Boundaries Crossed

by Sarah

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli

Summary: The sequel to Barriers Broken. The story deals with the time of the Quest and afterwards.

Disclaimer: Tolkien owns them. I make no money on my story. I claim only the original characters and ideas.

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Warning: Slash. Sex between two males.

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Chapter 4

When they arrived by the bed, Gandalf said, "Study the room for a few minutes if you wish. I need to get some bath oil." Yet he lingered for a few minutes, his fingers sliding under Gimli's braid and rubbing his lover's neck.

Gimli's eyes closed at his lover's touch. He felt that the storm he had been carrying in his heart for so long was being banished by sunlight.

After Gandalf left, Gimli stood by the bed and chuckled. He was already half-erect, but the small white stand by the bed held something that captured the dwarf's interest. He picked it up carefully and smiled. The eagle that he had given the wizard long ago. He had not thought to look for it, and yet here it was, making his heart soar with happiness. He examined it and then carefully sat it back down on the stand next to the crystal jug and a glass.

Gimli pulled the white coverlet with its diamond pattern down and then sat on the bed to remove his boots. He glanced around as he did, grinning as he recalled Gandalf's words about studying the room. Pain touched his heart as he thought of how he might never have been in this room. He had not dared to hope that he would ever be allowed to see this chamber. He realised now how fiercely he had desired to be here. The distress had been replaced by love for Gandalf and gratitude for his welcome to Gimli.

Gandalf came into the room. He placed some cloths and bath oil on the stand. Gimli observed eagerly. Soon he would be able to feel his lover deep inside him.

Gandalf sat next to Gimli and took off his own boots. Gimli noted every movement of the wizard's long fingers. Once they were removed, Gimli excitedly moved to kneel on the sheet and tugged Gandalf up onto the bed. The two settled against each other. Gimli nuzzled into Gandalf's neck, inhaling the loved scent and feeling his own body heat with increased desire. Dragging his tongue across the pulse point in the wizard's neck, the dwarf rejoiced at the way it sped up in answer. Gimli's breathing quickened. He glanced into the wizard's eyes, loving how they darkened in times of passion.

Gimli's fingers reached for Gandalf's beard at the same instant the wizard's hand went to the dwarf's braids. Gimli's cock jerked and began straining at his leggings at the touch of the Istar's fingers on his braids. This was so often a prerequisite to love making that his body responded instantly.

Gandalf's fingers trembled. He remembered his imprisonment at Isengard and how during his gloomiest moments he had wondered if he would ever see Gimli again. He paused. "I love you, Gimli."

"I love you, too."

The deepening of Gimli's voice sent passion through the wizard's cock, and it swelled, desiring the dwarf's familiar heat. Gandalf slowly started undoing the braids, but he stopped and ran his digits trough Gimli's beard and over his shoulders. He comprehended that he could be called for at any time, but he would not hurry matters. He required this time with Gimli to recover.

Gimli's fingers were massaging the wizard's beard and stroking his hair. His thoughts went to the trip to Rivendell, where he had continually sorrowed over having to keep his distance from Gandalf. The braids were out, and his hair fell loose. Gimli watched as the wizard put the ties on the stand. Then he reached for Gandalf's hands and clasped them tightly. "I believed the whole way to Rivendell that I would not even be permitted to touch you. I know we had an agreement but..."

Gandalf silenced him with a light kiss. "An agreement that we both outgrew and didn't want. I am sorry, my lover, had I told you..."

This time it was Gimli who stopped the flow of words with a kiss. "We were trying to do what was best for the other." His lips barely moved from the wizard's, and as soon as the words were spoken, they pressed in, asking for a deeper kiss. His tongue darted over Gandalf's lips. He recalled how he had yearned so long ago to discover his friend's taste. How familiar and treasured that taste was now! Gently he sucked Gandalf's bottom lip, rejoicing to be so near to his lover once again. When the wizard moaned, Gimli slid his tongue into the alluring mouth and began to play inside. He wrapped his arms around the wizard, and Gandalf gripped his shoulders.

Gandalf leaned into Gimli and tried to put his hand under the dwarf's clothes to reach his lover's chest. Finding this a difficult task, the wizard broke the kiss. Taking a deep breath, he asked, "How many layers of clothing are you wearing?"

Gimli replied breathlessly, "Three."

"The reason for that would be..."

The dwarf grinned. "It is customary when among outsiders."

