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Guidelines for Submitting Stories:

This is a Gandalf-centric archive, so he should be one of the characters paired, though a fic with another pairing in which our wizard is a crucial and prominent figure might be acceptable (at the discretion of site content manager).All fics must be slash, and given the hero of this site, m/m. Het content is acceptable if it is relatively peripheral.

Fics may be book-canon, film-canon, or mixed. Dark fics are not excluded (see, for example, Telanu's wonderful No Windows), but they must contain appropriate warnings and have plausible premises within the film/book world. No child molestation or underage sex (for hobbits, given their life-spans and customs, mid-20s and up is acceptable). No gratuitous violence and forced sex without a strong motivation for it in the plot. Stories that simply use the character names in unrecognizable situations will not be accepted. No villainous Gandalf unless it's AU. No Mary Sues (or their male counterparts, Marty Lous).

Occasional typos are inevitable, but fics that are obviously unrevised and unbetaed will not be posted. (If one is very promising, the site content manager might request it be polished and resubmitted. If you don't have a beta, she can recommend or pass it along to one.)

WIPs may be posted in parts, as long as we have good reason to think it will be completed. 44/? types of stories are discouraged.

How to Submit a Story:

Email your submissions to the site content manager: nefertiti_22002@yahoo.com

The preferred file type is a Microsoft Word .doc file though .txt is acceptable as long as the site owners don't have to do a lot of formatting. Please include the following information along with the story file:

Author and Email Address
Author's Notes and Warnings if Applicable

The main page contains a general disclaimer, but please do include one for each story. If one is not provided, the site archivist will add it for your protection.

There's also a general May/December warning on the main page, so you probably don't need to include that particular warning with your fic. After all, this is a Gandalf site, so people should expect that. (Feel free to write December/December fics, though!)


Please use these rating definitions (gacked from Library of Moria for consistency):

G Very clean, as in no strong language, no violence, and nothing beyond a very innocent kiss or two.
PG Still pretty clean, with nothing past kissing and implied ('fade to black') sex, but it can contain mild violence or the occasional swear word.
PG-13 Sexual thoughts and making out is okay, but no actual sex scenes. Can also contain strong language and non-sexual violence.
R This is a good rating for fic in which there are full sex scenes, but they're not explicitly detailed. Almost all levels of violence and language can be covered by an R rating.
NC-17 The equivalent of the old 'X' rating. You'll probably know when your fic requires an NC17. *g*


There is a link for feedback at the end of each fic. Presumably authors want feedback unless they state otherwise (but does anyone ever do that?). No flaming. If you've come to a Gandalf website and read the warnings, and you still end up reading a fic and getting squicked by an old guy having sex, don't blame the author. We like our wizard to have a good time, and we're not going to stop helping him do so just because somebody complains.

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