Identical Desires

by Sarah and Nefertiti

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Gandalf/Elrohir, Gandalf/Elladan

Summary: The twins don't want Gandalf to be lonely.

Warning: We don't mean to imply any incest here-just that the twins are very good at sharing.

Disclaimer: No rights, no income.

Archiving: Meddling in the Affairs of Wizards; LoM; OEAM; others please ask.

Author's note: Unadulterated PWP. Book canon. Set in 2063 TA, the year of Gandalf's first visit to Dol Guldur, which caused Sauron to retreat far into the East. The Watchful Peace began then and lasted until 2460.

Gandalf rather looked forward to the end of the banquet welcoming him back to Imladris. Not that it was not sumptuous, with course after course of superb food of a quality that few other places in Middle-earth could offer. The focus was all upon his own recent deeds, and many speeches were made and toasts drunk to him. True, his mission to Dol Guldur, the Dark Lord's tower in Southern Mirkwood, had turned out better than he could have hoped. Sauron had fled before him, vanishing into the East. It seemed unlikely to the wizard that their Enemy was gone for good. No doubt he would regroup and gain strength until he could return yet again to plague them in some new fashion. For now, however, peace seemed assured for quite some time to come. He felt he could afford to spend a longer time than usual in Imladris.

Public praise of the sort now being meted out by Elf after Elf always made him feel a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable. He managed to acknowledge the plaudits of the speakers with good grace, but he was glad when Elrond brought the meal to an end after himself addressing the group. As the diners rose and gradually began to drift out of the hall, several Elves approached the wizard in turn, adding their own private congratulations to the more formal public praise.

As he entered the Hall of Fire, Gandalf wondered uneasily whether any of the songs or chants that the group was to enjoy that evening would be devoted to his own deed. Probably not, he thought to himself. He had only arrived that afternoon bearing the good news, and even Elves would be hard pressed to come up with heroic verses on such short order. He looked around and chose a chair in one of the less brightly lit areas of the room, seating himself and trying to look inconspicuous-to the extent that a man with an immensely long white beard and spectacularly bushy eyebrows could look in an enclave of lovely Elves. A singer and accompanist performed a melancholy song, and he listened to it with pleasure. He had missed these convivial, peaceful evenings, as he always did when away from Imladris. As the song ended, the wizard heard the soft clearing of a throat behind him to the right, and he twisted in his chair and looked up into the faces of Elrond's twin sons, Elrohir and Elladan. As always when he saw these two after a long absence from Imladris, he thought of how the blood of Luthien ran so true in their veins. How exquisite they were!

"Would it be possible to speak with you alone?" Elladan asked softly.

The wizard nodded, relieved that the pair had not simply wanted to add yet another compliment to the many he had already received. They would hardly draw him out of the room just to express simple congratulations. It was nearly high summer, and Gandalf stood up and headed toward an archway that would take them outside to a quiet place in the gardens. A hand on his shoulder stopped him. Elrohir asked, "Perhaps we could talk in your chambers?"

Gandalf agreed, wondering what it was that was so secretive and important that the twins felt it necessary to hold a meeting in his rooms. His mind selected several possibilities, from desiring a longer account of his visit to Dol Guldur to seeking his agreement to help them convince Elrond of some scheme. He suspected it was the latter due to the occasional exchange of mischievous looks. They either had some plan in the works or had already committed some act that they wished him to approve. These two were nearly 2000 years old, he reflected fondly, and yet sometimes they still behaved like young scamps. Probably a habit resulting from endless plots and tricks shared as only twins can.

Once they reached the wizard's chambers, Gandalf moved to take a seat and was halted in his actions, this time by Elladan's hand. "We should start the discussion here." Elladan said softly, and leaning forward he brushed his lips across the wizard's.

Surprise captured Gandalf. Elrohir stepped up close behind the wizard and massaged his shoulders with his fingertips as he whispered close by his ear, "We are often alone and so are you, but there is no need for solitude tonight, don't you think?"

