A Custom Shattered, Part 2

by Sarah

Rating: NC 17.

Pairing: Gandalf/Gimli

Warnings: This will be slash. Graphic sex between two males.

Disclaimer: Tolkien owns the characters. They are not mine.

Beta: Nefertiti. Any mistakes left are mine.

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Dedicated to Nefertiti. I could dedicate this to her for many reasons: she inspired the story, her invaluable beta work, or all the encouragement and advice she has given me both on this and my other stories. However, I want to dedicate this story to her for the most important reason of all: she is my friend and I'm happy to have her friendship.

Gimli moved up against Gandalf's chair, the hope he felt reflected clearly in his eyes for the wizard to see. Gandalf put his arm around Gimli, his fingers stroking the dwarf's back. Gimli buried his hands in Gandalf's beard. He bestowed light caresses on it and muttered, his voice deepening, "Aye, it is a bit softer than mine. Very pleasurable."

The tender touches and gently uttered words were provocative, hardening the wizard instantly. Their lips came together, and Gimli's desire soared through him, causing his cock to swell in need.

Gandalf's light kisses sweetly pressed against his lips made Gimli realize that the wizard was letting him determine the pace. The idea sent more excitement racing through his veins. Sucking gently on the lips offered him, he savoured the taste. He ran his tongue carefully across them before sliding it between the welcoming lips.

Gandalf sighed with pleasure as Gimli's tongue slipped into his mouth, tentatively caressing. As their tongues met and entwined for the first time, Gandalf barely noticed Gimli's gasp due to his own sharp inhalation. His fingers made their way to Gimli's beard and he decided the dwarf was wrong. His own beard was not softer than this one that not only was thick but warm as well.

Gimli put his hand behind Gandalf's neck, fingers massaging, as he intently pursued the kiss. Exploring the hot cavern, sampling and enjoying before he pulled away and went back to kissing Gandalf's lips again.

Tugging Gimli closer, Gandalf outlined the borders of the dwarf's mouth, asking for entrance. Sighing happily, Gimli allowed Gandalf to delve and discover.

Breathing heavily, they paused. Gimli's fingers found Gandalf's hair, and he began to comb it. Following Gimli's example, Gandalf slid his fingers through hair that was thick and velvety in texture. He discerned at that moment that he had wanted to do this for a long time. "You have

beautiful hair." he muttered huskily.

Gimli moaned and Gandalf's body trembled in anticipation of what might happen during the hours of the night to come. Gimli was tracing his chin and mingling their beards with his hand.

Dark brown eyes consumed with longing met Gandalf's grey ones. Gimli smiled. His hand touched Gandalf's beard and with gentle fingers he played with the silky strands. "Do you think we could possibly retire to the bed?"

"Gimli, are you sure about this? You will be breaking a custom of your people."

"I'm sure. I'm aware of what I'm doing." Gimli's voice was firm and certain.

The walk to the bed was, thankfully, very short. Gimli squeezed Gandalf's hand. "I'll be back shortly."

Gimli headed to the innermost cavern. He stopped in the doorway, glancing around. A big wooden tub, a rack for heating towels, and a huge fireplace to heat water. There was a stand beside by the tub, and it was here that Gimli went. Towels, soap, and...finding the object he was searching for, he grabbed the small bottle. He moistened a few of the towels in the buckets nearby and with eager steps went back to Gandalf.

Gandalf had lit the lantern. He was sitting on the bed, removing his robes, when Gimli arrived. The dwarf deposited the items on top of the chest of drawers by the bed.

Gimli never quit watching Gandalf, but he pulled the ties out of his braids, freeing the rest of his hair to fall over his shoulders. Gandalf took in the sight with appreciative eyes.

Gimli started to work at his own clothes. His hands shook and his eyes were alight with excitement. "I have dreamed of this for many years," he stated. Gandalf slipped his under tunic off and Gimli quit taking off his garments to run his thumb over a now exposed nipple. Pleasure suffused the disc at the fondling.

