Boundaries Crossed

by Sarah

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli

Rating: NC-17

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Warnings: Slash. Sex between two males.

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Summary: The sequel to Barriers Broken. The story deals with the time of the Quest and afterwards.

Chapter 11

It was a week after the company left Rivendell, and Legolas was at the back of the party with the pony. He had his reasons for wanting to be with the animal, and he needed some time to think. His emotions had been swirling inside him like leaves in an autumn wind. He did not like the restless sense of unease in his spirit. He glanced at Frodo. He supposed some of it could be blamed on that which the hobbit carried, but he did not deem that it was the cause.

His gaze went to where Gandalf was in an earnest conversation with Gimli. Legolas frowned. What did the two of them find to talk about so often? What did one discuss with a dwarf anyway? He could not even decide how to begin a discussion. The others did not seem to find Gimli so difficult, but then, Legolas mused, it was easier for them. One evening Gimli had spent over an hour talking about how to defend a city with Boromir. Yet he had quieted as soon as Legolas had got closer to them.

Legolas understood. As he was one of Thranduil's folk, Gimli felt he had to be more on his guard with Legolas. Still the archer had felt slighted. And that, Legolas thought, brings me back to the other problem.

Uncomfortable feelings.

Gandalf was with Aragorn now. And it was with the wizard that most of Legolas' unsettled feelings resided. He had known the Istar for a long time, but it only been in the last hundred years that those emotions had started to change.

A sunny day by the river had stirred the first affections to life. Gandalf had been sitting by the bank when Legolas happened upon him. The elf had started to leave, assuming that the wizard desired quiet, but Gandalf had motioned for him to stay. They had spent hours talking. Before they had departed the little glade, they had become friends.

After that Legolas looked forward eagerly to each of the wizard's rare visits. There had not been too many times for them to sit and talk together, but Legolas had enjoyed each occasion. And with every visit Legolas' desire to know the wizard better had grown. He admired Gandalf's steady, unwavering hope. The archer often felt that his life had been an unending battle against the Shadow. The wizard brought renewed optimism to his spirit, and slowly Legolas had begun to love not just the cheer Gandalf gave but the Istar himself.

Legolas recalled one year that he had been especially disheartened. He had arrived back home, tired and discouraged. The patrol he had been with had battled both orcs and spiders. Legolas sensed that the Shadow was increasing and he had experienced a dismay unlike any he had felt before. He was growing weary of the relentless fight against the darkness. He had passed the hall of gathering, and his spirit rose at the sight of Gandalf sitting quietly in the corner with his pipe. He had hurried to the wizard's side. Before the night was old, he had unburdened his heart to the Istar.

Gandalf had listened quietly to him, making a few gentle comments that had bolstered the archer's spirit. He had stated that he would be staying in Mirkwood for a week. The Maia had requested that Legolas show him some of the warrior's favourite woodland paths.

Legolas had not seen a reason for this because he imagined that the wizard probably knew Mirkwood well. Still, he had readily agreed, as it meant more time in Gandalf's company.

They had spent a pleasant windy autumn day walking in the woods, and Legolas pointed out many things that he loved of his home.

As they had headed back to the fortress under a cloudy sky, Gandalf had said, "You are fighting for all that you happily shared with me today, my friend. Remember it when your heart is downcast."

Legolas had never forgotten, both the lesson and the friend who had graciously given it. He had reminded himself of it each time the Shadow seemed to grow close to his heart.

Legolas patted the pony and spoke soft words to him. His mind went back to another incident that had brought him close to the wizard. He had a mare that he loved. She was a gentle beast, and he never took her on patrol. Instead, she was for the peaceful excursions.

Twenty years ago, she had been giving birth for the first time, and it had not been going well. The colt did not come after many long hours of the mare's labour, and Legolas could sense that she was nearing the end of her strength and giving up. The babe she was carrying was becoming stressed. Legolas could tell that he needed to be born very soon.