Given that Elladan's hot tongue was now avidly swirling over his lips, Gandalf barely managed to nod. His mind was struggling to think rationally. He had always suppressed any attraction he might have felt toward these two, for to try and seduce either one would hardly be polite to his host and dear friend. Yet from remarks that Elrond had dropped over the years, he was perfectly aware of his sons' active sexual life and did not disapprove of it. Now the wizard was getting a demonstration of how active these two could be, and if they suddenly wanted him, well ... they were adults ... and obviously quite experienced ... and ... His ability to follow this line of reasoning was rapidly failing. If his mind was not sure how to deal with this intriguing predicament, his body had no such dilemma. His cock swelled rapidly.

At last Elladan pulled back just far enough to gaze inquiringly into the wizard's eyes. "We have your consent then?" he asked, just as Elrohir cupped Gandalf's chin and pulled his face to the side, slipping his tongue between the parted lips. Gandalf tried to nod again, but it was nearly impossible to do so with a long tongue thrusting insistently and rhythmically into his mouth as he sucked hard on it. Really, if they wanted to ask questions, the wizard thought, they should stop kissing him, and if they wanted to kiss him, they should stop asking questions--and he knew which option he preferred! He realized that most of the tiny, undignified slurping and grunting noises that accompanied every thrust of Elrohir's tongue were coming from him, but he was past caring for dignity. Long past caring. Elrohir's fingers slid lower to rub the wizard's back. He was making his own delightful sound that might have been a moan had his mouth not been occupied with exploring the wizard's.

At last Elrohir's mouth withdrew, and Gandalf's head fell back against the Elf's shoulder as he panted. Now that his mouth was at last free, he found that he had forgotten what the question was.

Without warning he felt two hands-one extended from the front, the other from around his waist-gently stroke up the sides of his rigid cock, standing upright within his trousers. He whimpered softly. By now he had forgotten that they had ever asked him a question. Elladan examined the wizard's rapt face, then glanced at Elrohir. "I believe he has agreed, brother."

Elrohir stretched his head over the wizard's shoulder and tilted it to make a similar examination before looking delightedly at Elladan. "I would say so."

Elladan's mouth swooped down upon the wizard's and his lips pressed firmly as his tongue begged entry. The slight gasp from Gandalf was enough for Elladan to find admission. Instead of the demand the wizard had expected, Elladan made slow tentative touches, first in one place and then sliding his tongue to another place to explore. Elrohir's fingers never stopped their slow rubbing over the wizard's back.

Gandalf reached out to hold the Elf that was kissing him when the sweetness was withdrawn. The wizard could not suppress a moan at the lack. He was given no time to dwell on it.

Hands began to undo the buttons of his shirt. When most of them were open, Elladan brushed his beard aside and Elrohir pulled the shirt open and back over the wizard's shoulders, baring his thin but muscular chest. Elladan traced his fingers tantalizingly over the skin, grazing the nipples and making Gandalf gulp and close his eyes. Elrohir slowly pulled the shirt out of the trousers and slipped it down his arms as Elladan undid the last buttons and leaned forward to tongue the wizard's throat, quickly unlacing his trousers. Deft fingers felt within the loosened garment at front and back in a leisurely exploration that left Gandalf moaning with need. He again leaned back against Elrohir as Elladan lowered the trousers to his ankles and removed his shoes, touching the back of each knee to urge the wizard to step out of the trousers altogether.

The two Elves moved to stand at either side of Gandalf's chest, one arm loosely slung over each of his shoulders as they stared unabashedly at the wizard's large, purple erection. Gandalf gently stroked their backs and gazed at their beautiful faces. Elrohir suddenly grinned and leaned over to whisper something in his brother's ear. Elladan grinned questioningly in return, pointing his finger to his own chest. Elrohir looked at him mischievously and nodded. Elladan looked back down at the upright member and then up again, nodding and licking his lips slightly.

Gandalf watched them appreciatively, then reached out to undo their garments.

Quickly, though, Elladan grabbed the wizard's hand, led him to the bed chambers, and pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed while the twins undressed. His arousal soared at the feast set before him. Long black hair, tapered ears, and dark eyes, both pairs fixed on him. Slender fingers that shook slightly with passion loosing tunics to display bare chests with dusky nipples. The wizard watched in fascination as leggings were slipped from slim hips to uncover hardened erections glistening with pearly drops. Even in that they are identical, Gandalf noted. His eyes surveyed the graceful arms and the long legs.