Gandalf started untying the lacings on Gimli's shirt. "I can promise you that elves cannot see through one set of garments, much less two or three-and especially dwarven garments, which are anything but diaphanous! Your outfit does carry modesty far beyond what is necessary." He slipped the shirt off.

Gimli pulled off the rest of his clothes. Gandalf took his own garments off, with Gimli watching him intently.

As soon as Gandalf was undressed Gimli leaned over and let his tongue gather up the drops from the wizard's leaking arousal, feeling Gandalf tremble under him. He sighed softly. The longing for what he had imagined that he could not have lingered in his mind. Sucking lightly, he drew moans from Gandalf. Swallowing, he took Gandalf's erection deep into his throat. A noise of mingled need and pleasure resounded from the wizard.

Gimli began moving up and down on Gandalf's cock, letting his tongue linger and trace veins. The wizard's fingers glided through his hair, and Gimli wondered how he had ever imagined that he could bear being near to his loved one and denied this. Bliss, he thought. Pleasure I fretted over because I did not tell Gandalf about my deepening feelings long ago.

Gandalf relaxed under Gimli's love. His eyes shut as the hot mouth worked his flesh. His memories spoke to him of the many times he had buried himself in the dwarf's tight passage. It would not be long now before he experienced that ecstasy again. Thrusting into the mouth that was pleasuring him, Gandalf let his worries fade. He could concentrate on the delightful feelings Gimli was giving him. The dwarf knew him well enough and would stop in time so Gandalf could enjoy his lover's body. Gimli was cognisant that the wizard liked to take him after a long absence.

Gimli accepted Gandalf's cock deep into his throat and swayed with each thrust. His beard caressed Gandalf's testicles as the dwarf slowly moved. Gimli whimpered happily as the wizard's shaft throbbed in his mouth. When the thrusting increased and Gimli sensed Gandalf's impending release, he eased off the needy penis, eliciting a soft cry of protest from his lover. Gimli lay down and stroked the wizard's chest.

Leaning over, Gandalf's fingers ran through the soft hair on the dwarf's chest. Finding a nipple he pinched gently, pulling the nub up. Gandalf fondled the tip with his tongue, flicking and nipping it. Bucking up into the damp mouth, Gimli shuddered under him. The wizard's fingers rubbed and pulled the dwarf's other nipple before his mouth moved across to kiss and suckle it. Gandalf rocked his hips against his moaning lover.

Gimli reached for Gandalf and began caressing his chest. He felt Gandalf's heavy arousal shove against him, and he gripped the wizard's arm. Stretching under the wizard, Gimli sought to ease the fire between his legs. He did not yearn to rush their first love-making in years, but his member was throbbing with want, and his heart was longing to feel Gandalf inside him once again. His hands moved to Gandalf's beard, and he stroked before pulling gently.

Panting, Gandalf paused to glance up at his lover.

Spreading his legs far apart in invitation, Gimli made a deep, hungry noise in his throat that caused Gandalf to grab hastily for the oil. The wizard's erection pulsed and dripped with need. Grabbing the bottle, Gandalf turned back to his lover. He let his tongue wander over Gimli's stomach feeling his lover's trembling. When Gandalf's fingers traversed the head of the rigid penis, the dwarf writhed. The wizard's tongue took a lazy route across the hardened organ.

Gandalf popped the bottle open and poured oil over his fingers. Moving between the dwarf's legs, he took Gimli's arousal into his mouth and his tongue teased the slit. Sliding one finger tenderly inside his lover's heated channel, Gandalf eased his mouth off Gimli's cock and let his tongue play over the heavy scrotum as he slowly inserted another finger. Carefully he moved his fingers until they were deep inside his friend. Taking one of Gimli's testicles into his mouth he sucked gently. Moaning and shuddering, Gimli's hand searched for Gandalf's free one and covered it.

Widening his fingers, Gandalf located the small ridge and started to rub. A ragged, rising sound came from Gimli, and he pulled his legs up more. Rubbing his tongue back and forth across the sac, Gandalf's digits kept the same rhythm inside the dwarf's recesses. Easing another finger in, he switched to the other testicle and let his tongue wander across it.

Gimli's grip on Gandalf's hand clamped convulsively and then loosened, only to tighten again. His breathing came in gasps. Gimli's member was stiff with relentless demand, and Gandalf shifted so that his tongue could travel across the width. Gimli fidgeted in impatient anticipation. Stretching his fingers again, Gandalf thrust them back and forth sliding across that spot. Pushing against the fingers embedded inside him, Gimli said, "I am ready."

