Boundaries Crossed

by Sarah

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli. Gimli/Legolas. Legolas/Gandalf/Gimli.

Summary: Respite in Minas Tirith.

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Warnings: Slash. Sex between two males.

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Chapter 22

The wind ruffled Gandalf's hair and beard as he walked to the tent that Gimli and Legolas shared. His thoughts were still about that morning. Legolas and Gimli had gone into the city. Before they visited Merry and Pippin, the pair had given Prince Imrahil the message to meet with Gandalf and the Captains.

Gandalf reflected on the debate with the Captains and sighed softly. Imrahil had asserted, "Surely, this is the greatest jest in all the history of Gondor: that we should ride with seven thousands, scarce as many as the vanguard of its army in the days of its power, to assail the mountains and the impenetrable gate of the Black Land! So might a child threaten a mail-clad knight with a bow of string and green willow! If the Dark Lord knows so much as you say, Mithrandir, will he not rather smile than fear, and with his little finger crush us like a fly that tries to sting him?"

A jest perhaps, but he will not laugh. Nor shall I. Gandalf thought. The wizard was certain that Gimli and Legolas would travel with the seven thousands. The two had honoured his work in Middle-earth, and he respected the fact that his lovers would desire to go with Aragorn. Yet the danger they faced worried him.

It was Aragorn that informed Legolas and Gimli of the plan to gather an army and march out to battle Sauron's troops. Gimli and Legolas had already decided that whatever was planned they wanted to be part of it.

When Gandalf arrived at the tent that afternoon he knew that they had been told. Legolas was sitting in the opening of the tent gazing up at the sky. His face was sombre, but he smiled happily when he saw the wizard. "Welcome!" he said softly, moving aside to allow the wizard to enter.

Gimli was sitting on a stool carving on what appeared to Gandalf to be a flat rock. The dwarf's face was thoughtful and a bit sad. Upon seeing his lover, his eyes lit up, and Gimli began to put away his tools.

Gandalf glanced down at Gimli's work and could not prevent a grin. The dwarf was fashioning a relief out of the rock itself. The wizard glanced at Legolas whose back was still to them. He motioned toward the archer to ask if the elf knew.

Gimli shook his head as he wrapped the project in a cloth and put it away. Aloud, he said, "The trouble with keeping close company with an elf is that one starts to think like them. I fear I will become one!"

"There is no danger of that!" Legolas called. He closed the tent flap, fastening it with a peg, and turned toward his lovers.

Putting his arm around the wizard, Gimli searched Gandalf's eyes. "Are you well?"

Gandalf comprehended that he was being asked two things: whether he was comfortable with the decisions he had made and if he was dealing well with the knowledge that Legolas and Gimli might go with Aragorn. The wizard sat down on the pallet and sighed happily as Legolas came and settled next to him. He waited until Gimli was nestled against his other side before saying, "I feel my decisions are the wisest course we can take now. I can understand that you both want to represent your people in Aragorn's company. I will admit it worries me, but I agree with and respect your choice. Did Aragorn explain why I suggested this tactic?"

"Aye, and Legolas and I concur with it. Everything possible must be done to aid Frodo in succeeding," Gimli said quietly. "Legolas and I shall continue on and see this to its finish."

"But not now. Not today," Legolas stated. "Today hopefully is ours."

Laying a hand on the wizard's arm, Gimli asked, "My lover?" The dwarf's breathing quickened as Gandalf's gaze turned to him. The wizard's bright orbs had darkened and were filled with passion for his lovers. Swallowing, Gimli managed to speak. "The two of you are beyond all value to me." He grasped Legolas' arm with his free hand. "I love both of you. There is nothing I would deny either of you."

Discerning what Gimli was implying, Gandalf queried, "Are you sure? Legolas is your one. I would understand if..." The wizard halted. Gimli was staring at him in the most unusual fashion, almost as if seeing him for the first time. The dwarf reached out and gently traced the wizard's face.

Legolas recognised Gimli's expression and let out a whoop of joy.

Puzzled, Gandalf glanced between the two.

"Tell him!" Legolas urged.

"There is no difference!" Gimli declared in amazement. Spying Gandalf's confusion, the dwarf tenderly caressed the Istar's shoulders. "When I behold you, it is the same as when I look upon Legolas!"