They came to the bed and eased Gandalf down and backward to lie against the pillows, one twin lying against him on each side. His lips hovering above the wizard's mouth, Elrohir whispered, "My turn."

Elladan made a slight gesture toward the wizard with his hand. "Please, proceed."

So polite, Gandalf thought. So delightfully polite. Elrohir's lips pushed gently against the wizard's. His long black hair fell around Gandalf's face, and he parted his mouth in invitation. Gandalf put his hand behind the Elf's head, and his tongue delved inside the hot recess. The warm mouth welcomed him, and a fiery tongue met his to thrust against it. Gandalf twirled his tongue around the welcoming one and then gasped as Elladan began to nibble at his neck. He did not know whose fingers found his nipple, rubbing and pulling, teasing into hardness. Elrohir's lips sucked on Gandalf's tongue while his twin's mouth made hot wet trails down the wizard's neck and chest to arrive at a nipple, which he surrounded with warm dampness. Small, quick kisses on one nipple and fingers tweaking the other caused Gandalf to groan into Elrohir's mouth.

Elrohir released Gandalf's lips and began bestowing kisses across the wizard's face. The heat of the two bodies embracing his body, the pair of firm erections pressed tightly against him, and Elladan's fevered mouth and fingers working his nipple turned Gandalf's breathing into gasps for air. He forgot all about breathing in the next second as Elladan's mouth engulfed the head of his rigid cock. Gandalf cried out, the cry becoming choked as Elrohir took his twin's place teasing at the wizard's nipple.

Elladan's tongue played over the head of Gandalf's arousal, discovering the slit and fondling it with the tip. The wizard could not be still and he began making restless movements, his fingers combing through the silken hair adorning the head of the Elf suckling at his chest. Slowly Elladan eased down until Gandalf's cock bumped the back of his throat, and then his tongue began to make quick movements over and around the veins. The wizard moaned, and freeing his fingers from Elrohir's soft hair, he let the digits brush ear tips. A soft sigh of pleasure was his reward as Elrohir's mouth pulled at his nipple.

Gandalf was quivering at the sparks of pleasure ignited by each touch of hand and mouth against him, but pinned down as he was by the weight of two bodies, he felt the frustration of not having been able to bring his own mouth to one of the dark-brown nipples that were so tantalizingly close. He stared and moaned in longing. Elrohir glanced into his eyes and saw where his gaze was directed. With a delighted grin, the Elf rose and leaned over, placing one hand on the pillow above Gandalf's head and lowering his chest down until one nipple brushed the wizard's eager lips. At once Gandalf moaned more loudly, clamping his lips over it, sucking eagerly, and rubbing his tongue-tip firmly across the bead that puckered instantly into hardness. Elrohir threw back his head, and his mouth fell open to gasp and then keen shrilly. He struggled not to move and pull away from the exquisite sensations that were making his cock twitch.

At last he rose slightly, and Gandalf gave a little groan of disappointment. Elrohir simply shifted, however, until the other side of his chest was above the wizard's head, then lowered it to bring his other nipple, smooth and relaxed, down to Gandalf's mouth. The wizard immediately kissed and licked avidly again, feeling the little nub form and humming with arousal. He had one arm free, and he reached up to pinch and roll the moistened nipple. Elrohir flinched and bit his lower lip.

Elladan moved upward, his fingers enclosing Gandalf's shaft as his mouth departed. Elrohir rose and after giving the wizard's chest a lick, left the bed. Briefly, Gandalf's gaze followed him, staring at the firm buttocks and slim back as he moved, and then his eyes closed as the other twin started rhythmically moving up and down his cock.

Gandalf was dimly aware of Elrohir's presence in the bed again, but his concentration was riveted by Elladan's cessation of movement, replaced by sucking. He felt Elladan's shifting and then arms easing his legs wide apart. Gandalf gasped when a fiery tongue bathed his balls with licks and Elladan's sucking became stronger. Hot breath blew over his testicles as whispered words reached his ears, "You are beautiful, melethron."

Elrohir's tongue returned to licking while his twin used his to swirl over the pulsating head of Gandalf's erection. Pushing up slightly on his elbows, the wizard willed his eyes to open. The vision he beheld almost caused him to spend, and it took all his self-control to prevent. Two dark heads between his legs, Elrohir lapping at his sac and Elladan with his lips tight around the wizard's cock. The ebony eyes of the second twin discovered Gandalf's, and he smiled around the firm shaft. The wizard smiled rapturously in return and reached down to brush his fingertips down the Elf's shining black hair and along his cheek.

