns them. I make no money on my story. I claim only the original characters and ideas.

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Warnings: Slash. Sex between two males.

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Chapter 10

Gandalf pulled a chair up to look out of the archway in his chambers. Gimli was with his father sharing an early breakfast and private conversation before Gloin left Rivendell. The Maia sighed softly. Even if it meant finally defeating Sauron and ridding Middle-earth of the Shadow that had plagued it for so long, Gandalf was not happy about the war. So much grief would follow in the wake of such a destructive enterprise. Loved ones parting in sorrow and waiting through the interminable anxiety for news, only to face the possibility of never reuniting in this life at all.

A new day was coming to Rivendell. The sun was peeking over the horizon. Dawn had just arrived, and the fresh, clear light kissed the trees and played among the bushes. A squirrel was running about under a tree, busily hunting autumn's bounty in preparation for winter.

Gandalf heard the thump of the door closing and the fall of the latch. He stood up and pulled the doors of the archway shut. Crossing the room, he gathered Gimli in his arms. Gandalf was unsure of how to comfort Gimli, but he did remember that his lover had wanted to be in his arms the last time the dwarf had been distressed. "We have an hour before the main..."

Gimli said at the same time, "There is an hour still before..."

They both laughed.

Once in the bedroom and in bed, Gandalf pulled Gimli close. "I realise it was not easy."

Gimli smiled at him. "It wasn't. He told me that if I must die I should do so with honour."

Gandalf understood this statement from Gloin, but he did not like it.

Gimli grinned at Gandalf's expression. "He also told me that he loved me and was proud of me. He gave me the traditional blessing my people recite." The dwarf doubted that an outsider had ever been told the words of the blessing or even that there was one, but he had disclosed many things to Gandalf before.

"May your feet stand firmly on the earth during each battle. May you be like a mountain and survive the war unscathed. Keep your heart untouched by evil and never allow it to be shadowed with bitterness. May you return home unharmed to bring happiness to those that wait with longing for presence. May Mahal guard and watch over each step and every breath you take. May he remember his people in this time of strife."

"I like that a great deal, Gimli. I was not aware that your people had such a benediction."

Gimli's fingers traced Gandalf's face gently. "Does no one give you such a blessing?" When the wizard shook his head, the dwarf replied, "Then I will." He kissed Gandalf's forehead.

Holding the wizard's gaze, he started, "As you have given others hope, may you always find encouragement when you need it. May your days of comfort and ease be more than the days of hardship that you've endured for Middle-earth."

Gimli recalled Gandalf's fondness for his heat and continued, "When the nights are cold, may cherished memories bring warmth. May you walk in the light and find joy in it."

Saruman came to mind and Gimli said, "May your friends always greatly outnumber your enemies. Let your heart remain as kind as it has always been, and may it never be overwhelmed with grief. "

Gimli took a quick breath. What he was about to say brought hurt. "May all your goals succeed and you arrive safely home. For all the times of loneliness you have experienced may there be far more times of happiness in a loved one's arms."

He was stung by the knowledge that the wizard would leave and that this lover would not be him but perhaps the elf that had been so intent on questioning him. His voice shook a little but he went on, "May you be loved with a deep, abiding love. May the Valar guard and protect you forever."

Gandalf's eyes had filled with tears. "Gimli, my beloved, when I go home I do not have to keep this 'package,' as you so eloquently called my body once. I love you, and I am not taking another lover. I will see you again in Mandos Hall. And you will tell me how long and full your life was. After I depart perhaps you will marry and have many children."

Gimli was shaking his head, and Gandalf caressed his face, fingers working underneath the beard to stroke a firm chin. "Love, it is not the same. I will not be bothered by bodily needs. You will. Maybe you will find your one when I am gone."

Gimli's eyes glistened with unshed tears. "I desire no one but you. And I want you to be loved."

The wizard understood these feelings very well. "I am loved. Gimli, my dwarf, have you thought about why I am not your one?"

Gandalf had long ago come to his own conclusions about why he was not. He felt hurt over it now, and yet for Gimli's sake he was glad. Gimli deserved a lover who could hold him closely each night instead of one that was gone more often than not.

"Aye. We are apart too much, and for long years we had others in our lives. There has never been enough time for us to belong solely to each other."

"Yes, and there is another factor that I believe is part of it. There are things I've never revealed to you, but when you find your one there will no secrets, only a time of discovery. You love me enough that you can desire love for me, even though you fear that you will not be the one to give me that care. I can cherish you enough to want you to have a full life. We were friends long before we ever became lovers. When you reside in Mandos Halls the friendship will be there waiting, and it will be richer for the love that abides with it.