As he realised what Gimli meant, happiness gripped Gandalf so powerfully that he swayed with it. Instantly he was sheltered within Gimli's strong embrace, and Legolas' arms wrapped around them both. They rocked together and rejoiced. Overjoyed, Gandalf looked up at the archer. "How fortunate I am that you do not begrudge me this!"

Legolas shook his head. "It is not how fortunate you are, it is how loved you are. I begrudge you nothing, since Gimli loves me, too, and I am granted your love also. It is I who is fortunate!"

The elf laughed as Gimli and Gandalf answered, "Not fortunate, loved." And the wizard felt his felicity was multiplied as some of the unhappiness he had perceived in Legolas only yesterday seemed to fade before his eyes.

Gimli began to unclasp the ornate buttons on Gandalf's tunic. When finished, he tenderly opened the garment wide, as if he was giving himself and Legolas a gift. The warrior's hands moved gently over the wizard's chest drawing forth a hiss from Gandalf.

As the tunic was slipped off Gandalf's shoulders, Legolas whispered in the Istar's ear, "I love you." The elf's fingers affectionately charted a path down Gandalf's back, then encircled his slim waist, tenderly rubbing the wizard's hips.

"I love you, too," Gandalf answered as his eyes fluttered closed.

Sweeping aside the Istar's beard, Gimli surrounded a nipple with his mouth to gently suck. Gandalf trembled as the wet suction of his lover's mouth brought delight, and Legolas' hands massaged his waist, expressing love.

Licking his way down Gandalf's neck, Legolas paused to suck and nibble at the nape. His fingers moved throughout the wizard's hair.

Reluctantly, Gimli parted from Gandalf. Hastily, he began jerking his clothes off. Legolas and Gandalf eagerly followed his cue, removing shoes and garments swiftly.

Legolas reached out and rubbed Gimli's back. A soft moan came from Gimli as the archer's hands strayed to brush across the dwarf's erection. Gandalf's hands were making circular patterns over the warrior's chest, occasionally pinching Gimli's nipples, which had firmed into tiny nubs. Gimli arched into the delightful touches. Bending, Gandalf captured the dwarf's eager, waiting lips. Warm, moist heat met his mouth, Gimli's tongue darting in and exploring before retreating in a silent invitation. Plunging into the welcoming cavern, Gandalf investigated every inch of his lover's mouth.

Watching them kiss, Legolas' erection grew until he felt unbearably hard. He recalled the first kiss he had seen between them. That one had been an exchange of love and fulfilment. This kiss was passion and devotion and a pledge of future satisfaction. Gimli was practically climbing into the Istar's lap in an effort to get closer. Whispering into Gandalf's ear, Legolas stated, "Lie with him. He needs you."

The words were unnecessary, as Gandalf had already begun to scoot down, taking Gimli with him, yet each syllable enflamed the wizard's senses further.

Once they were all reclining, Gandalf withdrew from Gimli and turned, pulling one of Legolas' tiny rose-coloured nubs in his mouth and nibbling the tip. The archer cried out with pleasure, and his eyes closed. Lapping at the pebbled flesh, the wizard divided his attention between the two extremely sensitive buds. The elf's breaths came in sharp pants, and his cock was dripping with desire.

Gimli slowly glided his hands up Gandalf's thighs, grazing the Istar's hardness with his fingertips. The warrior mapped the taut muscles of Gandalf's abdomen. Finding the erect peaks, the dwarf played with the wizard's nipples, delighting in Gandalf's trembling. Reaching across the wizard, he grasped Legolas' arousal.

Legolas groaned as Gimli fondled his penis from base to crown. "Aniron..."

Snatching the bottle by the bed, Gimli handed it to Gandalf, saying, "All that is mine, I give you." It was stated as solemnly as a vow. "Are you ready?" the dwarf asked.

Gandalf tenderly traced the outline of Legolas' face and gazed into the blue eyes that reflected love back to him. Already he deeply loved Legolas, who gave him everything and did it with love. "Yes." The wizard's words, too, were spoken as a promise, not to the elf but to the dwarf, who had entrusted to Gandalf not just his heart, but Legolas'. Gandalf knew the elf's welfare was far more important to Gimli than the dwarf's own was. "Legolas?" Gandalf asked.