Lying back, Gandalf surrendered himself to pleasure as Elladan slid down his cock and swallowing took him deep. Elrohir's tongue swirled beneath Gandalf's balls, flicking the tip over the smooth area before gliding across the wizard's entrance. The tongue wove around the tight hole, testing the muscle and causing the wizard to buck into the mouth sucking him.

Then both mouths were gone, and Gandalf cried out in frustration. A kiss was placed on his stomach on one side, and a nose nudged him on the another. Opening his eyes, he gazed questioningly through a haze of passion at the twins.

"Which of us do you wish to take?" Elladan asked.

Gandalf glanced from one to the other. Another question! And an unanswerable one. How was he supposed to make such a decision? It did not seem possible, but the throbbing ache in his groin demanded that he should decide and quickly. He glanced back and forth at them, his labored breathing providing the only sound in the room.

Elrohir grinned and said, "I believe, gwanneth, that he is having some difficulty. Mithrandir, we have dreamed about this for quite some time. Would you have me? That is how we have dreamed of it."

Ah, now there was a question that he could answer. The wizard replied weakly and sincerely, "That would be very acceptable."

Elrohir grabbed the oil he had deposited in the sheets. He settled in next to Gandalf and handed the wizard the oil. Taking a deep breath, the Istar sat up. His breathing was shortened again, as Elrohir spread his legs wide. The wizard's erection jerked as his gaze rested on the jutting column between Elrohir's legs. Moving against the Elf, Gandalf opened the oil and poured some onto his fingers. Feather-like kisses brushed across his back as Elladan's fingers reached around the wizard to fondle nipples.

Gently Gandalf caressed the waiting entrance and carefully slipped a finger into the tight channel. He peered up at Elrohir, and Elladan said, "He is fine. I will tell you if he experiences distress." When his words were finished, he licked Gandalf's back with a long stroke of his tongue, and the wizard trembled. Sliding his finger farther in, Gandalf searched until he felt the small rise. Rubbing it elicited a sharp cry from Elrohir.

Gandalf eased another finger inside the clenching passage, circling firmly. Panting and whimpering, Elrohir relaxed around the invading fingers.

Elladan stroked Gandalf's arse and rubbed a finger across the wizard's puckered hole. His lips pressed against the Istar's neck, and he asked, "May I?" as he encircled the entrance with the digit.

This was perhaps taking politeness a bit too far, Gandalf thought with a touch of amusement. Shakily he murmured, "Oh, please do."

Trying to ignore Elladan's tongue, which had started slowly going down his back, Gandalf spread his fingers inside Elrohir's passage and rubbed them across the small spot. Elrohir moaned with longing and gripped his own knees, pulling his legs up even further and spreading them wide. The wanton gesture made Gandalf's cock jerk and send a tiny pearl of fluid arcing out and falling on the Elf's thigh. Elladan's tongue swirled against the wizard's arse, and Gandalf leaned forward and spread his legs, arching his back to give the Elf's mouth better access.

As he slid his fingers repeatedly over Elrohir's ridge, the wizard's erection dripped steadily as the Elf's whimpers became louder and his panting stronger. "Oh, that is good, so good."

Elladan had shifted, and he opened the wizard's cheeks, his tongue chasing after his fingers and circling Gandalf's entrance. Kissing and licking he moistened the area, the Istar's moaning joining with Elrohir's cries. Elladan opened the wizard wider and pushed the end of his tongue just past the ring of muscle to probe inside. Gandalf could not stop himself from jerking at the immense pleasure given by the hot tongue slowly deepening its thrusting. The wizard struggled to wrench some little part of his attention away from that hot tongue and back to what he was doing. He rotated his fingers far inside Elrohir's channel.

Elladan's tongue started a dance, diving in and out. Moving his fingers back and forth, Gandalf imitated Elladan's actions inside the other twin's body. Elrohir was tossing his head and moaning while Gandalf held tightly to a pillow with his free hand so he would not jolt with each sweet push of Elladan's tongue. Bliss was all that the wizard knew as over and over Elladan explored his depths, wetting the entrance as he played. Gandalf's cock leaked, and the ache in his loins built as the minutes were drawn in the giving and receiving of pleasure.