Exhausted and with tears in his eyes, Legolas was leaning against the stall door when Gandalf arrived. It had been over five years since Legolas had seen the wizard last, but in his grief he could barely manage a greeting.

Gandalf had quickly grasped the situation. He had spoken to the mare as Legolas had observed with eyes bleared with tears. Then he had said, "Legolas, she is ready to try again."

Shortly afterwards, the foal had been born. Once it was clear that both the mother and the baby would be fine, Legolas had looked around for Gandalf, but the Istar had left for his chambers.

Legolas had hurriedly found him and had tried to express his overwhelming gratitude. Gandalf, however, had not wanted credit. "You would have regained your willpower and talked to her again soon enough. It was love for you that made her continue."

Yet Legolas believed with all his heart that he would have lost both the mare and the colt if it had not been for Gandalf's timely arrival. Legolas had been devoted to the wizard since that day.

His father had gently advised him to attempt to place his heart elsewhere. He had said, "Legolas, no one can have claim on a wizard. He will always have goals that take him away from you. There are many who would look upon your attentions favourably. Try to guide your heart in another direction."

His family had even introduced him to those whom they hoped Legolas might love. Legolas had tried for awhile but his heart refused to be persuaded to settle elsewhere.

Ten years earlier, a party one night in a forest meadow had opened Legolas' heart to the burgeoning feelings of love even more. He had been talking to the wizard, and Gandalf had mentioned that he was only staying for three days. He desired to be in Erebor before the middle of the month. Legolas had realised as the words were being spoken that he did not want Gandalf to leave, and with that revelation came the knowledge of a dawning love. So before he could think about it and lose his courage, Legolas had asked the Istar if he desired company for the night.

Gandalf had politely replied, "I cannot accept your kind offer. My heart recognises only one, and to that lover I am committed."

Legolas had experienced sorrow, but he was glad that he knew before his emotions became far deeper. He had tried to remain friends with the wizard while preventing his heart from feeling anything stronger. It had worked very well, or so he had assumed. They had remained friends, and Legolas' heart was safe.

Now Legolas wondered if all those beginning emotions had simply been buried like an ember in a fireplace, just waiting to be stirred to a blaze. Being around the wizard constantly seemed to be providing the fuel for feelings he would rather not have.

Seven days. It had only been one week of being in Gandalf's presence, and Legolas was starting to fear where his heart longed to go.

As he walked along next to the pony, Legolas sighed. No matter what he might prefer, each step of the Quest seemed to draw him closer to Gandalf. He loved listening to the wizard talk, he liked the Istar's stories, Gandalf's laughter gave his own heart joy, and he enjoyed just being near the Maia.

It was definitely not a wise course for his heart, Legolas concluded. He rather envied this lover that Gandalf was faithful to. The wizard had spoken of the person with such love. Whoever he or she was, they were very fortunate. He wondered what it would be like to have the wizard address him with such dedication. Legolas recalled the day by the lake with Gandalf. The wizard's eyes were so dark, and yet sunlight seemed to dance in them.

Legolas roused himself from his sad thoughts. He remembered something that he had planned to do. He took a small sack from his pack and began to drop it into Frodo's.

"You are going to get caught doing that if you are not more careful."

Aggravated at being so distracted that someone could actually cause him to startle, Legolas replied, "I would have been more careful had I thought your eyesight warranted it." He added the food to Frodo's supply.

"Perhaps you should use those very pointed ears for hearing, and then you would not have to concern yourself with my eyesight."

Legolas slowly removed his hand from the hobbit's pack and considered this statement. He glanced over at Gimli. The dwarf was studying the ground and Legolas grinned. He's as proud of his words to me as I am of mine to him.

"I may not be so good with my ears, Master dwarf, but my eyes have seen you add food to Merry's pack. Maybe we should use your hearing and my eyesight and see to it that neither of us gets caught." Legolas made sure there was no arrogance in his tone this time, only amusement and a willingness to overlook both their insults.

Gimli smiled. "It might be successful if we do not try to talk to each other."

