Boundaries Crossed

by Sarah

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli. Gimli/Legolas. Legolas/Gandalf/Gimli.

Rating: NC-17

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Warnings: Slash. Sex between two males.

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Summary: The sequel to Barriers Broken. The story deals with the time of the Quest and afterwards.

Chapter 19

Gandalf dropped his clothes onto the floor and stood thinking. He had said he would agree, but alone now, Gandalf realised that he still had a little trepidation about doing so. As much as he liked Legolas, he continued to have some unwillingness to allow another besides Gimli touch him in an intimate fashion.

Sliding into the warm water, Gandalf recalled the time in Rivendell when he had made the decision to have no lover besides Gimli. He had arrived in the hidden valley on a winter day, snow falling gently outside. Servants had bustled around his chambers, but Gandalf had experienced a sense of loneliness and a longing for Gimli's greeting of joy and a hug. Gimli, who would joke and laugh with him and later whisper words of love while holding him close.

By the time his elven lover had joined him that evening, Gandalf had known that he wanted Gimli and only Gimli. Gandalf had tried to convince himself that he would have other lovers again in time, because Gimli was mortal, and he could not keep the dwarf forever. Yet as the years had gone by and with each reunion with Gimli, his heart had become more determined to take no other.

Now as the wizard rinsed soap from his hair, he sighed. Gimli was correct when he had stated that the alternatives to bonding with them were far worse. Gandalf did not feel ready to give Gimli up. Besides, Legolas was a beautiful elf: both in body and spirit. By learning to love Legolas, he could have Gimli, and that was a very appealing idea. It was possible, the wizard reflected, that he could come to love Legolas solely because the elf was willing to share Gimli. If I do this, Gandalf resolved, I will try to see Legolas as himself and worthy of love instead of concentrating on his gift to Gimli and I.

Again taking up the soap Legolas had set on a chair, Gandalf's mind turned to the one subject he wished he could avoid: the Valar. Gandalf couldn't think of a single aspect of such a union that they would view as beneficial. Yet he was weary and knew his perspective might change with rest. Unfortunately, he could think of reasons why they might refuse to consider it.

A bonding of three was unconventional. Gandalf knew of only one such relationship in Rivendell and two in Valinor. If the gossip in Rivendell was true, then the three elves joined there often had arguments and troubles that arose from jealousy.

Gandalf did not know much about the two unions of three in Valinor, but he had seen Uolaier, who belonged to one of those joinings. Uolaier was such an incredibly happy elf that she radiated joy. Her skin glowed with it, and her voice was a melody even when she was merely talking.

If there was any bondings of three in Mirkwood or Lothlorien, Gandalf did not know of them.

Gimli was a dwarf, and they were renowned for their jealousy. Aule might not consider a bonding of three to be the best option for Gimli. And yet... there was something he was forgetting. Gandalf paused in cleaning himself as he tried to remember.

It had to do with a party in Erebor, but he had attended many since he and Gimli had become lovers. Gandalf was about to give up on retrieving the recollection when it flashed into his mind. A dwarf, whose name Gandalf could not recall introduced himself and then pointed to two people across the room, saying, "Riin is my wife, and Minur is my one. They are my mates."

Gandalf doubted he would have remembered this at all, if it were not for the strong possessiveness and elation that had been in the dwarf's statements and the shock of comprehending what was being asserted.

Gandalf had asked Gimli later in private, if a marriage of three was normal for dwarves. Gimli had stated that there was only one such relationship.

Just because this dwarf...Gandalf paused in cleansing himself again, struggling to remember the name, Oif... Gandalf was unsure of the rest. Just because this dwarf was happy, that did not mean Aule had approved the arrangement he had with Riin and Minur.

Yet, there was something else Gimli had asserted about the marriage, words that had concerned Aule. Once again, the wizard endeavoured to remember a long ago event. What had Gimli said?

After a moment he recalled the dwarf's words. "Mahal must not object to their unusual marriage, since he blessed them with two daughters! Daughters are considered a special gift, more so than sons, for we need females. If the twins had been males there might have been some that would say they were just fortunate, but two one would state that was anything except a present from Mahal."

Gandalf began to wash his beard and thought of another complication. He was the only Maiar left in Middle-earth that was accomplishing his mission. They would not want to risk his being weakened by the death of bond mates or not coming home at all due to his lovers in Middle-earth.

If the three of them had difficulties making the relationship work, the Valar would not appreciate having him distracted and upset at this critical time. Still, Gandalf reflected, he had been very sorrowful over losing Gimli, and it had not influenced anything he did. They could not accuse him of being so preoccupied that the battle against the Shadow was hindered.

Gandalf wondered if his objections to the disadvantages that might occur to the Valar were valid ones or if exhaustion and his own desires were swaying him to perceive matters differently from the way they really were.

Finished bathing, Gandalf leaned against the back of the tub, moved his beard to hang over the side and rested his elbows on the edges. He tried to clear his mind and see if he could determine the Valar's will in the matter. His eyes closed. No indication nudged at Gandalf's heart, and his thoughts drifted to cherished times with Gimli.

One night in particular glided into his consciousness. They had been new lovers and lost in the wonder of discovery. They had lain in front of a fireplace on a bed they had made that was much like the one in this chamber. He and Gimli had sipped wine and talked and kissed for most of the night. Having already satisfied their bodies' needs, the wine-sweetened kisses were not for passion but simply to express enjoyment in each other's company.

As a dream will shift from one image to another, Gandalf's musings brought him into a room he did not recognise. He was nestled in a bed of warmth resting in a cocoon of blissful sensation of being loved. His mind was at peace. None of the frantic need to rush matters along was present. His heart was overflowing with love and happiness. The Istar's spirit was entwined with Gimli's and Legolas'. Gandalf would never really be alone again, he belonged to two people whom he loved dearly, and they were a part of his very essence. The wizard's body practically hummed with fulfilment, and his heart sang with gladness.

Gandalf knew why he was awake. Legolas was curled around him, but sometime in the night Gimli had moved away from him, and now the dwarf was stirring restlessly in his sleep.

Gandalf could hear the loud roar of thunder and the beat of rain on the roof. He reached to bring Gimli into his arms and back within the shelter of his and Legolas' love. He settled Gimli against his chest. The dwarf turned his face to rest next to his lover's body, muttering, "Olorin".