The hunger on Legolas' face was enough of an answer, even before the melodic elven voice asserted, "I wish to have your cock deep inside me while you cry my name in passion. I want...I want..." he glanced at Gimli.

"Whatever it is you desire, I will gladly fulfill," the dwarf stated, ardour and affection making his voice deep.

Gandalf nodded. He did not feel capable of speech.

"I would take you in my mouth as he rides me." Legolas practically moaned the words.

Gimli nuzzled Gandalf's arm, whispering, "I desire to see him writhing under you."

After taking a long, deep breath, the dwarf moved to the other side of the pallet, leaving Legolas in the middle. His lips connected with Legolas' and were enthusiastically claimed by the elf in a fiercely possessive kiss. The archer's tongue glided inside the dwarf's mouth, thoroughly exploring the heat within.

Gimli's hot flesh pressed against Legolas on one side and Gandalf's erection was firm and hard on his other. Both spoke of impending rapture, and the archer clasped the Istar's hand.

Gimli broke away from Legolas to ravish the elf's taut nipples. Gandalf joined the dwarf in tantalising the erect beads. Together they moved down the elf's body, licking and nibbling the pale flesh. A powerful tremble raced throughout Legolas as Gimli plunged his tongue into the archer's navel. Gandalf's fingers enclosed the elf's erection, giving it a teasing stroke. The archer sucked in a rough breath. Gimli rubbed his stomach. The dwarf's lips and tongue were making a wet path over Legolas' chest. Gandalf's fingers sprinted over the archer's erection, lightly brushing across the swollen head.

Opening his eyes, Legolas looked down, and the sight stole his breath away. Gandalf was on one side of him, the elf's erection firmly in the wizard's grasp. The Istar's glossy white hair streamed over his shoulders, and his beard swept across the archer's legs. Gimli's face was alight with passion. The dwarf was leaning over Legolas, placing hot kisses across his stomach. His auburn hair flowed around him like a curtain of silk. Gazing into the elf's eyes, Gimli slowly licked the swollen crown of Legolas' cock.

Legolas' mind vividly recalled one of his dreams during the Quest. Auburn hair flowing within the strands of white. His wishes had come to life. His lovers were pressed against him, their tresses mingled together.

As if in answer to his unspoken call, Gandalf eased upwards, taking his parted lips. The wizard's tongue glided into his mouth, curling around his own. Moving his tongue slowly over Gandalf's, the archer's fingers sought and found his lovers' beards.

Separating from Legolas, the wizard placed a swift kiss on the elf's chin. The archer looked dazed, and Gandalf chuckled. He had seen that expression on Gimli's face many times and imagined it had been on his own quite often when he was with the dwarf.

Joining Gimli, Gandalf swirled his tongue over the head of Legolas' erection. Their wet muscles danced briefly together, their eyes conveying love for each other, before Gimli took the tip of the archer's cock into his warm mouth. Moans fell from the elf's lips as Gandalf caressed his sac. Drawing his legs up, Legolas parted them wide. His cries increased, and his hips arched upwards as Gimli sucked the head of his arousal, and Gandalf licked the base.

Seeing the two of them move together in harmony, sent passion spinning through the elf's body, and Legolas grabbed the blanket under him and wrung it. The archer's noises of pleasure were music to his lovers' ears. Gandalf's tongue swept down the elf's glistening rod, often frolicking with Gimli's.

Gandalf and Gimli paused to share a kiss, their tongues twining together. Gimli's excitement mounted as he sampled the distinct flavour of Legolas on the wizard's tongue.

The vial clutched in the Istar's hand was hot, its sweaty outside bringing to mind the far warmer, moist delight that awaited. Separating from Gimli, Gandalf's tongue made a fiery path over the elf's sac. With a lingering stroke, he ran the flat of his tongue up Legolas' length and flicked at the tiny slit in the dripping head. He shifted to give Gimli more room.

A loud cry erupted from Legolas at the ecstasy he was receiving from his lovers. Gandalf's caresses heated his body with desire, and Gimli's tongue was flickering hot and moist against his puckered opening. Teasing licks propelled his shivers outward and when that wonderfully nimble tongue pushed inward, Legolas shrieked. He puffed urgently as Gimli's tongue lanced him over and over.