Gimli lifted his last tunic off and waited to see what the wizard's reaction would be. Reaching out Gandalf ran his hand over the dwarf's chest. More hair than most humans but not as much as he would have imagined. What was surprisingly delightful was the softness. It was almost like down. Soft chest hair with very strong, firm muscles.

Both were anxious for the bed and yet hungered to examine and discover. Hands fluttered over each other's chests. Gimli's fingers repeatedly grazing and circling nipples.

Gandalf shuddered under him, and his own digits sought out already peaked nipples. Gimli's skin was very warm, almost hot, under his touch, and he wondered if this was normal for dwarves or if it was due to Gimli's state of arousal.

Moaning, Gimli yanked at his leggings until they were off. He treated the loincloth the same way. Gandalf removed the last of his undergarments. All activity ceased as each paused to take in the sight of the other. Gimli broke the silence, grinning he said, "You didn't warn me that you were dangerous."

Gandalf smiled, "I believe it is you who should have cautioned me." He swiftly jerked the sheet and they fell into bed together.

Instantly Gimli's hands began travelling here and there over Gandalf's body, touching everywhere but where Gandalf most yearned for him to, returning always to wander through the beard.

Lingering across the hardened nipples and then over Gimli's shoulders, Gandalf slid his fingers down Gimli's spine, stopping at its end to massage. "You are a new delight to me. One that I have not known in all my long time here."

Gimli groaned as Gandalf's fingers roamed over his back, rubbing the solid muscles. "As you are to me."

Fingers covering Gandalf's throbbing erection, Gimli took joy in the wizard's moan. Detecting the dense moisture at the top of the taut erection, Gimli spread it over the swollen head, feeling it jerk in response. Grasping firmly, he began to pump slowly.

Sliding his hands over Gimli's muscular thighs, Gandalf was thrilled with the thick wide fingers that gripped him.

Spreading his legs wide for the wizard's questing fingers, Gimli stopped moving when those digits arrived at and began investigating his heavy sacs. His breathing increasing, Gimli remained still, his legs open for Gandalf to inspect and enjoy the sensitive area. Long fingers enveloping his aching erection wrung a small cry from him. His respiration came in gasps as the wizard's fingers roamed over his hot flesh searching out his secrets.

"May I taste you?" Gimli managed to pant.

His erection throbbing at Gimli's words and his breathing too laboured now to make talking easy, Gandalf nodded.

Leaning over Gandalf, Gimli muttered, "Where should I start? Here?" Kissing Gandalf''s ears and neck, he sought out the most responsive spots to suck and nip, or lap with his tongue. One hand remained in Gandalf's beard, caressing and moving as he worked around and under it. Each whispered "yes" from Gandalf earned a place prolonged suckling and kissing.

Gradually Gimli eased downward, laving a nipple with his fervent tongue, making a moist path around it. Licking and sucking the nipple, he felt Gandalf tremble from his attentions. Flicking his tongue over the tip, he made a trail of kisses to the other nipple. "Here, perhaps." He whispered, his hot breath blowing the waiting disc. Circling the nipple his tongue swirled across the nub.

Groaning his assent Gandalf arrived at the pleasing conclusion that dwarves were more heated than any other race as the fiery tongue bathe his nipple with licks and nibbles while hot digits fondled the other. Gimli's beard was rubbing against his chest in soothing motions.

Slowly easing down, Gimli probed Gandalf's navel with his tongue, brushing his beard across the firm stomach. Arching upwards slightly, and moaning softly, his legs falling apart, Gandalf encouraged Gimli to go farther.

