Boundaries Crossed

by Sarah

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli

Summary: The sequel to Barriers Broken. The story deals with the time of the Quest and afterwards.

Disclaimer: Tolkien owns them. I make no money on my story. I claim only the original characters and ideas.

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Warning: Slash. Sex between two males.

Archiving: Meddling in the Affairs of Wizards. Others please ask.

Beta work and lovely suggestions: Nefertiti. Thank you very much! Any mistakes left are mine.

Chapter 5

Gimli vaguely perceived the soft touches. Gentle caresses brushing his nipples, sliding over his stomach, darting to his hair to fondle briefly before straying across his shoulders to arrive again at his nipples, hardening them under the familiar touch. "Tharkun," he muttered.

Gandalf smiled at hearing his name mumbled while Gimli was still mostly asleep. The tone was not so deep then, but the happiness was still there.

The beloved voice whispered in Gimli's ear, "I hate to wake you, but the evening meal will be in an hour and we need to talk."

Gimli struggled for wakefulness. He could feel his body start to rouse from the tender kisses on his chest. His eyes slowly opened. Sensing that Gimli was more aware of him, Gandalf claimed a nipple and began sucking, savouring the taste of the still sleepy dwarf.

"Talk...I can't possibly...not if you..." The fire slowly flaming into being in his loins was making coherent thought difficult, and the fingers that wrapped themselves around his width made it impossible.

"Shortly," Gandalf replied quietly, the whispered syllables exhaled as he spoke moving over the dwarf's nipple and causing Gimli to shudder.

Slowly he started to stroke while his tongue lingered over the tip of a nipple. Gandalf delighted in the trembling that now beset his lover.

Gimli closed his eyes again. The digits kept up their maddeningly leisurely pace, and Gandalf's mouth covered first one nipple and then the other, sucking and pulling. Gimli began to thrust into the wizard's hand, and Gandalf's lips swept down his stomach. Brushing his tongue up and then down over Gimli's erection, Gandalf joyfully listened to the cries of pleasure and want from his friend.

Probing the trickling slit of Gimli's erection with light flicks and then going over the cock with a wide stroke made Gimli thrash and wail under Gandalf. The wizard smiled. Gimli might know him well, but he was equally aware of the things that brought the dwarf the most rapture. Swiftly he inhaled the whole shaft. His lips fused firmly around the painfully rigid cock, his nose touched Gimli's stomach, and his beard caressed the dwarf's leg.

Opening his eyes, Gimli observed the talented mouth enclosing his flesh. His hand went to Gandalf's chest, finding a nipple to tease. He sighed in pleasure as the wizard moaned around his cock. Gimli reached for Gandalf's waist, and he lightly pulled. The wizard shifted in answer and Gimli's fingers found and covered the desired swollen passion. His hand began to lazily move back and forth as his eyes stayed focused on the hot, damp mouth gliding up and down over his arousal.

The wizard's tongue alternately coiled around the dwarf's erection and skimmed over the flesh, igniting a trailing array of burning desire throughout Gimli's body in its wake. The dwarf's speed on the cock enclosed in his grasp increased. His thumb massaged the head and spread the hot liquid from the erection on each upward stroke. Gandalf's hips began to move with Gimli's firm strokes, his mouth keeping harmony with the dwarf's movements.

The tension in Gimli's groin was like an uncomfortable strain borne by the atmosphere just before a storm is unleashed upon the land. The enrapturing mouth slithered down his cock with the faintest application of the ridged edges of the wizard's incisors, and with a cry Gimli released a stream of his seed into it. The frenzy of bliss gripped Gimli, and he shook with his release. His hand sprinted upward on Gandalf's erection, his thumb rubbing the tip.

Gandalf glanced at Gimli as the torrid semen filled his mouth. The exultation suffusing the features of his beloved moved the Maia's spirit and spurred his body. His cock jerked and throbbed as Gimli's clasp on the rigid member, thumb insistently caressing the swollen head, brought the wizard to glorious culmination. Discharging his seed over Gimli's hand, he moaned loudly around the dwarf's still spurting cock. Gandalf's breath caught, and his eyes closed tightly as he treasured each tremor of delight that echoed throughout his body.

After they had recovered and cleaned themselves, Gandalf leaned against the headboard and opened his arms. Gimli moved into them, and easing the wizard's beard up, he rested against the Istar's chest, letting the beard fall over him.

Gandalf laughed. "Your delight in my beard is flattering, but I shall find it very interesting trying to talk to you. I shall feel as if I'm speaking to my beard."

Gimli chuckled. He shifted over to Gandalf's shoulder, where the wizard could look directly into his face. "Better?"

"It is. Gimli, did you think I was foolish for worrying about your welfare after we became lovers?"

Gimli sat completely up and replied fiercely, "You are never foolish! Never!"

Gandalf smiled and reached for Gimli. "Yet you were well all those years." He pulled the still indignant-looking dwarf back into his arms.

"Aye, but your concerns were valid enough."

Gandalf rubbed Gimli's back. "Yes, and so are yours about the elves in Rivendell. I believe they respect me enough to leave both of us alone. I just desired, my lover, to let you know that I understand your anxiety on the matter. I am not unaware of the insulting comments elves have given dwarves over the years, and I respect the protectiveness of your race. Even if it means that I have to spend half an hour helping you remove many layers of clothes," he teased. "Lord Elrond's elves are for the most part accepting of differences, and I truly do not feel you are going to encounter trouble."

Gimli nodded against him. His fingers were beginning to itch to touch that lovely beard again, but he also wanted to keep Gandalf talking. "What else did you wish to discuss?" Gimli prodded.

"While I realise that you might not want to, for instance, should you at any time desire to move your belongings here and stay in my rooms, you are welcome to. I would prefer that if it were my choice. I do not, however, care to have you do something you are not at ease with."

Gimli answered, "I love you, too. I reckon my going back and forth from your rooms to mine is liable to cause as much talk as my staying here would. So I might as well do as I wish and be with you. You will be leaving again soon, won't you?"

"Yes, I hope to meet Aragorn and the hobbits at the Ford in case the Riders try to ambush them there. That leaves us with the last issue I need to speak to you about. How do you want us to behave in public? I can hardly pretend that I do not know you, but we can conduct ourselves as good friends. We are, after all."

"That will be well." Gimli sighed. "We are both in need of a bath."

"Agreed," Gandalf replied.

Gimli slipped off the bed. "Afterwards, I will inform my father where I will be staying. Once the evening meal is over, I shall get my belongings and join you here." He grinned. "Including all my many layers of clothes."