Liquid splashed into his face, and with a start Gandalf woke up. He had been falling asleep, and his arm had dropped into the water.

Gandalf climbed out the tub musing on the vivid dream. Was it just a product of his weariness, or was it his answer? If it was an answer, it was certainly vague. It appeared to be a positive reply, except that Gandalf had never shared the name of Olorin with Gimli. The wizard had intended to do so in Lothlorien, but the events in Moria had prevented that. So perhaps the Valar were telling him that a bond with Legolas and Gimli was not meant to be.

Gandalf lifted a warm towel to begin drying. Sorrow permeated his heart, and he discerned that he had been hoping for an affirmative response. He definitely wanted the vision's event to become a reality.

On the other hand it could have been a confirmatory answer. It seemed cruel to show him such a delightful future, and then deny it to him.

Gandalf was bewildered and sad. Perhaps after some sleep, he could solve the dilemma, or maybe he would receive a clearer indication of the Valar's will. He would dress and look at Gimli's injury. Afterwards, he would find a place to rest and later to think.

Legolas heard Gandalf pull aside the drape and eased away from Gimli. He knew from one glance at Gandalf's face that any news would not be good. Sighing, he edged farther from Gimli and waited.

Gandalf sat at the edge of the bed, and said, "I do not know yet. I'd like to examine Gimli's wound."

Legolas nodded, trying to keep despair at bay. Gandalf had not said that he was not allowed to bond with them, just that he did not know yet.

Gandalf did not try to move the tight cloth that Aragorn had wrapped Gimli's wound in. Instead, he laid his hand above it to sense if there was any hidden harm. Gimli turned into the wizard's hand, acknowledging his presence even while sleeping.

Gimli's response brought longing and grief to Gandalf. He wanted nothing more than to lie next to Gimli and hold his friend close. The wizard had cried in Lothlorien over losing Gimli, but it had not seemed totally real to him. It had become all too real after seeing Gimli in Fangorn with Legolas, but there had been no time to mourn. Now the grief would no longer be denied, and Gandalf turned away putting his back to the two on the bed. Burying his head into his raised knees, he began to shed all the tears that he had held back.

Legolas observed silently, feeling as if his own heart would break. He moved around Gimli to sit behind the Istar. He tried to think of something to say that might comfort Gandalf, but how could mere words assuage such heartache? He longed to hold Gandalf, but did not feel he had the right. Glancing down at the dwarf, the elf thought, It is Gimli he needs. Yet Legolas was unsure that it would be wise to rouse Gimli. Once in each other's embrace, Legolas doubted that they'd be able to part so easily, no matter whose will it was that they do so. And attempting to part them would only increase the woe they were experiencing.

Gimli was dreaming that he was walking in Moria and Gandalf was calling for him. Shifting to his side, Gimli muttered, "Tharkun."

Gandalf heard Gimli's whisper and began to weep harder. The notion that he might not be permitted to ever hold Gimli again suddenly seemed too much to bear. Gandalf had been cognisant that it would be best for the dwarf if he was not Gimli's one, since he travelled too much. Yet he had pined to be Gimli's one, and the knowledge that he was not was a stinging, relentless pain.

Legolas perceived Gimli's call for the wizard and recalled the dwarf's assertions about that name making him feel special to Gandalf. Whether Gandalf bonded with them or not, Gimli needed to feel that sense of importance to the wizard again. The dwarf would especially need to feel he was unique to Gandalf if the wizard had to refuse them.

A thought occurred to Legolas, and he gently rubbed Gandalf's back. "I do not know how to aid you, meleth, but there might be a way to help Gimli."

Legolas was not certain that Gandalf was listening, but he continued, confident that they shared a love for the dwarf, and the wizard would do all he could for Gimli. He scooted closer to Gandalf, the desire to hug the Istar becoming difficult to resist. Quietly he said, "Gimli believes that you are different in some way. That you are not Tharkun anymore. And that makes him feel that he has lost a vital connection to you."

Gandalf heard Legolas, but so much had been lost in Moria. He did not see how anything could soothe the anguish of what had taken place.

Legolas paused. Gandalf had many secrets, and asking him to divulge even one seemed a serious matter to the elf. Gimli shifted restlessly behind them, and Legolas' hesitation vanished. "Your designations: Gandalf, Mithrandir, Tharkun, they all sound like appellations that were given to you. Surely you have a name that your parents bestowed upon you. Something you could gift to Gimli so..."

Through the shroud of distress, Legolas' words filtered into Gandalf's awareness sweeping out unhappiness and replacing it with stunning joy. He was supposed to share that name with Gimli! Gandalf whispered, "What did you say?"

Legolas ceased rubbing Gandalf's back. "I just think that it would mean a lot to Gimli if you gave him your first name. He needs..."

Legolas halted as Gandalf pounced on the elf in one quick movement. Legolas wrapped his arms around the Istar.

Leaning up, Gandalf began to excitedly rain kisses over Legolas' face, exclaiming, "You are wonderful, my dear elf!"

Legolas caressed Gandalf's arms and said, "I do not know what I did, but I hope I do it again soon!"

Gandalf's laughter brought delight to the elf. "Yes! The answer is yes!" Gandalf cried.

Legolas' eyes filled with tears, and his lips brushed Gandalf's in a swift touch of love. Keeping the wizard in his embrace, he nudged Gimli in the ribs with an elbow. "Wake up, beloved dwarf! All is well!"

Gimli's dream had changed from the nightmare of Moria to a pleasant vision of being snuggled next to Gandalf while Legolas cuddled on the other side of the wizard. The elf had his arm over both of them, his hand resting on Gimli's hip. It was beginning to rain outside, and Gimli could hear the distant sound of thunder. The dwarf was happy, except that Legolas seem to be insisting that he get up. "Quit," he mumbled.

"I promised I'd wake you if a decision was made, and so I shall," Legolas replied.

Reluctant to leave his dream of happiness, Gimli opened his eyes and said, "Is there a reason for torturing me, Legolas?"

Grinning, Legolas said to the wizard bundled in his arms, "Does he always awaken with complaints?"

Gandalf smiled up at the archer, "I would not know. My methods of waking him differ considerably from shoving an elbow into his side."