Placing a kiss on Gandalf's stomach, Gimli was overwhelmed with happiness. Eagerly he took his lover's arousal in his hand and, drawing his tongue along the underside with long laps, he gained a breathless whimper from Gandalf. Prodding the slit with his tongue and then swirling it around the head of the throbbing erection, he feasted on the sweet drops that coated it. Plunging his mouth down the firm length and opening his throat he took the stiff shaft in deeply. His beard covered

the tightened sacs underneath as he swallowed and sucked. Pushing on Gandalf's back, he urged him to thrust. Needing little persuasion, Gandalf began pushing rhythmically into him. Slowly at first and then faster as Gimli's hand pressed harder against him.

Gasping for breath, Gandalf felt as if engulfed with the flames of their passion, as his engorged cock was relentlessly sucked and swallowed and the soft beard rubbed his sacs gently in time with the humid mouth.

Suddenly, Gimli stopped, easing off the needy flesh. He looked up at Gandalf and asked, "What do you desire?"

Gandalf's shaft swelled painfully at Gimli's words. "Do you have a preference?"

Gimli smiled and nuzzled into Gandalf's side, "Aye. I wish for whatever pleases you."

Gandalf tried to think beyond the aching in his groin and its demand for instant relief. He had been journeying a lot and it had been a long time since anyone had offered him such a gift. Turning to his side and embracing Gimli, he said, "Would you permit me to take you?"

Gimli lay back, pulling Gandalf over him, and gazed into his eyes. "Aye."

Requesting entry to Gimli's mouth, Gandalf was granted access to the sultry recesses.

Loving Gandalf's back with sure strokes, Gimli moaned. The wizard's slimness was new to him, but he loved how he could easily wrap Gandalf in his arms. Gandalf's light weight over his body teased in its promise of more delights to come soon.

Joy and heat flooded through Gandalf with such power that he was left quivering. Gimli's arms enclosed him and another unfamiliar sensation arrived: strength. Dwarven strength encompassed him and it felt marvelously good.

Gandalf paused to study the flushed heavily breathing dwarf underneath him. Gimli's auburn hair lay across a pillow and his dark eyes had a melting intensity.

They begun to kiss intensely again, passion rising with every moment. Gandalf, feeling Gimli rock against him, reached between them to graze Gimli's erection with his fingertips. Slipping his palm over the silken flesh crowning the rigid desire, he felt his own erection jump in answer to the feel of Gimli's cock twitching and pulsating beneath his hand. Gimli's aroused passionate need was lengthier than Gandalf had expected but the plentiful width did not surprise.

Quietly moaning as Gandalf's fingers brushed over his cock, Gimli slid a hand between their bodies, enticing Gandalf to wrap his fingers as much as he could around their shared need, and then Gimli did the same.

A soft gasp escaped Gandalf at the shockingly exhilarating enjoyment of torrid, silken flesh and roughened fingertips against him simultaneously, and for a moment he could think of nothing else. Then he began moving his hand slowly and firmly, Gimli's hand joining him in the movement. Pinching and playing with Gimli's peaked nipples until they became harder still, Gandalf continued stroking them both, revelingin the shivers that ran through his lover's body with each caress. Gimli was soon panting softly, need burning higher in the two of them.

Gandalf found it difficult to release the fevered flesh he held against his own arousal, but he did so with one last stroke. He reached over and grasped the oil.

Opening his legs even wider, Gimli signaled that he was ready. Gandalf eased down between the willingly parted thighs. Kneading taut buttocks, his longing to sink between them and drive in deeply sharpened and became painful. He poured the oil over his fingers, sealed the container, and then dipping his head, he engulfed Gimli's swollen flesh.

Grabbing the bed sheet and pulling his knees up, Gimli couldn't prevent the low keening cry as Gandalf took him in deeper. A hesitant finger was flitting across his opening and he moaned his permission. As the single digit pushed into him, the pressure on his cock increased and he groaned at the rapturous sensations of being probed and sucked while Gandalf's beard massaged his sacs. A second finger entered him and twisted, bringing pleasure.The fingers were swirling slowly in and out of him, stretching and teasing him as he yearned for more.