Legolas laughed. "Yes, we both seem to have trouble with our tongues. I would say that I'd retract the comment about your vision if you'd take back the remark about my ears, but I'm not sure it works both ways.

"Boromir has been adding food to Pippin's daily supply. I have not noticed Gandalf..." He paused at Gimli's expression. "You've caught Gandalf doing so?"

Gimli would not tell on the wizard, but he did not have to. His eyes met Legolas', and the elf laughed again.

"So the only person not guilty of these acts is Aragorn. As far as we know. What do you think? Should we watch a certain human more closely? With your ears and my eyes, he should not go uncaught." Legolas teased.

"Aye. I suspect that if he is giving the hobbits food, he is doing so during one of the night watches. I thought that would prevent anyone noticing, but as you have caught me, it is plain that is not true."

"Nay. One could never be sure that everyone is asleep. Yet if I do not focus on my surroundings instead of pondering matters, I will be discovered."

"I only guessed what you might be doing because Sam asked me if Gandalf had stated whether we were stopping long enough to hunt or not. And I glanced back. Would have left you alone but Merry was going to come and ask you if there was game in the area, and I volunteered to instead. So now you have to give me an answer, for I am not going to face four hobbits with nought to say!"

Legolas grinned. "You can inform them that my pointed ears have perceived little in the way of food, but if we stop long enough my eyes might be able to attain something to fill hungry stomachs."

They both laughed.

Despite both of them observing the packs, they still had not spied Aragorn sneaking food into the hobbits' pack by the time they had arrived in Hollin.

They had begun to learn to converse with each other. Gimli could not help but feel that Legolas was strange. The elf talked to trees, he spoke to the pony, he sang to the wind.

Gimli wondered if there was anything the elf would not chatter to. Once Gimli said, "I believe you'd go sing to a rock if given the slightest encouragement!"

Legolas had replied, "I will leave the rock-singing to dwarves!"

Neither of them had been irate at the other, but Merry and Pippin had turned and stared at them, and that had brought a halt to the jesting.

As they made a camp in Hollin that afternoon, Gimli reckoned that they had done well, considering that he could not bring himself to completely forget Legolas' father's actions toward his own parent. Hearing his name, Gimli turned his attention to Gandalf.

The wizard was telling Aragorn, "Gimli will go with me. He and I will take turns bathing. We may be gone awhile, but I expect to be given privacy. Use your judgment but give us plenty of time before you worry. I have several matters I wish to discuss with Gimli." Gandalf was aware that most of the company would assume that Gimli, being a dwarf, desired solitude and as he and the Istar were close friends he did not mind the Maia going with him.

Gandalf sat by the stream and watched as Gimli slipped off a shirt. The dwarf pushed the tunic into the water and dropped two rocks onto each edge of the garment. Gandalf asked, "Were you quarrelling with Legolas today?"


It was an answer that the wizard was glad of, but it was not, he reflected, very informative. Gimli and Legolas conducted most of their conversations out of the wizard's hearing. He glanced at Gimli. The dwarf was undoing his braids, and Gandalf quickly looked away. He did not wish to become aroused. He doubted Gimli would consent to loving here despite the heavy covering of bush and trees. He was debating in which direction to take the discussion when Gimli asked, "Why did you think Legolas and I were arguing?"

"You both fell behind the group and lowered your voices. I overheard one of the hobbits claim that..." Gandalf paused. "I cannot imagine you stating such a thing, but they seem to believe that you told Legolas to go sing to a rock. I would have just assumed that they did not hear you correctly, but I noticed Legolas glancing at you before he mentioned the rocks lamenting the elves that are gone." Gandalf heard the sound of pouring water.

Gimli doused water over his head and chuckled. No wonder Merry and Pip had stared at them. "I said that he would go sing to a rock if he was given encouragement, and so he would! But we were joking, and there was no argument. We both seem to have a habit of irritating each other, and I would not be honest with you if I said otherwise. We've had to start conversations over and begin again more than once. But no major discord."