Legolas laughed and said to Gimli, "You are most fortunate, beloved dwarf!"

More awake now, Gimli observed the two. Legolas was holding Gandalf very close, and the wizard practically glowed with happiness. Hope sprang up within the dwarf's heart. Placing a hand on Gandalf's arm, he said, "Aye?"

Gandalf nodded.

Legolas and Gandalf were both surprised when Gimli buried his face into his pillow and began to cry.

Legolas stroked Gandalf's hair and said, "He has been so afraid of never holding you again." Tugging gently at the wizard's tunic, Legolas said, "Remove this and hold him."

It was the first test of whether the relationship would work, and Gandalf searched the elf's eyes. Seeing only love there, Gandalf smiled.

While Gandalf took off his shirt, Legolas tugged his own tunic off and crawled to the other side of Gimli. He rubbed Gimli's back.

Gandalf lay down next to Gimli and said, "Gimli, my dear love, come here."

The words were unnecessary as Gimli was already moving and was there before Gandalf finished.

Legolas watched as Gandalf arranged his beard over his side, and Gimli put his arms around the wizard's neck.

Gimli whimpered as his chest came into contact with the Istar's. There was a soft gasp from Gandalf, and then he too started to cry. They clung to each other, and Legolas felt certain that he had made the right decision in agreeing to bring Gandalf into their relationship. Still, he felt a bit lost and lonely. He eased down behind them. They needed this moment, and he wanted them to have it.

Despite the almost painful bliss of once again holding his lover close, Gimli was aware of Legolas. It was clear that Gandalf was conscious of the elf, too, for he called, "Legolas, come back over here and be by me, too."

Legolas swiftly climbed over them to the other side.

Gandalf shifted to rest on his back and tugged the elf to his chest, keeping Gimli close to his side. "I have something that I want to share with you two. It was Legolas' idea, Gimli, and a perfect one."

They were both gazing up at him with adoration, and Gandalf grinned. He could rapidly come to cherish being so loved. Legolas' fingers had nestled into his beard, and Gimli's head rested on his shoulder.

Gandalf affectionately fondled Legolas' hair, letting the silky strands fall through his fingers. "Tonight while I was bathing, I tried to determine whether I'd be permitted to bond with you two. I had a vision. In the dream there was a thunderstorm. I judge that the thunder was causing Gimli to wake. He had moved across the bed. I missed his presence..." Gandalf paused and let his fingers flit in Gimli's hair for a moment. "I woke up and pulled you closer. You said 'Olorin' in your sleep."

Gimli broke in, "Is that your real name?"

"It was my first name, the one I had in my youth."

Excitedly Gimli said, "You never told me that name! If you imagined me calling you by it in your dream, might it not mean ... that the Valar sent you that dream?"

"Yes, and I was inclined to think they did, but I did not know what to conclude from it. The image could be an exciting glance into the future, or it could be a refusal. Because I wanted to share that name with Gimli in Lothlorien and that never happened. I thought it quite possible that the vision was a way of saying that the bonding was not meant to be. I have never given it to a lover in Middle- earth." He sighed, and Gimli caressed his hair. "I just felt overwhelmed with grief."

Legolas' arm wrapped around him, and the elf said happily, "You called for Tharkun in your sleep, Gimli, and I..." he paused at the wince from Gimli. He touched the dwarf's arm. "It is all right. I was jealous the first time you did so. It takes but a word from me to bring you peace, though, so I am not hurt."

Gimli tried to accept this, as there was not any way he could control what he said in his sleep.

When Gimli slowly nodded, Legolas continued, "I suggested to Gandalf that he give you his first name."

"Then I realised: I had been given permission!" Gandalf exclaimed.

"And I was rewarded with kisses and had no idea why I was suddenly so blessed!" Legolas sighed blissfully, and Gimli laughed.

Gandalf smiled, relishing the feel of the two pressed against him and their gladness that flowed around him, increasing his own. "I believe it was a glimpse of the future. I was happy, and Legolas..." the wizard waited until the elf's bright blue orbs were focused on his gaze. "I was very much in love with you, too."

Legolas' eyes closed tightly. Gimli squeezed Legolas' hand. Gandalf rubbed the elf's arm. "For now, I shall love you simply for granting this to Gimli and me. Yet I plan on learning to love you for yourself, too."

Legolas smiled up at him.

Gimli studied them both with a sense of pride. He felt as if everything in his life was finally as it should be. In these two wonderful people, he had everything he could possibly want. He said to Gandalf, "It means a great deal to me to have that name. You are not Tharkun now, are you?"

"No, but my love for you has not changed in the least. Memories of you were some of the first things I recalled when I was given life again. You both may use Olorin in private." He smiled, already anticipating his dream's fulfilment. Legolas' head was resting over his heart, Gimli was rubbing his shoulder, occasionally straying to Legolas to stroke the elf's chin. Gandalf grinned. He wondered if Gimli found the elf's beardless face to be a fascination and imagined that the dwarf did.

Gimli said, "Your dream of rain reminds me of my own dream tonight. I had an awful nightmare of walking in Moria, and you were calling for me, but I could not find you. Then it changed. I was sleeping with both of you, and it was beginning to rain."

Legolas said to Gandalf, "He is very sensitive to you."

Gandalf smiled fondly at Gimli. "He's spent years trying to be."

Gimli smiled, too, and then suddenly a new worry seized him. "Gandalf, what will happen to Legolas if you die?"

Legolas did not tense, and the wizard realised that the archer was prepared for any answer that was given. Gandalf replied, "My nature is different from the two of you. Once I was bonded to both of you, you would be aware of it if I died. If I had any chance at all to, I would let what I could of my spirit return to Legolas, since even if there were no injury to either of you, an elf can die of grief." Gandalf rubbed Legolas' back now. "A quick reunion with my spirit should prevent that. It should also mean no hurt to him or you, my dear dwarf! Remember, Gimli, once bonded with him, you will feel it if his spirit is wounded."

Gandalf tilted Legolas' chin up until the archer's eyes met his. "Legolas, if I have no warning and do not come to you right away, then I want you to hold on and wait. There was a time after Moria when I was not aware of anything. I will come to you, though. So you must endure if necessary."