Rotating his fingers cautiously, his leaking cock begging to be embedded in the warmth that closed tightly around his fingers, Gandalf caught his breath . He had encountered some resistance but he judged he could sheath himself without causing undue pain. He shifted his hand until he felt the small rise and nudging the sensitive spot, he was rewarded with a strangled cry. Gimli's body jerked under him.

Withdrawing from Gimli and seizing the oil once again, Gandalf drained some of the contents on his shaft. Gimli patted his arm to assure the wizard of his desire to be taken as Gandalf put the top back.

Sliding up and positioning himself at Gimli's entry, Gandalf slowly moved forward, the tight ring of muscle giving, until he was halfway in. Gimli trembled, his shaft expanding with want as he waited for completion.

Gandalf moaned, straining not to shove far into the hot tight channel until he was certain that Gimli was handling well his rigid flesh's invasion. His hands roamed Gimli's belly and hips, going from light to heavy caresses, tracing and massaging. He paused a moment to gaze at his lover, his eyes darkened with desire.

Gimli's breath came raggedly, yet he managed to utter, "More." He had wanted this for so long that the discomfort seemed distant and not worth noting. Filled. He yearned to be filled by this man that he had admired so much for many years.

Sliding in a bit more, Gandalf shifted, trying to hit that one spot. Suddenly Gimli cried out, shuddering under the wizard. Understanding that Gandalf was concerned about hurting him, Gimli bore down, impaling himself and wrenching cries from both of them.

Both paused motionless. Having himself suddenly enclosed to the hilt in a fiery, tight heat, Gandalf's cock stiffened and enlarged beyond what felt bearable, and he fought to keep from spending.

Gimli was adjusting to a greater length of unyielding penis than any he had ever experienced. He felt an unbelievable wave of pleasure and happiness at finally having what he had craved for many years. Struggling for air, Gimli moved up and commenced to gently rock, hinting that he was able to continue.

Beginning to thrust, Gandalf slowly increased his pace. Gimli huskily whispered, "Aye, that's it," reassuring him and building his need at the same time. The wizard's hips flexed and relaxed as he moved within that taut space.

Propping himself on his strong arms, Gimli joined Gandalf's vigourous thrusting, lifting his hips forward. Gandalf felt overwhelming rapture at such an enthusiastic response from the friend he was enjoying so thoroughly.

Capturing Gimli's aching hardness, Gandalf stroked firmly.

Gimli's breath came in harsh gasps, for his passage felt impossibly stretched and filled. Each forceful shove brushing that ridge within him sent tendrils of scorching bliss surging through him.

Pumping Gimli's rigid penis, with one hand, Gandalf skimmed his other hand across the downy hair of his lover's thighs, maintaining a steady rhythm inside the deep recesses that seemed to know exactly when to grip and when to relax.

The pleasure was building to a feverish high within Gimli, each thrust nudging him closer to the edge. His belly and thighs tightened, tension growing and spreading throughout his body. He began to lose their shared movements.

Drawing up on the erection he was pleasuring and pushing over that rise, Gandalf felt Gimli stiffen and saw the rapture that came over his face. Gimli gave a low cry of Gandalf's name as his essence

spurted between them, over the wizard's hand and onto his own flat, heaving stomach. His snug channel clamped tightly around Gandalf.

Tension built in his loins and with a final flexing of his hips and one forceful thrust, Gandalf spilled his seed deep within Gimli. He moaned out Gimli's name as currents of ecstasy coursed in every part of him.

Collapsing on top of Gimli and panting heavily, Gandalf enjoyed the welcoming embrace and the lingering feelings of pleasure. Gimli's trembling told him that the dwarf was still recovering, too.

Eventually, Gandalf carefully eased out of the passage that had brought him such bliss and moved over to get the cloths, setting the oil back on the chest. After the cleaning, Gimli shifted to his side to face Gandalf, his fingers lazily touching the wizard's chin.