Legolas might not appreciate it, but Gimli was not going to keep so minor a secret from Gandalf. Getting the soap, he said, "We are not behind the group, so we can disagree. We take care of the pony when Sam lets us because..." Gimli poured more water and then commenced to clean his hair and beard, "We sneak some of our day's portion of food into the hobbits' packs. And before you protest, my beloved, remember that they are not warriors, Pip is not of age, and Frodo..."

Gimli did not continue but grinning said, "Besides we have seen you do so, too! Boromir often does. We have not observed Aragorn doing so, but we are positive he is, also. I do not know how much the rest of you are adding to their daily supply, but Legolas and I are careful not to make it obvious that there is more." Gimli thoroughly worked the soap into his hair and picked up the jug to rinse.

Gandalf smiled. He had watched Aragorn add something to Frodo's pack yesterday. The wizard stole a fleeting glance at Gimli, who was busy rinsing his hair. "Good! I would like Legolas and you to be friends!"

Gimli finished with his hair and slipped his second shirt off. Removing the stones from the first one, he began to wring water from the garment. He thought over what Gandalf had said. He could see many reasons why the wizard would want him to be friends with the elf. It would certainly aid the Fellowship.

Twisting the shirt, Gimli concluded that he was not so sure that he wanted to be friends with Thranduil's son. He could imagine the scene very well. He would just go back to Erebor and declare to his father, "I'm not only deeply in love with an outsider, but I've become good friends with Thranduil's son."

That would not be received very well, Gimli deduced. Gloin wanted his son to conduct himself properly, but Gimli doubted his father would appreciate anything else. Gloin accepted his relationship with Gandalf, but his parent might very well feel that asking for tolerance concerning Thranduil's son was taking things too far.

Gimli took off his undergarment, leaving his chest bare. He weighted the second shirt with the rocks and then proceeded to lay the other out. He was conscious of Gandalf's swift glances at him. There were, Gimli understood, many other motives the wizard might have for wanting him to be friends with Legolas.

One of them brought up an issue that Gimli had been struggling with since Rivendell. He hated it that all the elves in the valley had been acquainted with Gandalf far longer than he had. It was becoming a nagging, constant upset. One he tried to ignore. He and Gandalf would soon have their seventieth anniversary of being lovers, and Gimli hoped the day would ease some of the jealous feelings. He had no confidence in it, though. He had known the wizard longer than most of the fellowship. Yet the agitation remained, and some of it centred on Legolas. Gimli had quickly realised that Legolas was very fond of Gandalf. It was apparent every time the elf looked at the wizard.

Using a cloth to clean his chest, Gimli asked, "Why do you want Legolas and me to be friends? Were you lovers once?"

Gimli winced, ceased bathing and shut his eyes. He had not meant to state his thoughts out loud. "I am sorry!"

Gandalf was speechless. Not just at Gimli's words but at his own reaction to it which came far too close to happiness for his comfort. He recalled one day in Rivendell. He had talked late into the night with Glorfindel. Sometimes, Gimli would join in the conversations when Gandalf had visitors, but he had mostly been quiet that evening.

Later as Gimli had slept by the wizard's side, the Istar had wondered why the dwarf was never jealous over his relationships with others. Dwarves were known as covetous and while Gandalf regarded part of that renown as exaggeration, some of it was truth. The wizard had sadly surmised that because he was not Gimli's one, the dwarf had no feelings of possessiveness concerning him. Now here were the very sentiments Gandalf had missed.

He looked over at Gimli. The dwarf was pouring water over his torso. His leggings were soaked, and despite being cognisant that his lover had two undergarments on under his pants, the wizard felt his body stir. He groaned inwardly. He did not need this distraction. Exasperated he said, "Why! Because, my dear dwarf, I have toiled a long time trying to aid the races at achieving peace with each other! And the answer to your question is no!"