The archer's gaze was serious and steady as he replied, "Gimli has been my anchor before, and he will be again if need be. Yet I expect you to take care! Do not forget that when you wander off without telling anyone your whereabouts or decide to fight something three times bigger than you!"

"Twenty times bigger." Gimli added.

"You belong to us now!" Legolas said.

Gandalf started to protest that bigger did not mean more powerful when Legolas', "You belong to us now!" halted his words. He sighed in happiness.

Gandalf placed his head gently over the bandage covering Gimli's gash. Gimli stilled, and Gandalf let his own spirit quiet to see what he could detect. Even with Narya aiding his own power, he sensed no sign that infestation was starting in the wound. "Aragorn is right, my favourite dwarf, you will be fine. Now you need to do as Aragorn commanded and rest. I will wake both of you before I have to leave again. And we face our first issue to solve. As much as I love having both of you so very close, I doubt we could sleep this way. Legolas, do you wish to move back next to Gimli?"

Legolas propped himself up on his elbow and exchanged a glance with Gimli. It was clear to Gandalf that something was clearly decided between them. Legolas replied, "Would you mind if I stayed where I am? You can hold Gimli, and I will rest against you. Would that be acceptable?"

Gandalf stroked Legolas' chin. "That would be very acceptable, my dear elf."

Gimli added, "The War will not give Legolas and me enough time with you to recover from Moria. So what hours we have alone with you, we'd both like to keep you close."

So Gandalf shifted to his side, settling Gimli against his chest, with Legolas spooned up behind them.

And they slept in the comfort of each other's embrace.

Hours later Legolas stirred and then sat up. He studied Gimli and Gandalf in the dim light. Gimli rested peacefully, his breathing light as he lay in his lover's arms. Legolas' mind recalled the kiss he had witnessed between Gimli and Gandalf in Hollin. Their beards were mingled together now as they had been then. Legolas recalled how close they had stood back then, as if they were one instead of two. The elf's mind easily supplied the memory of the tender touches between wizard and dwarf and the way Gandalf had looked at Gimli with such devotion. Legolas remembered too, the envy he had felt when watching them kiss. The archer feared at first that he might feel jealous again as he observed them sleep, but he treasured how beautiful they looked with each other and was determined to concentrate on that. The hesitancy about moving forward, though, was strong. He hoped that now it was time, they would be able to love together.

Legolas reached across Gandalf and touched Gimli's arm. The elf had been certain in Lothlorien that never again would he have any lover besides the warrior. If he felt some nervousness about accepting another after such a short time, how much more must Gandalf be apprehensive about taking someone else. Yet the wizard was willing to try.

Smiling, Legolas leaned over and placed several kisses on Gandalf's forehead. "It is time to wake up. Would you like an elbow in your side?"

Gandalf sleepily focused on Legolas. "An elbow? I think not! Do you always wake up so cheerful?"

"I am usually more so!"

Gandalf gave a mock groan. Legolas laughed.

Gimli's, "I wish I could always awake to the music of hearing you laugh," brought smiles from Gandalf and Legolas.

Legolas took a deep breath and glanced at Gandalf. "I've considered what you said about Eru's uniting our spirits. The war makes everything uncertain, and you have a tendency to depart without a proper farewell." Legolas rushed on, "I understand that your work must come first. Gimli and I will not interfere with that."

Perceiving what Legolas wanted, Gimli said gently, "You desire to have the vows stated now in case the war sunders us."

Legolas nodded, giving Gimli a grateful look.

"I think that might be wise. I've seen a few bonding ceremonies at Rivendell, but if your people have certain words that must be stated beyond asking Eru's blessing, I do not know them." Gandalf assented.

Legolas shook his head. "Besides for the request for benediction, there is nothing that has to be promised. Yet I would have Gimli's faithfulness to you and me for all eternity. And I would ask this of you until you are in Valinor."

"No," Gandalf replied firmly. "I already told Gimli there would be no other besides him. I am willing to accept you, Legolas, but I am not taking another lover afterwards!"

Gimli and Legolas were silent. Gandalf wondered if they were going to object. Then Gimli answered in almost a whisper, "I do not want him to have anyone but us, Legolas. And you might find accepting he will have other lovers far more difficult than you reckon it is when the time comes. I did."

Legolas patted Gandalf's arm, "The time may become long, and you will be lonely. I cannot leave Gimli to join you, for it would be cruel to have both of us depart. And in truth, Gimli is my rock. I think I am meant to stay at his side."

Gimli buried his head into Gandalf's side and said nothing. He could not bear it if they both left him.

Making soothing motions on the dwarf's back with his hand, Gandalf said, "I do not want you to leave Gimli! He will hurt enough when I must go. He will need you!"

"Then we are agreed. Hopefully Gimli will live long, but that will mean many years of separation before our spirits are united at his death. Are you sure you want to face many years in Valinor alone, meleth?" Legolas asked.

"Yes, taking a lover there would not ease my longing for the two I will leave in Middle-earth. I truly feel that Aule will be merciful and spare you a death of fading at Gimli's demise, Legolas. Then our spirits will be joined together again." Gandalf declared. "There is something I feel must be discussed with Gimli." Affectionately running his fingers through Gimli's beard, the wizard said, "I do not know how Aule has determined matters. Perhaps a marriage between dwarves is dissolved when one dies. My dwarf, you do realise that bonding with us is something that is not over when you die; this will last forever. Once Eru unites us, it is done for all time."

Gimli gazed up at Gandalf and nodded. "Aye." He said, his voice brimming with happiness.

Legolas smiled. "Ready then?"

Gimli's answer was to snatch Legolas' hand and squeeze.

"Yes, use Olorin for my name." Gandalf replied.

They sat up together, and Gimli propped pillows against the wall so they could sit easily. They joined their hands together.

Inhaling deeply, Legolas began, "I hereby promise that no one has claim on me to gainsay the bond we undertake today. I pledge to give my love only to my bonded mates. I give you both my vow that my love and friendship for you will last through grief and through joy."

Sliding his fingers around both their hands, the archer asserted, "Gimli and Olorin, I give my word, that never will my body take pleasure with anyone besides the two of you.

"May Yavanna sanction this bond between us and give her blessing upon it. I offer this bonding to Iluvatar. In his name, I declare that Olorin and Gimli are my bonded lovers." Legolas halted, overcome with emotion.