Remembering the strength and warmth, Gandalf moved against Gimli and was received by a strong arm tucking him into a still heated body. "Gimli, I want to keep you here for the night but will it cause trouble for you?"

"I don't reckon so. We've had breakfast together often enough, and no one has ever questioned it. Although I usually try to leave you alone in the morning hours. You don't need a dwarf underfoot at all times."

"Actually I like having you around. More than ever, now! I don't know where you learned so much, but you are as wonderful a lover as you are a friend."

Gimli chuckled. "So are you. In my case, though, it wasn't experience you enjoyed. It was a 'I finally have my way' bliss."

Gandalf laughed. "I've been wanting to ask you this for awhile: why did you decide to befriend me as you have?"

Gimli grew serious. His fingers caressed Gandalf's beard and he said quietly, "You will understand that my motives those many years ago are not what they are today."


"It started with a towel rack and an unreasonable dwarf."

Gandalf leaned up on his elbow to look at Gimli, "What?"

"The first time you visited Erebor after we had settled in, we had company, and father sent me up to check that you were being treated with proper respect. I got chosen as I was comfortably sitting doing nothing and therefore not busy. I could tell you were tired and just desired a bath, a good meal, and rest. It was all being taken care of, and I walked through the guest rooms you have been given to see if the water was being heated. It was but I saw something I felt could be done better. On our journey to Erebor, a few of us had gone into Bree to replenish supplies. A storm came up, and we stayed in the inn instead of going back to the wagons. They had a towel rack and heated towels and scented soap and bath oil. "

Gimli paused. He leaned up and kissed Gandalf. "I stood there in that bath chamber dwelling on how weary you looked," his fingers moved through Gandalf's hair. He continued, "I concluded that you were entitled to a towel rack and anything else we could provide for your comfort."

Gimli smiled now. "Most of us are not in the habit of warming our towels. Even had I hunted, I might not have found a rack. So we used chairs to place towels on that night but I made sure you had one for the next visits."

Gandalf recalled the visit. He remembered eating and Gimli giving quiet commands from the other room but he hadn't known what was being done for his ease. He had been too weary to pay attention, and he had longed for that bath. It had been soothing to him. Warm towels, hot water, and soft soap. They had started a fire in the fireplace in the bed chamber and warmed blankets for him. Gimli's doing, also, though he isn't saying so. Gandalf thought.

Gimli continued, "When I got home one of those visitors said to me, 'You do know that he doesn't care for dwarves. His only concern is for Middle-earth and mayhap those elves he spends so much time with'."

Gandalf started to say something but Gimli shook his head. "You don't need to defend yourself to me. Not now. Never. And not then either. It's an ignorant statement. Of course, your concern is Middle-earth. Why did the fool think you are here in the first place? To help dwarves with their every concern? And are we not part of Middle-earth? And I don't feel your only care is for elves. I couldn't understand why he wasn't more grateful." Gimli grinned now. "I felt like thrashing him but I've always believed that you can't beat sense into senseless people."

"I agree completely."

"Aye, but you are far more even- tempered than I am. I did consider that while it might not help him, it could aid me immensely. You don't need to ask. I didn't. Besides, my father gave him quite an interesting earful. He declared that as far as outsiders go, you are the best friend we dwarves ever had. I spent a lot of time pondering what my father had stated and your exhaustion that night. I thought about how difficult it is for my people to accept others and how you were alone in these chambers while we are among our families." Gimli paused. He had now reached the part in the story where he was fearful of causing hurt feelings. "I'm not all that different from the rest of my race. I don't give trust easily. I decided that I'd start with friendship and I'd watch you and see if trust could be built. It was done because I was thankful, but I also felt you deserved something more from us. It didn't stay that way. It wasn't all that many years before I was willing to help you simply for friendship's sake."