Just when Gandalf thought he could bear no more the tongue left and was replaced by a finger slipping inside him. His passage, already relaxed from the heated ministrations by Elladan, accepted the digit easily. It sought out his pleasure center, and when it found its target, Gandalf's own fingers ceased moving. He thought he heard a moan of thwarted lust from Elrohir, but the blood was singing in his ears so loudly now that he couldn't be sure. Elladan's finger played over the rise causing the wizard to writhe. Carefully the twin removed his finger and leaning up, whispered, "He is ready for you, melethron. Do not concern yourself over us. I will work with you, and should his cries not be those of ecstasy, I will inform you."

Gandalf drew his fingers out and mounted the waiting twin. Setting his rigid, painfully swollen cock against the hole, he slowly breached the entrance while Elrohir gasped under him. When the head of his cock rested inside the snug recess, the wizard paused.

"More, saes."

Elladan was rubbing his back, and in response to his twin's words, he cupped the wizard's buttocks with one hand and pushed slightly but firmly. Moving carefully, Gandalf buried more of his needy shaft in the welcoming body. He was leaking heavily inside the clenching passage, and Elrohir was shaking from panting. Gandalf attempted to go slowly, but Elrohir rocked and pushed against him, inviting him forward. Going deeply within, Gandalf ceased only when the root of his cock rested at the pulsing entrance.

Elladan leaned against Gandalf's sweaty back and brushed the wizard's hair from where it fell in his face and said, "Can you still for a bit?"

Gandalf looked around into Elladan's dark eyes, his own glazed with passion. He hesitated, struggling to focus on the Elf's question, and then nodded, making a great effort to hold himself motionless. Elladan moved behind him, and seconds later an oiled finger swept across his entrance and slipped inside. It flitted over his pleasure spot, and the wizard quivered. The nimble fingers touching his ridge and the heated channel clasped around him made the wizard groan hoarsely. It took more self-control than he thought he had not to spill inside Elrohir.

Elladan eased another finger in. Gandalf almost surrendered and allowed this finally to push him over into ecstasy, but he held his breath and clenched his teeth, willing his approaching orgasm to recede. Elladan sensed this and paused, then kissed Gandalf's back and said, "We are both ready for you to move."

Gandalf had had male lovers before but never two at once. Uncertainly he thrust. Elrohir's hips rose to meet him, his legs splayed out. The fingers within the wizard were still, and although he could not forget them, he shifted inside the twin's channel, making Elrohir cry out in a loud voice. Having found the spot he was seeking, Gandalf began a constant thrusting over it, wringing loud moans of joy from Elrohir. The fingers inside the wizard twisted against Gandalf's own center each time he drew back to plunge into Elrohir again. The Istar moaned and prolonged each forward shove. Soon he was nearing his peak, only to have the fingers removed and hands clamped on his hips to hold him still again.

"Just a short time more."

By now the wizard was trembling continuously from striving not to climax. "Please ..." he whispered weakly.

Elladan stroked the side of his hip reassuringly. "Let me add this one greater pleasure for you, mellon nin," he murmured.

Gandalf opened his eyes and looked back incredulously. Greater pleasure? He was going to faint if this exquisite torment kept on much longer!

Elrohir squirmed impatiently beneath him, and the resulting tug at Gandalf's cock nearly put an end to his brother's plans. Elrohir said in a tight voice, "Hurry, Elladan, I cannot bear it-"

"Hush, brother, I cannot risk hurting Mithrandir."

The wizard felt the weight of Elladan's slim body and opened his legs as well as he could. Elladan's fingers spread his cheeks, and the weight lifted as the hard head of the twin's cock poked at the wizard's entrance. The rigid erection entered the wizard's channel, and he gasped.

"Are you well?" Elladan asked, his voice strained with the effort to go slowly.


Yet Elladan did not move until Gandalf repeated, "Yes."

Advancing carefully, Elladan submerged his weeping arousal deep inside the wizard. All three were still for a minute, and then Gandalf thrust into Elrohir, eliciting a sharp cry. The wizard pushed back, and Elladan gave a cry so similar that it sounded like an echo.