Gimli's voice was deep and low as he stated, "I give my heart, spirit, mind, and body to Legolas and Olorin for all eternity. No one else has claim on me nor ever shall. I give my oath that I will take no other lover."

Holding their hands tightly, Gimli stated, "I declare my love for Olorin and Legolas both for today and tomorrow and for all time. Never shall my love waver, through good times and bad, I shall love both of you.

"May Mahal witness my commitment now and grant us his approval. In Iluvatar's name, I request that he honour my agreement with my lovers. May he look upon it with favour."

Legolas' fingers kneaded the dwarf's shoulder, and Gandalf wiped tears from Gimli's face with a gentle touch. Having witnessed far more years than Gimli or Legolas, the Maia had the best understanding of the consequences of what they were asserting.

Only a slight tremble in his voice betrayed the depth of the wizard's emotions as he said, "Until today, I have pledged myself to no other. Today I vow to cherish and love both of you..." Gandalf did not halt as he stroked Legolas' face. He meant the words for the elf too. He intended to love Legolas with his will until his heart fully felt the emotion. " and forever. Forever will my spirit be united with Gimli and Legolas. Time and distance will not change my love for them. Wherever I am, they shall reside in my heart.

"I promise that only with Legolas and Gimli, and no one else, will I enjoy the intimate delights of the body.

"May Nienna view this union with gladness and grant her blessings upon it. In Iluvatar's name, I bind myself to Gimli and Legolas for all eternity."

They lay in contented silence for a short time. Gandalf experienced an almost imperceptible shift in his spirit. He discerned that it was the new connections forming.

Gimli rested against Gandalf's chest in quiet joy. He stroked Legolas' chin and rubbed the elf's arm. Happy minutes passed, and then a thought occurred to the dwarf, causing him to fret. They were both immortal and perhaps the whole experience was different for them.

At first, Legolas was infused with thoughts of how wonderful his two loves were, but gradually he began to nervously contemplate the next step. Gimli broke his concentration by saying, "Legolas, I am overjoyed about this, but I cannot even feel my spirit much less know if anything changed!"

Smiling, Gandalf caressed Gimli's hair, running his fingers through the rich highlights.

"Nay. You are not to feel anything different now. We have only initiated the bond. It has to be consummated. Then even you should feel something!" Legolas teased, tugging Gimli's beard.

An uneasy silence fell. After a moment, Gimli said gently, "I think we should have an understanding that if at any point one of us needs to stop then we will. And not feel as if we failed! It just would mean we should go slower."

Legolas nodded, and Gandalf answered, "Agreed."

Gimli retrieved a blanket from the edge of the bed and said to Legolas, "Would you get my pack, please, love?"

Legolas went to fetch the pack, and Gandalf scooted over to let Gimli throw the dark blue coverlet across the furs.

The archer set the pack on the floor next to them. He rummaged through it, and finding what he sought, he leaned the small bottle against the bag. When he was back in the bed with them, Legolas glanced at Gandalf for guidance, but the wizard seemed as much at a loss as he was.

Gimli observed the two of them study each other and comprehended that if he did not think of a way to ease matters this might be as far as they got today. Legolas' fantasy came to mind, but there was no way to make it come true if they could not even kiss. An idea came to him, and he said, "Legolas, we will start together."

Gimli took two pillows from behind them and plopped them down in front of the wizard. Scrambling on top of them, he leaned toward Gandalf tugging Legolas forward with him. The dwarf and elf pressed against the wizard's mouth, one on the left and the other on the right.

The velvet contact of their lips touching his produced a gasp from the wizard, and their tongues glided inside his mouth. The moist muscles met over the wizard's and then flitted across it.

The familiar flavour of Gimli that always reminded Gandalf of the ale the dwarf loved seemed to blend with the tang of sweet wine that was a favourite of Legolas' people. The taste of both of them together was exquisite and shivers of delight raced down Gandalf's spine. Their tongues fluttered over his, joined again, and then shifted as Legolas' wet muscle glided down one side of the wizard's, and Gimli's played along the other side. They came together in the middle again, and Gandalf moaned. He could feel Gimli trembling against him. Both tongues cavorted under and around the Istar's, always meeting in the middle to caress each other.

Legolas' body was quick to arouse as his heart was finally granted a long held wish. Gimli's hand on his back and the dwarf's tongue often rubbing his own was the reassurance he required that all was well with the warrior.

Thrilled at once more tasting Gandalf, Gimli found that the added essence that was Legolas' enhanced his building excitement.

When they finally parted, all three were breathless. Gimli moved off the pillows, and they lay down together.

Legolas leaned toward Gandalf, and this time there was no hesitation on either part as lips met eagerly in a promise of bliss. Gimli's hand covered one of Gandalf's nipples, rubbing the tip. The wizard whimpered against Legolas' mouth, and once more the elf's tongue darted in to frolic with the Istar's. Gimli's fingers gently plucked at a nipple, and Legolas' tongue probed Gandalf's mouth as if seeking to imprint itself in each spot.

Wet heat encircled the wizard's nipple as Gimli began to lap at the now erect nub. A powerful shiver shook Gandalf, and Legolas pulled back to allow them both air. Finding Gandalf's lips again, Legolas' mouth opened in a wordless plea, and the archer shook with pleasure as the plea was answered, and the wizard's tongue entered.

Exploring the sweetness within the hot cavern, Gandalf was dimly aware that Legolas' fingers had curled into his beard.

Legolas tried to remain still, but his body trembled and his fingers eagerly found the wizard's beard to investigate. Not perhaps as thick as Gimli's, though maybe softer, but Legolas happily concluded it would require extensive research to be certain. Long sweeps of Gandalf's tongue discovering his mouth caused the heat smouldering in Legolas' loins to flare into a blaze. His hips rocked forward and his erection dripped into his leggings. He held out his free hand, and Gimli guided it to his own beard where slender fingers instantly started to knead.

Gimli was conscious of the slight pull on his beard, but he ignored it as he nuzzled into Gandalf, inhaling the familiar scent, his tongue continuing to bathe the disc.

As Legolas' tongue moved in harmony with his own, and Gimli suckled at his nipple, passion made it difficult to breathe, and Gandalf clutched the dwarf's arm.