Gimli gazed into Gandalf's eyes. He didn't seem hurt and was waiting for Gimli to continue. "I know exactly when I determined that I could trust you. You were telling this story you had got from the Shire about the pig that was stuck in a door. And I comprehended that it doesn't matter to you. Whether you are talking about humans, elves, hobbits, or dwarves, your voice is kind and gentle. I've never heard you degrade a race. Not any of us."

When Gimli did not continue, Gandalf responded, "Gimli, you haven't told me what caused those feelings to progress to this."

Gimli laughed. "Just keep in mind that you asked. It was three visits ago. We were celebrating Difar's coming of age. I had had far too much ale. I don't remember what all I did to aggravate you that night but what I do recall isn't pleasant. I have a hazy memory of almost knocking the pitcher of beer over next to us and missing the table with the bread. I know that I came close to sitting in your lap when you told me to have a seat before I killed myself."

"You recall a great deal considering how much you had to drink that night."

"I said something to you. Probably several somethings. I don't know what all. I believe I was telling you to visit the Valar and give them a list of items that dwarves would like to see done. I was speaking nonsense, and no, I don't want you to inform me of what I was rambling on about. What I can call to mind is bad enough."

Gandalf laughed. Gimli had helped himself to so much ale by that point in the evening, Gandalf had been amazed that the dwarf could talk at all. It had been no wonder that his words had made no sense.

"And you gave me that look." he reached up and tenderly touched Gandalf's eyebrows. "You shouldn't do that with me. Threaten to set my beard on fire and you'll stop me, but the eyebrows are exciting."

"Exciting?" Gandalf said in a weak voice. "That was not my intention."

Gimli chuckled. "I am aware of that. And I did shut up but silencing me only means I can think deeper. I got to thinking, it isn't just the eyebrows that are arousing," Gimli had trouble not laughing at the expression on Gandalf's face. "It's the beard. You have the most beautiful beard I've ever seen."

Gandalf said thank you, but he was so flattered it was difficult to say anything . If a dwarf says that you have the most beautiful beard he's ever seen, that is a high compliment indeed. The fact that Gimli was certainty biased did not detract from the praise at all.

"The next morning as I tried to deal with my painful head I mused on those eyebrows and the beard. And your eyes. Grey like a cloudy day, and they change colour depending on your mood. You have a handsome, friendly face, and I got to thinking about those long fingers of yours and then... " Gimli smiled, "and then I thought my father is right. I think too much. "

Gandalf smiled. "You were very quiet the following days, but I thought it was because you were embarrassed."

"I most definitely was but that wasn't the only emotion giving me trouble. I didn't want you to see any difference in my behavior. At first because..." Gimli sighed. "I couldn't come up with any solution on how to deal with it. I was fearful that I'd do the very thing I wanted to avoid. I'd increase the burdens you carried when I longed to ease them. The visit after that I watched your every movement trying to judge if you liked any of us in that fashion. You showed no interest in dwarves. So I resolved to let it be. Now, when you arrived after a long absence and you hugged me the way you always do, I knew that it was just matter of time before you'd have to be told. Either

that or I'd have to let you come to your own conclusions when I started leaving the room in a rush every time you got within two feet of me."

Gandalf laughed again. "You were, however, planning on telling me?"

"Aye. Once I understood I couldn't hide it forever. I was going to wait until you had been in Erebor for a few days and was rested. I was expecting you to refuse me but, at least, you would not be hurt when I no longer wanted to be hugged. I was confident that it wouldn't damage the friendship once the awkwardness passed."

Gandalf drew back to look into Gimli's eyes. "Now I can hug all I want. Far better than being denied embraces. I still have a matter of curiosity unsolved."

"What about?"

"Tomorrow night, perhaps, you will satisfy it by letting me experience that width of yours."

Gimli smiled. "I can happily grant that."

Snuggling up to Gimli and putting an arm around him, Gandalf felt Gimli settle in close, and together they fell asleep.

The end