Gandalf's hands fluttered over Legolas' chest, tweaking his elf's nipples. He sat up. Opening the bottle, he coated one finger with the oil.

Gimli moved to the archer's side. A slick digit nudged Legolas' entrance, and the elf panted in eagerness. Gimli's tongue wandered up to the shell of the elven ear, tracing the curve of the delicate point. His hand caressed Legolas' hair.

Gandalf observed his dwarf's diverting tactics with a smile, and when he saw Gimli suckle on the tip of Legolas' ear, he gently pressed his finger inside the tight passage. Pushing the digit all the way in, he began sliding it back and forth. The wizard's erection jutted heavily between his legs, ready to plunge into that clinging heat.

Moaning, Legolas gripped the intruding finger. He had wanted Gandalf for so long that having his wish finally fulfilled seemed a happiness that went beyond the body to touch his heart. He grabbed Gimli's hand and squeezed hard. The thought came to him that now he not only had his beloved wizard, he also had, in Gimli, a strength that could easily bear his own.

The sigh that came from Legolas was one of pure exaltation. Gimli liberated his ear and whispered into it, "I understand. I was as glad as a dwarf finding a vein of mithril would be when he took me that first time." Watching Gandalf prepare Legolas was incredibly arousing, and the warrior rocked against the archer as his cock jerked painfully.

Legolas smiled and nodded. Gandalf felt covered by love as if the air itself was a soft caress from his lovers. He bent his head, taking Legolas' testicles into his mouth, rolling the firm orbs around with his tongue as the elf loudly cried out his delectation. Inserting a second digit, he scissored them carefully, slackening the tight channel.

Gimli kissed a path down his elf's chest, flicking at peaked nipples before shifting to lick the archer's flat stomach and suck on the supple skin. Taking the apex of Legolas' erection into his mouth, he darted his tongue over the small slit, tasting his lover's essence. At the same time, Gandalf bent a finger and brushed across the archer's hidden nub.

Legolas writhed under his lovers' attention, spreading his legs wider. "Oh, that is good! Saes, Gandalf, Nedh! Aniron," Legolas exclaimed.

Slowly removing his fingers, the wizard poured a generous amount of oil over his cock. He was breathing harshly, consumed with longing. Gimli's broad hand enclosed his erection, applying the fluid over the stiff flesh and raising the sense of need and bliss. "I love you, my dwarf," Gandalf stated, nuzzling Gimli's cheek.

"And I love you," Gimli placed a quick kiss on Gandalf's chest and watched as the wizard moved into place.

Lifting his knees, Legolas opened as wide as he could for the wizard. "Take me," he whispered.

"Aye. I wish to watch as you slide into him."

Their words bought a groan to the wizard's lips, and he eased forward.

The broad head of Gandalf's cock prodded his entrance, and with a deep breath the elf pushed outward, welcoming the wizard into his body.

Gandalf penetrated into the snug passage and inched forward. As the tight heat wrapped around him like a gauntlet, Gandalf's sounds of rapture brought felicity to his lovers. "You feel so good, Green Leaf!"

Legolas was panting heavily, he had dreamed of this for many years. The wonder of finally having Gandalf inside him was better than anything he had ever fantasized about. The enchantment of hearing his name spoken in passion by the wizard was such that the elf did indeed feel like a leaf tossed into a passionate storm. He gazed upon Gandalf, treasuring the moment of finally having this intimacy. His cock dropped pearly dots of his passionate rejoicing onto his belly.

Gimli clasped the elf's erection and started to stroke him, rubbing the leaking head with his thumb on each forward stroke. The dwarf watched as Gandalf penetrated Legolas, and the archer made a soft whimper of ecstasy. Gandalf's white tresses fell over his shoulders, his eyes had darkened, and his face was filled with rapture. Legolas' blonde hair was spread over a pillow, his features flushed with excitement, his quiet mewls telling of his joy.

Once more, Gimli recalled how happy he had been when he and Gandalf had become lovers. His gladness now was of the same heightened level mingled with his passion as it had been back then. Suddenly realising that there was no jealousy interwoven with his bliss, Gimli reached out and put his free hand on Gandalf's hip. It is because he is my one, also. These are the ones Mahal has given to me.