Legolas eased from Gandalf, to lean onto his shoulder and gasp. "Love you," he whispered to Gandalf and then shifted down to the wizard's chest. Cupping Gimli's chin, the elf said, "I love you." They exchanged a swift kiss, tongues engaging briefly before parting.

Relaxing on his back against the pillows, Gandalf watched, suddenly feeling fortunate. Due to Legolas' love for him, he did not have to give up Gimli. All thoughts vanished when Legolas began to suckle at Gandalf's other nipple, his fingers going back to the two beards to flex in and out of them. Placing small kisses around Gandalf's nipple, Gimli then began to gently tug at the erect nub. As the twin sensations of hot moistness surrounded his nipples, Gandalf caressed Legolas' neck while his other hand wandered in Gimli's hair.

Their enjoyment of each other heightened Gimli's own fervour, and he glanced over at the elf. Legolas was making little sounds of happiness, and his hot breath covered the wizard's nipple. Gandalf shuddered, and a realisation came to the warrior. He loved having them receive pleasure. Gimli believed that if he concentrated on how much he treasured their bliss, he could control any jealous feelings.

Legolas leaned over toward Gimli, his mouth opening in a silent request and once more the dwarf sampled the elf's addictive sweetness. As Gimli's tongue thrust within the archer's mouth, his broad hand covered Gandalf's cock, which was still encased within the wizard's leggings. Gently he stroked the hardened flesh, imitating the movement of his tongue. Gandalf's cock throbbed, and his eyes closed.

When they parted, Legolas turned to Gandalf, his tongue tracing over the wizard's lips, beseeching for access. Parting his lips, Gandalf's tongue met the elf's, and their slick muscles danced together.

Gimli watched as Gandalf and Legolas kissed, discerning that they had both seen him fully unclothed, but they not had that pleasure with each other. He started undoing the laces on his leggings, observing as the wizard's fingers explored Legolas' chest, ran down the firm stomach, and finally returned to tweak a nipple. Kicking his pants off, Gimli loosened the ties of Gandalf's trousers. Then he returned to Gandalf's chest to place wet kisses over each nipple.

Warm kisses meandering over his ribs produced a moan from Gandalf, and he separated from the archer. Gimli's moist lips trailed over the wizard's chest as if seeking a home there, coming to rest above Gandalf's heart. He placed his ear against the reassuring beat and whispered, "I love you."

Legolas curled his fingers in both beards and said to the wizard, "You said that I'm giving you a gift by sharing Gimli with you. Yet, meleth, you are a gift that you give to us, since we both love you."

Legolas and Gimli rained kisses across the wizard's chest. The dwarf wrapped a leg around the Istar's, pressing his erection against Gandalf's thigh. The wizard cried out, and his fingers enfolded Gimli's hardness, slowly pumping it. Memories of past ecstasy brought to him by the dwarf filled Gandalf's mind, and he ached to once again be claimed by the warrior. Gimli's dark eyes found the wizard's, and he recognised what his lover desired.

Opening his mouth, Gimli pressed the damp warmth of it against Gandalf's already extremely sensitized nipple. Gimli's teeth scarcely touched the wizard as he skimmed his mouth over the width of the Istar's shoulder and back to the nipple again. His hands glided, palms down, to his lover's hips. "All right?" Gimli asked the wizard.

Gandalf nodded.

Putting one hand on Legolas' waist, Gimli eased Gandalf's leggings down. Just as Gandalf's erection was revealed, the dwarf leaned forward capturing the heated flesh within his mouth. A loud howl erupted from the wizard as wet fire encompassed his erection. At the same time, Gimli tugged at the ties of Legolas' pants. The archer swiftly completed the task for the dwarf, and the instant the elf's leggings dropped, Gimli carefully released the wizard's cock.

Gandalf groaned in disappointment, but he and Legolas understood, and their hearts outpoured with love for Gimli. By sheltering Gandalf within in his mouth until the elf's pants were off, the dwarf had revealed both his lovers to each other at the same time, removing much of the awkwardness that might have existed.

Nor did Gimli intend to give them time to develop any anxiety. Leaning over he gave the swollen head of Legolas' cock a wide brush with his tongue, sweeping the moisture off, and then in a quick movement he did the same to Gandalf. Moaning, Legolas buried his head in the Maia's beard. Enclosing Legolas' shaft with his fingers, Gimli leisurely passed his tongue down the wizard's cock, and his beard softly caressed Gandalf's leg.

Despite the passion raging in his loins, Gandalf lifted the elf's chin, and Legolas sighed in satisfaction as the wizard's lips claimed his.

The moist, heated attention on Gandalf's cock and the excitement of plundering Legolas' mouth tightened the wizard's body. Gimli's tongue made unhurried swipes up Gandalf's member, pausing to swirl across the flared head. The dwarf's hand repeatedly stroked Legolas' cock in an easy rhythm.

Gandalf's breathing grew irregular, and Gimli glanced up at the two locked in a kiss. Gandalf's fingers were entwined in Legolas' hair. Legolas had an arm in the wizard's beard and a hand rubbing the Istar's shoulder. A powerful outpouring of possessiveness over the two took the dwarf by surprise, and Gimli gasped.

At once, Legolas and Gandalf parted, their gaze directed at the dwarf. Gimli said, "I am well. Legolas?"

Legolas was unsure what Gimli was asking him about, but he suspected that the warrior wanted some direction from him on how to proceed. "Love him as you've done me. I long to be part of that." Even as the words were spoken, Legolas felt the truth of it sweep through him taking his breath away. He rested his head on Gandalf's shoulder while stroking Gimli's arm.

Gimli's gaze met Gandalf's, and he extended his hand. Gandalf comprehending, picked up the oil and put it in Gimli's palm.

Watching them, Legolas moaned. He did not understand how the two of them sensed each other's desire, but it was very arousing. He nuzzled into Gandalf's hair, his fingers combing through the wizard's beard.

Gimli slicked his fingers liberally. Gandalf shifted from his back to his side, and into Legolas' waiting arms. The wizard brought his leg up to give Gimli access to his entrance. Tenderly patting the Istar's hips and then slowly trailing his finger down over Gandalf's arousal, Gimli was thrilled as the hot flesh twitched.