Elladan moved to the side bringing bliss to the wizard, and he shoved against the heated flesh filling him. Elladan's hands held Gandalf's hips and with a soft groan, he thrust deep, swaying back and forth as the wizard drove into his twin. Reaching blindly, Gandalf felt his fingers encounter a firm stomach, and he groped until they enclosed Elrohir's hard member.

Elrohir's eyes were closed and his lips parted. His hips rose and fell in rhythm with the driving force of the wizard's cock. Gandalf delved Elrohir's innermost being with each strong thrust before the Istar would lunge back, impaling himself on Elladan's hard cock invading his body. Gandalf let his hand slide up and down over Elrohir's stiff erection with each of his own movements. Both twins were shaking with the approach of their fulfillment.

Elladan was using his arms to support himself and drove forward each time the wizard thrust inside his brother. Cries of passion echoed in the room.

Gandalf's entire being had long since been abandoned simply to feelings and the movements that were creating them: thrust forward, with his hand surrounding and stroking Elrohir's swollen flesh, cry out as the other twin drove into him, push back, and force Elladan's hardness to strike his sweet spot, bringing more fire to his veins and throbbing to his cock. Over and over the pattern repeated, the three lost in their pleasure until Elladan propelled into Gandalf, shoving him down on top of Elrohir and with a scream emptied his seed deep inside the wizard.

The warmth of Gandalf's body pressed against him brought Elrohir to the edge, and with a strangled moan he found his pleasure, spilling over the wizard's hand. His channel tightened around the wizard's cock, and Gandalf cried out hoarsely and desperately as his cock swelled. He came so intensely that his entire body shook, his heart seemed to lodge in his throat, and his eyes saw bursts of light behind his tightly closed lids.

Gandalf's next thoughts were long minutes in arriving: the slow realization that he was crushed uncomfortably between two overly warm bodies and that he was hot and sticky. He was also so limp and tingling with long-delayed satiation that at first he had not the strength to speak or move. Elladan had left his body but was laying across him in an odd fashion, as if someone had thrown him there. Finally Gandalf thought he might be able to make some form of protest when Elrohir said, "Move, meleth, before you squash the life out of both of us."

Elladan rolled off them and lay beside them taking deep long breaths. Gandalf managed to ease away from Elrohir and move to the other side.

They were quiet for a time. At last Gandalf opened his eyes and looked at Elrohir, lying pressed along his right side and said in a tone of mild reproach, "I have only one lovely, blissful Elf lying against me."

At once Elladan rose and crawled over the other two, taking care to put his hands and knees between their legs. He settled down on Gandalf's left side, and the wizard sighed in contentment. "Would either of you care to inform me why you've developed a sudden interest in wizards?"

Elladan answered, "I am not interested in wizards in the plural. Are you, Elrohir?"

"Nay, only one."

Neither of the brothers said anything more, and Gandalf grinned. "Would either of you care to tell me why the sudden interest in me?"

Elrohir replied now. "It's not sudden. We've been dwelling on it for several years. We just couldn't find an excuse to approach you."

"I don't remember being given any excuse."

Elladan's soft laughter was part of his answer, the other half coming from Elrohir, "We were going to tell you that this was our private congratulations on your achievement at Dol Guldur. It certainly makes much of Middle-earth much safer than it has been in a long time. There are several ways to say thank you, and I've only begun to show mine. After mine, you should experience Elladan's. He is very eloquent. Then, of course, you'll have to say, 'You're welcome,' and maybe we shall have other things that we wish to express, too. If you are willing."

They propped themselves on their elbows and waited for his reply. Staring at each in turn, Gandalf reflected, Yes, so polite-and so very beautiful. He laughed softly. "I still am not answered, but your offer is most gracious, and I am quite amenable to it."

Elladan smiled, and they both cuddled closely against the wizard. "We like you and hoped that you could delight in having us both. Many are not sympathetic to our desire to share lovers."

Elrohir slipped an arm around the wizard's waist. " And did you not find us delightful?" The twins grinned at the wizard.

As he felt warm, gentle lips on either side of his neck, Gandalf reflected happily that this was another question that he could answer easily. His eyes slid closed and he murmured, "I did indeed."