Within the Wizard's Robes

by Seawave

Rating: R

Pairing: Gandalf/Pippin

Summary: Gandalf and Pippin discover their love. Set during Rotk. Spoilers for Rotk.

Disclaimer: The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written by J. R. R. Tolkien. I make no monetary profit from this story.

Pippin lay awake. "Is it really over, Gandalf?"

"Yes, Peregrin Took, it's over."

Tears fell down the Hobbit's cheeks.

Gandalf sat up in bed. "Pippin?"

"It's so wonderful ..."

The Wizard smiled. "Yes ... yes it is."

"I was so... so afraid ..." Pippin was shivering.

"We all were, even myself."


Gandalf smiled and nodded. "Yes."

Pippin stood and walked over to Gandalf and hugged him.

"Why Peregrin..."

"Hold me..." Pippin said. "Hold me, Gandalf."

The Wizard placed his arms around the teary Hobbit and felt his chest rising and falling with rapid breaths.

"Calm down, Pippin," he said. "Everything's all right now."

"When we thought we'd lost you in Moria, I felt I could barely go on, Gandalf..."

The Wizard gently stroked Pippin's moppy hair.

"When you returned it was like a gift from the Gods of old."

"Indeed it was. I was fortunate to have received such a gift, but cry not Peregrin Took, for we both made it alive as did our friends."

Pippin dried his eyes and smiled. Gandalf did too.

"There, that wasn't so hard was it?" Gently he tugged at one of Pippin's dimples. The Hobbit giggled as he tugged softly on Gandalf's beard.

The Wizard laughed. "If anyone else did that I'd whack their backside with Glamdring."

Pippin chuckled. "I feel very privileged."

He lay against Gandalf's strong chest, content to lie there for hours as the Wizard gently combed his hands through the Hobbit's fluffy hair. "That feels nice."

"I'm glad," Gandalf whispered.

Pippin sighed softly and looked up at the Wizard who smiled warmly at him. Gandalf stroked the Hobbit's smooth face.

"Your eyes are most beautiful, Peregrin Took."

"They are?"

Gandalf nodded and smiled.

"Thank you," Pippin said, kissing Gandalf's tender lips. He withdrew a little shy, then calmed when the wizard smiled and kissed him back.

"Sing for me, Peregrin," Gandalf said softly.

Pippin looked at him then took a breath and sung the tune he had song for the late Denethor. He paused at the end, then looked at Gandalf, to see tears in the Wizard's eyes.

"I never knew you could sing so beautifully, Pippin. But then I should have. As I told Frodo, Hobbits really are amazing creatures, you can learn all there is to know about them in a month, yet after a hundred years, they can still surprise you."

Pippin smiled as he stroked Gandalf's face, then kissed him again. This time the Wizard returned the kiss. He began to stroke Pippin's smooth throat. Pippin gasped with delight as he felt Gandalf's strong hands exploring his body, under his nightshirt. Gently, Pippin slid his hand under the Wizard's white robes, surprised to find the older man's skin was so soft. Gandalf whispered his name. The Hobbit smiled warmly as he ran his hand lightly over Gandalf's stomach. The Wizard took in a sharp breath of air at the pleasurable sensation and Pippin smiled that his touch brought so much pleasure to the Istari. Gandalf withdrew his hand and placed his arms around the young Hobbit, holding him close.

"Thank you, Peregrin Took, for teaching me that I am not spent."

"Never, Gandalf, never."
Pippin lay beside him, tired now. Gently Gandalf stroked him, then held him, until they both fell asleep, the little hobbit tucked within the wizard's robes.