Legolas thrust up into Gimli's fist and then pushed down, impaling himself further on Gandalf's erection and wringing a cry from both of them. Wanting Gimli to share in his joy, the archer reached out and clutched the dwarf's arm. Forcing his eyes open, Legolas sought Gimli's.

Buried deep inside Legolas, Gandalf paused to let the archer adjust. He saw the elf look to Gimli and heard the dwarf whisper, "I know, love. He is wonderful!"

Gandalf sighed softly. How loved they made him feel! And how much he loved both of them!

Turning to Gandalf, Legolas muttered,"Saes." The wizard pulled almost all the way out, and then pushed very slowly back into the smooth inferno. He grasped Legolas' waist as he thrust in and out of the yielding opening.

Sliding under the wizard's beard, Gimli encircled the archer's nipple with his mouth, nipping and then licking across the tip.

Writhing with pleasure, Legolas moaned. Gandalf's slow, drawn-out thrusts and Gimli's wet heat teasing his nipples brought a tantalizing promise of even greater elation to come. Gandalf's erection pressing against that special area as the wizard plundered the elf's depths sent arrows of fire from the archer's loins to fly throughout his body. "Saes, take me faster!" Legolas whimpered.

Gandalf thrust into the warm cavern. Angling his movements, the wizard was rewarded with a crooning cry from Legolas as he stroked that special region. Unerringly he caressed that area again and again as Legolas thrashed under him.

Gimli shifted now so Legolas could reach him and was rewarded as the archer turned and took his cock into his mouth, enclosing the seeping flesh with his moist heat. A loud yelp broke from the warrior as Legolas lapped across the flared head of his shaft. The archer tugged at Gimli, pulling the dwarf's throbbing rod in deeper, laving the velvety skin with his tongue. Slowly, Gimli eased back and forth in his lover's mouth.

Wrapping his hand around the elf's rigid cock, Gandalf stroked it with a leisurely rhythm, Legolas' hips rocking forward to meet the wizard's thrusts. When Gandalf's hand surrounded his cock, Legolas felt almost overwhelmed by bliss. With each upstroke, the wizard rubbed the tiny slit in the crown. As Gandalf pushed smoothly inside his body, the elf whimpered around the hard phallus filling his mouth. The Istar's beard brushed back and forth across his chest like soft silk.

The wet slide of Legolas' lips and teasing tongue had Gimli on the edge. The occasional pauses and whimpers from the elf added to the building tension in the warrior's body.

Thrusting hard, Gandalf felt his control slipping as the muscles in Legolas' core clenched him tightly. The archer trembled under him, and Gimli's hand was clasping his arm.

Running the flat of his tongue down the underside of Gimli's cock, Legolas once more pulled his dwarf forward. The warrior eased downward, and the elf took him in deep and began sucking hard, hollowing his cheeks. His actions earned him a loud cry from Gimli. The dwarf's rigid cock filled his mouth, and the wizard's hard shaft raided his innermost recesses. The firm, unrelenting strokes on his arousal made him ache with need.

Gimli's moans became louder as the wet pressure around his cock became stronger. His hand clenched Gandalf's arm as he climaxed in a mind-numbing rush. The merging of spirits rushed to link with his ecstasy, adding to his elation and creating a perception of supreme euphoria.

Each of Gandalf's penetrating lunges drove Legolas closer to completion. Ardently he swallowed the hot nectar as Gimli's seed bathed his throat. The keenly awaited sensation of light and love entering his spirit came to the elf in a potent mixture of enchantment and gratifying union. Gandalf's fingers clasped his cock firmly, thumb rubbing the head, and he stilled, his seed spurting out over wizard's hand.

Gandalf moaned Legolas' name when the archer came hard. The elf's muscles clamped down on him, jerking his orgasm from him. He coated the elf's clinging heat with his milky fluid, continuing to thrust as he rode the throes of his completion, and the fusing of spirits gave the wizard jubilation.

They lay quietly for a short time, Legolas giving a last lick to Gimli's softening rod before easing away from the dwarf. The warrior rested, still trembling, next to his lovers. Gandalf put an arm across Gimli. Eventually, the wizard carefully pulled from Legolas. Gimli sat up and retrieved wetted clothes for cleaning. Once they had wiped each other, Gandalf found himself in the middle again as they snuggled at his side, hands curled in his beard.

