Until the End of his Days

by Seawave

Rating: R

Pairing: Gandalf/Bilbo

Summary: Gandalf and Bilbo share their love.

Disclaimer: The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written by J. R. R. Tolkien. I make no monetary profit from this story.

Author's note: Set during the Fellowship of the ring before Bilbo leaves for Rivendell.

Frightened, Bilbo rushed to the powerful wizard and hugged him. Gently, Gandalf returned the embrace and any fear Bilbo had vanished. He felt a little foolish now, as he knew Gandalf would never have harmed him. The Istari knelt down, kissing Bilbo's forehead. Bilbo looked into the Wizard's kind face and smiled warmly and embraced him again, feeling safe within Gandalf's grey robes with the other's arms around him. In the next moment, he felt Gandalf's soft lips touch his and Bilbo melted. He had only dreamed about this, thought about Gandalf's touch in fantasy, and now that fantasy had become a reality, he was at a loss at what to do. The Hobbit mustered up his courage and returned the kiss, once again melting into Gandalf. The Wizard smiled warmly when they had parted. He scooped the elderly Hobbit into his arms and cradled him, taking him into the bedroom. There he placed Bilbo onto the bed and threw off his outer robe. Bilbo gasped with excitement. In a magical wave of Gandalf's staff, in the next moment the two were skyclad as nature had intended. Bilbo stared at the immaculate form standing in front of him, not old and flabby as one might expect, but immaculate, not perfect, but then Bilbo mused, he was not prefect either. The wizard's grey hair hung over his shoulders and it was a sight Bilbo had never seen. The Istari sat next to him, took him into his arms and kissed him once more. Bilbo lost himself in the kiss, none of his adventures compared to this and he wondered how he had lived not knowing Gandalf's intimate touch. The Wizard was grateful to give so much pleasure, only happy to be with Bilbo at a time like this. Gandalf began to stroke Bilbo's back ever so gently. The Hobbit felt as though he had sailed West across the sea to Valinor. Timidly he raised his hand and began to caress Gandalf's chest. The Wizard sighed and Bilbo felt grateful his touch brought Gandalf so much happiness. His hand ventures around Gandalf's slender waist, drawing a gasp of pleasure from the wizard. Bilbo drew his hand around to caress the wizard's stomach. Gandalf sighed again and he gasped when the Hobbit's hands brushed the silver grey patch of his nether regions. Bilbo smiled as Gandalf laid back, content to let the Hobbit touch him. Bilbo kissed him again and Gandalf held his waist in his strong but gentle hands. The Hobbit grew excited and sighed loudly. Gandalf smiled and drew the other close to him and they shared another kiss, holding each other for hour upon hour.

Bilbo did not want to think about the ring, not even when he and Gandalf were dressed again and he began to leave Bag End for the last time.

"Bilbo, the ring is still in your pocket ..."

The Hobbit took out the ring looked at the little gold band in his hand, then let in fall to the floor with an eerie thud before he turned to leave. Gandalf followed him outside.

"I've thought up an ending for my book," Bilbo said. "And he lived happily ever after until the end of his days."

"And I'm sure you will, My Dear Friend."

"Goodbye, Gandalf."

"Goodbye, Dear Bilbo." And he watched the Hobbit leave, singing a merry tune as he left. "Until our next meeting."

Bilbo did not look back as he left. He would miss Gandalf, but the Wizard's embrace he would remember until the end of his days.