The dwarf rubbed the hardened cock and massaged the heavy sac beneath before slipping one finger down to tease and moisten the creased opening. Drawing his leg up even more, Gandalf tenderly brushed silken blonde hair aside to nibble on the arc of the elf's ear straight up to the delicately curved point, earning a soft shriek from the elf. Legolas' fingers glided through Gandalf's beard, and finding the wizard's nipple underneath, strummed across it.

Carefully inserting his finger inside the wizard's heated passage, Gimli started gently making lazy circles. Whimpering, Gandalf clung to Legolas, who captured the Istar's lips in a kiss. Parting his lips, Gandalf welcomed the archer's hot muscle into his mouth, his own tongue sliding as it lovingly caressed and savoured the elf.

Gimli's finger glided in further, still circling slowly, until the guardian muscle had extended enough for a second digit. Introducing another finger to the clinging channel, Gimli cautiously pushed forward again, repeating the small circles. The dwarf's breath came in quick pants as the tight passage clenched around him foretelling the rapture that awaited. Gimli shut his eyes and tried to catch his breath, his penis already dripping with need as it quivered between their bodies. Wanting to bring elation, Gimli scissored his digits carefully, letting his fingertips brush lightly over the small bundle of nerves hidden inside the wizard.

As Gimli's fingers breezed across his sensitive area, Gandalf's shaft throbbed with longing, and he moved restlessly in the elf's arms. Separating from the wizard, Legolas massaged the Istar's shoulders, slowly moving down to Gandalf's chest.

Gasping and moaning softly as the dwarf's fingers delved inside him, Gandalf kept one arm around Legolas. The elf's fingers looped around the wizard's peaked nipples before gently pinching them. The doubled pleasure was exhilarating, and Gandalf cried out.

Slowly pulling his fingers from Gandalf's body, Gimli took hold of the oil again and spread it thickly over his erection. When his arousal was thoroughly coated, he moved up, pressing the tip against his lover's waiting opening. Stilling his hips, Gimli moulded himself to the wizard's back and rear, tightly enfolding around his lover.

Gandalf whimpered in delight as the warmth and softness of Gimli's torso pressed firmly against him. Lifting his leg, Gandalf tugged at Legolas, and the elf glided under it to nestle against the wizard's chest.

Stretching his hand over Gandalf's hips, Gimli encircled the elf's shaft. In unhurried caresses the dwarf worked the sultry flesh, his other hand moving smoothly up and over the wizard's flat stomach and chest.

Gandalf leaned back into Gimli and rested his head against the dwarf's shoulder. Gimli sighed against him, his eyes shutting so that all he was aware of at that moment was the feel of Gandalf against him, and Legolas arching into his hand. Gimli's body was hard against the Istar's back, the cock snuggled between his buttocks a pulsing pledge of ecstasy.

Placing his hand over Gimli's, Gandalf asked, "Legolas?" Eyes darkened with passion met his, and the archer nodded. The wizard's fingers surrounded Gimli's, and for a minute they both slowly stroked while Legolas whimpered. Gradually Gimli let his fingers slip from Legolas' cock, allowing the wizard to completely experience the penis under Gandalf's digits.

A yelp from Legolas was the only sign that the elf was aware of the change. The archer's eyes were tightly closed.

Taking Legolas' free hand, Gimli linked their fingers, leaving the palms open like a cup. Bringing their hands together over Gandalf's cock, he slid them down the rigid length. A soft crooning sound came from Legolas as his fingers glided up and down the wizard's penis.

Grazing the moist head of Legolas' cock with his thumb, a surge of need for Gimli seized the wizard. "My wonderful dwarf..." Gandalf whispered as he pushed back into his lover. Moving forward Gimli carefully breached the Istar's body. "Yes...." Gandalf hissed.

Briefly Legolas' eyes opened to study the Istar's face as Gimli took Gandalf. There was a flash of discomfort when the wide head penetrated the wizard's body. It quickly dissolved into an expression of supreme happiness, which produced a flicker of envy in Legolas. How easy it is for them! The archer's body was demanding his attention, and reminding himself that it was easy for them because they had been lovers for a long time, Legolas let exhilaration banish all other considerations.

Gasping as his cock was tightly gripped by the quivering channel, Gimli tried to concentrate on his lovers and not on the extreme ecstasy of once again being within the wizard's body. He resisted the urge to thrust. Gradually the warrior inched forward, encasing himself farther within the snug heat.

Panting heavily, Gandalf kept his eyes tightly shut as sensations of bliss and the feeling of fullness that Gimli's cock always gave the wizard seemed to overwhelm him. He rocked back into Gimli, encouraging the dwarf to thrust and then swayed forward into the hands of his lovers.

The almost imperceptible tremble in the Istar's digits as Gimli buried himself deep within the wizard delighted the archer as the vibrations were felt across his erection.

Sliding in and out of Gandalf, the dwarf felt each shiver from the wizard multiplying his own pleasure. Legolas' sighs of delight and the snug feel of the Istar made Gimli's shaft ache and his thrusts become stronger. On each plunge forward, Gimli pressed a kiss to the wizard's back.

Gandalf was moving steadily within their clasped hands now, his arousal needing a firmer hold. Through the fog of his fervour, Gandalf suddenly comprehended that Gimli would not relinquish his hold to Legolas without permission from the wizard. It is different for me, and Gimli understands that. I was far more reluctant to take another lover than Legolas was.

"Love you," he whispered to Gimli. "Legolas," Gandalf panted, and the archer's shining eyes met his. Gimli's thrusts slowed, and the Istar pushed back hard against the dwarf in protest. Once the warrior had resumed a steady rhythm, Gandalf breathlessly said to the elf, "Bring yourself to me, Legolas. I yearn to taste of you." His fingers strayed across the top of the elf's cock, spreading the fluid and making his meaning clear.

A soft whimper came from Legolas, and the archer was swift to move. As soon as he was in position, Gandalf's tongue darted out, flicking the swollen head. A choked groan came from Legolas, his hands sliding down to twist the bedding.

Opening his lips and gliding them over the crown of the elf's pulsing rod, Gandalf's tongue swirled over the velvety length. Holding Legolas' hips, the wizard pulled the elf deeper into his mouth. Plunging his mouth far down the rigid erection, the Istar began to match Gimli's pace.