Gandalf held them both close and thought. There had been a time when he had been determined to take no one besides Gimli. He had been resolved in this decision despite knowing that his days with Gimli were limited, since dwarves are mortal. Yet he was glad that his love for Legolas was already becoming intense, and he had no regrets. The wizard's fingers played idly through Gimli's hair. Gandalf was cognisant that he was content with having Legolas for a lover, because he had come to love the elf and because it was approved by Gimli.

When they had relaxed for a while, Legolas asked, "Gimli, are you well?"

Gimli comprehended that his elf was concerned over how he was dealing with sharing Gandalf. "Aye." He squeezed Legolas' hand and stated, "Truly, my elf, I am happy that you have been granted your desire!"

Their gazes turned to Gandalf and before they could ask, the wizard stated, "I am fine. Legolas?"

"I am extremely happy!" Legolas declared.

Legolas and Gimli leaned over and kissed gently before settling back against Gandalf. The Istar mused, if there had been recent discord between them, he could not tell it. He had beheld an appreciation of each other's differences that was pleasing to him. But then, they both had good natures. Gimli had always been one to put those he loved first, and Gandalf doubted that Legolas had much room in his heart for jealousy or resentment. "You both have such good temperaments!"

Gandalf was surprised when they shook their heads. Gimli stated,"I am a very possessive being! Usually when I think of how much I love you two, I also reflect that my lovers belong to me."

"And I dash after trees and yearn for the sea when I have everything I cherish here at my side!" Legolas declared.

Gandalf said, "I believe you are both viewing matters wrongly. Gimli, possessive feelings happen to everyone. I have felt that way myself, my dwarf! As long as the possessing does not overpower the devotion, I think you should not worry."

"You mean as long as love is the stronger emotion and the one that controls my actions, I should not fret over the other feelings." Gimli answered.

"That is exactly what I mean, my dear one!" Gandalf replied.

Legolas rubbed Gimli's palm with his thumb. "Besides, we love you just the way you are, so you should not be overly anxious about this matter!"

"Nor should you be concerned over your nature, my Green Leaf! I realise that being with the Fellowship has often made you feel old, but..."

The wizard paused, and Legolas laughed. "You are trying to find a tactful way of telling me that you do not consider me all that old."

Gandalf grinned. "In my eyes, you are both very young! The attraction to the trees was irresistible to you, but that is not a flaw in your disposition! Neither is the yearning for the sea. Both are part of how you were created and are not faults!"

"We love you, too," Legolas stated. After a moment, he asked,"Aragorn said that we will leave in two days. Will you have time to join us when we camp at night?"

"I should be able to," Gandalf replied. He noted the quick glance that Gimli and Legolas exchanged. "Why?"

"Because we wish our union to be as strong as possible before battle," Legolas responded.

"Aye, so it will be difficult to separate us should the worst happen," Gimli added.

Legolas kissed Gandalf's cheek. "We can not determine our fate if we die, so we thought to do all we can to make sure that we are inseparable. And we need you!"

"I shall try to oblige!" Gandalf chuckled.

"And we trust that as soon as you are finished with your work in Middle-earth, you will come to us should we die in the conflict," Legolas said.

"I shall," Gandalf promised.

For a long while, they snuggled together, taking comfort in each other, before Gandalf went back to Minas Tirith.

Two days later, the company left Minas Tirith. Gimli had secured some ale and wine from the city prior to their departure and now, after the first day's journey, sat next to Legolas on a bench in their tent sharing the wine. They had been trading stories of their peoples' histories but had not talked for a while. Gandalf was still with Aragorn.

Gimli broke the silence. "I suspect Gandalf and Aragorn will part from the company briefly tomorrow to look upon Morgul Vale."

Legolas took a sip of his wine. "Do you want to go with them?"

Gimli shook his head. "I've had enough of terror to last my life time! You heard what Gandalf said about the minds of Men turning to madness and horror. No, I would rather not! If he asks us to go, then I shall but otherwise no."

Legolas nodded. "Very well, we shall stay with the company if we are not requested to go. I have no desire to see a vale of evil myself."