Relief surged through Gimli. Gandalf's silence had made him fear that the wizard was angry at his rudeness or, worse, unhappy with him. He was uncertain, too, how he would have reacted had Gandalf ignored his question or admitted to having known Legolas intimately. Gimli suspected that either of those responses would have probably led to more jealous outbursts on his part, and he really wanted to avoid that. Jealousy was not an emotion he liked.

"I would say the Council was proof that you succeeded. But..." Gimli started wringing the second shirt replacing it with his undergarment. "I would give my life for you, but I cannot just command my heart to like someone, especially when I know my father would not approve."

The dwarf's voice deepened with his words of love, and the wizard's cock swelled in response. Gandalf moaned, and Gimli's focus left the shirt and went to his lover. His hands paused. "I will, however, try to see to that my behaviour does not prevent a friendship if one is at all possible. And..." Gimli grinned. "You can explain it all to my father!"

Gimli left the water. He pulled his leggings off, leaving the undergarments on. Once the pants were stretched out next to his axe, boots, and armour, he came to Gandalf.

Gandalf no longer tried to resist the desire to scrutinize Gimli. "I shall gladly sit with Gloin and tell him how proud I am of such a friendship and how wonderful his son is!"

Gimli's fingers moved through the wizard's hair. "I do enjoy conversing with Legolas most of time. Like you, he thinks deeply about topics. We were talking today about how the age one is born in affects how a person views life, especially for mortals. If the Quest is successful, a child born a few months from now might take peace for granted. If we fail, it would be different, for war allows nothing to be taken for granted. Legolas feels even elves are very influenced by the age they are born in. He has never known a time without the Shadow nearby.

"Come closer to the water, I will wash your hair for you, and we will tend to other needs afterwards if you wish. The water is cool and will tame desire until we are both completely clean."

Gandalf stood up.

Gimli was not completely correct about the water taming desire. It might have if the two of them had not kept touching and kissing. When they left the water, Gimli was wearing a dripping nightshirt and panting. The shirt was supposed to cover Gimli's private areas, but it could not do so with the dwarf erect. The wizard was breathing heavily and had a towel around his waist.

Gandalf grabbed his pack, and Gimli got a blanket. They went to a small hollow between two trees by the stream. The dwarf tugged the wet shirt off, dropping it to the ground.

They lay on the blanket, bodies nestled together. Moving his hands over Gimli's shoulders, Gandalf kneaded the strong muscles.

The feeling of the wizard's hands on his body filled Gimli's senses. Gandalf smelled of sunlight and fresh water. Gimli's hands roamed over his lover, and he moaned in satisfaction. The wizard's fingers had strayed to his back, massaging in small circles.

Nosing Gandalf's hair from his shoulder, Gimli began raining kisses there. Gandalf whimpered as Gimli's warm lips caressed his naked skin. The first brush of lips was light. Gentle, moist kisses followed. Shivers of delectation sped through the wizard's body. Firmer kisses and Gandalf moaned loudly as the velvet of Gimli's lips were placed on his neck and shoulders. Making a low murmur of pleasure, the wizard held his lover closely.

Opening his mouth, Gimli pushed the moist heat of it against the Istar, and Gandalf's breath became even more erratic and his loins ached. Gimli's teeth barely touched his lover as he glided his mouth over the shoulders and neck again, one hand holding Gandalf's damp beard to the side. Sliding the other hand down, he let it rest next to the wizard's hard shaft. Sucking hard on the skin just under where Gandalf's clothes would hide any mark, Gimli savoured his lover's hot silky flesh and the soft cry of need. The fire blazing in Gimli's groin raced through the dwarf's veins.

Sliding his hands over Gandalf's arse, Gimli relished the soft taut flesh beneath his palms. The dwarf glided his hands down and between the wizard's thighs to cradle the weighty testicles, heavy with semen. Gimli smiled as he heard Gandalf's indrawn gasp. Gently he rolled the sac against his fingers.