Drawing his fingers out, Gandalf moved between Gimli's open legs and pushed down against his lover's heated body. Gimli groaned, and Gandalf trembled as the urgency in the low-pitched rumble reverberated throughout his own body. Shifting upward, Gandalf brought their erections into contact, and they both gasped. The wizard whispered, "Do you have any concept of how fiery you always are? Even when you not aroused you are wonderfully warm." He rubbed against the dwarf, and Gimli pushed upwards trying to relieve some of the desperation in his cock.

Pressing against Gimli, Gandalf said, "Yes, delightfully heated."

Gimli could not think well for the aching in his loins, but a vague notion occurred to him that perhaps this was some sort of payment for his lack-of-patience comment to Gandalf. The dwarf felt his own patience was being sorely tried and groaned his protest. Reaching between their bodies, he enclosed Gandalf's erection with his hand and gave it a firm stroke, "Elsewhere with this! I am ready! I need you!"

"Patience, my dear dwarf." In truth, though, Gandalf was more than ready for the play to stop. He grabbed the oil and quickly poured the liquid over his eager member. Gandalf's erection nudged against Gimli's entrance. The dwarf gripped the wizard's hand, squeezing and pushing forward slightly as the tight ring of muscle was breached. The slight burning was ignored as he concentrated on the joy of being intimate with the wizard once again.

The passage quivered around him, and Gandalf took deep breaths, resisting the desire to bury himself fast and hard. When Gimli's hold on his hand lightened, Gandalf pressed in deeper and deeper until he was almost completely enclosed in the snug channel. The welcome compression, hot and vital, caressed his cock, and now Gandalf felt the need to clasp tenaciously to Gimli's hand.

The wizard opened his eyes to glance at Gimli. The dwarf was making steady cries of delectation under him, lids drawn down over the expressive eyes, no discomfort marring the features Gandalf so dearly loved.

Gandalf's first thrust brought him even farther into the clenching passage. Gandalf thrust again, and Gimli arched under the wizard, welcoming his lover into his body. Shifting, Gandalf brought his shaft to rub across that special area. Plunging deeper, harder, and consistently over that spot as Gimli's sounds of rapture became louder built the yearning for the powerful surge of their love's fulfillment.

Gimli drew the wizard down onto him. Holding him and planting kisses across Gandalf's chest, he squeezed his lover's hand with each strong inward stroke. Another enthusiastic lunge and Gimli plucked gently at a nipple with his teeth.

The sultry fire of the hot sucking mouth upon Gandalf's chest spurred his cock to throb unbearably as he shoved it into his beloved's body.

Gimli was panting heavily and lifted his hips to meet each pounding lunge, impaling himself more on the wizard's rigid cock and wringing shouts of bliss from both of them. Gandalf grasped Gimli's erection and began to stroke in time with his own hard thrusts inside his lover's depths. With two swift strokes, Gimli shuddered under him. Elation and relief spread through Gimli's body as his seed poured out over the wizard's hand while the dwarf cried out, "Tharkun" over and over.

The husky, chanting mantra of the wizard's dwarven name, a gift granted years earlier when Gimli had revealed the secret of his own true name, combined with the flexing undulations surrounding his cock, wrenched a cry from the Istar. A vigorous thrust, and the wizard emptied himself deep inside his lover. Euphoria and gratification raced through him faster than a raging river, and his lips whispered the name that Gimli had told to no one but him.

Gandalf collapsed on top of Gimli, and the dwarf's arms immediately embraced him. Long minutes went past in which the only movement was the slight tremors from both of them, and the rise and fall of their gradually diminishing panting.

Finally, the wizard sat up to reach for the cloths. When he had wetted two, Gimli took one to clean himself. While they were removing the signs of their loving Gimli asked, "What were all those remarks about heat? If you were trying to prove that you do have patience the point was taken, although I would have preferred to be taking something else." He grinned.

Gandalf grinned too. "That was not in my thoughts at all, my lover. I realised recently that I have not told you often enough the many things about you that bring me pleasure. Are you aware that you are the handsomest dwarf that I have ever seen?"

Gimli smiled. The wizard's words brought him great joy. Gandalf had to have seen quite a few dwarves. "I reckon that you have a reason to be partial to me, but I am not going to complain." He put the used cloth back on the stand and let his fingers meander across Gandalf's chest. "You are always better than mithril to me. I love your eyes and..." he looked amused. "You have very little hair compared to a dwarf. Here, for example." He circled a finger gently over the soft skin surrounding one of the wizard's nipples. "As if you were made to be open so that you could be easily pleasured." He rubbed the finger across the raised nub. Gimli sighed in contentment. "I like it better than my own kind." His hands settled on Gandalf's shoulders. "I understand that this..." his fingers went down the wizard's back..."is only a package. I try not to love it too much. This..." now he tapped Gandalf's chest over his heart lightly, "is what you really are. Yet I cannot help but love the form you are clothed in." Gimli lay down.