Gimli leaned over and pressed a kiss to Legolas' lips.

When he arrived at their tent, Gandalf was not surprised to find them in each other's arms. They had conversed little on the ride that day, aside from one lively conversation about battle tactics. He had noted the occasional affectionate touches they shared. Several times, Legolas had brought his horse close to Shadowfax. At first, Gandalf had thought that Legolas or Gimli wanted to speak to him. Then he realised that simply being close to him gave the two encouragement. They desired to be near him.

As if sensing his presence in the tent, Gimli reached out, and the wizard hastened into his embrace. Legolas and Gimli parted, and the dwarf turned to Gandalf, his lips capturing the Istar's.

The warrior's mouth was hot, and he tasted of wine. His tongue, warm and wet, flickered over Gandalf's while from the other side of the bench the archer's strong hands massaged the Istar's back. The wizard closed his eyes, his lips parting. A barely perceptible moan escaped from Gimli, and an answering whimper fell from Gandalf's lips. Pleasure spiralled throughout Gandalf as Gimli raided his mouth with abandon.

Gimli's tongue darted throughout the wizard's mouth, tasting his lover anew. He explored with an almost urgent haste, feeling Gandalf tremble in his arms. Gimli placed his hand over the elf's, squeezing it, before finding the archer's chest.

A surprised gasp escaped Legolas as Gimli's thumb brushed across first one nipple, then another. He put an arm around Gandalf, keeping a hand firmly lodged within his lovers' beards.

Separating for air, Gandalf and Gimli stared into each other's eyes. "Bed," Gimli said breathlessly.

"Clothes," Legolas declared at the same time.

"Both," Gandalf said.

They moved to the bed, which was nothing more than some blankets thrown upon hay. Legolas began to unfasten the ties of Gimli's tunic. As soon as the shirt was open enough, the archer's hand slid inside to caress the dwarf's chest. "You are warm," Legolas stated.

"He always is. Very delightful, especially on cold nights!" Gandalf said. Eagerly the three removed their clothing, tossing them into a pile. The wizard's lovers flanked him. Cupping Gandalf's face, Legolas feasted on his mouth. Brushing the wizard's hair aside, Gimli rained kisses on the Istar's neck and shoulders.

Legolas and Gandalf broke apart, breathing heavily. The archer whispered in the wizard's ear, "We cannot get enough of you! Gimli and I need you." He seized the bottle by the bed.

Judging from the archer's words that he was about to placed in the middle again, Gandalf grinned and nodded. He moved to lie on his side.

Gimli put out his hand, and Legolas poured the liquid over his fingers. Then tipping the bottle, he let the fluid flow across the fingers of Gandalf's right hand briefly. With his free hand, Legolas rubbed the wizard's back and hips.

Circling the tip of the wizard's cock, Gimli spread the wetness he found there. Tracing the throbbing vein that ran down the middle, Gimli's fingers made a path downwards to caress the Istar's heavy sac. The dwarf's erection hung heavy between his legs as Gandalf's whimpers and trembling heightened his passion. Centering a finger over Gandalf's tight opening, Gimli experienced a wave of dizziness at the prospect of soon being deeply intimate again with Gandalf.

Pushing down a little, Gandalf drew the finger in, and Gimli groaned as his digit was captured by clinging warmth. His finger slowly slid inside the wizard, and when it was fully embedded Gandalf took a deep breath. "Legolas," he panted.

Legolas moved upwards, his back to Gandalf, lifting his leg so the wizard could reach him. Parting the archer's buttocks, Gandalf's fingers sought and found the tiny aperture. Gently he entered the archer, slowly pressing into the inviting heat. Gandalf was gasping now as Gimli breached him with two fingers. Legolas was clasping the Istar's finger eagerly, and carefully Gandalf added another.

Gimli readied his lover gradually, opening his fingers and then closing them, pushing in and out. The channel's walls were snug, but Gimli could tell that the muscles had relaxed. He whimpered loudly at the thought of sliding into that tight heat. Turning his palm up, Gimli rubbed the little bump inside the wizard.

Mimicking Gimli's movements, Gandalf brought his two fingers together, working them slowly into Legolas' centre. Legolas was pushing back against him, and Gandalf moved into Gimli in response. His special region was stroked, and the Istar cried out. A third finger nudged his entrance, and Gandalf happily accepted it, opening himself completely.