As Gimli fondled his balls, Gandalf felt fiery spasms of bliss dash through his cock and spiral outwards throughout his body. He reached out and got his pack. Pulling it open, he rummaged in it until he found the small item he was searching for. Capturing it in his hand, he nudged Gimli with it.

Gimli accepted the bottle, slowly brushing his fingers across Gandalf's knuckles as he did so. He began to ease down, watching as Gandalf moved to his side and raised one leg. The dwarf felt his breath stop, and he nuzzled the wizard's back, inhaling deeply. Then moving down farther, he let his tongue wander over his lover's tight testicles. Gandalf's cock twitched and leaked as the moist heat of Gimli's tongue travelled across his sac.

With one hand, Gimli opened the bottle, letting the oil douse his fingers before closing the top. His tongue continued to make wet trails over his lover's balls. Leaning over, he softly sucked on the snug sac listening as Gandalf's moans became louder. He swirled a finger in a lingering circle around the furled flesh of the wizard's opening. Gently he let his lover's testicles swing free, and said, "I love the way you taste."

The Istar quivered with each of Gimli's touches and every word. The fever in his loins was a throbbing, pulsing need that was both uncomfortable and rapture.

Pushing his finger carefully past the guardian ring, Gimli gently began to move the finger back and forth. The channel gripped his finger just as Gimli knew it would his cock and with a moan, he said, "I love that you allow me to touch you so intimately." Stroking Gandalf's hip, Gimli slowly pressed another finger inside the hot, silken passage, groaning as he did so. Crooking one, he rubbed it over the spongy bud inside.

Gandalf's head arched toward Gimli, and his breath came in short pants. Swaying back, he impaled himself on his lover's broad fingers. His seed was dripping down his cock, which vibrated against his belly. "It is enough, my dwarf."

Stretching his fingers widely, Gimli prodded the spot once again, and Gandalf bucked backwards into the dwarf. Carefully Gimli pulled his fingers from the clenching aperture of his lover's body. Seizing the oil, he poured the liquid on his shaft. His chest was heaving with his rapid breaths.

Pulling his leg farther up, Gandalf closed his eyes tightly at the sound of Gimli readying himself. His body shook with excited anticipation. He felt the hard wet head of Gimli's cock against his anus and moaned loudly.

The dwarf held his cock and guided it to the wizard's portal. Pressing the flared head against the entrance, he slowly pushed in, listening to Gandalf's breathing carefully. The tight, silken heat captured the head of his shaft, and Gimli stilled, gasping at the ecstasy. There was no sign of pain from his lover, so Gimli moved forward, sinking his wide member into Gandalf's body and filling him. Pausing again, Gimli's hands went into fists as he restrained himself from thrusting.

The familiar slide of burning heat as Gimli embedded himself was welcomed by the wizard, despite the slight discomfort. He stayed relaxed and concentrated on the pleasure as the unyielding shaft went deeper, each rigid inch opening him wider. His cock drizzled seed.

Gimli knew when Gandalf was ready. The strain melted away from his lover's shoulders, and the hitch in the breathing dissolved into a steady pant. Grasping Gandalf's waist, he began to thrust into the tight body, shifting on each forward plunge until he was rewarded with a yelp from Gandalf that told him he had found the right area. The wizard's channel clamped around him, and Gimli groaned with the bliss. His thrusts become more powerful, stimulating that special spot inside his lover on each lunge.

The Maia saw dots of light behind his closed eyelids. Gimli's steel flesh caressed the soft, hot walls inside his body and rubbed over the region that brought enchantment. His senses reeled and his face flushed with the felicity of it. Gimli's damp beard slid against his back like delicate feathers with each of the dwarf's movements, an exquisite caress. He tightened his muscles around the hard penis plundering his inner recesses, and with each grip, Gimli whimpered in joy.

Gandalf's steady moans of delight, the grasping passage, and his lover's body oscillating back onto Gimli were rushing the dwarf toward spending. Taking a billowing breath, he moved outward and then pulled the wizard close until they were pressed together.