Legolas cried out as his senses reeled. Seeking to give joy himself, the archer bestowed wet, excited kisses across the Istar's flat stomach. He did not touch the jutting cock that was enticingly close as he was uncertain if Gandalf was ready for such intimacy from him.

Stretching his hand out, Gimli grasped Legolas'. The dwarf angled his thrusts so that his cock pressed on Gandalf's prostate. Swallowing hard around Legolas' member, the wizard's body stiffened. Enthusiastic kisses and nips were being placed on his hips along with soft caresses on his stomach, but it was not enough. Again Gimli rubbed his special region, and Gandalf clutched the archer's arm. Whimpering as the Istar gulped around his shaft, the archer dipped his thumb into Gandalf's navel. The Maia grabbed Legolas' arm and arched forward. Taking that as encouragement, Legolas shifted and then sank his mouth down the wizard's shaft.

As he pumped into his lover, Gimli's breathing was no more than short pants. The speed of his thrusts was powerful and fast now, his cock aching for release. Each inward plunge was aimed at that one area that the dwarf knew brought exceptional bliss.

Legolas' organ pulsed steadily within the wizard's mouth. The wizard knew the archer would not last much longer either, and he gave the cock a long teasing glide before beginning to suck strongly. Legolas was taking the Istar deep into his mouth, yet his body was writhing from ardour, and the quavering was experienced along Gandalf's engorged sex. The archer's lips sealed tautly around the wizard's flesh, and Legolas eased down, taking Gandalf into his throat. At the same time, Gimli rubbed across his prostate. The Istar tensed as his seed exploded in a hot geyser, deluging the elf's mouth and throat.

Legolas swallowed the abundant offering hungrily. The urgent need in his cock caused the elf to buck forward, his semen pouring into the wizard's throat. Bliss echoed throughout Legolas' body, and his spirit stirred in a restless hunger seeking its mates.

Gandalf's channel convulsed around the dwarf's hard length, and Gimli cried out as his seed burst forth. The dwarf's body shook with the ecstasy.

As Legolas' seed emptied into the wizard's mouth, Gandalf tried to swallow, despite the shuddering rapture his own body was experiencing. A sensation that had nothing to do with the bliss that was shaking him nudged at his heart and swirled around his spirit with a light that seemed to dance and invite.

Suddenly Gandalf understood. Opening his spirit, he welcomed the glow. The beam of brightness enveloped his spirit in a loving caress, uniting and binding. Gandalf beheld Legolas' spirit with its radiance similar to one of the First-born, and the stirrings of affection that had begun only a few hours before became a surge of love. For as Gandalf had surmised earlier, Legolas was light with no shadow. He was goodness and kindness, a spirit overflowing with compassion. The elf's love for the wizard was clear for Gandalf to see.

Legolas was almost overwhelmed with the light that was Gandalf. His heart seemed to stop beating. He understood now why Gimli consistently referred to Gandalf as the sun. Yet this warmth was far more delightful than any sunshine after a storm. The archer basked in the brilliance for a moment, and then a longing overtook him. He needed Gimli.

Comprehension was slow to arrive to Gimli, however. He was shivering with his climax when an odd sense of being surrounded by vivid brilliance came to him. It pulled gently at him, flooding his mind with thoughts of Legolas. Gimli discerned that something was expected of him, but the warrior had no notion of what he was to do.

Unable to sense Gimli within their union, Legolas started to panic. Gandalf felt the surge of fright. All of the elf's thoughts were open before him, and Gandalf perceived the archer's desire, his own need for the dwarf mingling with it. Joining with Legolas, they encircled the dwarf in an invitation.

A familiar radiance touched Gimli's heart, and suddenly he realised what it was he was experiencing. They were calling him. Words Legolas had spoken at Lothlorien came clearly to the dwarf. "You do not have to do anything except agree to it." Gimli let his assent and his aspiration to be bonded with his lovers pervade his mind. An intense ray of light entered him, but before the dwarf could become afraid, he distinguished Gandalf's spirit intertwined with Legolas'. A shout of joy came from Gimli, and in a flash he felt his spirit fuse with the other two. Sunlight and love, power and mercy all were combined, yet the dwarf could tell Legolas from Gandalf.

Legolas' glow was unfamiliar to Gimli, but there was a sense of homecoming and love within it. The archer's love for his mates was like a warm comfortable blanket on a snowy night, and Gimli delighted in it.

Gandalf's brightness was known and deeply loved. Often Gimli had glimpsed in the Maia's eyes the lustre of his spirit, but now he realised that what he had seen before was only a small part of who Gandalf was. Gimli felt he could submerse himself in that light and still not discover the entirety of it.

Legolas rejoiced as Gimli's spirit connected with them. Gimli contained an inner fire that was very different from his own spirit. It heated and forged a union that the elf was certain would one day be stronger than most elven bonds.

Gandalf was reminded of Aule's furnace as Gimli's spirit bonded with them. Gimli was not sunlight, he was fire and warmth. A beloved heat that the wizard had often taken comfort in. There was no darkness inside the dwarf. The imprint of Aule's goals for his people shone from Gimli as firelight will glow across the stones of a hearth.

Legolas was barely aware of his cock slipping from Gandalf's mouth. He was happily conscious of being tugged into the wizard's arms with Gimli being tucked in against the Istar on the other side. His first truly coherent thought came a time later when he noticed that Gimli was rubbing his chest. Concerned, Legolas squeezed the dwarf's arm, "Are you all right?"

"Aye." The dwarf sounded dazed. "That was wondrous, Legolas! Will it be like that each time?"

Legolas smiled. "Nay, but you will always feel our connection."

Gandalf observed the two with the joy of a new love and the happy security of a devotion of many years. He thought to himself that despite the sorrow it had brought him at first, it was good to see these two in harmony. He happily concluded that the negative words and tones that they had occasionally used on each other in the past would occur no more. He was incorrect.

Legolas lay in an almost blissful stupor. He had never experienced such rapture as was the union of spirits. Gimli loved him deeply, and he was certain that nothing would cause him to worry about Gandalf eventually loving him fully now. He was proven wrong before the day was over.

Gimli was filled with confidence. They had loved and bonded! He knew that they faced many challenges ahead, but he was confident that somehow they will conquer each one. He was correct.