Legolas' breathing came quickly with rough gasps. A third finger was delving his depths, and he ached to be filled with more. Gandalf massaged the gland within him, and Legolas exclaimed, "Saes, please, I need more!"

"Gimli," Gandalf whispered, "I want you within me!" He removed his fingers from the archer's warm cavern while Gimli withdrew from his body. He went to all fours, parting his legs, smiling at the muffled moan from his dwarf and the "Oh, stars!" from his elf.

Legolas gracefully glided to his hands and knees in front of them, facing away from them and producing moans from his mates.

Gimli took hold of the oil, pouring some over his length and across Gandalf's member. Poising himself at Gandalf's entrance he pushed in very slowly. Gimli halted as the muscles grabbed his cock, echoing Gandalf's gasp. Inching forward, the warrior's eyes shut, and his hands fluttered over the wizard's back as he seated himself fully.

Neither moved for a moment, and then taking a deep breath, Gandalf rose up a little. Moving in concert with the wizard, Legolas glided under the Istar, placing himself beneath his lover.

Gandalf guided his cock to Legolas' opening. The elf pushed against him, and the wizard whimpered as the head of his penis was surrounded by the tight channel. He glided effortlessly into the passage, his moan matching with the one from the beautiful elf under him. He thrust forward until he was totally rooted inside Legolas. Gimli smoothly moved with the Istar.

Only when Gandalf had stilled again, did Gimli slowly pull almost out, immediately edging back in, savouring every ripple he felt in the snug channel. Inhaling deeply, Gimli started to thrust more rapidly. He began his own pace, plunging in and out. Before long he was hammering across Gandalf's tiny gland with each lunge.

In harmony with the dwarf's inward strokes, Gandalf thrust far into Legolas, pulling back each time the warrior surged outward. The hard flesh plundering his depths while Legolas' tight channel gripped his erection was such exquisite delight that all of Gandalf's awareness centered on his lovers and the bliss he was receiving. Time seemed not to exist. There was only the enchantment of bodies uniting and hearts loving.

The archer shifted back into his lovers with loud whimpers that increased in intensity when the wizard's cock started a steady pattern, rubbing across the tiny bundle of nerves deep inside him on each forward thrust. Gandalf's beard swept over his back as a soft feathery caress.

The wizard's fingers curled around Legolas' rod. In cadence with his dwarf's coupling, he stroked the hard flesh, his movements becoming faster and harder as he felt the elf's cock twitching under his fingers.

The tremors rocking the archer crashed into blazing fire, and his spirit merged with his lovers. Dimly he heard Gandalf say, "Love you, Green Leaf," and Gimli's passionate, "Aye". Their love seemed to imprint itself on Legolas' heart as his seed spurted forth, glazing Gandalf's fingers. Stars flashed behind the elf's eyes as exhilaration seized him, his muscles clamping around the rigid phallus within him.

The contractions that rippled outwards clenched Gandalf's cock, and the union of spirits brought delight that echoed throughout his body. With a few more erratic thrusts, he let go, his climax so potent that the moan on his lips was choked off, his breath caught in his throat.

Gimli's spirit fused with those of his mates. The heat in his loins raced through him, and his cock pulsed, sending his seed into Gandalf's passage. His arms wrapped around the Istar to prevent himself from falling on top of his lovers as waves of euphoria flooded his senses.

They lay together for a while, letting the pleasure linger in bodies and spirits. Gimli rested against Gandalf's back, one hand massaging the wizard's neck. The Istar reclined on top of Legolas, occasionally pressing kisses on the archer's shoulders.

After a time, Legolas stated, "Gimli told me that dwarves were made to be capable of carrying burdens easily." He tried to say it casually, but he was still shivering from the bliss of their loving, and his words came out with a breathless quality to them.

Gandalf, thinking that the words were possibly addressed to him, managed a "Yes."

"Then I suggest that next time we love, Gimli be placed on the bottom!" Legolas declared.

Gimli laughed and rolled off them. Gandalf moved into his waiting arms, and Legolas nestled against the wizard's other side. After a quick cleansing, they fell into sleep together with tranquility and love covering them.