The wizard made a sound of protest as Gimli pulled almost completely out. His objection lasted only seconds as Gimli started easing back in.

Gimli moved forward until the wizard cried out and then he let the head of his cock rest against the small rise inside his lover's body. Reaching around, he massaged the wizard's stomach.

Gandalf gripped Gimli's hand, swirling his thumb over the palm before releasing his hold. "I love you, Gimli. I will always love you. You give me such great happiness." He wanted to whisper more statements of love, but Gimli's fingers found a nipple and started to slowly circle it. Unsure if he desired to push forward into the enticing caress or propel back to encourage his lover to thrust, Gandalf held still. Gimli's fingers swiped across an erect nub and his hard cock struck the bump inside. Gandalf groaned loudly at the sensual bliss of it.

Drawing a gulp of air, Gimli said, "The good thing about being apart so often..." he paused and pushed against the wizard's pleasure centre gaining a whimper from his beloved, "is that..." he shoved over it again then glided back, "I never become accustomed..." his hand strayed to just above the wizard's straining cock. "To the incredible..." his thumb brushed over the seeping swollen head of his lover's erection, and Gandalf practically yelled with the teasing touch. "Ecstasy of sheathing myself..." he enclosed the wizard's cock and started to rock against the passage's nub. Gandalf's cries were strong as Gimli continued, "deeply into your snug velvety body." Firmly stroking Gandalf's rigid flesh, his thumb fondling the swollen head on each upward motion, Gimli rocked the wizard back and forth against him. "But I doubt I would, even with many long years to love."

Gandalf bore down on Gimli's cock. Gimli's hand on his penis created a frenzied heat in his groin and his sac constricted. His shaft was dripping, and his body demanded relief, but his heart wished to prolong their loving. He bucked into the hard piercing cock and whimpered his enthusiasm at Gimli's actions and his words of love. The pressure in his balls built, and he began to shake with impending fulfilment. The tingling feeling of his peak swept through Gandalf with the force of a hurricane, and with a loud cry he sent his essence splashing over Gimli's waiting fingers. He jerked ecstatically with the extreme rapture that flashed like bright points of flame spreading from his loins to every part of his body.

Gimli felt the sudden strong surge in Gandalf's arousal, and then the hot cream of his lover coated his fingers. Before it could become too much for his lover, Gimli thrust deeply. Another deep lunge, and Gimli's cock swelled. Forgetting everything but the love in his arms, the dwarf found release, his seed flooding the channel that was still spasming. A soft drawn out cry fell from his lips as the thrill of gratification flowed through his body.

His sobbing gasps were mirrored by Gandalf's breathing. The delicious tremors of a powerful and extended climax kept him trembling for awhile against the Istar's back. Carefully removing himself from his lover's body, Gimli gently brought Gandalf to his chest.

They lay quietly for a time. Gandalf rested against Gimli's chest. His body still felt a sleepy contentedness, but his heart was experiencing a sense of urgency. It had commenced with the Quest and seemed to rise like a river besieged by heavy rain every day that passed. A sensation asserted strongly that whatever he was going to tell Gimli about himself he should do so now.

Gimli was gently massaging his shoulders, and Gandalf came to a decision. There were many things he could reveal to his lover without actually divulging who he was. The Maia grinned. If Gimli was intelligent enough to puzzle many unspoken things out, the wizard could hardly be blamed. It was Mahal himself that had given the dwarf his love of solving mysteries.

Sitting up, Gandalf asked, "Gimli, remember when I told you that I would not blame you for figuring out something about me?"

Gimli sat up, too, and said, "Aye."

"I want you to keep it in mind. I do not care if you discover something about me through my statements to you."

Gimli paused in tying the damp nightshirt around his waist. Gandalf was stating his words oddly. As if... Gimli looked at the wizard, meeting the dark eyes of his lover. As if he wants me to search out the truth now. Gandalf's gaze held his, and Gimli nodded. "Aye." he repeated.