"I would be happy if you found your one after I leave, for that will bring your heart ease. You know how to nurture a love and help it grow. You can use that knowledge to enrich the love you share with your one. Keep the devotion you have for me in your heart as a treasure, and I will do the same for you. It will be sad if you never meet your one, but if you do I do not wish to be a barrier to you."

Gazing deeply into eyes darkened with sorrow, Gandalf asked, "Promise me that you will not let your love for me prevent your heart from finding its home."

"I will try to do as you desire. That is all I can vow. In return I would like for you to agree that when you are lonely you will recall how I longed for you to be loved, even if that person is not me. You speak of bodily needs, yet can not the spirit be lonely?"

"It can, but I will have many friends. Yet I will remember your words. As I expect you to remember mine!" he said as fiercely as he could, and Gimli despite eyes shining with tears laughed.

Gandalf hugged him and said, "I desired to comfort you after your farewell with your father!"

"Then we will be solace to each other." Gimli leaned over and brushed his lips across the wizard's. Opening for Gimli, the Istar whimpered as his lover's tongue slipped in. Gandalf's fingers wandered over Gimli's lightly furred chest, relishing the softness and the hard muscles underneath. They glided down to rub the dwarf's stomach.

Tenderly Gimli massaged the wizard's tongue with his own, pouring all the love he felt for Gandalf into each caress. One hand moved over his beloved's body, delighting in the slender form. He lovingly stroked the side of Gandalf's face as they kissed.

Gandalf enclosed Gimli in his arms, savouring the feel of the firm flesh against his skin. Gimli's tongue flitted and darted inside his mouth, tasting and touching. The touch of the gliding wet muscle brought fullness to the wizard's cock, and he moaned. Slipping his hand between legs that spread instantly for him, Gandalf wrapped his fingers around Gimli's rigid member, causing the dwarf to groan.

Gasping for breath, they separated. Gimli trailed kisses down the wizard's throat. Moving on to lave a nipple with his tongue, loving when the tip hardened under the heated lick and Gandalf shifted upwards into his caress. Lightly running his teeth over first one erect nub and then the other, each of his lover's soft sighs of pleasure producing a surging throb of desire throughout Gimli's cock.

The wizard's fingers strayed down Gimli's penis to find the sac underneath. As the Istar's digits began to slowly caress, Gimli's tongue circled the pebbled nipple under him, relishing the unique taste of his lover and the rapidly beating heart. Gimli switched to its match and licked across the nub and around the disc. He suckled softly upon one erect nipple, hearing the breathless moan that accompanied his actions. He ran his hand slowly along the Istar's stomach and down over Gandalf's slim hips to finally settle over the swell of his lover's rigid member.

Gandalf's fingers found his lover's waist, and he arched his chest into the dwarf's working mouth. Leaning over, the Istar gave a wide lick to Gimli's straining member, collecting the drops from the slit. With a soft cry, Gimli stilled. The wizard stroked his lover's beard, and when the dwarf glanced at him, he smiled and said, "Have me."

There was no answer from Gimli except for the sudden hitch in breath. His eyes met the wizard's and beholding the love there, Gimli's heart felt joy. "Love you." Reaching for Gandalf's beard, he slowly let his fingers glide from the top down to the very end. "Beautiful." he muttered. His fingers then traced Gandalf's lips, "Delightful!" He marked a path over the Istar's eyebrows, "Enticing." Down the digits went to fondle the wizard's peaked nipples, a soft gasp from Gimli before he said, "Arousing."

Scooting down, Gimli brushed the wizard's erection with his tongue, licking and swirling it across the swollen head. "Wonderful!" First bestowing long licks down the shaft, then giving tiny daubs to the seeping slit, Gimli felt the wizard tremble under him.

Gimli sat up to snatch the bottle on the stand, his cock throbbing relentlessly between his legs. Gandalf ran his hand over Gimli's chest, relishing the soft hair under his fingertips, "Firm, heated and enthralling!" The dwarf smiled happily at him, and the wizard knew that he would never love anyone as much as he cherished this being.

As Gimli poured the oil over his fingers, Gandalf spread his legs in invitation. He drew his knees up, exposing the small puckered opening to Gimli's yearning eyes.

Moving between the legs held wide apart for him, the dwarf gently circled the waiting entrance with his finger. It trembled under his touch, and the wizard moaned. Then Gandalf cried out as he was taken into the heat of his lover's mouth, his back arched off the bed, and he gripped the sheets.

Gimli inhaled the whole length of his lover's cock. His lips pulled tight around the hard shaft and tucked over his teeth. His nose brushed Gandalf's quivering abdomen. His fingers tenderly caressed the white curls around the wizard's cock, expressing their delight in the soft hair. It was not as thick as the dwarf's own, but Gimli relished the feel of silken skin under the hair. He sighed around the thick penis in his mouth, and the wizard cried out softly as the deep breath reverberated along his shaft.