Gandalf stared at him for a minute before putting the cloth that he was holding onto the stand. He snuggled in next to Gimli and reached for his lover. The dwarf moved into his arms. "So...when did you arrive at all these conclusions?"

"It rather crept up on me. I've always discerned that you are not what you appear, but there was a time in our relationship when I suddenly felt as if you were allowing me to see more of your true nature. Then I began to think that perhaps I am an overly presumptuous dwarf desiring you for a lover."

Gandalf tightened his hug. "I would describe you as bold in your statements at times but not as overly presumptuous. I am glad that you and I are lovers and that you presumed enough to make the first move. I doubt I would have ever asked you."

Gandalf rubbed Gimli's back. "You do understand, I hope, that you have been an aid to me throughout these years. Almost seventy of them, my dear lover. You have been cheer to my heart for the whole duration of our friendship, which was there long before we became lovers. You've been ecstasy and relief for my..." he grinned "'package,' as you very eloquently called my body." He let his fingers move through Gimli's hair. "Your hair is beautiful. All of it." His digits strayed briefly to Gimli's groin.

Gimli replied, "So is yours. What you have of it. Oh, you have a splendidly long beard, exhilarating eyebrows, and quite a beautiful mane, but beyond that you are so smooth. It is very exciting to feel."

Gandalf smiled.

They were silent for awhile and then Gandalf said, "You said you didn't even want to be here. I realise that you can't be at ease in Rivendell, but are you a bit happier now?"

Gimli teased, "Rivendell? I love being in Rivendell." He yawned.

Normally Gandalf would have teased him about his sleepiness, but he guessed that Gimli had not been sleeping well at nights and that he was the cause of it. "Why don't we rest for awhile?"

Gimli nodded. He was aware that he should go speak to his father, but it had been a very long time since he had slept well. In Erebor he had often awakened in the night with a sense of anxiety over Gandalf. Worse were the nights when he could not stop worrying and ended up in his chair in front of the fireplace, dozing on and off.

His fretting had only grown during the journey to the hidden vale, his jealousy not quite overpowered by concern for Gandalf's safety. Was Gandalf in danger or safe in the arms of an elven lover? Reaching Rivendell only intensified the effects of these conflicting emotions, extending the long string of sleepless nights and anxious days.

Now he felt he could finally get some rest. Gandalf was here, and all was well between them. Gimli shifted to his side, but he stayed close to the wizard. "Love you." He muttered before he drifted into slumber.

Gandalf propped himself on his elbow and studied his sleeping friend. He so rarely got to see Gimli in slumber. He cherished the trust Gimli had given him. He had seen the sorrow on his lover's face and could imagine what Gimli had been pondering. The wizard recalled sitting near a camp fire one evening and thinking of Gimli. As usual, he had tried to comfort himself that at least Gimli had a dwarven lover and was not alone. That night, though, the very belief that had once brought encouragement turned and twisted in his mind and became anguishing.

Gandalf smiled as he gazed at his sleeping lover. "Package." He had never been called that before. Gimli might ponder whether or not he was presumptuous, but it had never stopped the dwarf from stating his opinion. The wizard enjoyed that about Gimli even more now that Saruman had betrayed him. Truthfulness that could be relied on.

Even if it meant being told that his temper had become worse. That accusation too could be viewed with fondness now that the wizard was no longer annoyed. There were very few people that would dare to tell Gandalf such things. Gimli could be very direct, although he was extremely charming with his words at times too. Being informed that he was better than mithril to Gimli was high praise indeed, coming from a dwarf.

The grief on Gimli's face had been replaced by gladness, and he certainly looked content at present. Gandalf wished he could always keep Gimli that way. He sighed. Softly and carefully, so as not to wake his companion, he ran his fingers over Gimli's beard. He still marvelled at the softness and beautiful auburn colour.

Taking a deep breath, Gandalf allowed his heart to dwell in contented joy upon the sight of Gimli beside him. It was an image he had often seen in dreams during long lonely nights in this very bed, and now the wish was reality, curled next to him in sated felicity, oblivious to the woes of Middle-earth. Smiling, Gandalf put an arm around Gimli and rested with him.