The two had gathered up their belongings, and together they stood up. Gandalf said, "One of my favourite memories of my time before Middle-earth concerns the two trees." Gimli was familiar with the story but not what it was like to experience that time. "You know how lovely the night looks under a full moon?"

Gimli nodded.

They headed back to the stream, and Gandalf continued, "The elder tree gave the silver light. Much like the moonlight, only alive and warm. It would touch the spirit with radiance and bestow a sense of peace. A bit like a warm pat on the shoulder from a friend."

Gimli paid closer attention than ever before. He noted every word, and how it was stated, wanting to save it for pondering over later. He was removing a tangle from his hair, listening as Gandalf talked of Laurelin, when a sense of peace invaded his heart. He might not have known Gandalf as long as many of the elves of Rivendell, but he understood the wizard far better than most. He has great trust in me and loves no one more.

As they cleaned and prepared themselves for returning to the Fellowship, Gandalf tried to make those many long years past real to Gimli. When they were ready, Gandalf smiled, "I am glad I told Aragorn that we would be gone awhile so he would not worry."

Legolas was headed back to the fellowship. He had been hunting and was bringing several rabbits back for Sam to cook. A movement farther down the trail caught his eye, and he paused and peered down the lane.

Gimli was standing on a log, and he was kissing Gandalf!

Or maybe, Legolas thought, the wizard was kissing Gimli. It was difficult to discern, as they were wrapped in each other's arms and so close that Legolas doubted that even air would have room between them.

He knew he should look away, but his eyes seemed to be stuck on the scene like an arrow lodged too far into wood. He noticed the way their beards blended together: auburn with silver. He observed the leisurely rub of Gimli's hand on the wizard's back. He watched Gandalf's fingers lazily stroke under Gimli's beard, and a new realisation came to him. This was not a scene of two lovers arousing each other. This was sated blissfulness he was seeing.

The two ceased the prolonged kiss to press gentle caresses against each other's lips, hands still tenderly expressing love. They were gazing deeply into each other's eyes.

Gimli's tongue traced a path across Gandalf's lips, and Legolas' cock responded with a suddenness that left him gasping. Legolas wished to be the one who was allowed such an easy familiarity with the wizard.

Gandalf's face was alight with love. His hands moved to Gimli's shoulders, where they rubbed lovingly.

Legolas' shaft jerked so strongly that the elf felt dizzy with desire and breathless with envy. How he pined to be in Gimli's place! To be the one Gandalf took such delight in!

Forcing himself to move, Legolas turned and went back down the trail, giving the lovers their privacy.

That night at camp Legolas studied Gimli intently. Gandalf loved this dwarf. Enough so that the wizard would refuse all others. What made this particular being so special? An image of Gimli dropping food into Merry's pack came to his mind. Gimli would give up his last gold coin if it meant that the hobbits did not go hungry. Legolas wondered if this generosity was a trait of all dwarves or belonged to Gimli alone. His Lord would state that Gimli was a rare exception to what dwarves were.

Gimli was laughing with Pip, his dark eyes shining with humour. The dwarf peered over at Legolas, and the warrior realised that he had been staring. Giving Gimli an apologetic glance, Legolas turned his gaze to Gandalf. Having glimpsed the devotion between the two, Legolas felt that any fledgling love for the wizard should have been destroyed swifter than any elf could kill an orc. Yet somehow, now he had witnessed what he was denied, the attraction had multiplied. How he craved to be touched and loved like that! And he hungered for Gandalf to be the one to show him that love.


Coming out of his musings, Legolas grasped that his riveted gaze on the wizard had caused Gandalf to question him. "I am well." he replied, though he was not sure what he had been asked. "I am going to retire." He was acutely aware of the curious looks the others were giving him.

All night Legolas wrestled with his heart, to no avail. The only solution he reached was to accept what was and to continue to do all he could to restrain his heart from deeper feelings.

The night did bring one benefit which he shared in a gleeful whisper to Gimli the next morning. He had seen Aragorn put food into Pippin's pack.