Twirling his tongue over the head of Gandalf's erection, Gimli joyfully tasted his lover. Tenderly, he traced the outline of Gandalf's opening before sliding the digit inside. Twisting it, he glided the finger back and forth out of the tight passage. His shaft pulsed in eagerness to explore the channel grasping his finger. With a free finger, he caressed Gandalf's sac.

Gandalf gave cries of delight and thrust into the liquid heat of his lover's mouth.

Gimli moved his mouth up and down on the hard flesh, while at the same time working a second digit into the snug heat. Crooking his fingers, he found the spot that had the wizard pressing down on his digits with a moan of sheer pleasure. Gimli whimpered with the need to lose himself in the velvety passage of his lover's body.

Gandalf's fingers entwined into Gimli's hair as his lover sucked on his hard member, swallowing ardently with every twitch of his cock. "Gimli, that feels fabulous!"

Gimli slipped a third finger in, scissoring and preparing the wizard to take his shaft. Continuing to suck lightly and fondle the nub inside Gandalf, he elicited cries of pleasure from the writhing Istar. Gently Gimli removed his fingers, and gave a lingering lick to the wizard's rigid flesh. Drizzling oil on his arousal, he panted with excitement. His eyes took in Gandalf treasuring the signs of passion. The wizard's lips were parted as he breathed deeply, his hands were clenching the sheets, and his cock weeping so with need that it left a pearly trail across his stomach. Gimli moaned at the delightful vision of his aroused lover.

Gimli moved between his lover's legs, positioning himself at the pulsing portal. Slowly he breached his lover, keeping one hand on Gandalf's stomach in order to sense any strain. Pressing forward, he slid into the wizard, his groan concordant with his lover's.

As the wide head of Gimli's shaft entered Gandalf, feelings of love and contentment welled up inside the wizard. Wrapping his legs around the dwarf, he gripped Gimli's hips tugging and urging him to move.

Gimli thrust forward until he was deeply embedded inside the hot channel. "You feel so good," he whispered to his lover.

Gandalf whimpered, and pushed back, silently asking Gimli to continue.

Gimli began to thrust gently, shifting his angle, and suddenly Gandalf cried out loudly as that special spot was brushed over. The wizard clenched his muscles around Gimli, and the dwarf's cry joined his own.

Slowly Gimli drew almost completely from that clinging, gripping channel, only to glide back into his lover just as languidly. Gimli closed his eyes, luxuriating in the silky texture of the passage, the quivering of the muscles as he set an unhurried pace. Sliding his piercing length over that one area on each thrust forward and again on every pull back, Gandalf's cries of joy was music to his heart.

Gandalf's fingers tugged on Gimli's waist, and at his urging the dwarf began to plunge deeper and harder into the writhing body of his lover. Grasping his lover's cock, he stroked Gandalf in unity with his own hard thrusts.

Gandalf yelped as broad fingers enclosed his straining, weeping flesh. Over and over Gimli pierced him deeply as the dwarf's firm grip moved over his erection. His body thrummed with excited tension as his lover's cock hit the nub inside him, sending rapture throughout him. Gandalf's sac constricted ready, then with a howl of completion, he was shooting hot seed between their stomachs and bucking wildly beneath Gimli.

The tight ring of muscles squeezed Gimli's cock with powerful spasms, and the dwarf unleashed his passion with a strangled groan of delight, his body convulsing and shuddering. His own voice singing with that of his lover in a cry of release, his seed spilling into the quivering passage.

They lay pressed together quietly, and then Gimli eased out and moved over to rest next to the wizard. Gandalf pulled the dwarf into his arms. After awhile, Gimli wetted cloths and cleaned them both.

Gandalf held Gimli close. His thoughts went to their conversation before loving. When the day arrived when they had to part, he would be leaving the person he loved most of all. His one, for he would love no one else as he did Gimli. They had shared so much together. He remembered when he first saw the dwarf long ago. He had been visiting with the dwarves. He had settled into the rooms they had given him. There had been a quiet hurried tap on the door. When the wizard opened the door, he found himself looking down at the first dwarven child he had ever seen. The dwarves guarded their children carefully, and Gandalf knew that this one should not be at his door. Serious brown eyes had regarded him. Before he could say anything, the little boy announced, "I am Gimli. I heard father say you were here, and I was curious about what a wizard looks like." He had then openly stared at the Istar.

Gandalf had given him a little while and then inquired, "Well, young fellow. You've seen me now. What do you think?"

The dark eyes had flashed with excited approval, and Gimli had answered, "I'm going to have a beard just like yours when I grow up!"

Then, after glancing furtively around the passageway, he had said, "I had best go. I am supposed to be asleep. If Mama looks in on me and finds me missing, she will worry." Anxiously he asked, "You won't tell, will you?"

"I won't mention it."

Gimli had started to dash off but had turned back, "Thank you!"

"You are welcome." Gandalf had said and laughing had closed the door.

Now as the wizard moved to rest against Gimli's chest, he wondered how old the dwarf had been then and if Gimli remembered that day. Gandalf had had many things occupying his mind since that time, and the minor event had been pushed aside. Gandalf reflected that even as a child Gimli was willing to overlook custom. The Istar's fingers went to Gimli's beard, and he grinned. Not like his own beard at all. "You have a fine beard, Gimli."

"Thank you."

Gandalf smiled. His lover's voice had deepened over the years.

The Maia's fingers weaved through Gimli's hair now. He had thought of it as reddish-brown when Gimli had arrived at his door that evening. Yet that seemed an inaccurate description. Auburn, perhaps, was better, but even that was inadequate. Brown intermingled with red. The brown was like a polished chesnut, the red was fiery and brought to mind Mahal's furnace.

"Gimli, do you recall when we first met?"

"Aye, you never told on me." Gimli rubbed the wizard's back. "That was the beginning of trust for us. I sneaked back to my home, almost getting caught once, and went to sleep secure in my faith that you would not inform father of my mischief."

Gandalf smiled up at him. "I was unsure if you would remember. How old were you?"

"Two weeks past my twelfth birthday and very proud of it." Gimli chuckled. "I thought quite highly of myself for months afterwards. The other children were curious, too, but none of them were willing to risk parents' ire or venture into the upper hall ways and face the unknown wizard. At least, not that I was aware of. I never told anyone myself. It was my own secret. And yours. I still admire your beard." He smiled.

"You were the only one. You were much older the next time I saw you."

"Aye, three months shy of being of age. I was old enough that I was no longer required to report my whereabouts to my parents. I was expected to be home for meals and to do the work that was assigned to me, but any free time was mine to do as I wish. I had spent the afternoon with some friends outside the caverns. We were returning and went past the stables. I heard a stranger's voice and turned aside."

Gandalf remembered that time, too. "And there you formally introduced yourself. I did not know if you had forgotten that first meeting or were not commenting on it due to the presence of other dwarves."

"I did not bring it up because of the others and because I imagined that you would not remember. What is one small lad after all?"

"A brave and curious child. One who knew what he wanted and was willing to try to achieve it." Gandalf recalled how Gimli, overhearing the arrangements being made the day they had formally met, had said, "Could you not give him the third chamber, Edurin? That first one must surely be drafty as it is not built as well, being one of the older guard rooms. The wind is becoming bitterly cold. The other quarters have a much bigger fireplace and are farther from the main gate."

Gimli had visited the wizard shortly afterwards and had been happy to find a roaring fire in the hearth. He had stayed to talk with Gandalf, and the two had quickly become friends.

Gimli stroked the soft, white hair of his lover. "It took Erebor, though, to bring us this close. I will always remember the night you arrived so tired and the decisions I made then. Both to make myself responsible for your comfort while you were among us and to explore whether the trust between us could be deepened so I could help you be part of our culture. We dwarves are not reclusive solely to be secretive. It is done, as you know, for the protection of our families. It was a bit scary to think that I was going to break a long standing custom. I had to be very sure, and I was, soon enough." His fingers massaged the wizard's back and tenderly played with Gandalf's hair as he spoke.

Gandalf hugged Gimli. "It took me awhile to feel as secure in your love for me, too. I recall sitting by a fire one night on the way to Erebor and feeling so happy because I knew you were only a day away. I realised that I was slowly letting my defenses down with you. You never pressed me to reveal what I did not wish to yet you brought me ever closer."

Gimli kissed the top of Gandalf's head, looking down in satisfaction at his lover. "I remember the first hug. That was before Erebor. You had been gone so long, and I came into your chambers, and I did not even think about it. I just grabbed you into a hug. It was sheer joy at seeing you again, but my next thought was that I was being bold. Yet..." his lips showered kisses on Gandalf's upturned face. "You welcomed me into your embrace. It felt so right and good. I almost wish we had become lovers sooner, but I think the love is richer for having the years of friendship first."

Gandalf reminisced, "I agree. I am glad that we had the time as friends and then the years when we were lovers. I am grateful for both." He sighed in contentment. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

They quietly shared happy memories until the bell rang for the morning meal.